Baki (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Admission of Defeat

1 My building gets lit on fire and I immediately bump into the perpetrator.
I don't know if my luck is good or bad.
Say, young one haven't you had enough? I'm saying haven't things been settled already? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- From what I've heard, the American, Oliver, and our own Retsu Kaioh The two of them gave you a terrible time.
It hasn't been settled! Now, you're just being ugly.
Why are you always being ugly? You Are you insulting me? Do you need me to settle things? Your fight between you and Oliver and Retsu? I can finish things in a flash.
Both of them are dead.
That can't be! Poor guys Oliver was hit by a meteor while walking down a street.
Retsu was caught in a huge earthquake and fell into the cracks.
Help! Can you believe their bad luck? Listen up, brother.
A fight is settled every single time.
You ran with your tail between your legs.
You say "you want to taste defeat"? - Don't be talking brash, you fool! - Where do you think you're going? I'm not running.
I'm not like you.
There's an open area nearby, we'll settle things there.
Oh, you're free to run, by the way.
If you're not feeling up to it today, you know.
You can use your hidden weapons or fight bare-fisted.
It's up to you.
Same goes for your explosives.
Why should I use weapons against an elderly? I'm sure you will.
You're that kind of man.
Or should we just take turns, hitting each other? No karate, no weapons.
Just two men using all of their strength.
Sorry, I'm putting you in a tight spot.
Even if I say I won't use my karate, I guess you can't trust me.
Isn't that right? Interesting.
What was that? I said, I'll do it! Fair and square! No, I don't think you will.
You'll use your weapons against this old man.
You don't trust me when I say I won't use karate.
Kara te No way! I'm a karate practitioner.
Why shouldn't I use karate? SHIN SHIN KAI HQ Yo.
You're I've been waiting for you to wake up.
Where am I? The karate dojo of the Shin Shin Kai HQ.
We put out the fire.
But me? I've got second degree burns throughout my entire body.
My good looks are ruined.
This building is in chaos with all the police and fire department.
But only a small handful know the two of us are here.
No one will bother us.
What do you say? Do you admit defeat? Until you're on your knees saying, "I lose.
" We'll keep doing this over and over.
Do you admit defeat? Now, let me get back to my book The next time we're together, I'm going to do it with you.
We're meeting tomorrow I WANT TO SEE YOU FIND ME KOZUE He wasn't the hasty type.
But his absolute conviction in his own physicality, didn't allow for the young man, the option of a vehicle.
He is in a rush and so he runs.
It's been two years.
Since he brought me to this place.
I'm certain he will come here.
He'll run around this whole day to places I might go.
He'll keep missing me feel frustrated filled with exhaustion until he finally reaches this place.
You're late.
Why If I were you, I'd come here.
Exhausted from the search, I'd come here for comfort You knew this.
So I knew you'd wait for me here.
What if I didn't come? Why do you need to ask me that? You came here.
Isn't that enough? Are we going to do it here? Have sex? Do you not want to? You do want to be the strongest man in the world, don't you? Doing it would make you stronger, right? Kozue.
I've never once dreamed of becoming the strongest man in the world.
What? I just need to be a little bit stronger than my old man, Yujiro Hanma.
I don't need anything else.
I'll prepare dinner.
There's no need.
Let me take a bath.
There's no need! Sorry about this, Doc.
It can't be helped.
It's a physician's job to fix people's bodies.
A martial artist's job is to break people's bodies.
As long as I am the Shin Shin Kai's in-house physician, my position dictates me to support you.
Osu! Master All right, then.
Good morning.
Say You must be hungry.
Osu! Let's eat.
Bring me mine, too.
Osu! It's not much, but we're in the middle of a war.
There's a knife, fork, and a plate, but you're going bare-fisted? That's not like you! Looks like you're realizing your magic tricks aren't going to work.
Listen up.
My low strike will break three layers of concrete.
Does he plan on seriously hitting him using his low strike? Do you admit defeat? Do you plan on being stubborn, until you die? You're a fool! Doctor I leave him to you.
I've been practicing karate for over 10 years.
I've never seen him do a serious low strike! Good morning.
The master is no longer here.
I will pass his words on to you.
This match is your win.
Five hours earlier Doctor You said, it was a martial artist's job to break people's bodies.
If that's the case, then I may not have any talent.
I can't break him any further.
It's fine if I lose.
Terada! Osu! Tell him when he wakes up that he wins this fight.
It's always like this.
I'm always too soft when it counts.
It's your win.
For the first time, he accepted defeat.
The thought that went through his mind was surprisingly a joyful sense of liberation.
Thank you.
A foreigner? This way, please.
Um Why are there so many foreigners? That's probably because Master Kunimatsu is more well known abroad than in Japan.
Especially to fighting experts such as the FBI, army, police, bodyguards and so on.
Master Kunimatsu's name is unquestioned across borders.
Those we just walked by are all from the army and police.
All certificates of gratitude from different countries.
The Director of the FBI, the President of the United States, the Secretary General of Russia.
All of them are from leaders.
I've brought him.
Thank you for coming all this way.
I am Kunimatsu.
I do have a tea room, but I feel more at home at the dojo.
What's with his hands? They don't look human! More that of a raptor! Well, It's called the "Way of the Void," but it consists of various content.
This scent Marijuana! The art of the void, of poison, of resuscitation, of killing, of binding.
In other words, it's the art of murder.
Um What is the art of the void for example? Anyone available? Now, see here As you can see, this is a bowling ball.
When you hear the principle behind it, it's not really anything.
I'm creating a vacuum in my palm.
Of course that's impossible! Smooth surfaces like this tend to be easier.
The softer, lighter, and rougher something is, the more difficult it becomes.
I had an old student who was a genius.
He can suck a piece of washi paper to this palm.
Washi paper? If he used his palm to block your air you'd be in trouble! Um, Master Kunimatsu.
Who would you say is your most skilled student? That would be Ryukoh Yanagi.
Just as I thought! The one I was talking about earlier was Yanagi.
Yanagi's skills in poisoning, in particular, are Poisoning? It's not something an amateur like you needs to know.
Oh, yes.
This arm was cut by Yanagi.