BanG Dream! (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

We Did It!

1 Arisa! Let's form a band! What? C'mon! No way! "No way" what? It's time to wake up! No! We Did It! It's perfect! I heard a loud banging sound a moment ago.
Oh Arisa got kinda mad at me when I pulled off her blanket.
Oh, that child Is she like this at school, too? Huh? I'm off.
Arisa, are you going today? Arisa.
Just one bite.
Have a good day.
See you later.
Wait for me! Arisa, wait! Ichigaya-san! My name's not Ichigaya.
But yesterday- What's up with you, anyways? Barging in, eating other people's food It was really good! Why were you even in my house?! That was close! Thanks.
Why'd you come here? The star-shaped guitar A band! Huh? Look, they're totally sparkling! A band! Let's form a band! What? Did she say "band"? Wow! Awesome! Cool! Sorry! Ichigaya-san? Ichigaya? Give it back.
Ichigaya-san! Leaving so soon? I'll be back again! I'm gonna perform here one day, I know it! I ran out to find you right away, but it was too dark to see the stickers.
Stickers? Yeah! Look! There's one here too! I wonder why Huh? Saya! 'Morning.
I just witnessed a rare treat.
What? Ichigaya-san, running like mad! You know, the student representative from the entrance ceremony.
Good morning.
'Morning! Arisa! You really are Ichigaya-san! I'm in Class A.
You should have told me you were coming here! I was looking for you.
Excuse me.
Arisa, wait! Why should I? Huh? What?! Kasumi? Saya! Arisa has this really cute guitar! It looks like a star and it sparkles! A guitar? I'm forming a band! I went to a music venue and the lights were so pretty! My heart was pounding! Do you wanna join, Saya? If after school's no good then just on the weekends! No thanks.
That's okay So you found it.
Your sparkling, heart-pounding thrill.
You're right! I'll cheer you on.
Sparkles! What is up with that girl? Kendo Club Championship Finals Dance Club National Championship Lunch time Wait! She left early? I think it was after third period.
I see I wonder why Arisa went home A cold, maybe? Orange Strawberry Milk Which one are you getting? Oh! Umm Orange for me! I saw you yesterday, Ushigome-san! What? Do you play in a band? How long has it been? What do you play? Or do you sing? When do you perform? N-no! Ah- I mean um- Was that Kansai dialect? How cute! I moved here when I was in middle school Sometimes it comes out when I'm not paying attention.
But it sounds so cute! So, you're not in a band then My older sister Hm? Guri-Guri She plays guitar in GlitterGreen.
That's awesome! Your sister was so cool yesterday! Yeah.
She really sparkled on stage! Yeah! I wanna perform too! Yeah! Let's do it! Huh? Yamabuki Bakery Orange You're joining the band, Ushigome-san? Well umm Rimi-rin's amazing! What was it? Bass? She can play bass! Just a little! Even so, that's awesome! Rimi-rin, sit down with us! Okay.
Ushigome-san, you can say no if you don't want to join.
What? Hey! Rimi-rin Umm Oh no! It's not that I don't want to! When you asked me to join, Toyama-san, I Rimi-rin! Just call me Kasumi! So, how about that bass? Which one of these is the star guitar? This one! So it's called a Random Star It looks pokey Poke! Hey! Stop it- Poke! Hey! Stop it- Poke! Poke! Poke! Poke! Hey! Kasumi! Poke! Poke! Poke! Poke! Poke! Poke! It's my first time playing in a band.
Teach me all the tricks and tools you know, okay? Teach you? I Kasumi-chan Yes, Sensei! Wha-?! S-stop that, Kasumi-chan! Sensei! Arisa! This is trespassing, you know! Thank goodness.
Huh? They said you left early, so I was worried! You were acting so weird this morning too I didn't need to go to my afternoon classes today.
What? I ditched.
Even if I miss some classes I can still get credit anyways.
So that's why you don't really come to school.
Think it's wrong? Isn't it boring? You can't hang out with your friends or have lunch together.
What? Are you bragging? Preaching? Did a teacher put you up to this? No! The Random Star! Hands off the merchandise, please.
300,000 yen.
What? Might be more by now.
ESP Random Star Current Bid: ¥300,000 Item has been stored in its own hard, protective case.
No visible dents, scratches, markings, etc.
An auction? One, two 300,000 yen?! It'll go higher.
