Baki (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

The Real Attack

1 - Ow! - They're hitting us too! It's like he's destroying his environment! I've worked up a good sweat.
Mastery of the environment the true show is about to begin.
What's that? It's a cloud of sand! - Like he's playing in a sandbox.
- So? He's just a kid.
He's gone! He disappeared! He's really nowhere.
Idiot! It's a camouflage.
It's a camouflage! He's covered himself in sand to camouflage himself! - He's disappeared again! - It's like he's invisible! Because of his camouflage and cloud, we can't see him at all! Who knew you could hide so well! Why hide? Why don't you fight like a man! - There he is! - He came out of nowhere! "Fight like a man?" That's rich, coming from you.
What are we doing here right now, Russian? A battle? Yes, there's no doubt this is a battle.
But this isn't martial arts.
It's survival.
Sikorsky and Gaia.
It's survival in every sense of the word.
Again? Sikorsky.
Let me gift you the true fear of violence.
I didn't expect a challenge from that deeply cautious man.
"My fellow martial artist, Ryukoh Yanagi.
Let us settle our long-lived score.
I challenge you to a duel.
" This is The only defeat I've suffered from someone other than Yanagi It's the same as before! It was what Shibukawa saw in the semi-finals of the Maximum Tournament, before his match against Jack Hanma.
A vision of a gate, cutting off his path.
Why would this appear now? Defeat greeted him soon after.
What appeared as if to warn Shibukawa of his coming defeat Indeed that same vision has now appeared once again.
Why now? Let me teach you the true fear of violence.
The "true fear of violence?" I should definitely be able to see him! Definitely Definitely Definitely! I can't see! How can I fight? Why? Why doesn't he attack? I have a message for you.
A message saying I can kill you at anytime.
You realize what this means, don't you? Shibukawa.
Founder of Aiki Jujitsu of the protective spirits, Kihei Mikoshiba.
Only the inexperienced, in terms of martial arts, would speak of fighting to win.
But you will be all right.
You won't be able to get near an opponent you cannot beat.
Even if you try, if they are more powerful than you are, you will not be able to reach him.
If that's so this vision What does it mean? What kind of danger awaits me beyond this point? And who would you be? Indeed I am Izou Motobe.
User of the Motobe style combat jujitsu.
Unaffiliated with any group, he strives to perfect combat style jujitsu and is well versed in all weapons.
Motobe style jujitsu, huh? I wonder who can manage that.
Sorry, but I'll have you play with me.
Two martial artists in the park at night? Of course we have to fight.
I see.
Jujitsu evolved from sword-fighting to begin with.
So, it's only natural you'd be well versed with the sword.
You are correct at least partially.
Jujitsu is a martial art used in the battlefield.
Not only the sword but I am proficient in all weapons! They've come They've finally come! The real attacks! There's no need for me to hide any longer.
Have you noticed, Russian? My attacks come once every ten seconds.
You wait ten seconds for my attack in the darkness.
Do you understand what that means? Ten Nine Eight Seven - Six - He's going to attack! - Five.
- In five more seconds! Four seconds Three seconds It's coming, it's coming, it's com Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Sikorsky is in fear! Two One Five Four Three Two One Three Two One Three Two One Three - Two - It's coming - One - It's coming It's coming It's coming! It's settled.
I lose! Have mercy! Just as when happiness is certain, there is happiness while waiting for it When something fearful is certain People will fear while they wait, as well.
Match over! Hey! You bastard What's the matter? Gave up on cutting grass already? Mr.
You are far more skilled than I am.
Yet, do you know why you are falling behind? It's probably due to this.
You rely on things outside your five honed senses.
That tendency clouds your technique.
Have you forgotten? You rely on your despicable right hand.
Your poison hand.
You are beyond saving, now.
The visions of obstacles keep appearing.
Though Ryukoh Yanagi is indeed a dangerous opponent, and he may be waiting with tricks up his sleeve is he truly an opponent dangerous to this degree? You will admit it, won't you, Mr.
Yanagi? This match is settled.
Motobe Look behind you.
Yujiro! You fool.
Yanagi You lose.
Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi