BanG Dream! (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

I Got a Job!

1 Sorry we're late! We've been waiting.
What took you? Sorry, we had daytime duty.
Is the bakery doing okay? Yep! Alrighty, let's do our best today! W-welcome! Hi! Oh, you guys are all matching again! We're ready to get started.
A shooting star arcs across the sky I wish upon It carries happiness and miracles And signals a new beginning I changed into my uniform and dashed out of my room The star I saw last night, twinkle!, tickles my eyelids (My song!) I hum to myself with a little wink (Standby!) Is it almost time yet? (Yes!) Youth and music! (Believe) A story of friendship! (Dreams) Innocence and passion! (Come) Everyone (True!) Let's get together! Amazing experience! It starts now! Let it out! Let it echo! Race toward the future The place where a promise awaits (It's almost here!) Grant it! Let it come! The moment you've believed in Carries happiness and miracles A thrilling experience! Onward to tomorrow's stage! I Got a Job! Electric drums! How cool! Wow, I've never seen drums like those before.
So pricey! Saya, it's super expensive! 200,000 yen is way too much.
But this one Is that cheap? Of course it isn't cheap.
I've got some money saved up, plus my parents said they'll pitch in for the rest.
That's great.
This one's really fun! What's that? You can change the sound on that one.
Whoa how cool.
Man, now I'm starting to want to buy something too! Huh? So? It's amazing! Are you getting this one? I might! But isn't it expensive? Holy crap! Wow How cute! Are you gonna drown in debt? Now, now You know you want it You want it You need it Look into my eyes You know you want it We have a student discount! I'll take it! Thanksies! You're so good at sales.
I'll take this! You too?! Okay.
Kasumi! Watch where you're going.
Carefully, carefully! It's your warehouse debut, isn't it? Warehouse debut? You mean practicing at the warehouse? Yeah.
Oh, I see.
Is it really okay for me to leave all this at your house? Totally.
You'll be coming over every day anyways, right? Thanks.
It is a bit cramped You don't get to decide! What is it? I was just thinking, PoPiPa's finally together.
Huh? What did she say? CoPiPe.
Nuh-uh! Oh, is that short for Poppin' Party? Bingo! It's cute.
Sounds yummy.
Let's play something! Anything! Like what? Wata-Choco? What was that again? (Watashi no Kokoro wa Choco Coronet) "My Heart is a Chocolate Coronet.
" Don't say it in unison! Okay.
I hope I can play it.
It'll be fine! I've got a new baby too! A bear! Bear, bear! Wow, so this is a contortion effect! You mean "distortion"? Distortion, distortion.
Ready! Saya! Here we go then.
One, two, three, four! Hey, we should write a new song! What? Another one? Yeah! One that feels like a live song for five members! We're going to play live? At Space? At Space! It's too fast.
That run-through of Wata-Choco was too fast, too.
Oh, sorry! I was a little off too Is Space really that amazing? Yeah! It's so awesome when we're all like, "woohoo" together! Wanna go?! Right now? GuriGuri's playing today! What?! Yay! We have to go! I just got a text.
Huh? What for? One of the staff members at Space just collapsed from influenza Tae: What's wrong? Ririko-san: Help me~ We're in trouble.
The staff at Space keep catching the flu one after the other.
Think you can come and help out? What?! Let me help with that! Why? W-wait, wh-what are you- Owner! I got a text from Ririko The whole staff's out of service.
It's bad.
Today is GlitterGreen and Roselia's joint concert, isn't it? The show will go on.
The fans have been looking forward to it.
Then I'll h- I'll help out too! Help out how?! I can't let someone with no experience help out here.
But isn't there something I can do? I may not be able to do the hard stuff, but I want to watch the show! So you just want to watch.
N-no! I, Uh- I want to help out for my sister's concert! Can I do some cleaning? Can you please tell us how you'd like for us to help? I'll do anything! Owner? Put those chairs under the tables.
Yes, Ma'am! I'll take your help, just for today.
I look like a staff member! We're all cute and matching! How did I get dragged into this? Keep those buttons fastened nice and tight.
Your left hand is leaving a spot.
Orange juice, ginger ale Okay, all memorized.
I'd expect nothing less from the top of the class.
Piece of cake.
Try practicing once first.
Okay, here I go.
I'll have a cola, a melon soda, a black tea, and a seaweed tea, please.
That will be 1,200 yen, please.
You added that fast! All of the prices are the same.
Here are your drinks.
You made those fast! I'm used to working at the bakery.
Great teamwork! Make sure you clean up.
Think it's okay to drink these? Melon soda! That's the one I wanted! You didn't even do anything just now! Can I have the seaweed tea? You like that stuff? Try turning it on.
Oh! Uh The PAR lights! Y-yes, Ma'am! Not that one! Try again! Yes, Ma'am! Memorize those before the show starts.
Okay! Fifty 100-yen coins make 5,000 yen, so fifty 500-yen coins should make 25,000 yen.
Ooh, big bucks! Can I see that? Let me try, let me try! Hold on, hold on.
You three.
