Baki Hanma (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Completely Surrounded

[dramatic theme music playing]
[Japanese rock music]
[man] Folks,
inside the large military aircraft
that you see here
on the tarmac at Haneda Airport,
is the thing
that's been causing such a stir
both here and in the US.
We're told it's a primitive human!
Is that right, Professor?
Yes, in layman's terms.
[chuckles obnoxiously]
[news anchor] Scientists have been saying
he comes from the Jurassic period.
[professor] Yes, so they have.
[news anchor] And there he is!
Our crew is live, inside the terminal,
where the primitive man has just arrived,
escorted by armed guards!
There, we're getting
a good first look at him!
- That's him.
- Whoa.
[news anchor] We were warned he was large,
but in fact he's enormous!
At least six and a half feet tall,
and wearing quite an imposing glare!
It looks to me
like he's sizing everybody up.
This guy's on his guard.
Holy crap.
He looks strong. Really strong.
He seems not just primitive but savage!
A very intimidating fellow,
wouldn't you say?
And here's our reporter!
Is it possible for you to get a word
with the primitive man himself?
[giggles] Yes, I'll go over to him now!
Excuse me, just one question!
- Stop! No interviews!
- [growls softly]
- [Pickle growling softly]
- [gasps, shrieking]
- [wailing]
- [shocked gasping]
[concerned muttering]
- Oh shit!
- Uh
- [clothes tearing]
- [reporter shrieking[
[angry yelling]
[clothes tearing]
[reporter whimpering]
- [narrator] It was a horrifying event.
- [Baki breathing unsteadily]
[tense music playing]
[shocked gasping, confused muttering]
[narrator] The primitive man's sudden
and overtly sexual attack
on the defenseless reporter
was so savage, so shocking
no one could truly process
what they were seeing!
Cut! Get off the air!
[narrator] Some struggled
to exert some control over the situation,
while others merely stared in disbelief!
And while everyone reacted
in their own way to the terrible event,
all eyes, and indeed all cameras,
were focused on just one thing.
Ine big question:
Where would the aim
of his appetite point next?
Would he penetrate further
into the throng of people?
With everyone watching
and all of Japan breathlessly waiting
[shocked muttering]
[snoring softly]
the primitive man went to sleep.
This is what most likely
happened to the dinosaurs.
For 100 million years,
from the Jurassic
to the Cretaceous periods,
dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
But their time came to a sudden end
when a giant meteor struck the Earth.
I think everyone is familiar
with the abbreviated version
of the story this far.
But when the giant meteor
collided with the Earth,
what exactly happened then?
An enormous dust cloud billowed up
into the atmosphere,
shutting out the sun's heat.
Without its warmth,
the surface of the Earth
was instantly plunged
to the same freezing temperature as space,
-454 degrees Fahrenheit.
Every living thing on Earth
was turned to ice.
Even creatures in the very midst
of furious battles
were frozen in mid-action.
The meteor's impact even shifted
the plates of the Earth's crust.
As a result,
the usually stable salt-rock stratum
preserved one particular battle
between a dinosaur
and a primitive, Jurassic man.
When they were recently discovered,
preserved in salt,
the dinosaur was too badly damaged
to be revived.
But the other, the Jurassic male,
amazingly remained whole.
And now, as for the unfortunate incident
at Haneda Airport,
I feel nothing but regret
for the female reporter who he victimized.
But you have to understand,
this man has come
from 200 million years ago!
The Earth was
a completely different world back then.
And the rules we have for society?
All our values and morals
don't mean a thing him!
[angry jeering]
I'm live here outside the US military base
where a large crowd
of angry citizens has assembled.
As you can hear,
they're protesting the US military's
refusal to release a comment
about the horrific rape
of a popular news reporter
by the primitive man they're holding.
They haven't indicated whether or not
he'll be charged with a crime.
Without an answer, it seems likely
that the anger of those demonstrators
is only going to increase.
[Yujiro] I know you have Pickle in there.
I'm comin' in.
[crowd jeering]
Hold it right there!
[8grunts softly]
Can you believe it took them
over a month to build this thing?
I mean, seriously?
A tire swing? A magazine rack? A Koi pond?
And a plastic dinosaur.
This entire set up seems
pretty sloppy and half-baked to me.
I wonder if he even enjoys any of it.
[guard 1] Shut up, there are cameras
and microphones everywhere.
[guard 2 groans]
[Retsu] I feel like I'm sneaking
into a woman's bedroom!
What is the matter with me?
How did I get in this so deep?
I've been drawn to that mysterious savage
ever since I saw the TV broadcast,
from the moment I laid my eyes on him.
[footsteps approach]
Guard! Comin' this way!
- [gasps]
- [tense music plays]
[shuddering breathing]
[relieved sigh]
[Retsu]For the time being,
I can sneak around just like this!
[pained groaning]
Tried to tell ya.
Stand back people, 'cause these three guys
are about to rock and roll!
[soldiers whimpering]
Then I felt this heat,
like an overheating engine,
radiating from him!
[soldier groans]
[Tamotsu] And then suddenly,
two of the soldiers started
punching each other, for no reason!
