BanG Dream! (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

I Got Angry!

1 Are you really that happy? It's so exciting! Let's do our best at the cultural festival! Huh? What's that got to do with me? You should perform with me! No thanks.
How about the castanets Rimi-rin! Look, look! I bought a new case! Wow.
Rii-chan-senpai ordered one for me! It does have an odd shape, doesn't it.
How's the fit? Perfect! Now you won't have to leave it at Arisa-chan's house every day.
What? Don't worry, I'll still come over! Don't! Inoru sora ni ko o egaku ryuusei ga Happiness to miracle o nosete "Hajimari" o tsugeteiru Seifuku kigaete Dash! Heya o tobidashita Yuube mita hoshi ga Twinkle! Mabuta kusuguru My song! Kuchizusande sotto mekubase shite Standby! Sorosoro ii kana? (Yes!) Seishun to ongaku! (Believe) Kizuna no monogatari! (Dreams) Junjou to jounetsu! (Come) Minna de (True!) Atsumete! Suteki taiken! (Hajimaru!) Hanate! Hibike! Ashita e hashirinukete Yakusoku no matsu basho wa (mou sugu!) Kanae! Todoke! Shinjiteta shunkan ni Happiness to miracle o nosete Tokimeki experience! Ashita no stage e! How cool.
I Got Angry! Play us something.
Okay! Uh Twin-kle twin-kle lit-tle star It's so quiet.
That's it? Want me to keep going? Twin-kle twin-kle lit-tle star How I won-der what you are Wow! Is that yours, Hanazono-san? Guitar? Bass? You play too, Hanazono-san? I want to hear you! Is that It's called a Random Star.
Huh? Do you think I'm a weirdo? Aren't you? What? You are weird.
What? U-um So it's true! No it isn't! You're a little bit weird, but you're not weird at all! Rimi-rin! That didn't even make sense.
Rimi-rin! That didn't even make sense.
You're the weird one, Arisa! Huh? The other day you were talking to your bonsai plants! "How pretty you are, Tonegawa! Here, have some water!" I did not say that! Yes you did! I don't even talk like that! Anyways, why do you think you're a weirdo? I don't know! Saya-chan, help Hm? Just pull the string together here Done.
Thanks! I make bags all the time.
Finished! Wait, wait! Ugh, there's not enough material! A guitar bag? But you already have a guitar case.
It's a bag for my case! It's time.
Everyone, start cleaning up.
What?! Toyama-san and Hanazono-san, you'll have to stay and finish.
Hanazono-san? Huh? Kasumi's not coming? She said she would come after she finishes.
Supplementary lessons Finish by today! Okay! Just for a minute Twin-kle twin-kle lit-tle star, how I won-der what you are Twin-kle twin-kle lit-tle Twin-kle twin-kle lit— Hey.
Wha—?! Did you see a bug or something? What?! A bug?! Where is it?! I dunno, I dunno! A pick? Thank God Are you afraid of bugs? I don't have a problem with ants and stuff Even the flying ones? Ants can fly?! Gross! Here.
Are you two finished? It's blue! Wow, how cool! Weirdo.
I'm not a weirdo! That's what they say about people who play Random Stars.
They do? Yeah.
Really But I'm not a weirdo! Do you drink? Huh? How about smoking? Is it every day? I-I don't smoke! Do you, Hanazono-san? I'm a minor.
Of course That's sounds off.
Huh? Oh! The tuning! Hmm, tuner, tuner Tu-tu-tu The peg's too tight.
"Peg"? On the fifth string.
The fifth string? These pegs are how you adjust the strings.
You tighten them or loosen them until they're in tune.
Starting from the smallest string, you've got first string, second string, and third string.
One, two, three, four, five.
Pay attention to your tuner.
If you adjust it too much, just start over.
It's easier if you start with a deeper sound and tighten it up.
This is hard Do you need my tuner? It's okay.
I'll just match my strings to yours.
Whoa! Do you have perfect pitch?! Yeah.
I'm only kidding.
Hey! Tuning is something you have to do every time, isn't it? Just putting it in your case can mess with the pegs.
There are some guitars that tune themselves automatically, but I like taking the time to do it myself.
All right! Twin-kle twin-kle lit-tle star, how I won-der what you are La, la, la— Amazing! You're amazing! How did you play that?! I just kinda played it.
Once you learn your chords you'll be able to play it too.
"Chords"? They're harmonies.
Do, mi, so.
Re, fa, la.
A piano! A guitar! Toyama-san, Hanazono-san.
Since elementary school?! Yeah.
I started learning piano first, though.
Mom? Mom! I thought she was my mom, but she was actually a guitar teacher.
That was the first time I'd ever heard the sound of a guitar.
Wow! It's like destiny! Right? Do you play in a band? No.
I'm nowhere near that level yet.
Jeez, and I'm not even close to where you're at That's okay, as long as you're having fun.
People who enjoy playing guitar, play.
Yeah! O-Tae! See you later! I'll get it! Oh man! It's taking forever.
You chose to make something way too big.
So, you won't be coming today then? Were we planning something? Never mind! I'm getting to know O-Tae a lot better, though! Who? O-Tae-chan Hanazono, from our class.
You mean, Tae? O-Tae's making a guitar bag too.
Oh, and she's really amazing! She can tune her guitar by ear, and she said she really likes doing it! Ah, another weirdo then.
She's not a weirdo! She works part-time at Space, right? What? Huh? You caught me.
Were you keeping it a secret? Nah.
Do you work every day? I'd love to work there every day, but How about today? The owner says that school should come first.
Oh Is the owner scary? She's scary, but also amazing.
I respect her a lot.
