Baki Hanma (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Just Want to See You

[dramatic theme music playing]
[Japanese rock music playing]
[woman singing in Japanese]
[music ends]
[inhales deeply]
[exhales slowly]
[dramatic music sting]
[short sharp breaths]
See, that's why
no one wants you around, Katsumi.
Not me, not Baki,
not even your own damn father.
[Katsumi] He's right
It's just like Yujiro Hanma said.
Everyone senses it.
It was only on a whim that my father,
Doppo Orochi,
made me the chairman of this place.
I didn't deserve it.
Shinshinkai is
the largest karate school there is.
I don't have the brains to be running it.
I don't have the charisma
or the legendary reputation
of the great Doppo Orochi.
I need to fight.
I need to fight him.
It was him. No doubt about it, sir.
His size and appearance,
it had to be Pickle.
No. No, sir, he got away.
- [phone beeps]
- Well, well.
And just when I was thinking
about that caveman.
Could be my lucky day.
[Katsumi] I don't need to tell you this,
but we're not just
a bunch of karate hobbyists here.
Shinshinkai is a proud
and powerful organization.
Sea King Retsu was
the finest teacher we ever had.
We have to avenge him.
And we will.
Pickle is on the loose,
and the police are looking for him.
Now, there are
43,000 police officers in Tokyo
But there are
55,000 members of Shinshinkai.
So I'm sure we can find him
before they do.
Notify the chiefs
of the 220 branches in Tokyo.
Search every corner of the city.
That is all!
[karate practitioners] Yes. sir!
[Katsumi] We fight if we can win.
We don't fight if we can't.
But now is not the time
to think about winning or losing.
Now is the time for action,
regardless of the consequences.
There are a million members
in Shinshinkai.
As leader, I carry the weight
of each and every one of them on my back!
[man 1] Hey, you look like you work out!
You lookin' for someone
to work out on you?
Come on, pal, come on.
It's only 3,000 yen.
Go on and look around.
It's the best price in town.
'Attaboy! Come on in!
You won't regret it! Uh
Sorry, buddy, Not tonight.
I've been looking all over town for him.
He's a friend of mine, see.
He is, huh?
Why do I doubt he's a friend of yours?
He owe you money?
Nah. It's nothing like that.
You with a gang?
No, I'm not in a gang or anything, buddy.
So just let me have him.
You a cop?
Nope, wrong again.
Okay, just what kind of shit
are you trying to pull here, huh?
[senses tingling]
What do you know?
Training's done for the day, isn't it?
What are you doing
sitting here in the dark?
[Katsumi sighs]
I asked you a question.
Don't even try, Dad.
Nothing you say will change my mind.
Katsumi, tell me.
What's the most important thing
for a martial artist?
It is to survive, of course.
Only ever fight an opponent
whom you know you can defeat.
You can't win against him!
[Katsumi scoffs]
When you were chairman
and someone happened to disagree with you
at a meeting of the branch chiefs,
what was it
you always used to say to them?
"When karate fighters have
a difference of opinion,
there's only one good way to settle it."
I'm just sorry that you
were the one who said it first.
[man 2 grunts]
Ah Oh.
You beginning to get it now?
We're not playing games.
So enough with all the stupid questions.
Just hand him over.
Uh, well, now that you put it that way,
and since he is a friend of yours,
you can have him.
Much appreciated.
We'll come back as customers next time.
- Right?!
- Right!
[man 2] Come on, Pickle. Let's go.
[Hanayama] Hey, there.
Oh, Mr. Hanayama. Uh
A pleasure to see you, sir.
So this is the caveman.
Mr. Hanayama,
I'm Terada, from Shinshinkai.
Are we on your turf?
I I apologize if we are. We didn't know.
No need to apologize.
Just buzz off and everything'll be okay.
Hmm. Now, that's pretty scary.
A knife, huh?
But you see, the thing is,
we're kinda, like, under orders
from Chairman Katsumi.
- [shocked murmuring]
- [gasps]
[dramatic music sting]
[narrator] This is puzzling,
Pickle thought.
They've got that knife by the blade!
Are they nuts?
[narrator] His grip is incredibly strong.
Let go, boss, before you lose a finger!
[narrator] This move
was clearly meant as an attack.
But at the same time,
I think this man loves me.
[growling softly]
[Doppo groans, gasps]
[Katsumi] Forgive me!
[choked gasping]
[dramatic music sting]
[Katsumi] Not the sort of move
you'd use in a normal match, I know.
Especially not one
against your own father.
I'm not proud of it. Sorry, Old man.
- [thwack]
- [Hanayama groans]
[shocked gasping from crowd]
[surprised murmuring]
[stunned grunting]
You son of a bitch!!
- [bones crunch]
- [groans, whimpers]
[pained groan]
[shocked gasping from crowd]
[pained groan]
- Hey!
- He's gettin' away!
No, you don't.
You gotta give me a shot first.
