Baki Hanma (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

New History of Mankind

[dramatic theme music playing]
[female vocalizing]
[music turns rock with male singer]
[female singing]
[music ends]
[Baki grunts]
[inhales deeply, sighs]
Sorry to keep you waiting, Captain.
So, you want me to meet someone, huh?
Must be real special. Who is it?
[inhales deeply]
[exhales slowly]
You've never met anyone like this before.
[chuckles softly]
They've all been like that.
Every one of 'em.
Besides, I like meeting new people.
Answer me this.
What's the most powerful animal
that's ever lived?
What, are you serious?
You mean besides my dad, right?
A lion? A tiger? A bear?
Not the most powerful alive today,
the most powerful ever.
Huh? Look, man,
I don't know what you're getting
Answer the question.
Saber-toothed tiger? Woolly mammoth? Jeez.
A dinosaur.
And what's the most powerful dinosaur?
- Captain, come on.
- Will you just answer the question?
Well, a T. rex,
Tyrannosaurus Rex, of course.
Normally, I'd just skip
to the funnies, but
[dramatic music sting]
Who the
You thought
a T. rex was the most powerful?
Well, this man is more powerful
than a T. rex.
[workers whimpering, gasping]
[worker 1] That's a dinosaur, right?
[worker 2] That's a T. rex!
The dynamite must have uncovered it.
I know the salt in this place
is a good preservative,
but look at that thing, it's perfect!
[worker 1] And that's definitely a human.
[worker 3] Yeah, no doubt about that.
- [worker 1] But how do you explain it?
- [worker 2] Does that even matter?
It is what it is.
[worker 1] But did humans even exist
in that era?
[worker 2] Does that even matter?
[worker 4] Obviously,
at least one of them did.
[worker 1] It almost looks like
he was attacking the T. rex.
[worker 3] Yeah.
But considering the size of the thing,
I really doubt it.
It's more likely we're seeing
his reaction to being attacked.
Still, he's not someone I would've wanted
to bump into in a dark alley.
So, what do we do?
This is, like, a big discovery.
[worker 3] Better call it in
to headquarters.
[machines whirring gently]
[man 1] I truly appreciate you bringing me
this extraordinary find.
To be honest,
I'm practically tingling with excitement.
My pleasure, sir.
We didn't quite know what to make of it,
but we knew it was unusual.
To say the least. We've always thought
that humans first appeared
no more than seven million years ago.
To now have to push that back
to the Jurassic period!
It goes without saying,
this must be kept secret.
It will wreak havoc
on all our current thinking.
The impact would be too great
if it were revealed all at once.
We must release the data carefully
and gradually to the public.
We're gonna revive him, right?
[man 1] Don't be ridiculous, Allen!
It's not as simple as giving someone
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
beside a pool.
But would such a thing even be possible?
In the year 2000, in New Mexico,
Professor Russell Breland discovered
tiny drops of water
in a piece
of 250-million-year-old rock salt.
Once he'd extracted it,
he found that it was seawater
from 250 million years ago.
And what's more,
there were microorganisms from that period
carefully preserved in it.
He placed them
in a controlled environment,
with the ideal combination of nutrition,
stimulation and temperature.
And after 120 days,
every one of those microorganisms
had been revived.
They'd been alive, all that time?
I wouldn't describe them
as having been “alive.”
At the same time,
they weren't really dead either.
They were waiting.
Waiting 250 million years
for the ideal living conditions
to reappear.
- [whimpers]
- [man 1] It was the salt.
The salt in that 1,000-meter thick
rock salt layer had preserved them.
Pickled them, in a way.
It protected them
from the inescapable forces of time.
So it's possible, theoretically at least,
that we can bring Pickle here
back to life.
- [man 1] Allen!
- Uh!
Restoring this life is the domain of God.
We must proceed with respect.
I totally get what you're saying.
An amoeba's as different from a man
as a bike is from a space shuttle.
Yes, that's a fairly apt comparison.
How do we bridge
the scientific gap between them?
By simply using this and this.
After all, a bicycle and a space shuttle
are both just modes of transportation.
Day 91 of Professor Payne's
Pickle revival project.
A massive array of monitors
has been attached to Pickle's body,
ready to measure any physiological
and neurological activity.
And since Pickle lived
during the Jurassic period,
the temperature in the lab
has been adjusted accordingly.
It's hot.
Pickle has been immersed in a solution
that almost exactly replicates
his bodily fluids.
And this device perfectly mimics
the cycle of the tides
and the tempo
that is the mother of all life.
But despite all these efforts,
Pickle has not awakened.
[exhales deeply]
The experiment is a failure.
What I'd really like
Is a nice juicy steak.
I'll be the first human ever,
maybe the first living thing ever!
[buttons beeping]
[electronic whirring]
[Allen] Definitely the first modern man
to eat a T.rex!
[Payne] It's impossible.
This muscle tissue from the T. rex
is identical
to the tissue sample found
in the contents of Pickle's stomach.
This can mean only one thing.
The T. rex wasn't preying on him.
He was preying on it!
