BanG Dream! (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

My Heart Was Racing!

1 Once we play at the cultural festival we can audition! What? I haven't told the others yet, but we're gonna audition to play at Space.
You're not allowed to perform there unless you pass.
The owner got mad at me the other day after I walked out on stage.
Everything looked so sparkly from up on stage.
My heart was racing! That's why I have to play live at Spac— Impossible.
Huh? I don't think that's possible.
Owner, can I come in for a minute? I'm shutting the lights off as soon as I'm done drinking this.
Thank you.
Kasumi? Pardon me Space is a sacred place for girl bands.
Only bands the owner deems worthy can stand on this stage.
On the weekends or after I get off work, I watch the shows here too.
At first I only came to study the guitar players, but when I saw how much fun all of the band members were having, I fell in love immediately.
It's just amazing.
Their performances are brilliant Someday I'd like to play here too, but I've still got a long way to go.
Really? It's been three months since I started working part-time here during spring break, and I've met a lot of people.
Fans of the bands, people who'll be auditioning at Space soon, people who failed their auditions but still want to come and watch the shows So many of them.
We all want to stand up on this stage, but it's just not possible.
I'll practice! How long will it take you to learn to play the guitar properly? I don't know, but I'll give it my all! I'll work as hard as I can to pass the audition and we'll all sparkle on this stage together! Then show me.
Make me tremble.
A shooting star arcs across the sky I wish upon It carries happiness and miracles And signals a new beginning I changed into my uniform and dashed out of my room The star I saw last night, twinkle!, tickles my eyelids (My song!) I hum to myself with a little wink (Standby!) Is it almost time yet? (Yes!) Youth and music! (Believe) A story of friendship! (Dreams) Innocence and passion! (Come) Everyone (True!) Let's get together! Amazing experience! It starts now! Let it out! Let it echo! Race toward the future The place where a promise awaits (It's almost here!) Grant it! Let it come! The moment you've believed in Carries happiness and miracles A thrilling experience! Onward to tomorrow's stage! My Heart Was Racing! Well? What do you mean, "make O-Tae tremble"? We're gonna perform live! I'll be on guitar, you'll be— There's no way in hell we can perform live! If we can't do it, will we break up? What? We're not official anyways.
What?! I'm not sure about their standards, but are you saying that if we mess this up, we won't be able to audition at all? No way.
I wouldn't say that exactly, but Why are you even here? This is our "Make O-Tae's Heart Pound" strategy meeting! I'm the material witness.
She's the enemy! No, she's not! Huh?! She's my friend! Friend.
Hanazono-san? Does your chest hurt? No That's the first time anyone's called me their friend.
Well, I guess people don't really say it out loud much, do they? Um if we can't make your heart pound when we perform live for you, what's gonna happen? Yeah, that! What does she have to do with this anyways? It's up to us.
That's true, but Space is no walk in the park.
It can't be that hard.
O-Tae! What time do you start work at Space? Part-time work? Yes! All of you? No.
What? Let's all do it together! Are you kidding me, you idiot?! I have to ask my parents first We're setting up right now.
All non-employees, get out.
Jeez Hello! Owner! Please let us work here part-time! Have you really got time for that? What? Hanazono, get to work.
Performing Tonight Guess that's a no.
What's with you all of a sudden? I just thought maybe we could learn a little more about Space.
I see now.
Why is this a sacred place? A sacred place is a sacred place.
I get it! I have no idea what you're talking about.
Well Space was created specifically for girl bands.
The owner used to play guitar in a band that went on tours and stuff.
Then thirty years ago she built this place to shut down the stereotype that music venues are scary and violent.
But then Thanks.
Are you finished, then? Step down.
Don't get on this stage if you think you love music more than I do! Ever since then, the owner has used auditions to see how passionate the bands are.
She's so cool! She is cool! You sure know a lot, Rimi.
Oh, uh my sister told me.
Yuri from Guri-Guri is your sister, right? Yeah.
My sister and the others decided that they wanted their first concert to be here.
Thank you! Thank you for coming.
Wow, that was so much fun.
I got goosebumps.
Me too.
Hey, Kasumi.
Amazing Huh? Their fingers were moving so fast! And your point is? The way they played made it look so easy But it's not! I never really understood before, but I think I get what you were saying a little bit, O-Tae.
I really do want to perform live here! I'm sure it's gonna be really tough, but I want to sparkle and shine on this stage too! Okay.
I knew you would say that.
I'm gonna make your heart pound, O-Tae! Time for a "Make O-Tae's Heart Pound" strategy meeting! What should we do for our performance? You don't waste any time, do you.
Where should we perform? How about here? No way.
The music room is already being used for school clubs, isn't it? What about Arisa's house? The warehouse! My house?! Yeah! My house?! Live music in a warehouse Sounds like a club.
Yeah, a club! A club! Hey! All right! Let's make this club show happen! Yeah! Hey! See you later, O-Tae! Kasumi-chan! You need to ask for my permission! Kasumi! Well, what's the plan? Hmm what do you think? You haven't thought about it at all? Seriously, what the hell? How about Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? That's lame.
What? But we really sparkled when we sang it at Space! We "sparkled"? What does that even mean? In any case, we have Guri-Guri to thank for saving our butts.
I'll play my guitar just like Yuri-san, okay?! In your dreams! Are you stupid or something? I can do it! I know it! Well aren't you a genius.
