Baki Hanma (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Beyond the Sound Barrier

"'Course he got his ass kicked."
"He went looking for Pickle
without a strategy
or any idea what he would do
when he found him."
"He may be my son,
but I'm disgusted
by his lack of preparation."
Oh, that's a little harsh,
don't you think?
Baki was only trying to help, after all.
Tell me, has the head
of the Tokugawa Conglomerate gone senile?
[Yujiro[ "I was only trying to help."
"I did my best."
"I gave it a good try."
Those are the excuses of a loser.
That stuff won't cut it in my world.
I've heard excuses
and evasions like that all my life,
and I've learned not to fall for them.
If I hear you spouting that kind of
loser talk around me again, gramps,
I swear you'll be sorry you did.
You know what?
It's kind of a lucky break though.
Now that he's met
and been beaten by that savage,
the little punk won't be getting
a good night's sleep for awhile.
"That damn loser!"
I bet that's just what he'll say.
Great, now I'm too excited to sleep.
That one move alone,
that's given me plenty to think about.
Just from that, I can tell what he is.
How good he is.
That one kick made us friends for life.
Could I achieve that?
Could I reach that level?
I was sure I was never gonna get there.
Not the way I am now.
But with his help, I can do it!
That it? Isn't that how it went?
Your "Mach Punch"?
It's a good move.
It's the only one of yours
that ever surprised me.
The force originates
in your big toes
and is accelerated by your ankles,
and is further accelerated by your knees.
Then by your hips
and lumbar.
Then by your spine.
Then your shoulders.
Then your elbow. Your wrist.
Ending up in your fist.
I saw you use this move once
against Hanayama.
I have to confess
it shook me down to my core.
Though I tried to hide it.
Am I supposed
to be impressed or something?
Where you are now,
we were at 2,000 years ago!
What I said was true.
it's a move I have only practiced
when I'm in training.
Never in a combat situation.
I've achieved many victories.
But after watching that fight,
it's clear to me there's no difference
in strength between the two of us.
In the long history
of great kung fu fighters,
only one has ever mastered that move.
Truly mastered it.
Now, Katsumi, you need to hone that move,
make it faster
and even stronger.
Don't squander
this natural gift you possess!
We pumped 140 dozen barrels of it
into the ring,
and knocked him out
before he could get away
Fortunately, it's 50% heavier than air,
so it stays down there
and doesn't knock us out too.
We're lucky he came back on his own,
next time he might not.
It's imperative we construct
a facility that will properly contain him.
We must never forget how fortunate we are
to have such
a miraculous specimen as Pickle.
For with that comes great responsibility.
It's up to us to make sure
that nothing happens to him.
he's a Class-A, one-of-a kind resource
for scientific research.
But he's not just some guinea pig.
He's a human being
with feelings and a personality.
I'm not sure we should be
treating him like a lab specimen.
Really? But it's all right
if we keep him fighting?
Is that what you're saying?
We don't need to worry
about containing him, in my opinion.
Pickle won't be running off again.
After his encounter with Baki,
and before
you administered the chloroform,
didn't you notice?
In all that time,
he didn't make a move to leave.
We've seen that he has the strength
to break through steel doors,
but he didn't try to escape.
He chose to stay right here.
As far as he's concerned,
this is an oasis.
As long as he stays here,
he'll never run out of food
or companionship.
So I'm quite sure.
When Pickle wakes up,
he won't be trying to escape again.
And it won't be because
of all these armed guards.
I agree.
He's just stretching.
He's searching for something.
For food. Or for companionship.
Hey there, Pickle!
Don't worry, we'll feed you soon
and your friend will be back in a while.
So you can go right on sleeping,
if you want, okay?
Stop. You can't really think
he understands what you're saying?
The poor boy needs his rest.
I agree.
I was never able to ball up a single page
of newspaper in my hand before.
But now,
I can hide the whole thing in my fists.
