BanG Dream! (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

We Fought!

1 Oh my god! Oh my god! It's almost time! I'm sweating like crazy! We shouldn't be this nervous, guys! Natsu, give us a shout.
Oh, okay.
Wait! What do I say?! Are you gonna be all right when we go out on stage? I know, I know! Don't forget to greet the audience! When the time comes, Saya'll be with you! Yeah! Show 'em what you've got, Saya! What? I told you, I can't! You're Saya! You'll be fine! Yeah! Come on, guys, please? We're in this together! All right.
Ready? Let's do this! Yeah! Oh my god, my parents are out there! Mine too They even brought a camera.
It's feels like a recital! Do you see your parents? Yeah Mom Hello? Mom? Saya!? Saya! Saya! Saya! Jun? Where's Mom? Hurry, go! What are you doing!? Jun and Sana are waiting for you! But- Don't worry about the performance! A shooting star arcs across the sky I wish upon It carries happiness and miracles And signals a new beginning I changed into my uniform and dashed out of my room The star I saw last night, twinkle!, tickles my eyelids (My song!) I hum to myself with a little wink (Standby!) Is it almost time yet? (Yes!) Youth and music! (Believe) A story of friendship! (Dreams) Innocence and passion! (Come) Everyone (True!) Let's get together! Amazing experience! It starts now! Let it out! Let it echo! Race toward the future The place where a promise awaits (It's almost here!) Grant it! Let it come! The moment you've believed in Carries happiness and miracles A thrilling experience! Onward to tomorrow's stage! Three days left until the show! Oh god We Fought! I'm getting so nervous.
One, two, three people Want a drink? Th-thank you? Drums! Th-thank you? Drums! There are drums! I heard that the other bands will be sharing those.
Oh! What about us? Huh? Who would play them? Well, I'm off then.
All right, thanks! There, all set.
I think Kasumi's the only one left.
Tegoshi Toyama Time She's working nonstop.
Concert We'll have to schedule a break for her in here somewhere.
Has she come back yet? She's still checking out the stage.
I'm Kasumi on guitar and drums! You think you can play guitar and drums at the same time? Can't I? Why don't you try? I don't think it's possible to do both That's a stretch, even if she were some deity.
It's not like this'll be our only show either.
Sounds like you're ready for more! That's not what I meant! What happens twice will happen thrice.
So true! And what if it doesn't? I'm so glad your mom was able to leave the hospital so quickly.
Yeah, we were so worried.
I'm sorry for messing things up.
It's totally fine! Yeah! Our performance turned out all right anyways! You call that "turning out all right"? Oh yeah! Listen, Saya.
As soon as we walked out on stage, Natsuki started freaking out- Shut up! Her knees were knocking! I said I was sorry! Today won't be the last time we play a show.
We'll perform together again.
Mom! What are you doing?! Welcome home.
What's with all the laundry? The weather was perfect! You should have told me first! You're such a worrywart.
Promise you won't do it alone again.
Fine, fine.
How's the Cultural Festival? What do you mean? Mom- Saya! You're falling into a bad habit! No more bottling up your feelings inside all alone.
You're so good at that, Kasumi-chan! What are you drawing, Hanazono-san? Pandas.
2 more days 'til the Cultural Festival!! The final sprint Oh Oh! Are you drawing pandas because we're selling PAN (pastries)?! Genius! Saya, I can do that.
You've gotta get back home, right? Here.
Hang on a sec.
The lyrics we thought up together the other day came out great.
Really? And we finished the music.
I've been practicing, but it's super hard and frustrating! But it's really cool! Wanna hear it? That's okay.
I'll hear it at the festival.
You sure? Wow, it's almost here now.
See you guys later! Leave the rest to us! All that's left is clean-up duty.
Kasumi can handle that alone, right? Are you sure you'll be all right? What? If worse comes to worst, we're here too.
She's all yours! Meanie! See ya! Thanks, Saya! All right, let's get to it! Okay! Poor Saya.
She must be going through a lot.
Her mom just fainted from exhaustion.
She must be so busy.
Is there anything we can do to help? Maybe we could push back our practice time a little.
That could work.
And the three of us can practice on our own in the meantime.
For Saya's sake, we can work extra hard! Natsu, you get double practice! What?! Hmm, maybe you're right For bicycle and pedestrian use only Wow, there are different kinds of guitar strings? Yep.
The sound changes depending on the type of material.
It's fun to test them 'til you find a sound you like.
Really? Thanks for waiting.
Did you decide on an ice cream? No, I couldn't decide which one I wanted.
But Arisa-chan said she'd share half of hers with me.
This is the one I wanted.
Thanks! Arisa, give me half! Me too! There won't be anything left! Hey! Do you mind if we take a side trip? I'm first! I'm second Don't just run off out of nowhere! Why? It's good exercise, isn't it? Yeah, we did it for you.
What's that supposed to mean?! Ichigaya-san? Arisa? Hello there! Hello there? Not you! I didn't expect to see you here.
You're in a band? For the time being Is she one of your classmates? Uh Yeah Hina-chan! Senpai! Gather round! Girls, be ambitious! Woohoo! Huh? Woohoo! Be ambitious! Louder! Be ambitious! You're disturbing the shop! Be ambitious! You're disturbing the shop! What?! Crap, Rimi.
She's going nuts! She's a good person.
And she gives me a lot of good band advice.
Alrighty! Twinkling Star Kasumi-chan! Mysterious Garden Tae-chan! Warehouse Benkei Arisa-chan! Warehouse Benkei?! And My Sister, Rimi-chan! No, I'm not.
All you cuties, welcome to Hina-chan World! There's something wrong with her All you cuties, welcome to Hina-chan World! Rii-chan! I've brought you some new cuties! Thank you, happy! Pipe down! I'm working here! She's mad at me! Sorry party! She never talks during the concerts, so I figured she was a quiet person.
Rii-chan keeps you in check, doesn't she? Hmm, how should I put this Apparently I'll ruin our image if I open my mouth! Why does Rii say that? I wonder Oh! Arisa-chan, your pigtails are so cute! What the-?! Rimi, help! U-um Uh What the-?! Rimi, help! U-um Uh Senpai! Senpai, would you play drums for us?! Sure, I'd love to! Just like that?! Hm But you guys already have someone close to you who'd be way better than me! Right, Na-chan? You mean Saya? What? Mom, I finished the laundry so I can help in the kitchen now.
Mom? Here.
Are you okay? Can you eat dinner? Yep! I'm nice and hungry.
You take a rest, Mom.
Leave the rest to us! All right, Dad, you clean up the shop! Jun and Sana- I'll set the table! I'll wipe it down! Okay! Let's take care of this together! Yeah! You're kind of in my way.
But I wanna squeeze you tighter! So Saya-chan used to be in a band Ever since middle school Crazy We were never able to perform together in the end, though.
How come? I'm sure Saya must have had her reasons But she never told us why she left.
Saya! I'll be rooting for you guys.
She kept her worries to herself, and she made up her mind on her own.
She never told us anything I was really happy when I saw your flyer, Toyama-san.
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy Middle & High School Blossom Festival!! The arch is finished! We did it! Yay! Yummy pastries available We did it! Yep.
Saya! Yay! Class 1-A Café is complete! Yay! I can do it by myself, you know.
It's okay, I want to help.
The Cultural Festival starts tomorrow, right? Yeah.
Everyone's been working so hard to prepare for it.
Maybe we have Kasumi to thank for taking the lead.
They're all really enjoying it How about you? What? I'm having fun.
Keep going.
Saya! Your friend is here.
Wait! Gotcha! You're next, Jun-jun! Bet you can't catch me! Hold it right there! What's going on? What about practice? Your performance is tomorrow.
I know.
I will.
I will, but Ah, so you're hungry? I might be hungry too Huh? You're acting kinda weird, Kasumi.
Um I heard about your old band.
What? Saya, the drums- Stop.
Let's go to my room.
I see.
You talked to Natsu.
I'm sorry So you used to be in a band, huh? You never asked me if I was.
Na-chan was really worried about you Because you never said anything to her.
She doesn't want things to stay like this between you.
I want to see you play the drums, Saya! Let's do it! Saya! Find someone else.
I want you, Saya! I want to write new songs together and- I can't.
I'm out of practice, and I'll only be a burden.
That's okay! No, it's not.
I don't even want to join a band again.
Why not? I don't like staying out late.
Jun and Sana get lonely, and my mom overexerts herself Your mom? She's been sickly for a long time, but she still tries to do all of the housework on her own I never even noticed until that day.
Jun and Sana were crying And I caused trouble for Natsu and the others.
I don't want to be a burden on anyone else.
I'm a burden too! Especially on you, Saya! I don't think you're a burden- Neither do I! Let's do this together.
I'll help out whenever the bakery gets busy! And I'll play with Jun-jun and Sa-nan! And check their homework! If after school's no good, we can practice at lunch! I can't.
Yes, you can! I'm sorry.
Why won't you join us? You looked like you were having so much fun Do you hate bands now? Of course not! Saya- You have no idea, Kasumi! I ruined our concert- Made the others walk on eggshells around me! They did everything for my sake! Does that sound like fun to you?! Were Natsu, Mayu, and Fumika even having fun back then?! Should I be the only one having fun?! Of course not! Even if I join your band, I can't ever go to practice! You want to perform at Space, don't you? That'll never happen unless you practice more! I'll only hold you guys back! Everyone'll be on eggshells again You'll try to tell me it's okay.
But it's not okay! It wouldn't be fun for any of us! How could I even face you guys?! Someone will end up suffering for my sake That's why I quit before.
I can't do it Not anymore You can do it.
No, I can't! Yes, you can! It's not fair if you make up your mind about everything without us! It's not fair! It's not! Let's think this through together Don't fight with each other! Everybody has to get along! I'm sorry.
But we're not fighting, okay? Those tears were pretend! Really? I'm happy as a clam! See? Look.
There you are.
Why are you? You left ahead of us, Kasumi.
We could hear you shouting from down here.
Jun-kun was so shocked he ran back to the bakery.
Well, time to go home.
What? But- We should save this discussion for another time.
In any case, I couldn't care less about the concert But having Yamabuki-san with us would be better than a stranger in my opinion.
Agreed! I'll be really happy if we get to play together! I just sent you the music.
I told you, I can't.
We'll wait.
We'll be waiting for you! Saya? It's okay I'm sorry Kasumi-chan? Would you like to delete this song? Yes No Saya, are you coming to eat dinner? Coming.
(Tentative) Would you like to delete this song? I met you in the middle of a dream! (Since then) I've felt a thrill building up in my chest Like it's gonna burst This song of ours that no one knows (One of these days) I want to spread it around the world If I had kept on wishing? (You) asked me (and so) I'll take my unyielding determination and Pack it in tight (All of it) Gather it up (Believing!) Make this moment come alive! Final Countdown! (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5) 5 more seconds! (4, 3, 2, 1 — Ready Go!) Sparkles, dreams, aspirations And thrills are (What make) the world go 'round! Yesterday becomes today, then tomorrow, then the future On and on infinitely (Let's gather up) all the courage of the world! Join hands, help each other out (Always) be amazing, Girls! Girls! Let's make our dreams come true (With you) In the place we love Next time Next time: "I Ran!" Next time I Ran!