BanG Dream! (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

I Ran!

1 What the-?! You- Tae Hanazono! What are you- Papa I'm not your papa! You two've gotten so close.
No way! She just pounced on me outta nowhere! What are you doing here? That's my line! Huh? Where's Kasumi-chan? Cut it out! Where's Kasumi-chan? Wake up! I Ran! Breakfast time! Huh? Good morning.
Are you sure you should be up? You've been helping me so much lately, Saya.
Here, bon appetit! Aren't you going to school? I am, but You worked so hard prepping for the Cultural Festival with Kasumi and the others.
Yeah I'll stop by later with Jun and Sana.
Huh? To Saya Mom, is this- Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy Middle & High School Blossom Festival!! Blossom Festival Office Oh my god, it's about to start! Are the pastries ready? They're coming! Drinks are all set! Saya-chan's not here yet Kasumi, you went to her house, right? For a minute.
The pastries are here! Kasumi, come with us! Coming.
Here you go.
Help has arrived! Good morning! Morning.
Careful, it's heavy.
Okay! I’ll help out, too! Thanks Can I get your signature? Oh, right! Here you are.
Um How's Saya? This morning, my wife What? Oh, it's nothing too serious.
She's been anemic for a long time now.
She just won't listen, even when Saya takes her to the hospital.
Sorry to cause you kids trouble.
Not at all! It's not trouble at all Um, could you tell Saya that everything's going okay here? Sure.
I've got a message for you as well.
We'd like to do a complete examination just to be safe, but your mother should be just fine.
No need to worry.
I hope the Cultural Festival is a success.
And that the concert will be a success too.
Everyone! Let's make this the best Cultural Festival ever! Together we can make this an absolute success! Let's do it! Class 1-A! 1-A! 1-A! Hip-hip- Woohoo! Shouldn't it be "hurray"? Oh well.
Let's go with it! Yeah! 1-A! 1-A! Hip-hip, woohoo! 1-A Café is officially open! Blossom Festival Guide Welcome! Welcome! Yummy pastries available Welcome! Thank you for waiting! This is really good! They're from Yamabuki Bakery! I could eat a dozen of them! Which ones do you recommend? Hmm The melon bun, the custard bun, the chocolate coronet, the red bean bun, the vanilla Danish All of them? All of them! What's wrong? No worries, it can be a funny face! Accelerate your fortune now! Fortune Telling Why do I always seem to run into my sister Maid Café A-chan, you're so cute! Isn't that great, A-chan? No, it's not! I'll take your picture.
Wow! I borrowed my dad's camera.
Everybody say, "Welcome!" Wel- We found Class 1-B! Arisa-chan said she didn't know what her class had planned Interactive Theater "The Golden Goose" Think it's okay to go in? Drat, I have failed once again! Is there anyone out there who can make my dear daughter, Princess Arisa laugh? How cute! Don't look at me! You looked amazing! No, I didn't! Really? They told me this was an easy part without any spoken lines so I took it, but I want to die.
What?! Um, Arisa-chan, you were really cute! Princess.
Cut it out! I'm leaving! What about the concert?! I don't care! Yay! Wanna come visit our haunted house? Rii-chan-senpai! Sounds scary.
Are there any real ghosts? You'll just have to come and see for yourself! I'll pass.
What? There's no way a school's haunted house is gonna- Scare you? What happened? I got into a bit of an accident Oh my Are those bloodstains? Pretty realistic, huh? We're going all out.
If we just blunder through it, it won't feel like we accomplished anything.
Where's the fun in that, right? So? How 'bout it? Haunted House Mom The doctor said she'll be just fine, didn't he? And I'm right here too.
What about the Cultural Festival? Don't worry, I'm staying right here.
Interactive Theater Find the Princess! Deluxe prize to whoever discovers her So what's that deluxe prize, huh? Don't you dare turn me in.
I'll take these two to go, please! We don't offer that service What?! Don Perignon! Don Perignon Party! Senpai, we don't offer that service either A tanuki? It was supposed to be a panda But the face turned out funny Don't! Cheers! What's wrong? Oh, it's nothing.