Next time Pickle and I meet,
I'm gonna let loose
with everything I've got.
That's it. Right there.
You see those lines?
That's the shockwave.
You know what it means
when a bullet or a jet airplane
makes that kind of shockwave?
That Mach speed has been surpassed.
It usually takes gunpowder
or a jet engine to achieve that.
But there's another object
that can reach supersonic speed
under human power.
A bullwhip.
If you know how to swing
this woven leather thong just right
the tip of it can reach Mach speed.
It's amazing, isn't it?
You just snapped it in the air.
You didn't even hit anything.
Even so, we heard that loud crack.
That's the sound of supersonic speed.
There it is.
I'm surprised they could get it on film.
They must have been using
a super high-speed camera
to capture that.
All right, all right, I get it.
That's the shockwave it makes
when it breaks Mach speed.
Theoretically, if done right,
you could break Mach speed by using
the ten joints between your toes and fist.
Mach speed's around 750 miles per hour.
So you'd have to twist your joints
faster than 62 miles per hour.
You'd need to bring more joints into play.
Yes, more joints would help.
But where do we find 'em?
The backbone. The spine.
The spine is made up of 31 bone joints
And of those joints,
17 can accelerate simultaneously.
Now we have 27 points of movement,
so Mach speed can be achieved!
But Master Retsu,
will even this be enough?
Will this punch be strong enough
to penetrate the muscle tissue
of that primeval savage?
Think of the opponents
he had to face in his day,
how powerful they must have been.
No, it won't be strong enough.
That's what I thought.
But that move,
it has even greater potential.
Unlock its full potential,
and you'll get more speed and power
I know. From here.
And from here.
And from here.
I know about using the first,
second and third joints of the fingers.
They can give you even more thrust.
I also know that if you want to add
more weight behind that thrust,
you can always use this up here.
And no, I don't mean your mind.
I mean your head,
the heaviest part of the human body.
By making full use of its weight
and incorporating it into the blow,
you can achieve a piercing nukite,
the most perfect weapon
in the history of karate.
"Lethal Weapon."
Now I understand.
No wonder people call you that.
Some time ago,
a certain Japanese man traveled to China.
He fought many matches
against many martial artists,
and was victorious every time.
The man was Doppo Orochi.
Back in Japan,
Doppo discovered a boy in a circus
whose skills surpassed even his own.
Intimidated, Doppo purchased the boy
for a huge sum and made him an ally.
My dad is awful.
I even heard that story in my own country.
But when I look at you now,
I wonder if at least some of it is true.
It's true enough. Up to the circus.
If my Dad had ever been
that much of a softie,
my life would've been much easier,
believe me.
Hmm. Well, anyway, you've done it.
You've taken the blade-like
weapon known as "nukite,"
and augmented it with the weight
and force of the human head.
You've created a saber
with the weight of a battle-ax.
To put it another way,
you've obtained the unobtainable.
A perfect weapon, with supersonic speed.
Master Kaku!
When did you arrive in Japan?
If if you had let me know,
I could have met you at the airport.
I didn't think
you'd get here so soon. Uh,
Uh, and this is?
This is Kaiou Kaku.
The world's reigning master of kung fu.
He's 146 years old.
He is?
But it's not
for his years of experience
that he's the reigning master of kung fu.
It's for the skills
that he still possesses!
I've heard that the Japanese
were a very humble people.
But then,
perhaps they have reason to be humble.
Describing a move like that
as a "perfect weapon"
seems to show a distinct lack of ambition,
if you'll pardon my saying.
How long have you
been watching us, Master?
Oh, a long time. The whole time.
And listening to you too.
Oh, I see.
Master, if you have some ad
Tell me,
is there anything really perfect
in this world?
As a matter of fact, there is.
How's this? Is this what you wanted?
It is. Now, then, watch carefully.
I'll show you
the perfect move.
Pretty sweet, eh?
Takes more than just 27 joints,
I can tell you.