That thing weighs over ten tons,
so a couple hundred grams,
who's gonna notice?
[sizzling continues in background]
[machines whirring softly]
[water lapping gently]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Allen] A Tyrannosaurus steak!
Hm, tastes like beef,
or lamb, or that whale I had in Japan.
Anyway, it's a little tough,
but it's actually pretty good.
And perfectly cooked.
[Pickle groaning]
[narrator] Waking from his sleep
of 200 million years,
the man sat stunned and bewildered.
The things he saw
were Incomprehensible to him.
A wall of lights.
Straight lines running vertically
and horizontally.
Transparent objects.
None of these things had even existed
when he was last awake,
seemingly just a short time before.
[water sloshing]
[dramatic music playing]
[Pickle growling softly]
[heavy footsteps squelching]
[narrator] Surrounded
by all these mysteries,
there was one thing
that was familiar to him.
A smell.
Yes, this was something he recognized.
And it was coming
from somewhere down there.
[footsteps clacking]
[Allen sniffs]
[narrator] In emergencies,
humans don't think.
Or rather, they experience
a jumble of thoughts
rushing by in no specific order.
[Allen] Pickle! He's a giant!
What woke him up? We had tried everything!
He knows I stole part of the T. rex!
Oh man, he looks mad!
This box-cutter's all I've got!
That won't stop him!
Who am I kidding? Nothing will stop him!
Wait a second!
There's a gun in that drawer!
A gun'd stop him, wouldn't it?
No, I don't think it would!
I wouldn't stand a chance!
He'd kill me as soon as he saw it!
Wait, but he doesn't know what a gun is!
He won't care, he'll kill me anyway!
- [Pickle groaning]
- [Allen] No way!
He's eating the whole thing at once?
And he didn't even chew!
- [Pickle grunts]
- [Allen] Oh no! He's looking at me.
Now he thinks I'm an enemy!
[Pickle sniffing]
[Allen] He thinks I'm food!
Huh? W where's he going?
Oh. I guess he doesn't think I'm food.
I must not smell good to him.
Oh, thank goodness!
Kind of insulting though.
But just in case. Just in case
As a representative of civilized humanity,
I'm gonna make one thing clear
to this guy.
Wait. What's he doing anyway?
Is he looking for something?
[growls softly]
[Allen gasps] Oh no!
He's looking at me again!
[Allen shrieks] He's growling!
That can't be good
[Allen whimpering]
Whoa! Wait a minute now.
Let's not be hasty!
Look, maybe I can help.
Why don't you tell me what you want?
Stay back! Don't you come one step closer!
Stop! Pickle, stop! This is a gun, okay?
Do you know what that is?
No of course he doesn't!
What do I do, shoot him?
Do I shoot him?!
- [Pickle growling]
- I'll shoot at his feet! It'll scare him!
- [bullet clattering]
- [Pickle growling]
- [Allen gasps]
- [dramatic music sting]
- [gunshot echoes]
- [bullets clattering]
[narrator] The gun, a lethal product
of modern civilization,
was fired three times into his bare flesh.
It it's your fault! You made me do it!
[narrator] But even 9mm bullets
were unable to penetrate
the abdominal muscles
of the Jurassic warrior
now known as Pickle.
Of all the startling things
Allen had seen tonight,
this was the most startling of all.
[Pickle yelling]
[trembling muttering]
[soft groaning]
[pained screaming]
[ferocious snarling]
[Allen whimpering] This is insane!
I'm here all alone in the lab
in the middle of the night
with this thing!
It's like a sci-fi horror movie!!
- [gunshots echoing]
- [Pickle groaning]
[Allen] It's over.
My life is over.
- [Pickle growls softly]
- [Allen yelps]
- [Pickle snarls]
- [Allen gasps softly]
- [terrified yelping]
- [ferocious snarling]
[Allen] Wait, is he trying to communicate?
[Allen] Yes, that's it.
It's a demand.
He wants something.
He wants me to do something.
Well, okay.
At least I know he's not going to kill
[Allen yelps]
[groans loudly]
[Pickle growls]
[strained gasping]
[Allen] Uh, I keep forgetting
this is a a savage beast
I'm dealing with.
I was only having some fun
with that steak,
but I could've been killed!
At any rate, I've gotta get there.
[gurgles] I'll be safe in here.
What is it?
Five-three-two No! Five-three-one.
Too late!
- This really is the end.
- [growling]
[growling stops suddenly]
[dramatic music playing]
[pained grunting[
[groaning deeply]
[Allen] What is he doing?
[snarling loudly]
[Allen] Wait a second.
Did I
Did I just trap him?
[sirens wailing]
You locked who in where?
I was as surprised as you are, Professor.
But believe me, it's all true.
Pickle has been brought back to life,
and he's now been safely confined
in the freezing unit.
So you're the one who made the call
that brought this ridiculous mob here.
[Allen] Yes, I felt I should.
[Payne] Do you really think
you needed this many?
[Allen] You'll understand
once you see him.
[Payne] Understand what?
[Allen] That five police cars
is hardly an overreaction.
[Payne] You are such a fool.
I'm sorry, sir.
