Baki Hanma (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Man of the Sea

Go ahead!
Try it if you can!
Your former head coach, Sam D'Amato
created the magnificent
"Peek-a-Boo" fighting style.
Bringing the gloves so close to the
jaw it leaves bite marks,
totally covering the vital areas.
Then by weaving, ducking,
bobbing, and circling,
and moving the upper body
at a dizzying rate,
a near-perfect defense is achieved.
He's a top-class opponent
who has mastered the style
on an instinctual level
We third-rate amateurs will box him.
This is
Come on!
What do you think of our
simultaneous one-two-three?
No matter how fast you move,
you can only ever dodge a single punch.
If three punches are thrown
simultaneously, two will land.
Even you will succumb to our third-rate
punches, if they land cleanly.
no more boxing!
When it comes to techniques
for a woman or child
to defeat a larger man
the first is going for the testes.
The second is gouging the eyes.
But there is one more killer technique,
if it can even be called a technique.
That is the heel.
Even an elementary-schooler
who barely weighs 30 kilos,
can take out a large
man with a stomp to the face.
It's almost too simple.
He was surprisingly weak.
No, more like he was surprisingly
struggling to handle us.
At any rate,
it demonstrates
that an individual's skills
are worthless compared to a team's.
This was a perfect example of that.
Time to finish up.
Shall we sever the tendon
that enables one to make a fist?
Hold him down.
Like this?
Sorry, champ.
It's a simple operation.
It'll be over in no time.
Ugh, I feel sick.
Even though its owner's head is spinning,
this thing's not spinning at all!
So listless, it's not a good look.
Now, that's a moon you don't see everyday.
It's not every day you see all the
members of Mouth together either.
I can't sleep through this.
The chemical reaction that occurs
when you three are together,
it's the kind of teamwork you see
with identical triplets.
It must be pretty awesome.
Villains, warriors recognized as the best,
all seem to meet a bad ending
when they encounter you lot.
It's truly interesting.
How nostalgic.
Reminds me of
my youthful days as a pirate.
It was always this kind of night
when we set out.
A crazy bright moon like this,
when we set sail.
Just now,
while you were looking at the moon,
I could have taken one of you out.
With how much you rely on your teamwork,
with one of you gone,
your fighting capability
would have been one-tenth of what it is.
But since that wouldn't be any fun,
I let you live.
Be more careful.
They're overwhelmed.
The battle-hardened Mouth
are overwhelmed by young Guevaru.
You're quite confident.
As soon as you took this formation,
your expressions relaxed.
It's too late,
now that you allowed us
to take this formation.
You no longer stand a chance.
Oh, yeah?
I'm looking forward to it.
Hey! You imbecile!
A-Are you an idiot?
What a relief!
Y-You son of a
You're okay with this?
Two of you are nice and clean,
while one of you is covered in filth.
The devil who ruined your relationship
as an irreplaceable trio
is laying down on the ground before you.
Teach him a lesson.
His bark was worse than his bite.
This is the strength of the man
who made everyone call him Mr. Second?
It's a nice wind.
Did he call the wind?
It's high tide.
Time to set sail.
Now, let's continue.
What a fantastic scenario.
Until now.
Think about it.
The unexpected entrance.
The pinwheel.
the wind,
and the mud war paint.
Do any of them
speak to his actual ability?
It's nothing more than theatrics.
Come back to your senses.
We should let you know that this formation
is even more deadly than the last one.
Now that your bladder is empty,
how will you overcome this tetrahedron?
You've climbed so high!
Are you alright?
Can you get down by yourself?
He's a monster!
"He isn't human."
That feeling urged Lip,
the leader of Mouth,
and every cell in his body, to run.
Splattering a blend of his
and another man's piss along the way.
Hey, you got down by yourself.
Given the three could no longer
depend on their teamwork,
there was no need
to even try and settle the battle.
He's so strong!
Too strong!
He defeated Mouth,
who had just easily beat Michael,
with a single punch!
Deputy Warden Samuels.