[mystical whooshing]
- [Pickle growls]
- [man 2 groans]
[shocked gasping]
[growls softly]
We're not done yet.
- [dramatic music sting]
- [growls]
[shocked murmuring]
Now it starts!
[narrator] This was the 21st century.
He was in the city of Tokyo, Japan,
in a nightlife district
filled with bright neon lights.
But that's not how it appeared
to this prehistoric warrior.
He saw something very different
through his eyes.
[suspenseful music playing]
[narrator] This man who stands in his way,
this man whose body
is much smaller than his,
this man has every bit as much strength
as those worthy opponents
he had once battled in his own world.
In size,
he was no bigger
than some of the very smallest of them.
But when it came to strength
[Hanayama] You may have been a big,
bad dinosaur-killer back in the day,
but that don't mean a thing
to me, caveman!
[narrator] There was truth
in what he said.
Whether driven by duty,
kindness, or obligations,
this man had become involved
in every aspect of society.
From all his many dealings with others
and his mastery of human relationships,
he had developed
an almost god-like strength.
The strength of Pickle's former opponents
was nothing compared to this man's.
[man 3] They've stopped!
- [man 4] Amazing!
- [man 5] They're evenly matched!
[narrator] This is what
he'd been waiting for.
Someone worthy
of fighting with all his strength.
Okay, we're good.
Sorry, but I had to stop you.
Yo, Baki.
You're late.
Sorry about that, Hanayama.
And thanks for the heads-up.
Baki Hanma? For real?
- Is that really him?
- It is!
[dramatic music sting]
[chuckling] Wow, man.
Look at you.
You're just stunning.
- Huh?
- What's that?
Wait. Who's stunning?
[narrator] Any object that's been shaped
and honed for one purpose alone,
stripped of anything superfluous,
is beautiful in its own way.
Regardless of whether its purpose
is good or evil,
the human heart can't help
but be captivated by it.
Designed for running,
leaping, grabbing, hunting.
Pickle's body was perfectly adapted
for the sole purpose of fighting.
To Baki's eyes,
there was nothing more stunning.
Should he kick him?
Should he punch him?
Should he strangle him?
That Baki had mastered
all the legendary martial arts
was well known.
He was considered
the most powerful young man in the world.
So, just what would he do?
The members of Shinshinkai,
all of them fighters themselves,
breathlessly awaited
the answer to that question.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hold you up.
I just wanted to meet ya.
You see, Togukawa,
he told me
that you'd escaped from the lab.
So I asked Hanayama here
to let me know
if he caught wind of your whereabouts.
Like I said,
I just felt like
I had to meet you, I guess.
And now I have.
I got my wish!
So, thank you.
[growls softly]
[gasps, pants]
[narrator] So, not only
had this primeval fighter's body
been honed to functional perfection,
somewhere along the way,
it had also attained full mastery
of the modern martial art of aikido.
[Pickle growls mirthfully]
[narrator] This was like
being flirted with
by the girl of his dreams.
The young man
found it increasingly difficult
to maintain his self-control.
Until at last
[Baki snarls]
the Hanma blood in his veins erupted.
[grunts softly]
Oh. Sorry.
[growls softly]
Really, really sorry!
Uh. You want me to follow you, is that it?
[Katsumi] Well?
He's gone. Pickle is gone.
He just walked away,
and took Baki and Hanayama with him.
Huh! Well, what do ya know?
Just walked away, huh?
Yeah, sorry.
There was nothing we could do.
I knock out my dad with a cheap move
and rush all the way over here,
just to find out that
someone else beat me to the punch!
Why should I be surprised?
The hot new girl in town ditched me
for a couple of cooler guys.
It was all our fault, sir!
No, this is good! Really!
[confused muttering]
No, I mean, think about it.
What is it that we want?
To avenge Master Retsu.
It doesn't really matter who avenges him,
as long as someone does.
Who cares if it's me,
or Baki, or Hanayama?
We all feel the same way
about what happened to Master Retsu.
I'm fine with whoever does it.
[man] Well, that's very generous,
but are you sure?
After all, sir,
you gave Shinshinkai the mission
of avenging Master Retsu.
Besides, Pickle defeated Terada,
one of your best men.
You sure you wanna
let someone else handle it?
Sir, we're the ones
who've been disrespected,
not Hanayama or Baki!
Seems to me you'd wanna be
the one to take that caveman down!
Oh! Sorry, sir. Forgive me.
I went too far.
No, it's all right.
In fact, now that you mention it,
answer me this.
[man] Oh.
Be honest, Sakimura.
Do you think I can defeat Pickle?
[shocked murmuring]
From all I've heard about this caveman,
he's gotta be
the greatest fighter of all time.
I mean, he can even beat a T. rex, right?
Do you honestly think
that I, Katsumi Orochi,
the spoiled, disappointing son
of a great master,
has even a snowball's chance in hell
of defeating a monster like that?
