Baki Hanma (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

Beyond the Brawn

What the hell is this?
Th-This is
a sphere!
Of course we were surprised.
He was completely round.
A human had turned himself into a ball!
Like that animal, you know? The armadillo?
Like that. Exactly like that.
Being in this line of work,
I learned martial arts as well.
So that technique?
I understand how incredible it is.
Martial arts techniques
often use the joints.
In other words, the corners of the body.
The human body is full of corners.
But if it's like this?
Baki was shocked.
It was obvious from his expression.
I mean, once he did that, the 0.5 seconds
of unconsciousness was meaningless.
But he is the son of the devil.
He did a jump back kick.
It was impressive.
That's the strongest kick move.
he was repelled!
He himself was taken aback
by the unexpected feeling,
but it rang a bell for me.
It was back when
I helped serve Mister his meal.
Mister had emptied several bottles of wine
and was in a good mood.
That's when he showed us
something interesting.
Incredibly, his flexed biceps began
to move until it reached his shoulder,
passed behind his head,
to his arm on the other side.
By flexing his muscles in order,
he gave a performance that made it
seem as if the bicep was moving.
I suppose you can call it muscle control.
Mister can make it happen
in several areas simultaneously.
In other words,
he can flex any part of his body.
Baki was likely repelled
due to that ability.
The force of Baki's strike
was repelled by an inner counter force.
That's why he doesn't roll.
I just remembered.
Now that I think about it,
the same thing happened before.
Kureha Shinogi.
He did the same thing.
You have such a difference
in muscle mass, I didn't notice.
But it was the same.
Probably the same way to break it too.
Try it.
Go ahead and try
the move that saved you then.
You're well-informed.
Well, there doesn't seem to be another way
and I was gonna do it anyway!
In my days at the Academy,
a 60 kg teacher showed us the miracle.
We prepared a bowling bowl as a joke,
but he destroyed it in one strike.
According to him,
dozens of joints are put into motion
in a chop movement.
Meaning there are dozens of cushions
or shock absorbers.
This cushion is the greatest obstacle
to the force of a strike.
But if you could make that cushion
completely rigid,
a person could become an iron ball.
My weight is 60 kg,
so I can become a 60 kg iron ball.
It's only natural the bowling bowl
would break.
it wouldn't work as well
against a moving human.
I am still in stages of trying
to master it.
The sound
How can that be the sound
of a person hitting a person?
We watched with bated breath.
Five seconds, ten seconds
No, maybe it was three seconds.
Then it happened.
The battle was full of unbelievable moves,
but still but still,
that scene made my heart drop.
He swallowed a person whole.
Like Pac-Man?
What the hell is going on in there?
It's beyond our imagination,
but this was also part of it.
Even this is part of the fight.
I recalled my childhood.
The dragonfly I had just caught,
full of vitality.
I didn't have an insect cage,
so I gently palmed it,
trying not to hurt it.
I hurried home to my house
a few blocks ahead.
The dragonfly I released onto my desk
was so weakened,
it was like a different dragonfly.
I had carried it so gently too.
I learned a painful lesson in exchange
for the precious treasure.
The act of trapping a living being,
will cause it stress
and impact its vitality.
In Baki's case, he was gripped
in Oliva's full-strength vise.
I can braise you, grill you, trample you
I can do whatever I want with you now.
If this was a match in the ring with rules
it would've been a one-round win for me.
But unfortunately,
this place isn't as gentle as in the ring.
We have no referee nor any rules
to help prevent danger.
Then who will declare this fight as over?
Baki, it has to come from your mouth.
"Please forgive me, spare me."
You have to say it.
I guess so,
but how can we end it now?
We've passed the point of no return.
How could rules and referees decide
how to end a fight
with an opponent I hate this much?
Either one of us has to die,
or admit their loss.
There's no other way.
In that case, Oliva,
you clearly showed your weakness just now.
Your words earlier
You want me to admit defeat.
Even though I can't move right now,
you're definitely closer to losing.
The ball is shrinking!
Do you take me for a fool?
Using the same move twice
on a first-class fighter?
You damn brat.
"You'll pay for this"?
You'll pay for this!
What more could we do to each other?
Enough already.
I'm done playing "my secret weapon."
What's the point in winning
using cheap tricks?
You think you can win with cheap tricks?
It'd be a waste.
That's not how you win
against Biscuit Oliva,
the strongest man in America.
Let's just beat each other up.
I didn't understand
what he was saying either.
The two of them were already
fighting each other.
Face to face.
Standing our ground like real men.
I think Oliva had no choice but to laugh.
