Baki Hanma (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Can't you laugh?

Zero Block. This is A-Block. Over.
This is Zero Block. A-Block. Over.
I now have visual confirmation
of Baki Hanma. Over.
Roger. Report in detail. Over.
Currently, the shooting squad
has apprehended Baki Hanma.
It looks like the warden
is lecturing him. Over.
That'll likely be a long lecture.
Be patient and keep monitoring
the situation. Over.
Roger that.
Will patiently keep monitoring. Over.
Good luck. Over and out.
You're acting pretty tough.
Even in this dismal situation,
you claim you can be like Unchained,
unbound by anyone.
Would I be correct to assume that
you believe you can escape this situation?
Of course.
How exciting.
The shooting squad has now
surrounded Baki Hanma. Over.
How kind of them. Over.
Even now?
I would love to hear
what leads you to believe that.
Then, could you please show me
how you'd escape?
I'm already doing it.
I broke them earlier.
When you entered my space.
With this.
And, it wasn't just you.
The six shooters here.
I've taken each of their second buttons.
In other words, here.
I took the buttons
from the weakest point on the torso.
It's taking forever.
Your plan ended in failure,
the moment you surrounded me.
Your arrogance, bolstered by your guns,
led you to enter too close into my space.
Even now,
if someone here pulls their trigger,
and they don't precisely hit my cerebellum
which controls my motor nerves,
I will definitely make a move.
Of course, in that case,
I'll be taking much more than buttons.
Maybe I'll crush the groin with a kick,
or gouge the throat,
or pierce the philtrum.
In any case, at least two
out of the six will certainly die.
Plus, not one of them here knows
the location of the cerebellum.
What are you thinking?
A shot in the head or the heart
and you'll die on the spot.
It's common sense.
It's time to stop listening
to this child's nonsense.
Shoot him in the knee
and teach him a lesson.
They can't do it.
Too bad, Warden.
They understand.
They understand the fact
that they're actually the hostages.
Warden, I hate to be a bother, but would
you put your arm around my shoulders?
So that it comes across
as friendly to anyone watching.
Like you would to your best friend.
A sight, the first in history,
of gun-wielding hostages
taken by a barehanded criminal.
Oh my.
Now we see the warden's whimsy.
What's going on, A-Block?
Everyone's going on a friendly picnic.
Oh, I get it.
Nice of the Warden.
At the whimsical warden's direction,
the remaining two doors
opened without hesitation.
Baki was clearly Unchained.
Game over.
Inmate Baki Hanma returns.
Put the cuffs on.
Are you insulting us?
I just wanted to see
if I could get out or not.
I see.
So, you've succeeded
in becoming Unchained?
Won't you congratulate me?
Given my position, I can't do that.
Doors opening!
Did you abandon your escape?
Less of an escape, more of an outing?
Like I care!
He's angry!
Oliva never gets upset.
Going on a walk wasn't my goal.
What was your goal, then?
Mr. Oliva.
Does my freedom bother you?
You think you're on my level, kid?
Going outside when I please,
without using weapons.
And, coming back when I'm finished.
How are you and I any different?
Take off his cuffs.
I was only going to tell you
if he didn't come back from his outing.
In Japan there's the saying:
"to cauterize the skin with moxa."
Resist all you want, kid.
No need to take them off.
You just had a flashy fight
with Mr. Guevaru two days ago,
and although you're still a bit beat up,
you think,
"My opponent's a kid. No problem."
You don't know who you're dealing with!
I'll let it slide for today.
Grab some food, and try again!
What a thing to say to Mr. Unchained!
"Grab some food, and try again!"
I get it.
You're right.
I haven't eaten breakfast today.
Call it forgetful.
That was some good advice!
Must be tough being an adult.
As the original Mr. Unchained,
responding to the challenges
of a new Unchained
would be beneath your dignity.
So you hold in your flaring anger
to assert your dignity.
That's more or less it, isn't it?
No adult wants to dance
to some brat's tune.
What's wrong, young Baki?
All I said was
that I forgot to eat breakfast.
All this talk of the original
and the new Unchained,
you're not yourself today, little Baki.
It doesn't matter now.
I don't care if you are free or unfree.
I just wanted to show to the old man
who mistakenly thinks
he's the most free in the world
that if I wanted to,
even I could leave a prison, too.
I don't really feel like I'm not free now.
I don't even need to go out.
Let's go back in, Warden.
It's just so stupid.
Not feeling free unless
you're the most free person in the world.
How unfree.
Poor thing.
Um, uh Mister.
I'll just put this in the garage.
Uh, the bike.
Yeah, I'll do it.
Uh, okay.
I was just thinking of trading it in.
Get me a brand new one.
Every day.
Every day.
Whatever happens, every day
I go to Maria.
I might be called
the strongest man in America,
or the most selfish man in America.
But, this daily duty
this ritual, is actually my only respite.
Three minutes before the appointed time.
It's been over ten years since we met.
And yet, I'm giddy,
as if it were the first day we met.
Attentive, as if it were the last day
we might ever have together.
There you are!
You're late.
Forgive me, honey.
I was so worried about being on time,
I neglected to consider your feelings.
I was careless.
I'm so sorry!
Oh, I see!
You want to beat me
at rock-paper-scissors.
Hurry up.
You know I'm competitive
when it comes to contests.
I'm the strongest in America,
even in rock-paper-scissors.
Just hurry up!
Here it comes!
Ah, darn it! I lost!
I couldn't decide between rock or paper.
Right, this time for sure!
Ah, I lost again!
I should have done paper!
Argh, I did rock!
To lose three in a row!
I thought for sure that paper was coming.
No matter how many times we do it
I shouldn't have done scissors!
the winner is whoever we say it is.
It's the most ambiguous game in the world.
I couldn't even win once tonight.
But, next time I won't let you win.
The winner is whoever we say it is.
The most gentle game in the world.
Solitary confinement.
Known as the Black Door.
In a sense, it is where the lucky ones,
who were captured instead of shot,
are held.
That being said
Boss! Boss!
My shoulder! My arm's about to fall off!
Please! Please take off the finger-cuffs!
Please! I won't run away!
Boss! Boss!
Water! Just a cup of water!
How long will this last?
I'll never do it again!
You seem to be doing well.
And you?
Baki. Reality is harsh.
No matter how much
you laugh at my lack of freedom,
or how loudly you profess your comfort,
this is reality.
I'm going to eat now.
A luxurious 100,000-kilocalorie meal.
I have such an appetite.
It must be tough on the cook.
World-class wine as my apéritif.
For dessert, cognac in a musk melon.
For a digestif,
the very best sherry, and a cigar.
After I eat, I may go for a walk.
Or, take a nap on my king-size bed.
You should chew on that.
The difference in our situations.
Arizona State Prison.
This is my kingdom.
Oliva, I can vow this.
In the very near future,
you will grovel before me.
Begging me to fight you.
Begging me to accept your challenge.
Oh man, too funny.
It's such a good time with you.
Hey, think about it.
You, the most elite person here,
just pissed on a person
who can't even move.
That's how different
our situations are right now.
But look at you.
You aren't laughing at all!
Aren't you gonna laugh, Unchained?
Or can't you laugh, Unchained?
Mister, please look at this.
Something I found.
1985 Lomanée-Conte Magnum.
From the very best of years,
this one bottle
is as expensive as a luxury car.
Goodness gracious me!
As expected.
It's good, is it not?
An immaculate Pinot-Noir.
A magnificent fruit flavor.
and an earthy scent from a rich soil.
And, the herbs.
A slight nuance of tobacco.
Though I only had but a sip,
it's like a 100-piece orchestra.
Despite a complex blending
of a myriad of flavors,
None of them are too ostentatious,
and each remain distinct.
The perfect balance.
what about this liquid of fermented grapes
makes it worth 10,000 times the cost
an affordable ten-dollar wine?
Um, Mister?
The deliciousness is
at most 11 or 12 times.
The pleasure is at most 14 or 15 times.
Call the Warden.
Sorry, Baki.
I wanted to get you some ice, but
It's delicious.
Subtitle translation by: Harry Darkins
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