Baki (2018) s02e11 Episode Script


This is the first time we meet, but I've heard countless rumors about you.
That fist power capable of snapping a Japanese sword I believe those countless stories about you.
As expected from the world's strongest creatur Who cares about that.
I'm saying you lost this match.
Do you concede or not? Mr.
Hanma Myself and others alike recognize you hold the title of "The Strongest.
" Don't say it.
He'll kill you.
The one to decide who wins or loses this match is not you.
Yujiro Did you hear that Motobe? He says I have no right to decide.
He's absolutely right.
This is a match, but there are no rules.
Then how will the outcome be decided? Both sides should just call it as they want.
The one who defeats and the defeated, they should decide among themselves.
Even if their leg has been pierced, their hand crushed, and their body destroyed, as long as he himself doesn't admit defeat, the match isn't decided.
Even if you stand there unharmed, as long as you don't accept the win, the match isn't decided.
Isn't that right, Motobe? No wonder the struggle with a monster like this here.
Took you long enough, old geezer.
It seems things are finished here.
I talked too much.
I'm going home.
If you don't concede, it means you've stood up to my challenge.
I went ahead and settled the match.
I can't see anything.
Ever since then Good evening, Mr.
It's you.
In order to hunt you guys I hustled over to Tokyo.
It was fine up until then.
But things after that, haven't been so good.
How long has it been since then? I haven't captured a single one of you.
So you came to arrest me then.
Go ahead and capture me if you can, that is.
This is the first time I see a fugitive trying to be captured.
It seems you've lost your vision.
You can't see anything.
It's due to poison.
A lethal one, I can say.
"I want to taste defeat.
" Out of this desire led by this urge, they came to this far east land and got what they wished for.
Baki, food's ready.
Is one bowl enough? I'm sorry, I don't have an appetite.
Let's go to the hospital.
As long as I eat and sleep, I'll be fine.
You're not eating.
You're not eating! You're not eating.
Yeah I'm not eating.
METROPOLITAN POLICE HOSPITAL This substance isn't anything scientific, but it seems to be quite detrimental for the human body.
Show me the composition list.
Well, you're welcome to look, but Peptides, aconitine, atisine, scopolamine I see.
A neurotoxic alkaline compound.
It's no wonder it would cause vision damage just by touching it.
You're quite the expert.
When something like this gets into the bloodstream, it becomes a serious problem.
Nice work.
Who is he? Lift your arms.
Huh? Like this? We're going to the hospital! SHIN SHIN KAI HQ Huh, hospitalized? Osu.
I've just heard it from Mr.
Kureha Shinogi.
What, Baki? Got it.
Okay, understood.
Kureha Kozue do you have a second? You must accept this.
He can't be saved? I'll be frank.
It's a miracle he's alive right now.
Pardon me.
Yes? I'd like to ask you Yes? Please excuse me.
It seems I'm bothering you in a difficult time.
It's all right Someone important to you is in there, correct? I'm sorry I'm sorry Your beautiful prayers I'm certain certain they will reach the person important to you.
This, is the God I believe in.
It will protect the person important to you.
Please, don't let yourself get down.
Um No need to worry.
I don't need it right now.
What did you want to ask me? Um, where is the Take building? The Take building? He's late.
It's already been an hour from our meeting time.
Dave's partners are all done for.
Dave, maybe we should call it a day Don't be foolish.
How often do you think this opportunity to partner with Mister comes along? In a way, this is even more important than a match.
I've been in this industry for a long time too.
I know most of the fighters.
Excuse me, but I've never even heard of this guy.
He's not a fighter.
But even so, Mister is special.
He's a fighter of a different league.
If you, the champion, says so I've brought him! Sorry, Dave.
I got lost.
This is him? Thank you for coming, Mister.
I've dreamed of the day I'd meet you.
You seem to be doing well, Dave.
Only because you won't fight in the ring.
Dave is down on his knees in complete admiration! Let me go and get changed.
Thanks for waiting.
Um is that How much does that weigh? 18 ounces.
Even then, he's a hundred times more dangerous than my bare fists.
Shall we begin? Out of respect, I will fight with the intention of killing you.
MOKUBA MEDICAL CENTER Poison far beyond the lethal dose has been permeated countless times through strikes.
Out of the fights, he's experienced this may be the strongest opponent he's faced.
Right now, we can only pray.
Is he going to die? Baki is going to die? Is he going to die? Dave, a true veteran, recognizes this man as someone "of a different league.
" This is very interesting! How will this gentle looking man fight against a monster like Dave? Boxing? From a backstep position into a right to match the high kick.
He made Dave, who's a tough guy, fly with just one hit! Dave is pissed.
He can be a real handful once he's reached that point.
A tackle! Nice timing! Box.
ing? No, this isn't boxing.
A fortune built by his own fists Jeez how many minutes has it been since we passed the gate? Five minutes no ten.
Our accomplished journalist from Japan.
Thank you for having me.
My master has been waiting.
This way, please.
Here he is.
This man was the biggest, strongest athlete in the 20th century! 10 years For over 10 years I've longed for this for this moment! I've longed to meet you! Mr.
Muhammad, let me begin the interview.
For you it brought the greatest fortune, honor, and respect.
What does boxing mean to you? He stopped shaking.
My Japanese journalist Yes? Do you know of a man named Yujiro Hanma? The Ogre! Why do you bring up that name? What? I just went to check on his drips.
Impossible! Hanma Baki is gone! What are you going to do? Tell me.
How can you do this? It's fine.
Huh? This is my fight! It's been a long time, Mr.
You've grown up, Muhammad Jr.
How is your great father? Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi