Baki Hanma (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

Moment of the Heat

[dramatic theme music playing]
[Japanese rock music playing]
[woman singing in Japanese]
[music ends]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Katsumi] Noble Elder,
permit me to fight Pickle.
[Mitsunari] Are you sure?
You know what could happen to you,
don't you, Katsumi?
[Katsumi] I could end up as his food.
[Mitsunari] Well, all right then.
But only on these conditions
[Katsumi] And then it was settled.
Just like that
Mitsunari Tokugawa had two conditions.
First, that the match take place
at six in the morning.
Second, that it be held
not in the underground arena,
but in the huge baseball stadium.
I didn't have a problem
with either of those.
The only problem I had was with myself.
Would I be the one?
Would I, Katsumi Orochi,
actually be the one
[running footsteps approach]
[exhales sharply]
[running footsteps continue]
I sure wasn't expecting to find you here.
Your father told me about this match,
and how important it was.
And that's why I invited
someone else to come as well.
A person who means
more to you than anything.
Oh, come on, Mom.
What are you talking about?
Don't be ridiculous.
I don't care who you invite,
they couldn't mean more to me than you do.
Not even close.
[whimpering emotionally]
You will always be my one and only mother.
So she didn't stay.
It's all right.
I guess it's not like
watching a baseball game, after all.
[Mitsunari laughs]
That's the person Natsue invited.
Now I get it.
Of course that would be
the person my mother would invite.
Of course
'Cause after all,
that woman is my birth mother.
[nostalgic music playing]
[narrator] It all happened
15 years before.
Invited by a friend to visit his circus,
Doppo Orochi was amazed
at what he saw there.
A five-year-old child prodigy
with astonishing talents
and physical abilities.
[audience oohing and aahing]
[lion snarling]
[narrator] Then, suddenly and tragically,
the boy's father died.
Doppo and his wife took over
care of the boy
from his grief-stricken mother,
eventually adopting him and raising him.
[mother] Look at you.
[Katsumi] How have you been?
Business hasn't been all that good
at the circus lately.
My word.
You've become quite the muscle man.
What a crybaby you used to be.
You've come a long way, haven't you?
- [Katsumi sighs]
- [gasps emotionally]
This is the same body you gave me.
[emotionally] You have every right
to hate me!
- [sobbing]
- Don't be ridiculous.
You are my one and only mother.
[Katsumi] To have two mothers is unusual.
To have two that are
so dear to me is unique.
I have two loves,
but there is nothing false
about either one of them.
How lucky I am to have two mothers.
[dramatic music sting]
I never thought
you'd get to fight him before I did.
[Katsumi] I should be the one.
[Baki] Yeah.
You should be the one.
[dramatic music sting]
I hope I don't have to
go out there and clean up after your mess.
Nice pep talk. I appreciate it.
- [thrilling music playing]
- [karate practitioners] Hyah! [grunting]
[narrator] The straight mid-level strike.
The most basic of the fundamentals
of Japanese karate arts.
More than just a move,
it is the very symbol of the art itself.
The power of that symbol,
amplified by 55,000 fists and voices,
rained down on Katsumi.
[karate practitioners] Hyah!
[karate tutor] Hyah!
[karate practitioners] Hyah!
[narrator] There are 220 branches
of Shinshinkai in Tokyo
with a total of 55,000 members.
Despite the early hour of the morning,
they have all assembled here
inside the Tokyo Dome
in order to inspire their young leader.
- [karate tutor] Hyah!
- [practitioners] Hyah!
[narrator] Even the weakest human voice
can become a powerful shockwave
when multiplied by 55,000.
[narrator] Following the unwavering lead
of their instructor,
Atsushi Suedo,
they shouted with all their might,
from the pit of their bellies.
- [Atsushi] Hyah!
- [narrator] "Take heart, Master."
- [Atsushi] Hyah!
- [practitioners] Hyah!
[practitioners] Hyah!
[narrator] They knew
that their young chairman
had now matured more than enough
to fully accept
the incredibly huge expectations
that had been placed on him.
- [practitioners] Hyah!
- [Atsushi] Hyah!
[practitioners] Hyah!
[confused gasping]
[confused muttering]
[Katsumi] I know you're in there.
Come on out!
- [dramatic music playing]
- [growling]
[Pickle snarling]
[narrator] The jaw.
The chest.
The ribs.
The groin.
The thigh.
[practitioners cheering, gasping]
Five blows to his vital spots!
[snarling ferociously]
Right in the bullseye!
[man 1] I even felt that one!
[Pickle groaning]
Is is that really Katsumi Orochi??
I had no idea he was that powerful.
You're right.
He's stronger now. Much stronger.
[dramatic music continues]
[snarling gleefully]
Look, the guy's smiling.
[Katsumi] That was a solid attack.
He couldn't have hoped to land it better.
But his opponent is Pickle,
the master fighter from the Jurassic era.
