Baki (2018) s02e08 Episode Script


1 Baki! I I'll fight, too.
Thanks, Kozue.
For worrying about me.
But these two won't be able to defeat me.
This isn't self-confidence, it's more of a hunch.
And something more certain than a hunch.
Significant time has passed since the two of them showed up.
But neither are able to make a move.
Here you go.
I'm in your area.
If you keep dragging, I'll crush you.
Get up.
You'd better grit your teeth! I'll give you more than defeat.
I'll pummel you until you can't stand! It was too much Maybe you said a little too much.
You are strong.
Daily training doesn't necessarily mean a person will become stronger.
Just one victory Just one defeat And just one encounter, can, at times, make a person stronger by many times over.
But, I don't know You've experienced your first love and now know a woman.
You seem to think you've gained some supernatural power.
But what you've experienced is simply a normal occurrence of life.
Do you really think it would make you that stronger? Why isn't it working? Why? At that time, my right hand definitely made contact with his body.
And yet Why isn't it affecting him? Why isn't it working on this man? Why is the poison not taking effect? He's not letting me go! So strong! Mr.
Hanayama! I'm sorry about the other day.
How annoying that he'd change so much just because he now has a woman to protect.
That man would no doubt find a reason to be stronger just from a stroll somewhere.
I can't lose anymore.
There's a limit to the instinct to become stronger.
"Strongest" means nothing next to true love.
You win.
Hey I didn't know you were here, Mr.
You're strong.
It's only been a few days since I saw you, but you've gotten so strong you're like a different person.
Not really.
I don't care if I'm strong or not.
As long as I can protect myself and one other.
Behind you.
Let's run! They ran I'm not fighting.
I'm going home.
Are you sure? I don't need to win as long as I can protect.
What the hell are we doing? I have never been so humiliated I'm grateful.
It was good timing.
One of our pupils just happened to have connections.
I'll take you up on it.
The Middle East, huh? Right.
You'll be in the Middle East by next week.
Katsumi I have one more favor to ask.
Will you teach me Karate? Just one move, is fine.
It'll be a way to stay connected to you.
That was "Seiken.
" Se-i-ken.
Just as expected, damn.
Do it 100 times a day, everyday.
I promise you, I'll do it.
There's the signal.
Hey! Thank you Fifteen minutes until departure.
I couldn't stand to watch.
It was like a farewell between maidens.
You've fallen low.
You allowed the enemy to get the better of you.
Even reconciled.
You should be ashamed! You came all the way here just to tell me that? That's surprisingly kind of you.
This is judgment.
He killed my vision! With such a light punch.
How? Which direction? Where is he? A cigarette? He's close.
Four meters, no, three! How does it feel, Mr.
Doyle? To have your coveted black belt wrapped around you? Long ago In my country of Japan, heads of samurais who lost their pride were chopped off.
And You too, have lost your pride! Impossible! There's no way to stop a true sword with your arm! My famous sword! This guy has steel in his arms! Damn, it won't activate.
The wires must've been cut.
More importantly My eyes My eyes can't see The man who was once known as Russia's hero, Alexander Garland was at a hospital.
The physical injuries he sustained are recovering well, however You're Hey! That's impossible! However his psychological scars had yet to heal.
Garland? Around that time, at the prison that once held Sikorsky, with the man responsible for Garland's state, an experiment was about to be done.
Give me a break.
We're no monkey or lizard.
We have a question for you.
If you had to climb this without the use of any tools, what sort of skill would you need? Putting aside whether it's possible or not Well, if you can hold on to a nut about this size, and easily finish reading a short novel, then But that, is no longer human.
Who are you? There's no need to explain, is there? To you, I'm an enemy.
He's huge.
Although in my case, I'm like you.
I'm more of a rough fighter.
So, where should we do it? The police can be a hassle in Japan.
There should be a place And he's strong extraordinarily strong! Ready? Go! That's some finger strength.
But how long can you last like that? All right, then.
You can stay there.
Oh man, my cell phone battery died.
But I still wanted to hear your voice All lies.
Hello? Sho? What's wrong? "What's wrong" you ask? Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi