Baki Hanma (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Decision Time

He's gonna stand!
Guevaru's gonna stand!
Can he even stand?
Even after taking that hit?
My poor people.
My poor people.
I do this for them.
My poor people!
Guevaru got up!
He's gonna try again. We can see more!
I believed you'd get up.
"Today is a good day to die."
The US Army coined the phrase.
During the Vietnam War,
they say American soldiers
on the front line liked to say it.
Guevaru, you of all people should know
the true meaning behind the words.
Yeah, it's a barefaced lie.
It's not a phrase about dying.
It's about living.
It's about surviving the fierce battle,
fighting bravely
and returning to your homeland alive.
The real truth
Is there's no good day to die,
until you die.
You always have to live for today!
This is the finale.
Oliva made a fist!
He plans on ending it.
"The wind rises"
All right.
"We must try to live."
It's time to settle this!
Biscuit Oliva.
The strongest man in America.
Your value lies in that body of yours.
Within a frame of over 180 cm,
lies more than 150 kg of muscle,
unprecedented in human history.
The destructive force born of that body,
is beyond that of my imagination
A tuxedo.
The upright tuxedo fell, as if by command!
The history of barehanded fights,
the history of martial arts,
directly correlates with human history.
The continuous cycle of having faith
in brawn, and denying it.
Eventually, the loss of strength
led to the acquisition of speed.
Muscle, loss of strength, and balance.
Speed, angle, and weak point.
Even in "chi" and breath work
there were various technical reforms
and creative innovations.
Thus, modern martial arts.
But, there has been no progress
since the historic times of stone axes.
There exists a definite blind spot
I'm all ears.
I will tell you.
It's "support."
Even Chinese martial arts
with its 4,000 years of history,
only sees the supporting ground
as a surface.
All of these various martial arts,
don't question how the body pushes
against the ground at an angle.
No wonder they're forced to rely
on muscle.
Because they don't recognize earth
as the greatest support.
They're not even aware of what's
a millimeter under the earth.
They merely stand there.
You will experience it now.
The rigidity of the core
that exists 6,378,000 meters underground.
Feel it,
feet of mine!
To the deepest depths of the Earth.
The most solid thing
located in the center of this planet
The core of the Earth!
He wants to congratulate you.
You've bested me. Forgive me.
Something's wrong. This can't be.
And this guy wants to greet you.
I'm called the Earth's strongest
or something
Why is this man here?
But that's not me.
Guevaru, it's you.
Just as I thought.
Well, duh!
Something like this,
is usually
Is usually
A dream.
Carry Mr. Guevaru.
Courteously and with care.
The fight is over.
We won't hear the singing anymore.
You're so strong.
Your faith in your body was stronger.
Easy for you to say.
Guevaru was strong,
but he didn't have the love.
The love for muscle.
At a much earlier stage than I,
he said goodbye to
an irreplaceable love: muscles.
Loss of strength? Technique?
Balance? Support?
Guevaru dallied with those other loves.
But she took her revenge.
She's the jealous type, you see.
The body you see right now,
is actually not the real size.
So how is it kept so compact?
He's huge.
It's because I'm holding it in.
Holding it in?
But let's say if I were to open
the door that holds these muscles.
The size would most likely
tear apart my skin where I stand,
crush all of you,
destroy the building,
breach the outer gate,
and reach even the heavens!
No way. That's impossible.
My meals in a day
have never dropped below 10,000 calories.
Even for Olympic-level athletes,
it isn't easy ingesting more than
10,000 calories in a day.
Ten thousand calories.
The Japanese are fond
of eating rice balls, yes?
That amount of calories
is equal to about 500 rice balls.
But look!
I keep my fat percentage
within five percent.
It's a diet already beyond
what physical activity can burn off
and still it's five percent.
It's illogical.
But when you say it,
it doesn't sound like a lie.
The space shuttle,
has a fuel tank far larger than its body.
In order to use it all
before it enters the upper atmosphere,
it continues to burn, even now.
I suppress
what is trying to expand within.
Holding in, sealing in,
pushing in, and binding it.
I continue to confine it.
I can't let up, even for even a moment.
I didn't know that.
Who would think,
that we're all alive right now
thanks to you
vigilantly keeping yourself compact.
We're all so grateful!
What's amazing about me
is that despite that, I'm still able
to get a good night's sleep.
Let me down.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
you want a round with me that much?
This power,
it's as if
Bring it on!
I'll fight.
I apologize for talking big.
It's a lie that
I'm bigger than the building.
I know that!
And actually,
I didn't refine these muscles to fight.
This body
was made to do this for this person.
Sorry to make you wait, Maria.
Heave, ho!
On a moonlit night
Heave, ho!
Raise the anchor
Heave, ho!
On a stormy night
Heave, ho!
Hoist the sail!
With the stars as the guide
Set course for treasure
Put the rum aside until then!
Heave, ho!
On a moonlit night
Heave, ho!
On a stormy night
Heave, ho!
Hoist the sail!
No witnesses?
It was empty when you woke in the morning?
It's not for me, but for me and Maria?
It's money.
It's his island's currency.
When did he do this?
It was out of consideration for you.
If he had wanted
to walk right out the front,
he's a man with
the ability to easily do so.
You can't exactly pretend you didn't see
an inmate walk out the gate.
If you did, you guys would lose face.
That's why he escaped.
Your sentence will be far lighter
for not noticing rather than ignoring it.
He was being considerate.
Accept it with gratitude.
what should I do with this?
You can't use it here,
nor in America proper.
I see.
There's only one place
in the world you can use it.
It's an invitation.
"Come to the island
if you want to use it," huh?
Are you going to go?
Maybe not today.
Where were you, boss?
It doesn't take a month to use the toilet!
Your ax was still in the tree!
Yo, I'm back.
One month ago
He's apparently the strongest in America.
His arm is 70 cm thick! About this much?
Could you beat him, boss?
Maybe I'll give it try.
Expected nothing less.
Mr. President!
You went to America?
So what was Biscuit Oliva like?
He was strong.
Did you win?
This guy had a kid again!
Twins at that!
What, twins?
Wait, didn't you have
How many is this?
You have too many!
Speaking of which, old lady Sara's pig!
That's right! It's constipated.
Oh, same as last month?
Yeah, what is he feeding it?
Roll call!
Don't dawdle, you slugs!
Hurry up and line up!
Room one, report!
Room one, present!
Room two, present!
Room three, present!
Room four, present!
There's no need to tell you again
that you're all human scum!
You have absolutely no freedom.
You're only allowed to breathe!
Curse yourselves for having to wake up
at a place like this!
- Excuse me.
- Huh?
What is it boy? You need to pee-pee?
Can I step outside?
I want to get some air,
just for four to five minutes.
See you when you get back!
Go, boy!
Breathe in plenty of outside air!
And then just leave!
It's an escape!
He's just gonna walk out the front?
you won't be breathing in outside air.
Go back peacefully, Baki Hanma.
You made quite the effort.
Will you tell me the reason
behind your reckless action?
Well, I thought maybe I'll also become
And what's your conclusion at this point?
I can do it.
I think.
Subtitle translation by: Harry Darkins
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