[wind howling]
[sighs] Sorry about that.
I know we're only supposed to fight
if we know we can win.
But I meant it when I said it isn't
about winning or losing this time.
Therefore, gentlemen, I'm begging you.
For Master Retsu's sake for Shinshinkai,
can I count on each and every one of you
to back me up?!
[all] Yeah!
[Doppo laughing]
He just might just turn out all right.
[dramatic music sting]
- You're a bad boy!
- [growls]
Don't you go
wandering off like that again!
That's funny. Who would've thought
he'd bring us back here?
Okay, what did you have in mind, anyway,
now that you've got us here?
Oh, come on.
Baki, are you really wondering
why he brought you here?
Look around. Only one thing happens here.
He wants to fight you.
That's why he brought you here! Obviously!
Oh, goody!
Well, if you're challenging me to a fight,
then how can I refuse?
Wait a minute.
Are you sure
you're not taking advantage of him?
[dramatic music sting]
Never mind.
It's really none of my business.
Anyway, if the guy wants
to fight you that bad
No, Hanayama. You have a point.
I was about to do it again,
same mistake I made before.
They were innocent creatures,
just living their lives in peace,
until I came along
and dragged them
into a fight for their lives.
I caused nothing but trouble.
And all because
I was feeling a little bored.
I was just looking
for some fun, that's all.
But then, I went
and let my feelings run away with me.
And here I was about to do it again.
[Pickle roars]
[choked grunting]
[Pickle grunts]
[grunting playfully]
[Mitsunari] Hmm.
[growling, grunting playfully]
He's dancing?
[confused groan]
[grunting rhythmically]
Why is he raising his fist over his head?
Why do ya think?
[narrator] Even in the distant past,
victory was celebrated the same way.
[Mitsunari] It only took a single blow.
I suppose we should get him out of here
before he gets eaten.
[strained groaning]
[gasps, strained groaning]
- [drumbeats]
- [Doppo] One lap.
Let's see you do one lap
around the dojo using only these.
You've got to toughen up your fists.
And your punches too!
That punch will knock out any human.
And if you do it right,
it'll knock out a bull.
[strained grunting]
[exhales tiredly]
[Katsumi] A bull, huh? [chuckles]
Things would be a lot easier
if I only had to face a bull.
But what can you do?
I'm a karate fighter,
so karate is all I've got to rely on.
Master Retsu!
Is it true,
this rumor I've heard going around?
I do realize that my defeat
must have come as a shock.
But have the members of Shinshinkai
taken it upon themselves to avenge me?
I myself gave the order.
It's absurd!
Don't tell me you honestly think
that a pupil could
get the better of that man,
when his master couldn't?
No, perhaps not.
I know it must seem insolent of us
to think that we could
avenge your defeat.
Especially when,
well, like you said yourself,
we're facing an opponent
even the great Sea King Retsu
was no match for.
But it's for that very reason
that I want to face him.
To honor my karate, I must face him!
Huh! Just as I thought.
You tell everyone that you're seeking
vengeance for your master,
but it's really about you, isn't it?
Vengeance is just an excuse we use.
When someone is that strong,
it's only natural you wanna take him down.
And defeat him.
With your karate.
We'll see.
I know we should only fight
when we know we can win.
But there are some battles
you just have to fight.
[Retsu] Hmm.
Katsumi, you've changed.
Thank you, sir.
Even though it's plain to see
that I'm not the man I once was,
there's still plenty I can teach you.
Katsumi, kung fu has had
4,000 glorious years of history.
How would you like to carry it
into its 4,0001st year?
[Katsumi] Hmm. [clears throat]
[Retsu] As for your karate,
its history began at Mount Song in China.
Eventually, it traveled
to the Ryukyu Islands,
where it underwent many years
of development and technical refinement.
In 1922,
Gichin Funakoshi brought it
to mainland Japan,
where it thrives to this day.
Katsumi, karate is young.
It's been here only 500 years.
Will you take karate
and its 500 years of history,
or kung fu and it's 4,000 years?
Let me teach you.
Let me teach you the art.
[Katsumi] I appreciate the offer.
But I feel it's my duty
to bring karate Into its 501st year.
[Retsu gasps]
I'll follow the way of karate,
no matter where the path leads me.
Clearly, I was meddling
where I shouldn't have been.
[Katsumi] Sorry, sir.
Then let me help you.
Let's get to that 501st year together.
[gasps, hesitates] What? Oh, um
This sounds like trouble.
If I let him get his 4,001st year
tangled up with my 501st year,
pretty soon
we won't know whose year it is!
Please. Won't you allow me
to be of service?
[Katsumi] Huh? Well, what the hell.
[narrator] And so with this union
between the 4,001st year of kung fu
and the 501st year of karate,
a revolutionary trail
is about to be blazed.
Yup, that boy
has really changed all right.
[dramatic theme music playing]
[music fades out]
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