Baki (2018) s02e04 Episode Script


1 His body is internally equipped with strong springs.
If I get close, he won't hesitate to use his weapons.
And I'm close Now! It's coming Come at me.
Come Why won't you come? If you come, I'll move.
What is he waiting for? Why won't he move? No matter how fast you move, or what you use, as a martial artist, I'll get to you first.
Will it be his hand, or elbow? His feet? His knee? Come at me! This You call this a fight between men? Huh? Blades, springs, and explosives to top it off.
This wasn't a fight.
A fight? Then, what's a fight? Huh? Why don't you tell me.
What's a fight? Let me ask you a question, then.
What if I got into a fight with you here, but I pulled out my gun? What? Sure, why shouldn't you use it? Wha- If you need a gun to win, you shouldn't hesitate.
You've all got the wrong idea.
I am not a fighter.
I'm not looking to become a world champion nor do I desire fame.
As long as I know for myself that I am the strongest.
What does "strongest" mean for you? That I wouldn't lose to anyone.
But you want to taste defeat.
The best way for me to enjoy defeat, is to have victory taken away from me after I do all I can.
But again that didn't happen today.
Fighters can be so naive.
If I had a nuclear missile, I'd aim it at you and turn the switch.
Sure, you could do that.
But that's if you could turn the switch, before I get to you.
Compared to true love, there's a limit "There's a limit to being the strongest.
" What's wrong? Can I come in? I've been I've been thinking about you.
I can't think about anything else.
Even when you're eating, or reading a book, or laughing or crying,.
No matter what you're doing, I'm always in your head.
Right? It's the same for me.
You're like the pain from a cavity You won't go away no matter what I do.
I'm glad.
I'm sorry.
 I've disturbed your rest.
I feel better now that I've told you how I feel.
You're going? I'll come again.
I see.
I'm happy.
So stay the night! Good night.
So stay the night.
Kozue, Kozue, Kozue Kozue The scent of shampoo! Kozue's shampoo! She's taking off her clothes? Kozue is naked I think probably.
She's climbing into my bed Naked! She's on her knees The sound of her breath is closer! She's near She's here! She's in my bed! She smells good.
Her shampoo or conditioner? Who the hell cares? She's not just touching, we're skin-to-skin Her skin's cold! Her skin's so soft.
Underwear? She's not naked.
Am I supposed to take it off? My heart's beating so loud! She's gonna know I'm awake.
She probably knows already.
She's probably disappointed.
Because I'm awake, but haven't done anything.
I never realized Baki's back is so wide.
His muscles are supple.
Like a woman's.
The body of steel that has defeated so many is so soft.
Who do you belong to, Baki? To your mother or your father? To your rivals? Your enemies? Right now, you're mine.
The sound is so loud The sound of me swallowing She's holding me! Her lips are against my shoulder.
A kiss? It's unnatural! It's totally unnatural for me to not notice and stay asleep! I'll do it! Do what, you ask? Have sex! It's in bad taste you know? To watch your own son in action.
Funny that you say that.
If you call trembling with your back turned while a female makes the move, "Action.
" That's probably a first since the beginning of life.
I have something to tell you.
While you're enjoying your little romance, There will be those who don't understand, and try to meddle in your affairs.
They'll give you advice that means as much as a fortune cookie, when it's none of their business.
Don't listen to a word.
Celibacy doesn't amount to much.
If you want to be strong, do it! Do it morning, day and night.
Do it before and after meals.
Do it until you're tired of it.
Do it until you can't any longer.
Just do it until there's nothing left! What the hell? Kozue, was it? Be strong in your pride as a woman! Let him take you until he tires, but still leave him wanting.
Be a woman he can't consume.
I congratulate you both.
"Take"? Are you going to "take" me, then? I will.
I'm going to have sex with you.
- Because you want to be stronger? - No.
Because I want to, with you.
I'm doing it because I only want to do it with you.
My dad's words are his words.
This has nothing to do with that.
I'm glad.
The next time the two of us meet.
I'm doing it with you.
GUANGZHOU WINE BAR Thank you for waiting.
