Baki Hanma (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Gilberto Style

Oh, did you change your grip?
Clutching firmly with both your hands,
doesn't look so cool.
The aristocrats who created the rule
must be turning in their graves.
I think I'll follow your lead
and change my grip too.
Just like you inadvertently changed yours.
This one won't do.
I think I'd like to change mine like this.
Do you mind?
His pinkie?
Is he just totally confident
in his grip strength?
That's brash!
A slight breeze would blow it away!
Or is it strategic?
Do you see, Mr. Guevaru?
I'm sure you understand.
The Japanese blood flowing in your body,
seeks humility,
a virtue of the Land of the Rising Sun.
Now, how long will you
continue with that vulgar grip?
That's right, restore your pride.
Oh, did you change your grip?
You have it clutched so tight.
How unattractive.
So she says.
Your grip,
wasn't it like this?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Maria.
I've managed to bore you.
It's alright.
Say, Guevaru.
How long are you going
to keep gripping that handkerchief?
You mean this?
Look at my left hand.
I'm not even pinching it anymore.
I won't even grip it.
I'll just let it lay on my hand.
Is he going to fight like that?
"Gilberto Style" huh?
I've heard of it.
Loser Lose, "Gilberto Style."
Jean Gilberto
was a hotel magnate from Sicily.
He was the first foreigner to build
a giant luxury hotel along
the Champs-Élysées in Paris in 1947
he made headlines
gaining the praise of tourists,
and the disdain of the locals.
The man had another side.
While it was known that he was
also a member of the Mafia,
at the end of 1961,
it was discovered that he was
withholding kickbacks from his bosses
and the organization decided
to execute him immediately.
On January 4th, 1962,
under the full moon at midnight.
surrounded by machine guns
in the Bois de Boulogne,
his execution was carried out.
The style of execution was for both men to
hold a handkerchief and strike each other.
A game of Loser Lose where the one who
let go was immediately shot down.
But this handkerchief match-up
came with a terrifying disadvantage.
In contrast to the huge, young challenger
who held the handkerchief firmly
the weak, 70-year-old Gilberto,
could only let it lay in his palm.
In other words,
the outcome was decided from the start.
Barring a miracle,
the match would be over
with a single punch.
That execution ended with a hail
of bullets from his compatriots,
but Gilberto's name survived
as the title of this rule.
Guevaru lay it on his hand too.
What's going on?
They're punching
with it laying on their hands!
Neither one is backing down!
This This is why I can't quit.
Oliva's making a move!
He's dead, isn't he?
No, he's not dead!
The back of his hand!
Guevaru kept it on the back of his hand!
What the
Aristocrats, the mafia
Their titles may sound impressive.
But what they're really doing,
is playing a game with handkerchiefs.
What a farce.
It's idiotic.
Hey, Baki!
The wind.
Look at those two.
Are they working together
so it doesn't fly away?
Why go so far?
Are you watching, Maria?
This is a man's fight
What? Who is this kid?
It flew away.
What the hell are you doing?
Huh? What?
What am I doing, you ask?
The better question is,
"What are you doing?"
A grown man carrying on
over a handkerchief.
"Held it"?
"Gripped it"?
"Pinched it"?
"Placed it"?
The more precarious, the more manly?
How absurd.
It's no wonder this boy fell asleep.
A fight between men should be
a simple knock-down fight.
What else is there?
That was a crazy sound!
That was an all-out hit!
The first in this match.
You're exactly right, Maria.
I was wrong.
A fight between men should be simple.
Where did I go wrong?
I need to question myself once more.
I need you to see me anew!
Whoa, into the wall!
He flew all the way to the wall!
He finished it in one blow!
You've still got it.
You sly old fox.
You're the fox.
Maria, you were so soft and warm.
You smelled so nice!
you're so kind.
You got what you wanted.
Go on.
Thank you very much.
Holy crap!
He's still the king!
Times haven't changed!
Incredible. Truly America's greatest.
Baki, I thank you.
Because of you,
that hard-to-please Maria is calm.
Uh, no problem.
What a happy bunch.
Even though they wanted me to lose.
It doesn't seem like it.
Heave, ho!
On a moonlit night
Heave, ho!
Raise the anchor
Heave, ho!
On a stormy night
Heave, ho!
Hoist the sail
Heave, ho!
With the stars as the guide
Heave, ho!
Set course for treasure
Heave, ho!
Put the rum aside
Heave, ho!
Burn the iron
What the
Guevaru's chest
It's the hit from earlier.
The imprint is so clear.
Heave, ho!
Throw modesty to the wind
Reject forbearance
Don't give in to satisfaction
It starts now.
Guevaru is just getting started!
Say it's not enough
It seems you're not giving chase.
Did you get scared?
It isn't over.
Guevaru is raring to go!
Second's gonna do it!
It is what it is.
I underestimated you.
I was being too caring,
and considerate.
I thought you were
too small to beat seriously.
He's not bluffing.
That's how Oliva really feels.
It's just what we need.
The wind.
What a good day.
It's a good day to die!
You have a blind spot.
How long has it been?
Since I seriously hit someone.
It was happening on a global scale.
Small incidents were occurring.
In the sea.
It's the ocean.
In the mountain.
I'm driving in the forest?
Oh, my.
In the city.
It says we're driving through a building.
The navigation is askew.
Something must have happened.
Your control of the car
is like your control over this country.
But, certainly for me, this is
the safest car in the world right now.
I'm the only one left out, huh?
It's suffocating.
The security cars
that surround us front and back.
Plain-clothed detectives
stationed every 100 meters.
Turning down these alleyways
isn't even allowed.
How absurd.
So this is what driving is like
for George Bosch, the President of the US,
the land of the free?
As brutal as always.
Is that it?
Chamomile Lessen.
Of course,
I'm on your personal security detail, and
citizen of the little island in question.
I'm one of J. Guevaru's men.
We are on equal footing with the US.
As long as you do not violate our rights,
I will protect your safety.
We've run into a problem.
Do you mean for you?
Or for me?
Which do you think?
I said before that I would protect you.
Are you testing that now?
Lessen, you see,
Mr. Hanma here says
he's going to attack me now.
Won't you save me?
You bastard.
Your last request of me as a president,
had better not be this.
No, uh
Then this is no game.
Mr. Bosch.
What you're trying to do is suicide.
Protecting someone attempting suicide,
is outside the purview of my duties.
it is impossible for me
to protect you from his attack
He will crush whatever I might attempt.
This man is capable of that.
Please forgive me.
This is the only way.
Nicely done, kid.
Just as you predicted,
you couldn't protect Bosch from me,
but I can't fault your actions.
It's proof you were well-trained.
I'm not interested in you,
but I want a piece of your master.
Heave, ho
It's time to set sail
Subtitle translation by: Harry Darkins
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