Even if it's trash to me, this thing's worth a lot of money to someone out there.
Good morning! Arisa! Why're you here? What? I told you already.
I'm not lending it to you and I'm not keeping it in the warehouse.
If you want it that badly then buy it.
I knew she was only here for the guitar.
Did you think if you acted like my friend, I'd just cough it up for free? Your act's not fooling me! What? Well, why else?! To be with you? Ew.
She spotted me I didn't spot you! You're in my way.
Valuables So annoying.
What are you doing? I didn't want to just stand there awkwardly.
Go home.
Good morning! I give up.
Need a hand? That looks heavy.
Super heavy.
It's heavier than I thought Thanks.
I can help you.
Wanna see it? Can I?! She is only here for the guitar.
Thank you! I'm coming in now.
Hold on a sec! Just a glimpse.
Uh-huh! Okay, that's it.
Anyways, thank you.
I hope it goes to a good person in the end.
Can I?! I don't really care.
Five seconds, okay? So short! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Too fast! Get that away from me! Cut it out! You should stay here for the night.
I'll come again.
See ya! Yeah, yeah.
Yes? Kasumi Toyama I absolutely must have it! Please tell me how much you want for it.
Yamabuki Bakery Two chocolate cornets for you, then? Could you bag them separately, please? Huh? Oops, wrong person! Jun! I'm so sorry.
Look! You're disrupting Mom's work! The warehouse again today? We're almost finished cleaning it out.
Hi there! Hello Hi.
They're so cute! Shut up! Poopy-head! Hey! No calling people names! You hear me?! I'm sorry Hey! No calling people names! You hear me?! Hey! No calling people names! You hear me?! Why? Huh? You want to start a band, right? Does the guitar you use really matter? See this star? It's thanks to these stars stuck onto the walls and telephone poles and stuff that I was able to find this place So, it's like I'm the one who stuck them up.
You are?! You're the one who led me here?! Before, when I was in elementary school, I used to take piano lessons.
I got a sticker each time I played a song correctly.
On my way home, I'd stick them Well, I probably stuck them onto the things I liked.
Did you quit? To study for entrance exams.
It was like that for a lot of kids.
Did it sparkle? Huh? Did it make your heart pound? Playing the piano.
Well, I did get nervous at recitals I found it too! The thing that makes my heart pound and sparkle! I don't know if I'll be good at it or not But it's so exciting! Arisa, let's start a band! Huh? In a band, there's the guitar, the bass And the keyboard, too! You like piano, right? I can't play anymore.
That's okay! Didn't that concert the other day get your heart pounding too, Arisa?! No.
What?! I'm not showing you the guitar anymore.
No! All finished! Good work.
Is it damaged?! I'm sorry, I wasn't holding it properly I'm sorry! Oh no I'm so sorry! I'm sorry Toyama-san.
Kasumi Toyama! Let's go.
Studio Rii-chan's so bored Bored, so bored, so bored, so bored, so… Welcome! We dropped this Can you please repair it for us? Leave it to me! Boss! I'm sorry I'm sure it'll be fine.
Thanks for waiting! Perfecto.
Thank goodness! Thank goodness I'm sorry, I'm sorry The neck was a little warped, but we fixed that for you.
The case is a goner, though.
Thank you so much! Thank you so much! How much is it? For basic repairs, with student discount, 3,000 yen.
I'll get it! Thank goodness Why don't you take it home? What? I took down the auction.
What? Why? Will you take good care of it? I will! All right.
540 yen.
What? The fee to withdraw the auction.
I'll give you a 300,000 yen discount.
Okay! I only have 300 yen on me.
All right, I'm selling it.
No, you can't! Grandma! It looks great in here.
It's your room now, as promised.
What the- Uhh Plug this in.
Whoa Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Okay, calm down.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Okay, calm down.
It made a sound! Oh my god, oh my god! It made a sound! Oh my god, oh my god! Kasumi! It made a sound! Oh my god, oh my god! Why don't you practice here? What? But! At lunch time we could eat together What? If you don't want to, that's fine! Granny! I want to perform live here! Call me Owner, you moron.
I'm Kasumi Toyama! Good evening.
What's going on? Is there a show?! Do you know each other? Rimi and I are in the same class and we're starting a band together! Rimi.
It's not Um I'm not gonna do it I'm not joining the band.
Next time: "I Ran Away!" Next time I Ran Away!