After all,
a kid 100 kg lighter than himself,
told him to "fight like a man."
Damn kid!
Then in that moment
Don't do it!
It was none other than
the former heavy weight champion,
Iron Michael, himself.
You're gonna get killed, Baki!
He'd been in one the rooms
Oliva had broken through.
In cases like this,
we're allowed to shoot without warning,
You're not thinking about weight class!
Think about why boxing
has 17 weight classes!
What he was saying made so much sense,
we couldn't help but listen.
A middleweight like you
facing Mister is suicide!
Even I wouldn't face Mister! I couldn't!
I got it, Michael.
I understand.
That means it's totally worth trying!
No one
can stop them anymore.
Neither Michael,
nor the rules.
Most likely
This is the greatest fist fight
since this planet came into existence.
The end
must be near.
What was the fight like?
Well, I'm really sorry, but I don't know.
"Why," you ask?
None of the three of us could see.
It was too fast.
I heard later that around the same time,
vultures lined along the outer wall.
There's one thing I do know.
I'm going to beat Oliva.
using brains.
neither sound right.
That's not what it means to win.
To beat Oliva,
who's 100 kg heavier than me,
I have to do it with power.
Head on.
Only head on.
I won't run.
I'm going to force him
straight back!
Straight into that wall beyond
and beyond that wall.
No one said anything,
but we had all taken our caps off.
They do exist, don't they? Men like that.
They do happen, don't they?
Fights like that.
Noble, sublime,
and sacred.
The kind
that makes you want to kneel down.
This boy who is not even half my size,
is now driving me back.
No! He's not just driving me back.
A boy 100 kg lighter than me
is driving me driving America
It was a symbolic scene.
When I came to and raised my head
no one was in front of me anymore.
Contact the infirmary! Hurry!
Yes, sir.
You walked all the way here?
You lost to that boy, didn't you?
- Let's go back.
- Huh?
I can't walk anymore.
Coming here was the best I could do.
Are you going to make that boy carry me?
Of course not.
I won't give that right to anyone.
Call the director.
I have something to announce
to all the prisoners.
You're all sharp-eared gentlemen,
I'm certain you've already heard
the rumors.
The rumors are true.
I lost to Baki Hanma.
I am no longer the strongest here
in Arizona State Prison.
I can't stand for that.
So what should I do? It's simple.
This guy just needs to disappear.
Chief, take care of it, will you?
Baki Hanma is discharged as of today.
Today may not be possible
The paperwork can be done later.
Uh, well, that's
Better than 4,000 prisoners escaping,
It was surprising.
It was really surprising
how easily I was discharged.
All I asked for was one bicycle
and some food and water.
And a little bit of cash.
On the other hand, Mr. Unchained
Biscuit Oliva forced a condition on me.
A helicopter to the airport
to guard me from above!
It's so noisy!
So he beat Unchained with force, huh?
He's grown beyond your expectations,
hasn't he?
You laughed,
but the idea Baki racked his brain
to come up with
his imaginary fight against
the praying mantis as his enemy
I see it as an impressive counterattack
against you who dared
to kill the giant African Elephant.
I should add, "finally."
He overpowered the strongest in America
no, the world,
"Unchained" Oliva.
He was a monster even you acknowledged.
Say, Ogre.
Baki may be your greatest threat
on Earth now.
You talk too much, Strydum.
S-Sorry. I'll change the subject.
In any case, what's surprising,
is the fact that even if
these stuffed creatures were to be alive,
they would never be able to beat you.
Take this for example, Ogre,
could Baki currently beat this guy?
He probably wouldn't do it,
but if he did, it'd be easy.
Oh, yeah? Let's see
How about this one?
He'd struggle.
He wouldn't escape harmless,
but I'd say it'd take
less than 30 minutes.
T-Then how about
Enough already!
You're not some kid at the toy store.
Or do you want me to shut you up?
S-Sorry about that.
Don't take it personally.
I got it. I won't ask anymore questions.
Never again.
It's just that you and your son
are about to have
the world's greatest quarrel.
And it's likely you are about
to fight your strongest enemy
in your lifetime.
Don't mock my curiosity.
The strongest enemy in my lifetime, huh?
Here's to filial piety.
- Oh, um
- Hm?
Could you beat this one?
You bastard
So, could you?
Could you?
United States of America.
Somewhere in the state of Colorado.
The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.
701 meters underground,
a rock salt layer 1,000 meters thick.
A wall of clear salt formed
190 million years ago.
The excavators stood still,
unable to believe
what was in front their eyes.
"This wasn't in the textbooks!"
Subtitle translation by: Harry Darkins
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