Baki Hanma (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Hyper male and Hyper male

Living together?
That's right.
Mr. Oliva lives with his lover
in this prison.
Not only does he live
a comfortable prison life,
but he gets to have his
woman on top of that?
With a prison life like that,
what could he possibly atone? Or repent?
"Repent," "atone"
those are not words
he concerns himself with.
What's she like?
Well, that's just it.
No one's ever seen her.
Are you sure she's actually here?
We've heard about her for years.
But only ever from Mr. Oliva's mouth.
The way he was carrying on,
she must be a real beauty.
That's also something
we've only ever heard from Unchained
I mean, from Mr. Oliva's lips.
It's gotta be a sham.
Maria, I continue to agonize.
There aren't enough words in this world.
Entirely too few
to express a feeling beyond "I love you."
And yet,
what words could convey the feeling
that lies beyond my pectoral muscles
and consumes my entire body?
The simple phrase "I love you,"
is just not enough.
With this indescribable feeling
weighing on my heart,
I've come here today.
More than love.
Maria, how are you feeling, honey?
Most likely,
he made up this imaginary lover
to further wield the freedom
he has in this prison.
To solidify his image as the Unchained.
To be honest,
we've sort of come to that
conclusion as well.
But if that rumor
spread through the prison,
all 4,000 of us would be choked to death.
Just watch.
When the sun rises for the second time,
he'll go back
to being just another inmate.
One lowly inmate,
with no strength and no lover.
Kent, hold on to this for me.
Give it to me at the arena.
Whatever you do, do not open it.
Rain, wind, waves and lightning
will jump out.
Ow, hot, hot.
What's wrong, honey?
As always,
I've come at the time you specified
and I brought all these roses you love.
You are so incompetent!
You useless loser!
You deadbeat!
You glutton!
You brute!
You narcissist!
Ungrateful child!
Good-for-nothing! Womanizer!
Trash! Idiot!
Maria, are you finished?
Come on. Be in a better mood, honey.
You idiot!
I may be an idiot, but I'm happy.
With you by my side.
It's too stimulating.
I can't accept that word from you!
I love you.
You are so beautiful!
I'll show off to everyone in the arena!
I'll show them just how beautiful you are!
It's more than love!
You've been doing that
over and over since last night.
What you are listening to?
You mentioned something
about rain and wind,
waves and lightning
We're just so keen
to find out what's inside.
It's courage.
That's right. There's courage in here.
It was the morning after
a record-breaking hurricane.
The day I was to set off for America.
That's where you gathered it from?
Last night, all night
in a spot like that?
They say you're the biggest
weakling on the island.
Thank you.
You're bravest one on the island.
It was a strange site.
Despite being a prison,
holding over 4,000 inmates,
there were no guards today.
As if, just for today,
there weren't any inmates.
It's almost time.
Who do you think will win?
I think the opposite.
They say Mr. Oliva is bringing his lover.
Huh? He has a girlfriend?
Who knows? I guess we'll see soon.
Private talk was supposed to be
forbidden in this space,
but the inmates talked as much
as they liked, for it was allowed.
All because
He's here!
Here he comes!
No one would try to escape today.
Mr. Second!
Mr. President!
Idiot! He's exactly that!
Best pirate!
It's really exciting, isn't it?
I'll just say this.
Even if someone tried to escape right now,
I wouldn't move one step from here!
I'll pretend I didn't hear that!
Here he comes!
It's Oliva!
What the?
What's he carrying?
You're kidding me! He's done it!
He brought his lover
It's a bed!
A king-size bed, no less!
His lover is on it!
That super beauty!
I can't believe it's true!
- What's she like? Did you see?
- I can't see a damn thing!
Show us!
This is
His lover?
Hurry up and get started.
The legendary lover, Maria.
Seeing her,
all 4,000 inmates had the same thought.
Later in life,
how would they describe Maria
to someone else?
Only one thing was clear.
The term "fat" didn't nearly cover it.
What are you looking at?
They're not looking at you.
They're admiring you, Maria!
Admiring your beauty!
Don't give me that crap!
What could they possibly see as beautiful?
Anything and everything about you.
No one would say any different.
All 4,000 inmates here
can see your beauty.
Right, you guys?
The tuxedo is just stood there!
Like the empty shell of a molting cicada!
No way!
That's Oliva for you.
No one can beat him.
I'm off, Maria.
To prove just how strong your man is.
What a lovely lover you have.
Can't afford to lose, can you?
Sorry, Guevaru.
But I thank you for serving as my foil!
The motivation for fighting varies
for each person.
It's the jar!
This is mine
He's opening it!
That's enough.
Let's begin.
Mr. Oliva, could I ask you to hold
the corner of this bandana?
Ah, Loser Lose.
How nostalgic. I played it often as a kid.
Loser Lose.
A rule originally developed
in the 16th century
for duels between European nobles.
While holding on
to opposite ends of a handkerchief
the duelers trade blows.
The rules are extremely simple.
If you let go, you lose..
As the name suggests,
the one who releases
the handkerchief, the "Loser,"
also loses their honor.
A simple, yet merciless game.
The trivial action of holding on
to the edge of the handkerchief,
represents their will
to defend their honor.
It is a game
with the most rational of rules.
Now J. Guevaru,
you were trained by your grandfather,
a master of Mugakure-style ninjutsu.
Is stalking your hobby, Unchained?
It is said you begin handstand training
from using all five fingers
to eventually, just the thumb.
It requires incredible finger strength.
It seems to me that you chose this rule
because you are proud of that strength.
Am I wrong?
If you've got cold feet,
we can change the rule,
but when it comes to finger-pinch strength
you're no slouch, either.
The tales reached even my island.
Bending a coin in fourths,
crushing full beer cans,
lifting an ax
with the stump still attached,
bending a rail-spike
Okay, okay, enough.
Is stalking your hobby, Mr. Second?
Meaning, you won't need a handicap.
There's no need for concern, you mean.
Are we on, kid?
Indeed we are.
I know.
These punches aren't anywhere
near enough to knock out
the strongest fighter in America.
But, he doesn't need to be knocked out.
Oh, right in the chin.
Even if he isn't knocked out,
all he needs to do is forget.
Forget about the little cloth.
Forget its corner.
Just forget that he's pinching it.
Look at that!
Oliva's giant body is being held up
just by that bandana!
Guevaru's holding on with both hands
but look how he's holding it!
Oh, did you change your grip?
Clutching firmly with both hands
doesn't look very cool.
The aristocrats who created these rules
must be turning in their graves.
I think I'll follow your lead
and change my grip too.
You unwittingly changed your grip.
Likewise, mine won't do.
So, I'd like to change mine to this.
What do you think?
His pinky?
Is he that confident in his grip strength?
That's ridiculous!
A breeze will blow it away!
Or, is it a strategy?
I hear that aristocrats back in the day
ate and held their glasses
with their pinky out.
It may seem meaningless at first glance,
but there's actually a purpose
to having the pinky out.
It was to conserve spices,
then as valuable as precious metals.
It was good etiquette
to pinch spices in this way.
In other words, if their pinky got wet
it would end up picking up too much spice.
So, it was a custom created
to avoid bad etiquette.
Do you understand, Mr. Guevaru?
Humility. I'm sure you get it.
The Japanese blood
that flows through your body
calls for humility, the virtue
of the Land of the Rising Sun.
So, how long are you going to continue
with your vulgar grip?
Remember your humility.
That's right, restore your pride.
Subtitle translation by: Harry Darkins
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