Baki (2018) s02e07 Episode Script


And well, if you see it up close, it's like a magic trick.
The poison hand you mentioned earlier.
Are you planning an assassination or something at your age? No! Of course not! You wouldn't be able to do it just because I explained it to you.
It doesn't help you hearing it, but Precisely weighed drugs Mainly natural poisonous insects and plants.
After you mix them well, you combine it with sand.
Sand? After you repeat this process a few times, you get poisonous sand.
Poisonous sand? But if you do that day and night, then aren't you exposed to the poison? I see, in order to neutralize the poison, you have an antidote? Poison sand and an antidote.
Every seven minutes, during the day and every nine minutes, in the evenings, you must continue to alternate.
It is the most painful part of training for the Way of the Void.
So, it's painful? There are those who cut off their hands because they can't bear the pain.
On the fifth day, your skin begins to take on the hue of a sweet potato.
So, the toxin is complete.
If that poison hand were to be used on a human? The meat would rot.
Rot did you say? Down to the bones.
And then You'd die.
Die? But you Well We practice the art of killing, after all.
What could this mean? This detention camp, was built on the top floor of an abandoned elevator experimental tower.
There are no hallways or doors that connect the facility to the tower.
The only way out of here is by helicopter! In which case, we can only assume one thing.
He climbed down a 150 m wall of concrete! And the man did it by using only the strength of his fingers! Impossible! It's come! This day The day of sex Kozue's eyes The tears they're beautiful.
She's so beautiful.
More I want more! DEATH TO BAKI.
I haven't touched her skin yet but I can feel her warmth.
It's hot.
I feel it even though we're apart.
Your body heat.
Such wide shoulders Your arms are so thick I can't grasp them.
Wow! I feel it! Even the graininess of her fingerprints She's only touching my shoulders and arms but I feel like I'm going to collapse.
I'd better touch her as much as I can now.
Otherwise, I'll go down first! I won't be able to keep upright! It's like a fight.
She's so soft She feels completely different from a guy.
A teenager who has only ever focused on effectively destroying the human body A 17-year-old with no knowledge of sex.
Because he has no information to go on, it's all instinctive.
Instinctive, therefore Pure.
Pure, therefore Correct.
Baki! It's similar fighting and sex! Fighting and sex are exactly alike! Giving destruction by combat and giving pleasure with sex is one and the same! In a fight, you do what the other person doesn't want you to do.
You do what they don't like.
But it's the complete opposite! With sex You do what the other person wants, at the moment they want and apply damage! Apply damage! Kozue I can't I'm in! Inside Kozue! He's in! Inside me! Hold on to me! Nothing else feels as good! They mated several times.
Again and again Until finally after some time they lost count The murkiness of desire dissipated leaving only what was clear and giving.
It's been a while, Baki.
I'm sorry, I arrived at a moment you must be exhausted.
But I wanted to see you.
This is very kind, for someone like you.
Kind? You had plenty of opportunity to attack before I came outside like this.
Don't think too highly of me.
I'm approaching, you know, simply because I felt the time was right.
Besides your presence felt different from before.
The situation is exactly what it looks like.
Can we do this another time? Things may not end peacefully for her.
There's an open area nearby.
We can settle things there.
I can't make a move on him.
The softness he had as a young boy there's no trace of it now.
You've found a nice girl, Baki.
She's my beloved.
Ba ki I'm going to fight too! Huh? Thanks.
If things get hairy, I'll leave it to you.
So fast! It broke Wow! You're strong, Baki You are truly strong.
A whip strike? With a whip.
A whip? The one you "whip" with? Right, right.
Most people simply see the whip as something used on a horse's flanks.
But really it's quite a terrible weapon, you know? A whip, you say? Flogging is still used as punishment in the Middle East.
There's a set number of lashes depending on the severity of the crime.
But it's completely meaningless.
Meaningless? Before they even reach the set number of lashes, they die.
They die of shock from the pain.
The backside is said to be several times tougher than the front.
The back and buttocks are targeted.
Despite the fact these parts are not even vital points, they last about ten lashes, even less in worse cases before resulting in death.
Baki Can you handle pain? It hurts so much that the body would choose death over it.
Can you imagine? No matter what happiness you may experience down your long road of life, just a few lashes are enough to make it all vanish.
That kind of pain.
I don't like it being in pain.
That's unfortunate for you.
This technique, will hurt.
Like that, it's the power of relaxing.
You imagine you have no bones from the shoulders down as if it's liquid.
You believe your arms are like water, a heavy fluid Then strike, strike, strike! I'm not as good as Yanagi, but I can do this much at least.
So Ryukoh Yanagi is even better at this? His has no longer human hands.
If I had to compare, they're like whips of mercury! His arms disappear.
That must hurt.
That won't work.
No matter where you take it, the pain is the same.
A trained body won't work against it? That's right.
It's true the human body will rapidly gain strength through training.
There are martial arts that demonstrate this.
However, a blow that even the trained body cannot handle is this! A blow to the skin.
Or more simply put, a slap.
The true form of the whip strike is a slap? That's true.
The pain from a slap doesn't discriminate against a trained body or a woman's weaker skin.
And it's attack is not limited to any area.
I see.
If the skin which covers the entire body can be targeted, then any part you strike would be a vital area.
I remember now.
This is a whip strike, isn't it? Huh? You know about it? My father taught me long ago.
Are you saying you can use it? You can use the whip strike? My father explained it like this.
"It's merely a defense technique for women and children.
It's not something a man should use.
" Or so he said.
But still I did learn it, after all.
Maybe I'll try using it, again.
I think it was like this I imagine my entire body to be fluid.
I got it! I can't stand to watch.
Hurts, right? If you don't have love.
This is enough.
I'm ending this.
A dance? Just as I thought.
You relax, imagining your arms and legs are fluid But, no matter what, joints exist in a human body.
I'm breaking it.
Watch out! I'd forgotten.
I still hadn't settled things with you.
Couldn't stay hospitalized, I guess? Strange, isn't it? My face isn't cut.
I turned my neck in the direction of the strike.
Your punches were so slow, I gave it a try.
It's exactly as you feel.
He's no longer the boy he once was.
He's too much for us to handle alone.
Two against one?