Come forward.
It looks like there was some trouble here.
I leave it to you.
I'm going to bed.
- Excuse me.
- Hmm?
Oh, if it isn't Michael!
You forgot about me?
I've never seen such a big punch before.
Oh! What an honor!
To receive such praise
from the strongest boxer on Earth.
If you hadn't come,
my life as a boxer would have
undoubtedly been finished.
What are you saying?
We're roommates, after all!
You had forgotten about me!
Ah, it's all good! It's all good!
- Mr. Second.
- Hm?
I thank God I was put
in the same cell as you.
Of course, I thank you even more.
Thanks, boss.
I was bored this sleepless night,
but was pleasantly surprised
with a great recreational activity.
I should be the one thanking you, brother.
- Good night, brother.
- Yup!
Mr. Guevaru.
I don't care if you win or lose
the fight with Mr. Oliva.
But, the day after the
fight, I ask that you
I won't be your boyfriend.
But you can fight me anytime.
Even if there's no wind.
Even if it's right here, right now.
Is this it?
Guevaru, are you there?
Oh, there you are!
No, Mister, stop!
I have the key. Mister, please stop!
Good evening, Mr. Guevaru.
Aww, look what you did to the door!
Put up a curtain or something.
What kind of prison doesn't have doors?
Guevaru, is it?
You have a good look.
I like the expression.
Not blustering, not intimidating.
But, not arrogant, either.
You show clearly on your face
exactly what you're capable of.
That's easier said than done.
While it may be small,
you've built a new country at
a young age. That's no small feat.
But, it is such a pity!
A pity?
God may have gifted you
with first-rate character,
intelligence, and leadership,
But you have one major flaw, Guevaru!
As do I.
You're exactly right.
Despite our age,
we don't like to lose in a fight.
From a toddler to a boy,
from a boy to a young man,
eventually becoming an adult.
Something we should have left behind
as we developed.
A decisive immaturity:
wanting to win fights.
I became a man,
and stopped wanting candy.
I stopped playing with my yo-yo.
I stopped playing tag.
I stopped spinning tops,
and stopped collecting cards.
And yet
And yet
Fighting remained.
While we may have that in common,
we have one definitive difference.
In what way do you think you are superior?
I fight for the sake of others.
Does a fight have to be for someone else?
What do you think, Guevaru?
I'm of the opinion that needing
something or someone to fight for
is actually a weakness.
What do you think, Mr. Oliva?
You're going to lose.
You said you fight for another?
For my sweet girl, of course!
She's just so cute!
I wondered what your answer would be,
but a woman?
You want to show off how strong you are
to your girl?
Just when I was thinking
that you two were the greatest of rivals,
the strongest of opponents,
and that I was so happy
to meet you here
Are you two screwing with me?
What is this I'm hearing?
"Fighting still remains"?
"Fight for someone else"?
Talking about what's necessary
or what's not necessary to fight?
Stop the hanky-panky and boasting
They say even savage beasts
trying to kill each other
will work together to expel an interloper.
What happened to Baki was inevitable.
Jealousy, huh?
Of all the fluids in the world,
the most potent liquid is the Hanma blood.
The stimulation was too strong for it.
Was it too much hanky-panky?
No, not as much as you and your girl.
How stimulating!
A present from her?
I bought this in the town
where she used to live.
You mean that's not something
that belonged to her?
Don't be ridiculous.
That would be far too stimulating for me.
No way.
You two are lovers, right?
Of course.
We love each other.
We're both deeply in love.
I don't get it.
That's fine by me.
A child wouldn't understand.
Just by the fact this handkerchief
existed in the area where she lived,
I can feel her presence.
Like when a tourist buys
something in Liverpool,
they can feel the presence
of that legendary band.
I'm that much of a fan of hers!
She's that beautiful!
How about it?
Wanna take a whiff?
It's the most fragrant handkerchief
in the world.
The most fragrant thing in the world,
is not that handkerchief.
Subtitle translation by: Harry Darkins
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