Our modern physique is no match
for his body and its abilities.
Here it comes! Here comes a kick!
He's not even going to feint, just kick!
- [Katsumi grunting]
- [Pickle growling]
[Katsumi groans]
[choked breathing, groaning]
It's like getting hit by a truck!
I managed to block it,
but I still took a lot of damage.
[Katsumi] It's thanks to my birth parents
that I have a body
capable of standing back up.
It's thanks to my father, Doppo,
that I have the skills to stand back up.
It's thanks to my mother, Natsue,
that I have the will to stand back up.
It's thanks to all four of my parents!
[narrator] At that moment,
the smile on Pickle's face disappeared,
for that's when Katsumi was elevated
in Pickle's eyes from plaything
to food.
Back then, in that distant,
far off land and time,
it was only the mightiest
of his enemies that he ate.
He ate them
because they were the mightiest.
The absolute law
of the jungle is survival.
And yet, Pickle defied this law.
He would eat only those that attacked him.
In this land without rules,
it was the one rule he imposed on himself,
and he was proud of it.
Now he took the same fighting stance
he had always used
when facing a mighty enemy.
The time for horseplay was over.
Baki, look at the way he's standing.
Do you see that stance?
[thinking] It's exactly like my dad's.
But never mind that,
what happened to Katsumi?
When did he get to be so tough?
There now, you see?
How can he hope to win?
Does Katsumi have
any chance at all, Master?
I know what I would do.
Look, he's not backing down!
[Kaku] If I were facing that thing,
I would try to stop its heart.
[Katsumi] This is the moment. Now!
[dramatic music playing]
[Pickle grunts]
[narrator] At that moment,
Pickle could think of only one thing.
The brawny tail swung
by his great rival, T. rex.
[Terada] That's it!
[dramatic music continues]
My God!
[spectators cheering raucously]
[spectators whooping]
[whooping, cheering]
He did it!
[cheering, laughter]
[narrator] Pickle, for the first time
in his 190 million years of existence,
felt an unfamiliar pain in his belly.
Something with all the power
of a T. rex's tail
had landed a direct blow to his stomach.
[Katsumi] Just as I figured.
Even someone like Pickle,
if he's hit with a Mach-speed blow,
will go down.
What I hadn't figured on
is that if you hit someone
with a Mach-speed blow,
your fist will be destroyed.
[astounded gasping]
- He shattered his hand!
- Ooh!
[narrator] He'd knocked Pickle down,
something no man had ever achieved,
but at the cost of his fist,
the lifeblood of a karate fighter.
And yet, despite this,
the fighter was overjoyed.
His body had mastered Mach speed.
Now every move he made
would be governed by this new calculation.
[Katsumi] Hyah!
[narrator] Karate fighter, Katsumi Orochi,
in the summer of his 21st year,
was on fire.
[hand sizzling]
[spectators cheering raucously]
It worked! What a move!
He knocked him flat!
Well, well.
What do you think?
Could it really be over?
Did Katsumi defeat him?
[narrator] But now,
the fighter faced further consequences
as a result of that Mach speed.
That's Pickle for ya.
It took all that just to knock him down.
[Katsumi groaning painfully]
[Baki] He can only hope he stays down.
Just think of how tough
Katsumi's fists are.
Good heavens, Pickle's body
must be made of solid steel!
No, it wasn't Pickle's body.
It was something else.
Professor Payne?
It was caused by the air,
by his body breaking the sound barrier.
Sound barrier?
[Payne] An airplane, for example.
As it accelerates,
it meets resistance
from the air around it.
And this resistance increases
in direct proportion to the acceleration
until the moment the plane's speed
reaches above 760 miles an hour.
It breaks the sound barrier.
Any object breaking through the barrier
is immediately hit
by powerful and violent forces.
This has proven to be disastrous
on many occasions.
And I'm talking about
airplanes made of metal,
designed to withstand forces like those.
No, indeed, we make a mistake
when we think of the air
as being insubstantial.
When his fists and feet
exceeded 760 miles an hour,
they paid a devastating price.
This barrier of air, or whatever it is,
is really that destructive?
[Baki] He had to sacrifice
both of his hands and his left foot
to score a knockdown.
Problem is,
Pickle's already recovered from it.
[growling quietly]
[Baki] I'll be damned
if he isn't even smiling already.
- [man 1] He's getting up.
- [man 2] Even after all those blows?
[man 3] Didn't they have any effect?!
[narrator] This was preposterous.
The attacker was on his knees,
while the one who'd been attacked
was looking down on him.
Why has God sent such a thing
into this modern world?
[Baki] I hate to admit it,
but Katsumi hasn't done
a single thing wrong
since the fight started.
I guess this was bound to be
the only possible outcome.
- You people just don't get it.
- [Baki] Huh?
Yes, you martial artists
are very powerful, I can see that.
I'll be the first one to admit
that you've exceeded my expectations.
