BanG Dream! (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

I Made It!

1 Yamabuki Bakery Yamabuki Bakery One year ago See you later.
Saya, will you be home late again today? Yep, I've got practice! Leaving now! See you later.
And then at the end, ta-da! We all jump in the air! Can we even do that? It'll be fine! For your part at the end, we just need to— You guys! Hey.
What's up? Hey, want to buy some hair scrunchies on the way? What? We were just saying how cool it would be if we wore matching ones to the concert.
Huh? Will we be able to make it to the studio on time, though? Come on, it could be cute! Right?! Okay, but run! Yay! H-hey, wait for me! Days left before our first concert: Two weeks Saya, I can take over.
It's okay, I'm almost finished.
There we go! I'll go and wake up Jun and Sana, Mom.
You take a little break.
Okay, okay.
Thanks, Saya.
Wake up, you two! If you oversleep you won't get any yogurt! Big tyrant Hey! Inoru sora ni ko o egaku ryuusei ga Happiness to miracle o nosete "Hajimari" o tsugeteiru Seifuku kigaete Dash! Heya o tobidashita Yuube mita hoshi ga Twinkle! Mabuta kusuguru (My song!) Kuchizusande sotto mekubase shite (Standby!) Sorosoro ii kana? (Yes!) Seishun to ongaku! (Believe) Kizuna no monogatari! (Dreams) Junjou to jounetsu! (Come) Minna de (True!) Atsumete! Suteki taiken! Hajimaru! Hanate! Hibike! Ashita e hashirinukete Yakusoku no matsu basho wa (mou sugu!) Kanae! Todoke! Shinjiteta shunkan ni Happiness to miracle o nosete Tokimeki experience! Ashita no stage e! Cultural Festival Planning Committee, Kasumi Toyama I'm Kasumi Toyama, your new I Made It! Cultural Festival Planning Committee President! Yay, Cultural Festival! Yay! We need something dazzling for our program! With pizazz! Something cute! What? I dunno about that! Before that, we need to choose a Vice-President.
What? Oh, right.
Um Saya! Huh? Saya! Saya! Saya! Well, I I knew it'd be you, Saya.
You're the only one who knows how to deal with Kasumi! All right, I'm in.
Woohoo! Kasumi Toyama Saya Yamabuki The Planning Committee, huh? Can you handle that? When are you coming, Arisa? I'll save you a seat.
What are you guys doing? We don't know yet, but it'll be something exciting! Are you really okay? Well, at least we have a direction.
What's your class doing, Arisa? Beats me.
I couldn't care less.
What?! Besides What are these birds doing here?! It's because the bread from Saya's bakery is so good! Do you want some, Arisa? You just dropped it on the ground! You're not interested in the Cultural Festival? I can't believe it! Jeez! I'm not uninterested, okay? Huh? It's just annoying preparing everything and stuff, don't you think? What? Not necessarily But it's gonna be so much fun! No, it's not! Yes, it is! What song was that? I came up with it in the bath this morning.
You made that up?! That's amazing! Wow.
How cool.
That's it! Let's play that at the Cultural Festival! What? You just made my heart skip a beat! Thanks.
But that's all I've got so far— Let's finish it! I can help somehow! Somehow what? How about lyrics? Lyrics! You'll just end up writing about sparkle nonsense! Write them with me, Arisa! Huh? No way.
I've never written anything.
Neither have I.
Is this seriously happening?! Our working title is "Let's Go, Four Members.
" That's so lame! We'll have to think of a band name, too.
Oh, that's right.
What should we name it? Let's take it one step at a time.
I'll do my best! Well, that's it for our first meeting.
Program proposal, group member sheet, refreshment booth outline notes This one's for applications to use the stage and borrow equipment.
All this paperwork's no fun at all Are you really gonna be okay? It's fine, I'll fill them all out! I'll do my best.
Hey! It's too hard! Stay paw-sitive Sorry.
For a second there it felt like I was watching my siblings do their homework.
I've gotta help out at home too, so I can't stay long.
But I'll do what I can.
Saya! I can't just ignore a helpless child, can I? That's mean! See you later then! See ya! Oh, Saya! H-hey Thank you! See you tomorrow then.