Saya Send a voicemail to this number? You have two new voicemails.
Saya? It's Kasumi.
How's your mom? Is Sana being fussy? How's Jun-jun doing? Saya, are you all right? The café's been a super success! Everyone's amazing! The customers all love the pastries! Yamabuki Bakery Tons of them are ordering to-go! Saya? Are you on the phone with Saya? Really? Hey there! Hey! Saya! You can count on us! How is your mom feeling? The pastries are so good! Saya-chan? Saya-chan? Listen to the song I wrote about Yamabuki Bakery! Everybody stop! Saya! Message two.
Hello? Everything's great here! It's so much fun.
So, so, so much fun! So, we'll do our best at the concert! We'll play so well even you'll be able to hear it! Also, I left the lyrics at your house today.
The lyrics we all made together.
I hope you read them! HOSHI NO KODOU! Can you hear me Hold me in your arms I won't leave you again Kasumi Saya? Go.
You're a kind person, Saya.
Kind to your mother, kind to others.
But you should save some of that kindness for yourself.
I can't You can do it, Saya.
You're not alone.
Don't worry, I'm right here too! Me too! See? I'm such a mess, aren't I? I'll see you later.
See you later! I'll be back.
Blossom Festival!! Thank you! Enjoy the next band too! Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy Middle & High School Cultural Festival Blossom Festival There's a ton of people.
Oh dear Let's go.
Want to stand up front? I'm fine.
We're gonna do a quick sound check.
Kasumi! Huh? Oh! Hello, we're Poppin- Wait, wait! It's not time to introduce ourselves yet! What? Huh? Jeez Are you all having fun at the Cultural Festival?! Yeah! It's time for our first song! "My Heart is a Chocolate Coronet.
" I was so nervous! Are you ever gonna get used to it? I'm telling you- Saya Thank you! Next up is a song we wrote just for today.
A song we made together.
We're missing a person today, but we promised to sing together with her someday.
"Someday" could still be far away but I believe that one day we'll sing together.
Natsu, Fumika, Mayu! I- It was fun.
It was fun being in a band with you, Saya.
Did you enjoy it? I did! I had fun I loved it! Natsu.
You did, huh? They're waiting for you.
Um, take these This is our new member, Sato-chan.
She's a little shy, but her performances are wild! You think? Thanks.
I'll borrow these! Um, I'd like to put those feelings into this song.
Please listen.
Huh? Saya! Saya! Saya-chan! Can you play it? I'm not sure.
I've only heard it once I'm sure it'll be a mess! Just do what you can.
Let's do our best! Ready when you are.
Thanks for waiting! Next up is "Star Beat! Hoshi no Kodou!" I've got goosebumps.
So cute and innocent! Kasumi! Oh, right.
Allow me to introduce our members! On the blue guitar, O-Tae! On bass, Rimi-rin! That's Arisa! On keyboard! On drums Saya! And here on the Random Star, Kasumi Toyama! The five of us are Poppin' Party! Yume no tochuu kimi to deatta! (Sono toki kara) Hajikesou na mune no yokan Zutto fukuramitsuzuketeta Mada dare mo shiranai kono uta (Itsu no hi ni ka) Sekaijuu ni todoketai na Zutto negatteita to shitara? (Kimi ga) Kiita (Dakara ne) Dare ni datte makenai kono kimochi o Gyutto tsumete (Zenbu) Atsumete (Believing!) Toki yo ugokidase! Final Countdown! (Jyuu, kyuu, hachi, nana, roku, go) Ato go byou! (Yon, san, ni, ichi — Ready Go!) Kirakira da to ka, yume da to ka, kibou da to ka Dokidoki da to ka de (Kono sekai wa) Mawaritsuzuketeiru! Kinou wa kyou ni natte, asu ni natte, mirai ni natte Eien ni natteta (Sekaijuu no) Yuuki atsumete ikou! Te o awase, kata yoseatte (Itsumo) Suteki ni Girls! Girls! Yume o kanadeyou (Kimi to) Daisuki na kono basho de I see Yes we're closing the venue.
Next time Next time: "I Got a Job!" Next time I Got a Job!