Which chords are those again? D, A, and G Major chords Wait, hold on! I heard that you have to use specific fingers to play each guitar string, Aa-chan! I'm listening.
Watch! Um A chord is the fourth string, the third string, and the second string on the second fret, with my pointer finger Huh? Uh Oh! Aa-chan! This is an A chord! I'm listening, I'm listening.
Also! For D chord, you skip the fourth string and play the third string on the second fret, and the second string on the third fret with your ring finger First string on the second fret This hurts my fingers! D chord! That's a D chord! Sounds like you've learned to play a thing or two.
Aa-chan, Aa-chan! What? I wan-na eat ice cream! So eat some.
For bicycle and pedestrian use only O-Tae taught me some chords! "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is all Major chords, so it's good for beginners! That's great.
Um, how's home ec going? Still not done I figured as much.
You're coming to the warehouse today, right? When I finish! If you finish.
Hey! For bicycle and pedestrian use only You're never gonna finish it! It won't take that long.
For G chord, you use your middle finger on the sixth string, third fret, and your pointer finger on the fifth string, second fret.
Then do your best to play the first string on the third fret with your pinky finger.
What the heck! Your right hand's a little rough.
Try holding the pick more gently.
More gently? Bend your pointer finger and hold the pick there like this.
Won't it fall? No, it won't fall.
One more time! Hang on.
I brought some amps.
They're so cute! I thought you might want to use one too.
Press a little tighter right there.
What's next? A, A, G, G.
Like this? That's right! After that, it's D, D, A.
Okay! O-Tae brought some amps for us and they were so tiny and cute! She said the sound wouldn't be great, but they actually put out a lot of sound.
O-Tae's guitar is so cool.
I see Doesn't sound like you even want to finish your project.
Yes I do! Kasumi-chan? Hm? Um, once your project's finished, will you come practice at the warehouse again? It's not the same without you.
Right, Arisa-chan? I don't care.
What? But— O-Tae! I'll be right back! Kasumi-chan! Hey! O-Tae! Kasumi-chan! Hey! O-Tae! You should try placing your middle finger first for the G chord.
Oh, I see.
Like this.
Arisa! Are you leaving already? You know Twin-kle twin-kle lit-tle star, how I won-der what you are.
Up a-bove the world so high, like a dia-mond in the sky.
Twin-kle twin-kle lit-tle star, how I won-der what you are.
Is it Arisa? Yeah.
I should go! Arisa! Arisa! It's me! Kasumi Toyama! Kasumi! You're disturbing the neighborhood.
I'm sorry! Did I do something wrong? It's fine— Wait! Let me in! You broke our pact.
What? We said we'd eat lunch together, but you run off.
We said we'd practice at my house, but you don't come.
I'm sorry.
Your penalty is treating me to lunch and dessert tomor— Arisa! Your penalty is treating me to lunch and dessert tomor— Arisa! I-I didn't say you could come in yet! Kasumi-chan! I'm sorry, Rimi-rin! What?! You had this? What do you think?! She sold Tonegawa! What? You can sell those things? Don't underestimate Tonegawa! Wow! What do you think? I can change the sound too! Cool! It's so cool! Right? Super, super cool! Thank goodness.
Thank goodness.
Super, super, super cool! Super, super, super cool! Are we really gonna perform at the cultural festival? Absolutely! Dinner's ready.
It's really good.
You think so? That's good.
What are you doing here? You came with Kasumi-chan, didn't you? Can I have seconds? Listen to me! Can I have seconds? Listen to me! Of course.
What? Good for you two.
Says who?! Here you are.
Thank you.
I'm eating too! Sure, sure.
Thanks for the food! Ugh! Now there are two Kasumis! Arisa-chan, take it easy The three of you are performing at the cultural festival? Yeah.
Arisa's playing keyboard, Rimi-rin's playing bass, and I'm playing guitar.
A three-piece! "Three-piece"? It means a band with three players.
It sounds kinda cute.
I look forward to seeing you guys.
O-Tae? Hm? You should join our band! What? I want to play together! Hearing your guitar makes my heart start racing! If we both play together, it'll be even more exciting! Now that our home ec project is over Okay.
Let's play again some time.
Really?! I don't know about the cultural festival though.
Yes! Once we play at the cultural festival we can audition! What? I haven't told the others yet, but we're gonna audition to play at Space.
You're not allowed to perform there unless you pass.
The owner got mad at me the other day after I walked out on stage.
Everything looked so sparkly from up on stage.
My heart was racing! That's why I have to play live at Spac— Impossible.
That's why I have to play live at Spac— Impossible.
Huh? I don't think that's possible.
Yume no tochuu kimi to deatta! (Sono toki kara) Hajikesou na mune no yokan Zutto fukuramitsuzuketeta Mada dare mo shiranai kono uta (Itsu no hi ni ka) Sekaijuu ni todoketai na Zutto negatteita to shitara? (Kimi ga) Kiita (Dakara ne) Dare ni datte makenai kono kimochi o Gyutto tsumete (Zenbu) Atsumete (Believing!) Toki yo ugokidase! Final Countdown! (Jyuu, kyuu, hachi, nana, roku, go) Ato go byou! (Yon, san, ni, ichi — Ready Go!) Kirakira da to ka, yume da to ka, kibou da to ka Dokidoki da to ka de (Kono sekai wa) Mawaritsuzuketeiru! Kinou wa kyou ni natte, asu ni natte, mirai ni natte Eien ni natteta (Sekaijuu no) Yuuki atsumete ikou! Te o awase, kata yoseatte (Itsumo) Suteki ni Girls! Girls! Yume o kanadeyou (Kimi to) Daisuki na kono basho de Next time Next time: "My Heart Was Racing!" Next time My Heart Was Racing!