But it's not a martial artist
you're facing.
Pickle's former opponents
were primitive beasts
from a primitive time.
They were huge, the size of mountains!
He's survived attacks by creatures
weighing 33,000 pounds.
Clearly, he can handle
an attack from Katsumi,
who weighs only 220.
[Pickle snarling]
[Retsu] He's going to do that move!
[Katsumi] I've done everything right.
I couldn't have done it better.
But as a result,
I've destroyed both my hands and one foot.
[concerned gasping]
[Katsumi] Look at them all.
Look at their faces.
[chuckles] Even you two, huh?
Well, don't worry.
Don't you worry
I still haven't used it.
I've been holding it back.
The move that only I've mastered,
my one-of-a-kind Mach Punch!
How is it possible
he still has more left in him?
Come on, then. What have you got?
[snarls gleefully]
[Katsumi] I've thought of one thing only.
Striking my opponent.
Landing blows powerfully.
Swiftly inflicting the most damage.
I've built up my muscles
to inflict damage.
I've developed the limberness
and looseness to inflict damage.
I've pictured my rigid bones
becoming as supple as a whip
in order to inflict damage.
The result is the most original,
most powerful, most effective,
boldest, deadliest, greatest move ever!
I even surprised myself.
All I've thought about my whole life
is how to land ever more powerful blows.
And yet the form of attack
I've finally arrived at
is a blow
that's not supposed to land at all!
[epic music playing]
- Ah!
- Blood!
But whose blood is it?
[narrator] Whether it was invented
by accident or a gift from God,
the whip is a tool
that can achieve Mach speed
through human power alone.
The moment at which the tip of the whip
achieves its maximum speed is this.
Not when human exertion
has reached its fullest point,
but that exquisite moment
when the tip of the whip snaps back.
He'd devoted his life
o perfecting the art of landing blows,
of making contact with his opponent.
It was what
all his training had been about.
But now he had let go of all that.
He'd let go of everything.
And by doing so,
he'd achieved an even greater shock wave,
an even greater Mach.
[Katsumi] Well, I guess it figures.
They're not like a whip.
They're not flexible like that
They're just ordinary bones.
[gasping, shuddering]
- Good God!
- Ooh!
What has he done?
[Katsumi] It only stands to reason.
Bones aren't whips.
The spell has worn off.
I've woken up from the dream.
[solemn music playing]
But this is enough.
It's okay if I wake up now.
Let the spell wear off.
I have nothing more to give anyway.
[solemn music intensifies]
[Katsumi] I was able to make
all the moves I wanted,
and I'm still standing!
[raucous applause, cheering]
[Katsumi] It was all of you
who gave me this victory!
[cheering wildly]
What a remarkable young man.
It's a miracle, what he's accomplished.
In just a few short days,
he's advanced king fu 50 years!
You can say that again, Baki!
Though it doesn't even really begin
to describe what he's done!
[cheering continues]
[Katsumi] I can't help
but bow my head in thanks.
[practitioners] Hyah!
[Katsumi] Thank you, all of you.
[practitioners] Hyah!
[Katsumi] I am undeserving,
but I thank you.
The value of your support
was immeasurable.
- You have my genuine appreciation.
- Hyah!
[Katsumi] Although
I should be apologizing instead!
[practitioners] Hyah!
- [thud]
- Hmm?
[grunts, gasps]
[groans softly]
[Katsumi] He he's only sleeping?
[snoring softly]
[Katsumi] Impossible.
It's impossible!
- [chuckles]
- [practitioners] Hyah!
[Katsumi] Don't be
too disappointed, everyone.
This man hasn't been knocked out.
He just decided to take a nap.
- Oh my God.
- Hyah!
[in unison] Pickle was only sleeping?!
[Payne] It was already clear to me
that this fight was over.
What do you mean, the fight was over?
[Payne] It's plain to see
that Katsumi's body
has suffered grave damage.
If this fight were happening in the wild,
there'd be no need
for his opponent to attack him again.
Attacking an animal that badly injured
would be a waste of energy.
And there is no waste
in the natural world.
So, then, what would his opponent do?
He would rest
until Katsumi stopped breathing.
By conserving his energy,
Pickle is simply doing
what comes naturally to him.
[solemn music playing]
[Katsumi] Tears.
This must be what Tokugawa told me about.
Pickle loves those who attack him,
and he eats those whom he loves.
When he eats them,
he's also bidding them farewell.
That's why he weeps.
[practitioners] Hyah!
- Hyah!
- [Katsumi] I am honored.
Wait! Something's wrong. Very wrong.
[Katsumi] This man,
the greatest fighter to walk the Earth
since the planet was formed,
has acknowledged me
as a strong and worthy opponent.
[inner voice wavering]
All my efforts have been rewarded.
[Pickle growls softly]
[Katsumi] How do I repay him
for this honor?
How do I respond?
[dramatic theme music playing]
[music fades out]
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