He's ordered a whole roasted pig for himself.
He's big.
Two meters no Two meters and 10 cm.
Maybe more An empty plate? He ate a whole roasted pig in 10 seconds? What do you want? I just remembered.
I knew I'd seen your face before.
In the Underground Arena.
At the tournament.
I believe you're the Chinese Kempo user, Retsu Kaioh.
You're Jack Hanma! JACK HANMA A pit fighter from Canada, Through extreme doping and unconventional training, he attained his ultimate body.
He is also son of Yujiro Hanma and Baki's half older brother.
Anabolic steroids.
A high purity one at that.
Bringing drugs to the sacred fighting arena do you think I'm cheating? Jack, withdraw from the finals.
Now that the drug has run its course, you think you can beat me? You think you can beat me with both hands when I'm off the drug? Jack! I'm not telling you to withdraw because of the drug! Jack! You'll die in the next match! I'm not lying to you.
Your body is already falling apart.
Right now, you can still be saved.
Jack! Go fight him with all you've got.
It'll be the world's best sibling fight.
HANMA Brother I had a feeling it'd be you.
Are you proud of me? I'm proud of you.
I'm impressed you came this far with that body.
Don't worry, I won't hold back when I beat you down.
Yeah, thanks.
I won't either.
I won't hold back either.
Bro this is my last move.
After this last move I'll fall.
If you're still standing then you win! You You are the champion! He's like a different person! His body has completely changed! Especially his height! 10 cm no 20 cm? Is it someone else? A third brother? But he knows me.
Secretly hidden soles? That can't be.
In combat martial art, height is an important factor.
Retsu Kaioh, master of Kung Fu, wouldn't misjudge someone's height.
However Is it even possible for a person to grow so much in his adulthood? PUBLIC CENTRAL HOSPITAL KUREHA SHINOGI One of the best physicians in the world.
He uses techniques mixing martial arts and medicine to destroy the human body.
A martial artist to be feared.
He is also Shinogi Kosho's true older brother.
He's received proper treatment.
My brother was lucky he was brought to this hospital.
It's quite nerve-wracking, to have the actual Dr.
Shinogi reading your patient chart.
The fight was ended by an explosive.
If this has been a martial art match, there would be no doubt whether the move was good or bad.
But this thing Kosho voluntarily stepped into, is nothing so nice as a match.
He's eating the bones of a T-bone steak.
Is he a wrestler? It's a miracle.
There have been few cases of bone-lengthening procedure showing such success.
To top it off, in less than a year you gained 20 cm without losing any of your athletic ability.
Not only that.
Your ability seems to be increasing in correlation to your height.
Limb-lengthening is often done on patients with a disorder that prevents normal cartilage growth known as Achondroplasia.
Or on patients with complete fractures who lose portions of their bones.
A bolt, whose one turn is equivalent to 1 mm growth, is used to lengthen the bone.
A person still growing would grow around 1 mm a day.
While a matured adult would grow about 25 mm to 5 mm per day.
A heavily injured Jack asked Kureha to perform the limb-lengthening surgery on both arms and calves, two sites each.
For an unprecedented total of eight sites to be separated and lengthened.
Lengthening even one area, comes with such unbearable pain, that some patients cancel the second surgery.
But you sought what lies beyond the pain Jack Hanma only you could have thought of something like this.
I'm not interested in brotherhood, but I'll probably be the one who gets revenge for you.
Wha- What a coincidence! Mommy, is it a staring contest? We both happened to be going home after shopping.
Coincidences like this happen, I guess.
Last time, we promised to fight if we'd meet again.
But maybe not at a place like this.
It'd be fine with me.
We can't just part ways now, but just starting things here is a bit It'd be fine with me.
Wanna get a drink? Here's your Ardbeg.
Guess we can't really toast anything.
My country's drink.
It's a peaty scotch, but once you get used to it, you'll be hooked.
Even a Kung Fu master shops, eh? I hear you used explosives against Kosho Shinogi.
Was that his name? That martial artist? Are you going to tell me it was unfair of me? I would be fine with that! Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi