Baki Hanma (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Terrible Triplets

It's the era of bare fists.
Same goes for me.
I didn't believe it until it happened.
But in reality,
a body that's been thoroughly strengthened
is invincible.
He can get through anywhere.
No sensor would go off
just because you're a strong fighter.
What Guevaru says is true.
As long as you don't have a weapon,
it's possible to infiltrate
various organizations.
A man stronger than a machine gun exists.
Thick-headed America,
must have finally realized that.
They sent in three men
that needed surveillance.
Your father, the "Ogre" Yujiro Hanma.
"Unchained" Biscuit Oliva.
And "Mr. Second" Jun Guevaru.
Of all things, these three
are under satellite surveillance.
Sat huh?
By artificial satellite.
Artificial satellites
are normally used in the military.
But of all things,
they were watching
the movements of just three men.
The satellite watching the three
was a detailed image
only a few meters off the ground,
continually capturing its targets.
And if even one of the three targets
moved faster than four km per hour,
what would happen?
In that moment,
over a half dozen satellites
are forced to take emergency action
to follow the targets.
Because of that,
car navigation systems all over the world
which use military sats,
are said to shift by 70 meters.
Like running and fighting,
any movement over four km per hour
that excludes vehicle transport.
In other words,
when they move faster than walking speed,
the car navigation shifts by 70 meters.
I'm driving on the ocean.
Wow, that's crazy.
The three of them are maddening
for those protected by weapons.
It's refreshing.
What are you discussing?
It seems
you were having a nice long chat.
This guy didn't eat his meal,
so I gave him a little warning.
Conversation is prohibited.
Have you forgotten?
Crush it or shave it off?
Or break it?
Either way, it'll be harsh punishment.
You'll be getting the harsh punishment.
Hurting gramps
won't make your hair grow.
I'm grateful to you.
I've continued this job
because I wanted a situation like this
from the bottom of my heart.
Don't get me wrong.
You instigated it.
I just accepted it.
You goaded me in that
hopelessly disadvantaged state,
saying you'll punish me harshly.
To top it off,
you pointed out my physical flaw.
What to do?
What to do with this overwhelming hate?
I don't mean to make you lose face,
but something like this
isn't a disadvantage for me.
Dislocating my joints is easy.
Once I do this, no one can
Help me
Don't worry.
I promise I'll save you.
I have no more strength
There's nothing.
You'll get nothing from him in return.
He's American, after all.
How soft-hearted.
I guess I made quite a mess.
Nothing unusual happened today.
The meal transport wagon fell over,
but it was my personal mistake.
That's my log today.
After three days of prison life,
Baki was returned to normal life.
Under the blazing sun
He was busy laying ground for new roads.
I see. No wonder the work goes so fast.
It takes you only
two swings to hammer it in.
No wonder there's
a difference with the others.
This is a new record.
Even Michael needs three swings.
The two of you are close competition.
Break time!
I heard, Mr. Michael.
You're getting out next month.
Huh? You're going after what?
The title for the all-around heavy weight.
Oh, yeah?
Three months after I get out.
The first match is already set.
Mr. Michael,
about what you said the other day.
It has nothing to do with me.
You're right.
You don't have time
to be involved in a prison ranking.
It's not that
I'm not interested in that title,
but my team is waiting for me in Brooklyn.
There's no need to hesitate.
The world is waiting for you.
Take a look at this.
What's this check?
A donation to our Arizona State Prison.
From Bob Murphy, chairman of IBA,
the International Boxing Association.
He handed it to me personally yesterday.
He came here?
They don't want it to happen.
They don't want the belt
going to a criminal again.
In the early sixties,
the heavyweight record
was a miserable one it seems.
Because the man
who learned boxing in prison,
Sonny Liston, was the reigning champ.
Sonny Liston,
who had several arrest records
since his younger years,
learned to box in prison and then debuted.
He finally climbed to become
the heavyweight world champion.
But what awaited him
when he became champion,
wasn't the sound of victory, but booing.
The promoters too,
until the later arrival
of the great Cassius Clay,
had to endure the darkness.
They don't want to replay that nightmare.
So what do they want us to do?
We just have to make it
so he can't box again.
Do you mean the Iron Michael?
Who would take on that role?
He's a man who
used to be heavy weight champion.
He has the fighting ability far beyond
that of the usual strong fighter.
The two with any chance of winning,
Oliva and Guevaru,
would never help us in a million years.
Call Mouth.
That's insane, Chief.
Because those guys
Those three would understand how we feel.
And they could definitely beat Michael.
Not only that
I cannot be responsible.
Not only that,
they are on our side to begin with.