But when it comes to understanding Pickle,
I've had a bit more experience
than you have.
Professor, bullets bounce off his body.
And what's more, he threw them back at me
even faster than I shot 'em.
I'm telling you, this guy could be
pitching in the major leagues!
Five police cars might not even be enough.
We'll just have to deal
with the consequences now.
We're good to go.
We checked floor plans.
We found the location
of that freezer unit.
We're gonna storm it now.
But depending how it goes,
we might not be able to take him alive.
[Allen] Huh? Wait, you're not serious?
[Payne] You'll never succeed.
- You are?
- Albert Payne.
Hmm? Well, well. This is an honor.
I wasn't expecting to find
a Nobel laureate out here.
My name's
[Payne] Let's save
the introductions for later.
I say this for your own good.
You need to request that the army
be sent here immediately.
Not that I want to argue
with a Nobel Prize winner,
but it's my understanding
we're dealing with one man.
Now, the guy may have
the strength and stamina of a beast,
but we're still only talking
about one guy.
So unless he's King Kong,
I think we'll be able to handle it.
As a matter of fact,
I was just trying to think
of the best way to describe him.
King Kong, you say?
Yes, that's about
as suitable an analogy as any.
[all gasp]
[rubble clattering]
- [man 1 gasps]
- [man 2] You see that?
[astonished muttering]
[tense suspenseful music playing]
[growling softly]
Tell 'em we're gonna need more backup.
Send 20 men.
Better yet, make it 30.
[angry yelling, growling]
[terrified gasping]
[panicked grunting]
[ferocious snarling]
Call the army and get 'em out here!
And fast!
He's become enraged.
His source of food,
his sense of pride,
his very reason for living
He's become enraged
because his rival
has been stolen from him!
[officers crying out]
[narrator] To secure
the army's assistance,
the police sent word
that an armed terrorist had infiltrated
a nuclear waste isolation plant.
Troops were quickly on the way.
The army was, in fact,
quite happy to be deployed
because the mission provided
the perfect opportunity
to test out a new, top-secret weapon
that was in development.
[man] Your false report of a terrorist
running around in a nuclear site
was reckless and irresponsible.
Still, having seen the situation here,
I've gotta say,
it does almost look
like a suicide bomber's been here.
But even if he is King Kong,
he's on his own and has no weapon.
Why haven't you just shot the guy?
Yes, that would be simplest.
But the simplest option
isn't always the wisest.
There's no time to explain,
but trust me when I say
that that man is a living treasure.
A treasure precious to all humanity.
That naked savage squatting on the ground
is more important
to the future of the human race
than any world leader.
I understand that you're kind of
a living treasure yourself, Professor.
Okay, since you're the Nobel Prize winner,
we'll play by your rules.
We'll capture the target
without harming him.
This weapon won't officially
be deployed until next year.
We call it he MPBM,
the Multi-Purpose Battle Machine.
For the last two and half years,
the operators have been
virtually living in it,
using it for all their daily activities.
The result is, they can now do
absolutely anything with it.
They can subdue a pride of lions,
destroy tanks,
even knit a sweater.
[mechanical whirring]
[thundering clunky footsteps]
What's he doing?
Why's he keep sitting
in one spot without moving?
He's defending something.
Like what?
My theory
Is what?
- That he's
- He's what?!
That he's defending his era.
[Army Major] Huh? His era?
His era?
[Payne] Yes, I think
he's defending his era.
[Army Major] From what?
[mechanical whirring]
[Payne] From our era.
[dramatic music playing]
[Pickle grunting]
[Pickle yelling loudly]
[operator] He broke through
with one punch! You gotta be kidding me!
Look at that neck!
This thing's gonna kill me!
To hell with taking him alive!
[Pickle growling]
[disconcerted growling]
[operator screaming]
[screaming continues]
[astonished gasping]
[terrified gasping]
[soldiers yelping]
[Strydum] I wouldn't
have believed it possible.
This savage is holding off the whole army?
And not just the army,
but the most powerful army in the world,
the armed forces of the United States?
A single man is holding us off?
When we've deployed the latest tanks?
The latest attack helicopters?
The best-armed troops?
Captain, we're coming in sight.
[Strydum] Totally unacceptable.
[door opens]
- I'll be back in a minute.
- [soldier] But, sir!
[narrator] The soldier felt
a deep sense of shame
as he walked
through the scene of devastation.
He saw that modern weapons
were feeble things
when faced with one powerful individual.
Though a soldier
well versed in modern weaponry,
he was still a man.
And as a man,
he felt growing deep within him
a feeling even stronger than respect.
[grunts curiously]
[narrator] For the first time
since he had reawakened,
Pickle saw eyes that weren't
looking on him as an enemy.
[Strydum] I want to know your story.
[narrator] He couldn't understand
the words, of course.
But even so,
it was still possible to communicate.
Come on.
I'm going to take you to a place
where there are others just like you.
[growls softly]
[Strydum] It's called Japan.
[narrator] Yes,
Pickle is headed for Japan.
[rock music playing]
[dramatic theme music playing]
[theme music fades out]
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