Yep! One-Day Manager Strategy Meeting I'm the owner of Class 1-A Café, Kasumi Toyama! Yay! Yay! Our concept is Sparkles! Pizazz! Cute! Bada-bing, bada-boom! Mm She probably means Fashionable Stylish Cute Relaxing This! Oh! Nice one, Saya.
How about a maid café? I heard some of the older students are doing that.
We could cross-dress and do a butler café! Oh my god! You'd be so great! Wouldn't it be cute if we just made some aprons? Cute aprons! No objections there! And we could personalize them with accessories.
I like it, I like it! Maid café Cross-dressing butler café Cute aprons Accessories, etc.
I think we're good on costumes.
What kind of food should we serve? Cake! Great! Hamburgers! Excellent! Ramen! Takoyaki! Habanero pizza! Sounds spicy! It's not spicy if you take off the habaneros.
I like it! But then you can't really call it habanero pizza, can you? U-um! Rimi-rin! Um I think bread would be nice! Like chocolate coronet pastries, and bread from Saya-chan's bakery.
Their chocolate coronets are really yummy! My family's? Cake Hamburgers Ramen Yakisoba Hot dogs Why not? The bread at Yamabuki Bakery's great, right? Yeah! Cake Hamburgers Ramen Yakisoba Hot dogs Bakery it is, then All right.
I'll ask my parents.
Nice one, Rimi-rin! Nice, Rimi-rin! Yay! Everybody, are you ready for the Cultural Festival?! Yeah! Are we gonna make the cutest café ever?! Yeah! Bite-size items like these'll be easier to eat and great for take-out too.
Yeah, they're cute.
They look yummy! Watch it, you'll burn yourself.
Saya, how many of your friends are coming over today? Should we invite them for dinner? There's no need to work yourself up over this.
We're just taste-testing the bread.
I wanna test them too! Me too! None for you, Sana! Why not?! You won't be able to finish your dinner.
Now go on, it's homework time! What? Sorry for getting home late so much recently.
Are you doing okay? You worry too much.
I'm doing completely fine now.
And your father's here too, right Honey? Yep.
Go out and do what you like, Saya.
Good evening! We're here! Kasumi and the others are here.
Get ready for the Cultural Festival! I told you not to get yourself all worked up over this! Thanks.
Welcome, everyone! Saya! We're all here! Good evening.
Pancakes Fun Shin Jack Friends (party) Poppin Sweets What are you up to? Oh, it's just you, Yamabuki-san.
It's a rare sight seeing you out here.
I needed a little break.
Wh-where's Kasumi? Out shopping with Rimi-rin.
Have you finished the sign yet? No, not yet.
Saya! Hey.
You make it look easy.
What? Doesn't it get tiring? Seems like you've got a lot of responsibilities to deal with.
Well, I'm here because I want to be.
It's fun.
You a masochist? Maybe.
Writing lyrics? Working on band names? Just writing down a couple ideas.
You think about the band a lot, don't you? Well, I don't want to end up as Sparkle-this or Boom Boom-that.
I think "Poppin" sounds kinda cute.
Seriously? Yeah.
Yeah, it's fun and it reminds me of popcorn.
Don't sneak up on me like that! Can we borrow the speakers from the warehouse? For the café? They're my grandma's What are you guys doing over there? You're dropping things! You're dropping things! Acorns, pitter-patter acorns.
You're dropping things! You're dropping things! Acorns, pitter-patter acorns.
Acorns, pitter-patter acorns.
Help me out! Into the pond— Help me out! Into the pond— There we go Okay.
Yay! Everyone else okay? Yep! Do I have to? How cute.
Will you all come work for me? We'll have lines going out the door! Wanna wear one too, Sa-nan? Sa-nan? Your name's Sana, so Sa-nan! Not another weird nickname What? It's cute! Is that okay? Yeah.
You're so cute! Oh! You're here again! Jun-jun! Jun-jun! Jun-jun! Poop, poop, poop, poop! What the?! Poop, poop, poop, poop! Jun! Stop that! Sorry about that.
He's just embarrassed that his sister's friends are here.
P-poo— No, Arisa-chan! Thanks for having us.
I'll send you the song when it's finished.
Good luck on the lyrics.