Did you need something, Chief?
Are you sure you wanted all three of us?
If you called us knowingly,
then either way, it's an emergency.
We don't like the reaction that occurs
when the three of you are together.
But now, we are in need of that reaction.
Then it should be
done immediately tonight.
You look well.
Give me a break!
When I hear that voice,
my head gets confused.
Then shall we speak one at a time?
It may confuse you even more.
I am "O" and "So."
I am "Gen" and "U."
I'm "Ki" and "De."
But this would take too long to decipher.
You look well.
Each person says a syllable in turn.
The smooth teamwork
makes it seem like one person is speaking.
It's true,
when you hear it for the first time,
you may get confused
by the discrepancy in sound.
You will soon get used to it.
It is impressive.
A great achievement made
by combining the similar.
Fire, steam and cylinder,
of a steam engine.
The horse, whip, and rider
of horseback riding.
The sun, water and great trees of Earth.
They are all great achievements,
great teamwork.
But of all the various forms
of teamwork that exist in this world,
the smoothest and greatest,
the team among teams,
the king of combo's
Is the lips, teeth and tongue.
The combination of lips, teeth and tongue.
For example, imagine eating a piece
of fish for better understanding.
First, you try
to put the fish in the mouth.
When the fish brushes your lips,
they will draw it in
and close with perfect timing.
Once the lips wrap around the food,
it can no longer escape.
The sight of the fish
in the mouth is extremely tragic.
It is severed and carried deeper
by the soft tongue,
and crushed by the molars.
The pieces of flesh that survive
are mercilessly sought by the tongue,
and carried back to the molars,
until all the flesh is in a creamed state.
Furthermore, this tongue,
amid the complex process,
will even detect small bones,
and pass them to the lips.
What's even more surprising,
even while completing
these thrilling tasks,
there's not one scratch
on the lips and tongue by the teeth.
You can truly say
it's the perfect teamwork.
I don't know who called them "Mouth."
I don't know who called them,
"Lip, Tooth, Tongue."
That's what they're called.
I want to ask you three a question.
Go ahead.
I think I understand
your unusual teamwork,
but when it comes to fighting,
how is that combo used?
Against that man of iron?
Lip will answer.
Many normal people tend to misunderstand.
Your idea is
an exaggerated illusion of martial arts.
You're saying
I'm overestimating the Iron Michael?
He's currently paying for his crime,
but he is a legendary
world heavyweight champ!
Aren't you underestimating him?
We had no intention
of explaining with words to begin with.
We'll just use him
as our guinea pig to show you.
Calling me out here isn't very peaceful.
Tooth, what's the number?
2.5, 3.0 to 3.2 at best.
Sounds about right.
3.2? Expected nothing less
of the Iron Michael.
He has high athletic ability,
but his muscled frame limits him.
He won't reach 4.0.
He has 3.2 times
the fighting ability of the normal male.
How can Iron Michael
be 3.2 times the normal person?
You couldn't beat him with ten people.
You seem to be versed in martial arts,
but amateurs from the looks of you.
How rude.
We are not amateurs.
Each of us has some experience in karate,
boxing, and judo to be exact,
though we don't have
a certificate or black belt.
This is reckless
if you've only dabbled in martial arts.
Your opponent is the strongest boxer
known as the Iron Man.
It's because we have no need for that,
even if the opponent is you,
a heavyweight champ.
Tales of heroic exploits
exist in the streets.
"He defeated three thugs
before we knew it."
"He KO'd five goons one after the other."
All of them are brilliant
and brave battle achievements.
So how much stronger are these experts?
Five times? Six times? Ten times?
The answer is no.
They're 1.5 to 2.0 times
the normal person.
Even a world class champ,
is 2.5 times at best.
But in reality, three amateurs are
of no match against a champion-level pro.
The man may only be 2.5 times stronger
but the three can't beat him.
The answer is simple.
Because they're not used
to fighting as three.
They don't have that kind of teamwork.
Nowadays, the only battles with teamwork
exist only in something
that's hardly a sport, pro wrestling.
A person's face is quite hard.
He's running away
Without hesitation.
This isn't
This isn't a battle!
It is.
Authority is falling apart.
Is this okay?
How can this be okay?
I can't believe they kicked the great
champ Iron Michael's face with their feet!
He's a legendary boxer
the whole world was crazy about.
How can they kick his face?
What gives the three of them the right?
That's it!
He succeeded in getting
the three out in front!
Get them.
Get them, Champ!
I see, he's not stupid.
In respect of the great champion,
we too
will take you on with boxing.
Subtitle translation by: Harry Darkins
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