While the guy in black
just stood there and watched!
The third soldier
didn't even try to stop them.
In fact, he started punching himself,
right in the face!
[soldier grunting]
[Tamotsu] And the man in black
just watched it happen!
After a while, he walked up to the gate,
but the guards
kept on punching each other!
He didn't do or say anything
to egg them on either.
It was like his presence
had released this terrible fury
from somewhere deep inside them!
Like they were trying to gain his approval
by taking and dishing out
this terrible punishment!
[painted grunting]
[Tamotsu] Even after their faces
got all bloody and swollen,
even after they knocked
each other's teeth out,
they just kept going!
[pained grunting, groaning]
- [Tamotsu] Until, finally
- [Yujiro] Enough!
[Tamotsu] It was like they'd heard
an order from their commander-in-chief!
They stopped fighting instantly!
And then the man in black
said something very strange.
You three men made the correct decision.
Even if one of you had run away
instead of standing and fighting,
I would've slaughtered all three of you
right then and there.
And if you had tried to attack me,
your fate would have been the same.
Instead, as a last resort,
you all began to fight against each other!
Even to the point of damaging yourselves!
That was best.
That was the right thing to do.
[soldiers gasping]
You're all forgiven.
[Tamotsu] I'll never forget
those guards' expressions
when he said that.
It was like they were relieved!
I mean, you could tell
they were practically thankful,
even though all three of those guys
were beat to a pulp!
[exhausted gasping]
[metal clanging]
[Tamotsu] Then he just cut
right through the lock.
With his bare hand!
[gates creaking]
[Tamotsu] And he went in!
Like he was walking into his own house!
No one even thought about stopping him.
It would have been foolish to try.
[Retsu] As long as I match
the pace of my breathing to his,
this soldier won't notice me.
The real problem is going to be harder.
I have to figure out where
on this large military base
they're hiding the primitive man.
- Hey.
- [guard 1] How's it going?
They got me guarding
the caveman all night.
[chuckles] Pickle duty, huh?
- [Retsu] Hmm!
- [guard 2] And I'm on patrol 'til morning.
Yeah, that sounds like it sucks all right.
[guard 2] Wanna grab a drink
when we get off?
- [guard 1] Sounds good. You're on!
- [guard 2] See you later.
[Retsu] That was a stroke of luck!
If I stick with this guard,
he'll lead me right to where I want to go.
This must be the place.
- Huh?
- [dramatic music sting]
- [ominous music playing]
- [guard 2 grunts, groans]
[Retsu] Sorry.
[dramatic music playing]
[Retsu] This must be
where the primitive man is kept.
They built a base within a base.
[grunts] An open hatchway?!
[suspenseful music playing]
And this one's open too!
It's as if somebody else
snuck in before me!
[grunts, gasps]
Kosho Shinogi
That's right, Retsu.
- [Kosho] Why
- [Retsu] Are you here?
[Kosho laughing]
- So he got to you too!
- [Retsu] Hm?
I know you're here to see Pickle.
His strength and power are obvious to see.
His appetite's so raw
that he whips it out and goes for it
without caring who watches.
And now with the flame
of your curiosity lit,
you suddenly show up here
in the middle of the night.
[Retsu gasps]
I know that
because I want to see him myself.
And if it's even remotely possible,
I wanna to fight him.
It would appear that we're thinking
the same thing, you and I.
In fact, we are kindred spirits.
We ought to welcome one another
with a warm handshake!
But that won't happen.
Because I was here first, Retsu.
[Retsu] Hmm.
Got a problem with that?
- [rattling]
- Hmm?
[Retsu] Hm?
[both gasp]
Hate to break it to you, Shinogi,
but you weren't the first one to get here!
[in unison] Doppo?!
- [Kosho and Retsu] Jack?!
- [exhales forcefully]
[man 1 grunts]
[Kosho and Retsu] Goki?
[man 2] Ha!
Guess I didn't time my entrance very well.
But that won't make a bit of difference.
[Kosho] Katsumi Orochi?!
[man 3] Hey, wait a minute here.
Did you guys really plan a party
and forget to invite me to it?
[Retsu] You're here, too, Jaku?
Retsu, been a while!
[Kosho] Quite the reunion.
We've got one hell of a group here.
[Doppo] It's getting embarrassing
if you ask me.
Buncha badasses dressed up like ninjas
and sneakin' around all for some caveman.
[laughs gleefully]
It's embarrassing for sure!
Surprised to see you here, Jaku.
[chuckles] I wouldn't miss this
for the world.
You should know that, Orochi.
Social education is
an important aspect of martial arts
So they can live life properly,
it's vital that we teach that
to all promising youth.
- [Katsumi] To who?
- Huh?
Did you just call Pickle
a "promising youth"?
Hmm? Well, yes, I guess I did.
We're all the same. We wanna fight!
So bad we can hardly stand it!
Why else did we all break in here?
Not to have a pizza party
with a bunch of dudes, that's for sure.
I think we'd all admit
that Pickle is what we came here for.
The question is
[narrator] Who will get to fight Pickle?
I think maybe before we do that,
we should see
what Pickle himself is up to, huh?
[all gasp]
[snoring softly]
[Doppo] He's sound asleep!
Even with all this racket going on.
Caveman's just taking a little nap.
I think you're wrong.
I think he knows full well we're out here.
[both] Hmm?
[Goki] But he took one look at us,
and decided we're no threat to him!
[thunderous bang]
[grunting angrily]
[groans softly]
Looks like Yah!
[tense music playing]
- Man!
- [gasps]
[growling softly]
[all gasping]
Damn it!
[Yujiro] Hello, Pickle!
And welcome to the future.
[all gasping]
[Yujiro] I see the gang's all here.
Y'all look like the winning team
at the ugly convention.
[growls softly]
Oh yeah? You're trying to say
you're not part of this crew yourself?
- Hmph.
- [Katsumi gasps]
See, that's why
no one wants you around, Katsumi.
Not me, not Baki,
not even your own damn father.
[Yujiro] You come crashing in here
without any kind of plan
and just hope it'll all work out.
Deep down you know you're gonna lose,
but you keep trying
to put a brave face on it,
to try to finally impress your dad.
You figure
if you can just avoid getting killed,
somebody'll save your sorry ass
in the end.
[narrator] Just like that, Yujiro saw
right through the brash young fighter,
almost as if he could read his mind!
And his harsh insults left Katsumi
with only one predictable option.
- Hai!
- Hmm.
[grunts, gasps]
Go an' play cat's cradle in the corner.
[breathing shakily]
[Yujiro] Stand back!
Let's you an' I meet.
Don't need it.
[grunting with effort]
[both gasp]
[Yujiro grunting with effort]
[glass shattering]
[Yujiro grunts]
Honey, I'm home!
Listen, pal.
You're a warrior from ancient times
who's been shamefully named
after a goddamned salted vegetable.
- You deserve better than that!
- [Pickle groaning]
[Yujiro] And though
you may not understand me,
I think you can sense my meaning.
Just like an infant
who can't understand language
but still understands his mother's love.
I want you to understand
just what we're feeling.
The nine of us you see assembled here
have come only to fight you!
Out of our respect for you!
In the time you come from,
the time of the most powerful animals
to ever roam the Earth,
you used them as your source of food!
If you merely wanted to eat,
there were other, easier ways to do that.
But you chose to prey
on the biggest, strongest creatures
on the entire planet!
And that got my attention.
[grunts, growls softly]
[chuckles] Hmm.
[loud cracking]
[laughing mirthfully]
[Pickle growling]
[strained groaning]
[Pickle groans]
Look at that!
The son of a bitch made me
pull a move on him!
[groaning softly]
[narrator] And then,
he stood up!
[all gasping]
[narrator] And with that one,
simple action,
he made certain that any remaining doubts
the nine warriors may have had
were erased completely!
As humans submit to civilization,
many of our bodies'
raw abilities disappear.
So to behold even a simple action
from a body that still fully maintains
all of those abilities
is a thing of wonder and beauty!
How could they leave, having seen it?
Their jealousy was unbearable!
[man] Attention, you in the enclosure!
I'm calling Mr. Yujiro Hanma!
Come out immediately!
We have the building
completely surrounded!
Escape is impossible!
Mr. Hanma, I'm Commander Henry
of The United States' 301st Battalion.
I'm terribly sorry
to interrupt you this evening, sir!
But we need to talk!
That might just be the most polite
"You're-under-arrest" speech
I've ever heard, Commander.
It's not an arrest!
In this country, the US Army doesn't
have the authority to make an arrest!
How'd you know I was the intruder
before I came out?
That was no intrusion.
You walked right through the front gate,
and my guards stood and watched you go!
When I realized
they never even called for backup,
and I saw how many other guards
had been put out of action on the base,
I knew at once who it was.
It couldn't be anyone
but the Ogre, Yujiro Hanma.
You got a lotta nerve
tryin' to butter me up.
That's not what I meant, sir.
It's just that meeting you is
a great honor for me as a soldier.
[Yujiro] So, what did you call me
out here to tell me?
Only this, sir!
Pickle is
a one-of-a-kind cultural treasure
who belongs to humanity.
He should stay unsullied and untouched!
That's why I beg you to withdraw.
- On one condition.
- Huh? [gulps]
[Yujiro] You let the other eight
in there leave too!
Huh? But what about all the damages?
So you need a new fake dinosaur
and some fresh paint on the walls,
you know those guys didn't mean any harm.
All they wanted was to see Pickle,
the same as me.
But hey, if that doesn't work
for you, Commander
No, no, no! That's not what I'm saying!
[narrator] And thus,
the saga of the nighttime intrusion
by the world's most powerful men
came to a peaceful end.
I like that hungry look
you've got in your eye.
[narrator] The warriors were driven
ten miles away from the military base,
where they were released.
All but one, that is.
[man] Only eight, huh, Yujiro?
[chuckles] He totally knew I was here!
Nice meetin' ya!
[dramatic theme music playing]
[music fades out]
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