BanG Dream! (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

We Met!

1 Once, when I was little, I heard the rhythm of the "star beat"! That sparkling, heart-pounding sound I want to find it again! I want to feel that exciting thrill again! Beat you to it! Huh? What? Cut it out! Kasumi! Uh oh! It's gonna get wrinkled! How do I look? Anything weird? Your ears.
Huh? I mean, your hair.
Oh, these? Meow! Come on! You can sleep when you're dead! Why are you such a bundle of energy today? Come on! You can sleep when you're dead! Why are you such a bundle of energy today? Because today's the entrance ceremony! The entrance ceremony! Not for me.
We're going together, right? To your opening ceremony.
It's tomorrow.
What? It's tomorrow for current students.
Why didn't you tell me that sooner? You never even asked me.
Well, I'm off then.
Kasumi just left without eating anything She'll be fine.
Toyama Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy Entrance Ceremony I'll be in your care from here on out! Toyama Toyama Toyama There I am! Oh, sorry.
You smell nice What? I smell something really good! Like fresh bread! Well, my parents do own a bakery.
Want this? It's not bread, though.
Really? Thank you! What class are you in? Class A Really?! Where, where? Saya Yamabuki.
Found you! I'm Kasumi Toyama.
So what made you pick our school, Toyama-san? Well, my younger sister goes to middle school here and it sounded like fun.
What else There are so many things! Oh! And I liked the uniforms! That one's important! I'm so excited! For what? The classroom! I'm a continuing student, so it doesn't feel like much of a change for me.
But this is high school! Doesn't it feel like the start of something new? What? It's starting already! A new friend! You're quick to friend people, aren't you.
What? Nice to meet you, Toyama-san.
Call me Kasumi! I hope the next three years of your new middle and high school lives will be a fulfilling time for all of you.
Sincerely, your Student Council President, Nanana Wanibe.
And now our New Student Representative, Arisa Ichigaya.
Entrance Ceremony Ichigaya? Ichigaya? The top student since middle school?! So people like her do exist! Yep.
She doesn't really come to school much, though.
See ya.
Sorry, Hanazono-san.
It's okay.
Let's start with some self-introductions.
You're all in high school now, so think of this as a bit of self-PR.
Go ahead, Ushigome-san.
Yes! Umm m-my name is Rimi Ushigome.
Um Uh N-nice to meet you all.
PR means promotion, right? Self-promotion Next is Toyama-san.
Yes! Hello, everyone.
I'm Kasumi Toyama and I'm fifteen years old! I chose this school because I thought it looked fun.
I just attended my local middle school before, but when my younger sister started school here, I went to the cultural festival and everyone looked so happy and beautiful, and right then I just knew this was the place for me! That's why I'm super excited about today.
So uhh Once, when I was little, I heard the rhythm of the "star beat"! That sparkling, heart-pounding sound I want to find it again! I want to feel that exciting thrill again! What's a "star beat"? You know, when the stars twinkle.
How cute.
Did I say something weird? What? My self-intro.
Oh What do you mean, "Oh"? Was it really weird? I thought it was great.
Really?! Then will you come with me to check out the student clubs tomorrow? Sorry, I'm not really a club person I see Yeah.
Let's do this! Yamakawa Is it okay if I watch you? Very nice! You're doing great! Here comes a smash! See you later! Have fun! Kasumi! Hi! Aa-chan, you're late! I still have time Rise and shine! I still have time I wonder if my middle school swimsuit will be all right.
Your hair's sticking up.
It's fine! You came with your sister today, didn't you? Isn't that nice, Aa-chan! Cut it out.
Your sister always likes to hoard you, right, Aa-chan? Ugh, this is why I didn't want her to come.
So? Have you decided which club to join yet? What should I do? They all look like so much fun! Which one did you like the most? Hmm Maybe I'll join the same club as Aa-chan.
Are you sure that's what you want? If you want to join, then join.
I'll be quitting soon, though.
What?! Why? Third-year students have entrance exams.
You're not going to high school?! Of course I'm going.
You mean, to a different school?! That's news to me! I can't decide! Do you have the toothpaste? Kasumi.
Kasumi? Kasu— Nice and cool.
Can I leave now? No way! Aa-chan, do you remember that time we went camping? Kasumi! I wanna go home! You'll be fine! Look! Aa-chan The time we went in secret and got in trouble? We heard the star beat, didn't we.
You mean our heartbeats? It may have been but it sparkled and pounded, didn't it! Kasumi, you're a high school student now.
I sure am! Ow.
You're gonna catch a cold.
Yamabuki Bakery Thank you.
The melon bread's fresh out of the oven.
There's no need to rush.
How about a part-time job? Would you hire me?! We're pretty strict.
Early mornings, late nights, and only two hours of sleep each day! That's rough! Kidding! I hope you find something.
Saya! Coming! See ya.
I'll bring these out.
Thanks! Shooting Stars Pawn Shop Shooting Stars "Shooting Stars" Excuse me.
Put your hands up! You must be some amateur to let yourself get caught so easily! Is this your first offense?! I'm so sorry! I just found this and— Hands up! Yes, Ma'am! What's your name? Kasumi Toyama! Is that your real name? If you're using an alias I will prune you.
I don't like prunes.
Not prunes! I'm saying I'm gonna cut you! What?! I'm not a burglar! Hanajo Huh? A student from my school We go to the same school?! What year? I'm a first-year! That's not what I meant! What year? I'm a first-year! That's not what I meant! Are we the same age? Are we the same age? Just stop! Get out! The pawn shop's over there! This is all trash! Trash? That too? What? That case with the stars It's probably a guitar somebody had to forfeit or something.
Can I see it? Huh? Can I touch it? Listen here— Just for a moment! Just for a bit! You're stretching out my dress! Just for a sec! You're stretching out my dress! Just touch the thing and get out of here already.
Okay A star-shaped guitar It works! Wow! Did you hear it?! Barely.
All right, time's up! What? Wait! Just a little longer! I said your time's up! Just a tiny bit longer! If you wanna play that badly, go to a guitar shop or a music venue! A music venue? Where? How should I know? All right.
I'll go find one! Wha—?! You little thief! Where is it? Shut up, I'm trying to Google it.
What? If I wasn't here with you, you'd really be a burglar.
Get it? Yep! What did I get myself into That's it.
Right there?! Yay! H-hey! "Live House Space" Do you think she's in a band somewhere? Wanna ask her? Next customer, please.
Coming! H-hang on! Good evening! Good evening.
I want to play guitar What? Oh, um I told you they'd say no.
This isn't a rehearsal studio.
Owner! Only those who pass my audition get to stand up on the stage.
I see See? They said no.
Now let's go! Want to have a look before you leave? It's dangerous.
I heard there's head-banging and stuff! You shouldn't judge something you've never even seen before.
Then I'll see it for myself! How much are the tickets? Are you a high school student? Nope! 1,200 yen.
Um, are high school students allowed in? 600 yen.
What?! Thanks for waiting.
What is this, girl band mecca? Why would a place like this Let's go! It's amazing! All these people are here to see the show? Why are there this many people? I've never heard of any of these bands How cool! They're so cute! "GlitterGreen.
" Is that their band name? Space! Are you ready to have some fun? Yeah! Okay, here we go! Amazing! So awesome! Huh?! What? I can't hear you! They're awesome! Saya, Let’s go together! Natsuki Amazing This is so amazing! This is it This is it! We Met! Next time Next time: "We Did It!" Next time We Did It!