Baki (2018) s02e05 Episode Script


I would be fine with that! I I get it An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth EXTINGUISHER You You've taken Chinese Kenpo too lightly! Hot! It feels hot when you get cut.
Defeated? Lose? Who? Me? Fighting one-eyed is no good.
I missed the vital point.
And the massive blood loss is affecting me more than I expected So this is defeat.
Am I going to lose? Me? What's the matter? Just one more step.
One thrust of that stick will decide the win.
It's already been decided.
What? The chances of your comeback are nonexistent.
You don't learn, do you? Haven't you seen enough of your friends suffer defeat because they didn't follow through on the final blow? Fire.
I will be the one to decide who has won.
Who are you? You forgot this.
The name's Jack.
Your enemy.
It's fine.
Go home for today.
You can play with me when you get better.
It'll be with my bare fists.
Jeez, It's just a magazine.
Don't shake him.
A Chinese guy? Do it gently.
Gently, gently.
Got it.
What's with this wallet? Made in China? If there's money in it, who cares? You're right.
You're injured Whaddaya want? I will let you go.
Leave the wallet and go.
Huh? Then we'd have no cash.
Can you speak Japanese? Why don't you pay us instead, old man? You need to be the one to go.
Otherwise I'm gonna test 200,000 volts on you.
I was stabbed, I was stabbed! Mr.
Hide, Mr.
Hide! How am I to interpret this? A criminal with a death sentence shed blood in order to keep watch over me? Doyle! The reason doesn't matter.
Nor that this man is my enemy.
Nor that someone put me to sleep.
What matters is that for hours, this man, on the brink of death although I am his enemy protected me! What remains is the fact that I was protected by this man! I will not let him die! The first floor of the Shin Shin Kai HQ has a treatment room staffed with a doctor! Only the back? Apologies! My name is Retsu.
You can contact me at the Shin Shin Kai Karate Dojo! Karate? Kung Fu? Our destination is just past this One kilometer to the bridge.
I have no other choice.
Distance, 10 meters.
About 700 to 800 steps.
It won't be a problem for about 15 meters! He's crossing the river With two of us we can't help but sink.
No one's going to believe this.
Even if I tell someone.
I apologize for the disturbance! SHIN SHIN KAI HQ Anyone! Is anyone there! Oh, you're awake.
Where am I? HQ of the Shin Shin Kai Karate Dojo.
In their treatment room.
Two days and nights? I was asleep that long? You said this is a treatment room? It's hard to believe a treatment room that's not in a hospital, would be equipped for a blood transfusion.
The students here volunteered to donate.
When they learned you needed blood, they all spoke up.
I see.
These dishes from Bailin Temple will help with recovery.
It uses medicinal herbs in the cooking.
There are some herbs that can't be imported into Japan, so it isn't complete, but it should still be effective.
Did you make this? It won't taste good.
It's good.
I didn't know humans could run on water.
So, you were conscious.
With that much shaking Retsu.
Thank you.
Of course It wasn't as if he could stay forever.
SHIN SHIN KAI HQ BLACK BELT SOCIETY You don't kick the wrist but the blade like this! Then Like this.
Huh? Take off your shoes! Pardon me.
Don't be offended.
I'm unfamiliar with the eastern customs.
I apologize.
So What do you want? First, I want to thank you all.
I heard you donated blood for me.
You have my gratitude.
Thank you.
There's no need for thanks.
Seems like you've got more to say.
This is difficult for me to say but I've decided to bury all of you here.
I'm sorry.
Did you hear that? He says he's going to bury us.
As opponents, inevitably a fight must be settled.
I hope you understand.
You're exactly right.
All right.
You guys can observe.
Just remember you started this.
This is a good opportunity.
Watch both of our weapons.
- I'd like to change.
- What? If this is going to be a Karate free-style fight, I'll wear Karategi as well.
Do you plan to fight Karate? - Shall I prepare one? - No.
I have one in my bag.
I have no idea what you're thinking.
Aluminum? That's usually what firefighters Fireproof wear? This isn't Karate! I have to get the first Powder? Shit! Where is he? PASTRY FLOUR Pastry flour? Dust explosion! He's igniting Hot! Dust explosion.
When flammable particles in the air are ignited and undergo combustion, the heat energy will transfer and rapidly ignite the surrounding particles.
In an environment with flammable particles increasing the surface area, the heat energy will spread instantly like a domino effect until an explosion occurs.
- What was that? - Terrorists? - Gas? - Call 911! - That was a crazy sound! - Where? - At Shin Shin Kai! - The Karate dojo? Oh, man What you did was pretty terrible.
You blew off my neck.
Neck? - Clear the street! Move! - Get to the injured first! Move, move! Hey, bro You lit the fire.
Where do you think you're going? Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi