Baki Hanma (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Nature Power VS Battle Power

[dramatic theme music playing]
[Japanese rock music playing]
[woman singing in Japanese]
[music ends]
So, uh, you think you could beat him?
- Who? The caveman?
- Yeah.
Not interested. Sorry.
- But why not?
- Rumina.
This guy, "Pickle,"
he's a priceless
scientific specimen, y'know?
Like a national monument.
Something to be put on display.
Fighting someone like him [chuckles]
would be like trying to remodel
one of the pyramids, I don't know.
Everyone says
that he's even stronger than a T. rex.
Yeah, I've heard. [sighs]
[crunching ice]
I don't get you, Baki.
You'll fight anything,
even a praying mantis,
but you don't care
about fighting the caveman?
You're right, kid. You don't get me.
I'm not interested in beating
every other fighter in the world.
I'm only interested in beating my dad.
But, man, my dad is just so damn strong
You're doing it again.
[chuckles] Doing what?
Every time you talk to me
about your dad, Baki,
you look really happy.
[hesitates, sighs]
I look happy?
[Rumina] You really do.
[narrator] For Pickle,
there was one thought
he couldn't get out of his primitive mind.
The memory of what had happened.
He could picture
the moment their bodies met.
What puzzled him was what happened next.
That sudden movement.
No opponent had ever done that
to him before.
Not that one, or that one,
or even that one.
- Nothing he'd ever faced had done it.
- [squawking]
[narrator] It was an unsolvable riddle,
complicating his simple life.
It made Pickle happy.
Number nine!
- [gasps]
- He smashed just the ninth one!
[instructor] Four!
Never seen anything like it.
That's precision!
End of demonstration.
- [impressed gasping]
- Incredible!
[Baki] That was really impressive.
You could do it, too,
if you just applied yourself.
I dunno.
I'm not too good at the subtle stuff.
So, why have you come today?
You want me to teach you kung fu, then?
Kung fu is such
a treasure trove of principles.
Far as I'm concerned,
you're a great master,
no matter what you've done.
Please? Teach me?
No, I won't.
you don't interest me, Baki.
[dramatic music sting]
Why not?
[Retsu] Don't take it personally.
You see, right at this moment,
I am interested in absolutely nothing,
and no one,
other than one person.
[grunts softly]
You must know who I mean.
This Jurassic man, the caveman.
- Pickle.
- [Retsu] That's right.
[Baki] Not him again.
But, Retsu, Pickle is a
Yes, I know.
He is a treasure.
A rare specimen.
I am fully aware of all that!
[confused grunt]
I know it's madness to fight him.
To even think about wanting to fight him.
But this feeling that I have,
it's like a hunger.
When I have this strong a desire
to fight a man,
it's a lot like love.
I feel I have to know him.
I have to hold him
Get him in my grip.
It's a passion.
I am burning with a passion
to fight this man,
this embodiment of savagery
from before time.
These skills I have
were developed over 4,000 years.
How will they match up
against the skills of a caveman?
I can't even imagine
the moves he must have.
That's why I want to fight him.
Why I have to fight him!
[Baki] Unbelievable, I've been dumped.
Pickle, Pickle, Pickle. That's all
anyone cares about these days.
Japan's got Pickle on the brain.
[dramatic music sting]
[Baki] I bet it's a pain for him too. Hmm.
[Payne] Captain Strydum
and Mitsunari Tokugawa,
thank you both for your concern
and cooperation in this project.
[Strydum] Pickle's wellbeing
is extremely important,
and not just for research scientists
such as yourself, but for all humankind.
So when I hear that he hasn't consumed
anything but water for more than a month,
believe me, I'm fully aware
of the seriousness of the situation.
We've regarded him as an animal,
when, in fact, he is a proud warrior.
A fierce fighter who craves
and thrives on competition.
He won't eat anything
that he hasn't fought and killed himself.
He's extraordinary all right.
That's the problem.
We've tried throwing
a Spanish bull in there with him,
a Kamchatka brown bear.
even a lion.
Pickle just sat there.
But they took one look at him,
and ran for the hills.
I've never seen a lion
with its tail between its legs before.
In a war between worlds,
his beats ours without even fighting.
It all comes down to this.
Let's hope it proves a worthy opponent.
Well, we paid enough for it.
But I guess you expect that
when you're buying an endangered species.
I feel bad about it,
but it's for a worthy cause, after all.
[Mitsunari] It hasn't eaten in five days.
It's primed and ready to go!
[Payne] The Siberian tiger.
The most powerful of the big cats.
And this one is 4.7 meters long
and weighs 490 kilos.
One of the largest of its kind.
In other words, the most ferocious
fighting beast on the planet.
- [Mitsunari] It's enormous!
- [Payne] It's almost as big as the bull!
[tiger growling softly]
[dramatic music playing]
He's on his feet!
The tiger looks at Pickle as his prey.
Yes, and vice versa.
[impact thuds]
[bones cracking]
[loud bang]
[Mitsunari] How horrifying!
'Specially for the tiger.
But that's how it is with Pickle.
Anything that attacks him
becomes food in his eyes.
[paper rustling]
[sighs heavily]
A species on the verge of extinction
has just ended up as a lunchtime snack
for our visiting caveman.
Asked to comment on the controversy,
Professor Albert Payne spoke
earlier today.
I understand that many people are upset,
but the very fact
that Pickle exists at all
is really a miracle.
However, replicating his Jurassic diet
is extremely difficult.
Because of that,
we've had to sit and watch
this miracle man starve to death.
Now, I'm fully aware
that the Siberian tiger
is an endangered species.
But the fact is,
they're the only thing we've found
that Pickle will eat.
So, we can feel sad
that there are only 500
of them left in existence.
But I say we should be grateful
there are still 500!
And if every last one of them
has to be sacrificed
in order to keep Pickle alive,
that's a small price to pay, I say!
After all, a tiger is just a tiger.
Pickle is a one-of-a-kind treasure!
The professor's comments drew
a quick and angry response
from environmentalists
and Animal rights activists everywhere.
Massive protest demonstrations
are being planned by social action groups.
[laughing gleefully]
It seems everybody's
got an opinion on this one,
and the police have
quite a few questions themselves!
So, Sea King Retsu,
to what do I owe the pleasure?
You're having trouble
finding food for Pickle?
Finding him food
that isn't an endangered species, yes.
From what I've heard, he'll only eat
an animal that's strong enough
to fight back.
Yes, and that's part of the problem.
These animals must have
some kind of survival instinct.
They take one look at Pickle and flee.
Even the lion turned tail and ran.
- [Retsu] Well, then.
- Huh?
[Retsu] How do you propose
to solve your dilemma, sir?
It's a tricky one.
What do you suggest, Retsu?
what if you were to feed me to Pickle?
[dramatic music sting]
But, Retsu
[reporter] Here he is! Professor Payne,
having been questioned by the police,
is just now coming out
of the Metropolitan Police Department!
How do you respond
to all your critics, sir?
- Nothing to say at this time?
- Is a panda next?
Are you ready? We'll put you on record.
[reporters talk over each other]
I have come here to offer myself.
Let me be the caveman's prey.
Yes, well,
I'm not sure feeding him a human's
a good idea, Retsu.
But he must be fed.
The professor said it himself,
Pickle's very existence is a miracle.
But letting him eat a human?
We got in enough trouble
feeding him a Siberian tiger.
Good sir, do you really assume
that Retsu would meekly
allow himself to be eaten?
[Retsu] Pickle may look upon me
as his prey, but I assure you,
Sea King Retsu is no one's meal.
[grunts, gasps, sighs]
[Retsu] And it would be quite a match.
[Retsu] Pickle versus Sea King Retsu!
[Payne] What?!
Put a human in there with him?
Are you insane?
- [chuckles]
- [snickers]
[Payne] Hmm?
[in unison] We've never felt more sane
in our life!
Besides, the man
freely volunteered for the job.
[footsteps echoing]
[Strydum] It's incredible how he can sleep
out in the open like that.
Most animals in the wild find
a secure place to hide themselves in
when they go to sleep.
But he lies there
like he hasn't a care in the world,
even though he's completely defenseless.
Lions on the savanna sleep like that,
so maybe this sense of confidence
comes naturally to Pickle as well.
Only those animals at the very top
of nature's food chain
can afford to sleep that way.
It's the sleeping posture of kings.
But, of course,
the Jurassic world he came from
wasn't as forgiving as the savanna.
It was a world of ceaseless rivalry,
constant danger,
and sudden death.
And yet look at him,
lying there so peacefully.
Yes, exactly!
Why would you wanna let a human
go up against a sleeping killer like that?
Well, for one thing, it should make for
an intriguing match, at the very least.
I agree.
A fight between Pickle's pure,
God-given instincts
and Retsu's mastery of 4,000 years
of kung fu tradition.
This promises to be an epic battle.
Epic massacre, more like!
He'll be eaten a moment after he wal
Shut up, Professor, will you?
[Payne splutters]
[narrator] "Shut up"?
Professor Payne had never been told
to "shut up" before.
It was a new and puzzling experience
for this Nobel laureate.
Now, wait a minute.
I really must insist
that you hear me out, gentlemen.
You've seen yourselves
what Pickle can do to an opponent!
No human is a match for that combination
of muscle mass and savagery!
[all gasp]
[growls softly]
Did I wake him? Was I too loud?
Well, you were a little loud,
but I don't think it was you.
It was something else that woke him.
- [tense music playing]
- [Pickle growls softly]
He's gotten up to meet the foe!
He's never done that before,
not even for the lion!
He must sense
that 4,000 years of kung fu are comin'.
- [Pickle snarls]
- [Retsu] Hai!
[narrator] The savage man knew at once
he was facing a savagely worthy opponent.
He's really taking up a fighting stance!
Well, that's new.
I'll never get this chance ever again!
[Pickle snarling]
For this contest,
I will call upon all my strength
and every skill I have ever learned.
So perhaps I was wrong about this fellow.
I've never seen Pickle
on the defensive before.
[mystical music sting]
Why's he coming closer to him?
What's he doin'?
[Retsu] I'm inside your zone, Pickle.
[snarling ferociously]
[Retsu grunts]
I knew it!
I knew this wouldn't work!
What'd I tell you?
The man doesn't stand a chance!
Well, one thing's clear.
Sheer strength alone won't cut it.
I'll have to use all my tricks!
[growling angrily]
[Retsu] Hi-yah!
[Retsu grunting]
- [Strydum] Is it over?
- [Mitsunari] Already?
Wait, is Pickle crying?
[Retsu] He took that kick
full in the face.
A normal man would have died.
All he did was fall on his butt.
Well, all I can say to that is
Well done!
- [dramatic music playing]
- [Pickle growling]
[Pickle snarls]
- [Retsu grunts]
- [whimpers]
[Payne] Impossible!
A human overpowering Pickle?!
Right on the button.
That was six clean blows
straight to the chin!
It's inconceivable the amount
of damage his brain must have suffered.
It should be mush by now!
Ah, such bliss!
Please don't let it be over already!
[strangled gasping]
[growls softly]
[Retsu groans]
[purrs softly]
- [snarling]
- [groans loudly]
[in unison] Pickle bit him!
[choked gasp]
[in unison] He's he's eating him!
[pained gasping]
[grunts loudly]
[snarls loudly]
[pained groaning]
My punches have no effect!
That's me he's chewing on!
- A-ha, that means
- Huh?
He's finally taking the gloves off.
Now, with both his feet and his fists,
he's fighting bare-knuckled.
[Retsu] You bastard.
How dare you eat me
[yells]and cry!
[Retsu grunts loudly]
All my skills,
everything I've learned,
4,000 years of history
have no effect on him!
Is it possible that a world exists
where the martial arts
have become useless?
Then farewell, 4,000 years.
I will abandon all those skills.
If the world has changed, then so will I.
Sea King Retsu.
That was the name given to me by my master
when I was initiated into these arts.
But if I am to save myself,
I must become once again Eishu Retsu,
the name my father gave me!
The name my mother gave me!
Eishu Retsu will save Sea King Retsu!
Hold on. What kind of pose is that?
No idea.
[Retsu] Must swallow my pride.
[yelling menacingly]
[narrator] The windmill punch.
He abandoned all strategy,
tactics, skill, and efficiency,
and instead relied on pure emotion,
channeling his rage into this.
Probably the oldest weapon
of last resort in human history.
[Retsu wailing]
[narrator] But the results were
[wailing angrily]
You're kidding.
Are those really windmill punches
he's throwing?
What is he,
a five-year-old having a temper tantrum?
[narrator[ For Pickle,
this was very confusing.
He was being attacked,
so of course he fought back.
And when he fought,
he fought with all his strength,
even against an attacker
who was so pathetic.
- He's back to kung fu!
- Aah!
[Retsu] What's wrong with me?
Why did I do that?
I told myself I wasn't going to use
any moves, or tactics,
or skills
I did it again!
- He's back again!
- Attaboy.
[Retsu] Wha What's that?
[male voice echoing] Retsu Retsu
[Retsu gasps]
[male voice] You coldhearted fool.
Why are you so coldhearted, Retsu?
[Retsu] What is this? Who are you?
[figure laughs] You don't know?
I am you, Retsu.
Or the you you aim to be.
I am the you that you want to become.
I am the Sea King Retsu.
[Retsu] Is this my ideal self?
I'm disappointed.
You abandoned the martial arts
when you decided to use
the windmill punch in this battle.
But the martial arts didn't abandon you.
[Retsu's ideal self]
You're being tested, Retsu.
You need to trust in yourself.
Forget about shouldering the burden
of 4,000 years of history.
Surrender to your body.
If you do not,
you will never be capable
of shouldering anything ever again.
Ever again.
- [snarls]
- [Retsu] Trust in myself.
[thrilling music playing]
- [snarling]
- [Retsu] Trust in my martial arts.
Trust in them completely.
[Retsu grunts]
[pained snarling]
- [Retsu] Don't doubt yourself.
- [snarls]
- [Retsu] Have complete faith in yourself.
- [pained snarl]
[Retsu] Entrust everything.
[Pickle groaning]
[snarls angrily]
to the bosom of the martial arts.
[excited groaning]
[Retsu]That's what it means
to shoulder the burden
of 4,000 years of history!
[dramatic theme music playing]
[music fades out]
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