If you want to get
maximum acceleration on a move,
there's any number of joints you can use.
In fact, there are
as many as you can think of.
Listen here.
I don't need any 27 joints.
All I need are the joints
between my fingertips and my shoulder.
I can achieve supersonic speed
using just these joints.
Incredible, isn't it?
Of course, when I say
that I'm limiting myself
to the use of those few joints,
in fact, that's actually not true.
Forget anatomical structure,
I give myself as many joints
as I can imagine.
And the imagination is limitless.
You understand, Japanese samurai?
The imagination is limitless
Joints that don't really exist.
I can increase
the number of joints.
If the actual structure's like this,
then imagine it like this.
Or like this.
No, It's ridiculous!
Am I supposed to believe
that the imagination can overcome reality?
No way.
An egg.
Why is an egg's body
surrounded by a shell?
Obviously, to protect it.
Its body is fragile.
That's it!
It needed protection,
so it created a shell.
Yes, that's it!
When the leaves it needed to eat in order
to survive were too high to reach,
the giraffe created a long neck.
The elephant, a trunk.
Yes! They did it to survive!
The stripes on a zebra.
The stripes on a tiger.
The spots on a leopard.
An insect's camouflage.
A bird's wings.
A cobra's poison.
They were all created for survival.
The animals' tenacity for life,
it was thanks to that they achieved
these incredible evolutionary advances.
Compared to what they've accomplished,
the body modifications
achieved by humans for battle,
they're insignificant.
They're such negligible evolutions.
It can be done!
Like this.
No. Like this
Like this!
There you go.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you for coming all the way
out here to help my fool of a son.
Your son?
Think nothing of it.
Is it true you once defeated
that boy with a single blow?
I'm sad to say,
yes, it's true.
I find that
a bit hard to believe.
It was long ago.
Katsumi's a very different man now.
Mm, and how would it turn out now?
Hm. Hmm.
How would it turn out now?
It's hard to say.
Well, if even the great master fighter,
Sea King Retsu,
is uncertain of the outcome,
then the natural talents
of this Katsumi Orochi
must be truly extraordinary.
I'd agree with that.
He's probably already mastered
that new punch I just taught him.
In fact, by now
he may have done more than just master it.
Judging by his abilities,
he may well have surpassed it.
This is it. I can feel it.
All my preparations are complete.
To throw the greatest punch,
this is the stance I must use.
I need to be loose in every sinew.
In every corner of my body.
As loose as mush,
and ready for the opportunity.
I need to stop
thinking of my fist as weapon
and hold it in such a way that the fingers
are neither clenched nor fully open.
In the same way the fingers
are neither nor open
at the beginning of life,
when the hands are first formed.
And then imagine my joints
like this!
Look at me, I'm trembling.
I'm just throwing a punch in empty space,
a move that's made every day in any dojo,
and I'm trembling.
I must focus on that image.
That I'm moving only my arm,
from the shoulder down,
but with all my body,
with all my might!
Uh, Chairman?
You know what, Terada?
It's a great feeling
when you're able to master something,
even if it's just one thing.
So, what the heck is it that you mastered?
A killer move.
A new one.
And you've mastered it, huh?
- What just happened?
- Hey, calm down, all of you!
You could say that.
But have I mastered it?
It's so hard to tell.
I never imagined this is what
it would Feel like to master something.
Oh. Rumina.
Did you hear that just now?
What did you hear? A noise? A voice?
Oh, forget it. It was nothing.
Hey, wait. Do you have a fight coming up?
Yup. Any minute now.
If that's what I think it was,
I've got to hurry.
Are you gonna fight Strydum?!
Oh, hey.
Who are you getting ready to fight?
Don't you need an opponent?
Oh, it's coming.
I know what he's doing.
He's imagining it.
You two better stand back.
At this point,
the only one who knew
who or what Baki's opponent was
Whoa! It's huge!
was Baki himself.
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