This isn't playtime.
Yes, Ma'am! The owner's scary.
We kinda deserved that.
This sucks.
Oh, hush.
A notebook! Best concert ever!! We love you! At the next show, let's Thank you! We love you, Owner! I'll never forget Are these all bands? The owner is smiling too.
Good mor- Huh? Oh, good morning! We're helping out just for today.
I see.
Thanks! How are the drums? They're great.
Um Is she? Oh no! Where'd she go?! Good doggy, good doggy Crap! I need to go catch her! Good morning.
Good morning! We heard from the owner.
We're counting on you guys today.
Student Council President? What brings you here? Recognize me now? What?! Are you serious?! We're GlitterGreen! Thanks for coming out today! Are they rehearsing? Shh! Wow, how cool! Yeah.
Looks professional.
At live venues, the PAs and the bands create the music together.
Bass next.
At live venues, the PAs and the bands create the music together.
At live venues, the PAs and the bands create the music together.
What a "PA"? It stands for "Public Address," the sound system.
The owner's controlling it now.
Keyboard next.
Contortion! Wait- Distortion.
Can you feel it? Yeah! Vocals.
Yeah! Vocals.
Mic check! One, two.
Yuri, what do you need for the new song? I'd like the sound of the band to stand out a little more than usual I see.
Let's try a quick play-through.
All right, that about does it.
Thank you! We'll see you at show time.
We're Roselia.
Good luck today, everyone.
Roselia-chan! Heel! Roselia-chan! Roselia-chan! Good doggy.
Hello! We're PoPiPa.
Nice to meet you! Wh-what? N-nice to meet you.
Seriously?! You too.
We're starting! Okay.
That rehearsal was so awesome! The sound really is different.
Space's PA has a reputation for having great sound.
So cool Prepare to open doors! Yes, Ma'am! Just do it like you practiced.
I will.
I'm gonna do my best! You're the one I'm worried about.
I'm gonna do my best! You're the one I'm worried about.
Welcome! Your total comes to Here's your ticket and drink token.
I'll have a cola, please.
I'll take a coffee.
All right! Coming right up.
Two adult tickets, please.
Thank you very much! Here are your drinks.
It's time.
Just try to relax.
I'll try.
Space! Let's get this party started! Thank you for coming! Good work.
Oh! Great job out there! Great job! The show went great tonight thanks to you guys.
Was it tough on you guys? No, it wasn't too bad You were so cool tonight, Yuri! Your lights looked great too, Rimi.
Really? And here's your reward! Debeko! You can touch him.
Oh P-p-pet me more Squishy! P-p-pet me more Good job! What a hard worker! Good doggy.
H-hey, stop- What a hard worker! Good doggy.
Now Saya too?! We'll be off then! Have a good night.
Come on, let's finish cleaning up.
Okay! Oh, I'll go return the safe! Hey, wait! Are you sure you've got that? Totally sure?! It's totally fine! That's enough crying, now.
A great live show doesn't have to be a flawless performance.
Why do you think people come all the way here to listen to your music? Well They're looking forward to seeing the kinds of things you can accomplish on that stage.
In that one moment, right before their eyes.
You accomplished something, right? Yes.
Head back home with pride.
I will.
Thank you for today.
Sure thing.
Owner, um, we brought this Thanks.
Good work.
Thank you for having us.
I'm exhausted.
Space is so much fun.
Was she talking to you?! I love it even more after today.
Me too.
The owner can be really strict, but she kind of feels almost like a teacher She really loves the bands, doesn't she.
Yes, exactly! Huh? Kasumi! Me too.
Y-you guys There we go.
I've never stood up here before.
I want to perform on this stage.
Someday we will.
Yeah! Let's play here! The next auditions are in a week.
Arisa! Are you serious?! Let's all audition together! Next week? Isn't that a little soon? We'll have to practice every day! We can make it if we start now! Right now?! We're Poppin' Party! Hope you enjoy the show! Who thinks they did well today? Me! The answer is no.
I can't allow you to perform on my stage.
We'll audition again! We'll practice a ton and keep trying for as long as it takes! As long as it takes, huh Keep at it.
We will! Um, Owner? I was looking at the schedule and the second half was totally blank What? Hanazono I haven't told you yet, have I? I'm closing down Space.
I met you in the middle of a dream! (Since then) I've felt a thrill building up in my chest Like it's gonna burst This song of ours that no one knows (One of these days) I want to spread it around the world If I had kept on wishing? (You) asked me (and so) I'll take my unyielding determination and Pack it in tight (All of it) Gather it up (Believing!) Make this moment come alive! Final Countdown! (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5) 5 more seconds! (4, 3, 2, 1 — Ready Go!) Sparkles, dreams, aspirations And thrills are (What make) the world go 'round! Yesterday becomes today, then tomorrow, then the future On and on infinitely (Let's gather up) all the courage of the world! Join hands, help each other out (Always) be amazing, Girls! Girls! Let's make our dreams come true (With you) In the place we love Next time Next time: "I Got Surprised!" Next time I Got Surprised!