I'll do my best Anyhow, do you really need to drag Yamabuki-san along? I'll fall asleep if I'm alone! The shop's closed tomorrow, so it's fine with me.
Thank you so, so, so much! Yeah, yeah.
Just smack her if she falls asleep.
Hey! Meanie! If you're that worried, why don't you stay over too? A sleepover Y-you can't just, so suddenly Why are you all nervous? Shut up! I'm not a loose woman like that, all right?! Bye! We're having sukiyaki tonight.
Sukiyaki? Is it your birthday? No.
Let's go! What? Okay.
Maybe Arisa can't sleep if she's not using her own pillow.
Ichigaya-san's so funny! It looks so good! Want some of this? Really? Thank you! You undo it here.
Jun-jun, hurry! I'm not taking a bath today! What? You better get in the bath right now, or else! Cut it out! I'll take one later! Stop it! Hey! Wait! Okay, all done! Thank you! Kasumi-chan, you can do it!! What's wrong? Did Sana and Jun draw that? Yep.
They gave it to me for my birthday.
How cute! Concentrate! Yes! My brain's maxed out! Want to take a break? I'll make some café au lait.
Fancy! Here, a little something from my dad.
How cute! Thank you! Ready now? Yep.
I can tell it's gonna be great! Even though the music and the lyrics aren't done yet? It's because I have all of you.
Hm? At first it was just me, all excited by myself.
But then Arisa and Rimi-rin joined in, and then O-Tae And then you, Saya! Do you remember my self-intro in class? I thought I accidentally said something super weird, so I was really happy when you said you liked it.
Is your heart pounding now? Yeah! We're all gonna sparkle when we sing and play together on stage.
It's all so much fun! It makes me want to run! That's great! Why don't you put that into your lyrics? What? Don't overthink it.
If you're forthright with your feelings, they'll come through in the lyrics.
You think so? Everyone will help you fix it up after that.
Thank you.
Including me, then? Hey, you should sing with me! At the Cultural Festival, even if it's just that once.
Even if you aren't joining the band, I just want to sing together! Sounds like fun! It will be! Someday Someday.
Okay! Promise! Break time's over.
Let's get back to work! Saya, you write too! Me? That reminds me, what happened to the band name? Did you pick one? Your drawings came out so cute, Rimi-rin! Th-thanks! Why do I have to do this?! Let me help! What? Sorry.
Didn't work.
Ugh! Tae Hanazono! The name was Arisa's idea.
You told me it was good, so I just brought it up as an idea! I think it's perfect for you guys.
And you, Saya.
Huh? Members Performing our hearts out for the first time!! We hope you come watch! You're a member too, Saya.
Oh! Yuri-senpai, Rii-chan-senpai! Check this out! Wow, I love your flyer! Arisa-cho, are you playing the castanets again? Uh, no.
"Arisa-cho"? What are you two doing? Rii-chan's Fairy Tale Doll Show! What?! She's only kidding.
I want to go see! Saya? Natsu It's been a while.
Kinda weird, since we go to the same school.
You're in a band? That's great! You're finally— No, I'm not.
My friend wrote my name by mistake Sorry Yume no tochuu kimi to deatta! (Sono toki kara) Hajikesou na mune no yokan Zutto fukuramitsuzuketeta Mada dare mo shiranai kono uta (Itsu no hi ni ka) Sekaijuu ni todoketai na Zutto negatteita to shitara? (Kimi ga) Kiita (Dakara ne) Dare ni datte makenai kono kimochi o Gyutto tsumete (Zenbu) Atsumete (Believing!) Toki yo ugokidase! Final Countdown! (Jyuu, kyuu, hachi, nana, roku, go) Ato go byou! (Yon, san, ni, ichi — Ready Go!) Kirakira da to ka, yume da to ka, kibou da to ka Dokidoki da to ka de (Kono sekai wa) Mawaritsuzuketeiru! Kinou wa kyou ni natte, asu ni natte, mirai ni natte Eien ni natteta (Sekaijuu no) Yuuki atsumete ikou! Te o awase, kata yoseatte (Itsumo) Suteki ni Girls! Girls! Yume o kanadeyou (Kimi to) Daisuki na kono basho de Next time Next time: "We Fought!" Next time We Fought!