Ugh! Why don't you just practice with me? Huh?! I never even said I'd do it! What do you mean? You said you would, Arisa! No, I didn't! Um No, I didn't! My sister and I wrote this song a while back.
It started with something I was humming, so it's really not, um, you know It's not very difficult or anything Is this you singing, Rimi-rin? What? Well, for this test recording Wow.
You sound cute! Really cute! Really? Yeah! Arisa, hit replay! Okay.
Wanna listen too, Rimi-rin? What? Don't play it out loud! Good morning! Oh, you're studying! Arisa-chan, I brought the sheet music.
Arisa? I never said I'd play it.
What?! I asked my sister to write the keyboard parts, though Arisa It's a piece of cake.
Really? Probably.
Thank goodness.
Rimi-rin! What should I do? I can't read this at all! Maybe guitar tabs would be better for you.
"Tabs"? Kasumi-chan, you can do it! My Heart is a Chocolate Coronet Like this.
Fourth string, fifth fret.
This? Yep! Next is um first string, seventh fret, maybe? First string, seventh fret Huh? That's not right um What? Where, where? Maybe it's the one next to it Hi guys.
O-Tae! Teach me! Seriously? I'm sorry I don't know anything about guitars.
Um, this is the song Arisa, I'm borrowing your amp.
Huh? Sure.
O-Tae, you're the best! Amazing! Wow Feel like replacing Kasumi as our guitarist? What? You're only kidding, right? O-Tae, one more time! Can I record you? Sure.
Okay, ready and start! The chocolate coronet song.
Nice! What's that supposed to be? O-Tae-chan came over today.
Hanazono-san? She's really great at guitar.
And she's kinda mysterious.
I wish we'd started talking sooner.
It's not too late yet.
You think so? When's your performance? Nothing's set in stone yet, but probably Saturday or Sunday.
I'll keep my schedule open.
What? Um is it okay if my sister comes? Seriously?! She'll make us all nervous! Yuri-san? Even if you aren't nervous, Hanazono-san Are you coming too, Saya? What? You know, I Come! Saya! Fine, fine! But I can't stay the whole time, okay? Yay! Maybe I'll bring my boyfriend along too.
What? O-Tae-chan, are you dating somebody? What?! I messed up again! Your grip's gotten better, though.
Really?! Your hands look like real guitarists' hands.
Did you hear that? I couldn't tell.
Want to try playing together? Let's do it! On my mark.
Slowly, all right? Dun, dun, dun.
That speed? Yep! Ready, and— Come on! Sorry! You need to time it just right.
Ready, and? Ready and— Start? Ready and— Start! Ready, and— Kasumi! This is hard! O-Tae! For the time being Did something good happen? What? You were humming.
The bath's open.
Aa-chan, Aa-chan! Are you free tomorrow? Huh? Yeah Yay! I'll wake you up in the morning.
What? We're gonna make O-Tae's heart race with our live performance! We'll make your heart pound too! Performance? 'Morning! 'Morning.
Good mor— Saya! All right, all right.
Let me introduce you.
This is my sister, Aa-ch—! Are you okay? Thank you, Aa-chan! Hey Thank you for always taking care of my sister.
And thank you.
You came? Senpai! Huh? She's the captain of the swim team! Club Show O-Tae! The bag for my guitar case ripped! Mine too At the same time! You're two peas in a pod.
Rimi, you look so cute.
I put in the effort today too! I can't tell.
You look like a hamster.
What's that? An amp? No.
My boyfriend.
Is juice all right? Yes, thank you.
You're Toyama-san, right? Third-year.
Yes! You remembered me? Sure.
I'm looking forward to the summer championship.
I'm sorry, before that I'll be— Wait! Huh? Where's the rabbit?! Right here.
Thank goodness You can't just let it go like that! Sorry.
Odd-Eye's an old geezer.
An old geezer? O-Tae What about the show? Coming right up! I'm so nervous! Me too.
Huh? My hands are all sweaty! Hello! I'm Kasumi Toyama! Thanks for coming to see our Club Show! Arisa! Grandma! O-Tae, Saya, Aa-chan, Yuri-san, Granny, we're gonna make your hearts pound today! It'll make us so happy if they do! Ready! My Heart is a Chocolate Coronet! Club Show We did it! That was so crazy! Seriously crazy! But it was so fun! Yeah! Wasn't this a competition? I guess so.
But it's more exciting if we all play together! Right, O-Tae? Kasumi! Rimi! Arisa! H-hey, cut it out! I met you in the middle of a dream! (Since then) I've felt a thrill building up in my chest Like it's gonna burst This song of ours that no one knows (One of these days) I want to spread it around the world If I had kept on wishing? (You) asked me (and so) I'll take my unyielding determination and Pack it in tight (All of it) Gather it up (Believing!) Make this moment come alive! Final Countdown! (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5) 5 more seconds! (4, 3, 2, 1 — Ready Go!) Sparkles, dreams, aspirations And thrills are (What make) the world go 'round! Yesterday becomes today, then tomorrow, then the future On and on infinitely (Let's gather up) all the courage of the world! Join hands, help each other out (Always) be amazing, Girls! Girls! Let's make our dreams come true (With you) In the place we love Tae-chan's so quick to go home lately.
I wonder if she has a boyfriend.
She's found it, that one.
Found what? Next time Next time: "I Made It!" Next time I Made It!