BanG Dream! (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

I Got Surprised!

1 Who thinks they did well today? Me! The answer is no.
I can't allow you to perform on my stage.
We'll audition again! We'll practice a ton and keep trying for as long as it takes! Keep at it.
We will! Um, Owner? I was looking at the schedule and Hanazono, I haven't told you yet, have I? I'm closing down Space.
But why? I'm finished here.
I expect you to continue doing your job until we close, Hanazono.
Inoru sora ni ko o egaku ryuusei ga Happiness to miracle o nosete "Hajimari" o tsugeteiru Seifuku kigaete Dash! Heya o tobidashita Yuube mita hoshi ga Twinkle! Mabuta kusuguru (My song!) Kuchizusande sotto mekubase shite (Standby!) Sorosoro ii kana? (Yes!) Seishun to ongaku! (Believe) Kizuna no monogatari! (Dreams) Junjou to jounetsu! (Come) Minna de (True!) Atsumete! Suteki taiken! Hajimaru! Hanate! Hibike! Ashita e hashirinukete Yakusoku no matsu basho wa (mou sugu!) Kanae! Todoke! Shinjiteta shunkan ni Happiness to miracle o nosete Tokimeki experience! Ashita no stage e! I Was Surprised! This is where I'm going to build my perfect Hanazono Land.
This will be Papa's room, and Doro-chan will be next door.
And then the room next to that will be O-Tae-chan, come back! And then the room next to that will be What's wrong with her? She's probably acting like that because Space is disappearing.
This is serious.
Even Kasumi hasn't shown up.
What should we do about practice? Morning! Sorry I'm late! G-good morning.
She's fine I've been brainstorming costume ideas for our first real concert! Yay! Huh? Wow, these are pretty cute.
They're gonna make everybody's hearts pound for sure! But, if Space is going to be closing down soon It isn't closing yet! What? We're going to pass that audition! I'm gonna work hard! Work hard, huh There's still a lot we can do, right? We can be gloomy after we've tried everything we can.
I want to wear matching costumes with everyone.
Rimi-rin! Sure.
I can build Hanazono Land here after the concert is over and done with.
You're not building anything! What part should we practice first? There's still one spot I'm not confident with yet Let's focus on that part before the audition then.
When should we try again? Today! You think you can pass? Yes! Hey! Yes! There's no point.
What? You're not ready.
Far from it.
I told you it was too soon.
It's only been a day.
What did she mean, "not ready"? Our lack of skill, duh.
But didn't the owner also say that people don't watch concerts just for the performer's skills? Hmm Puzzling.
Oh! Poppin' Party! Oh, you guys are here to audition.
We always wanted to try out, but now it looks like we've only got three more chances left.
So Sato told us we should just go for it right now! Right? I didn't want to regret it later Are you guys gonna audition? We did.
What? You did?! We were a mess! We came to try again today, but- The owner rejected us.
Seriously? Seriously.
She said we aren't ready by a longshot.
What's not ready? That's what we can't figure out! Now I'm kind of scared.
It'll be fine.
I'm sure.
CHiSPA, you're up soon.
Oh, right! Let's go.
Natsu, Fumika, Mayu, Satomi.
I'll be cheering for you! Thanks! We'll give them everything we've got! Your bassist plays too fast, your drummer's at her limit.
Your keyboardist and guitarist play louder to cover their mistakes.
Was that your best? Yes! We showed you everything we can do right now! You pass.
Natsuki! They did it! They passed, they passed! Seriously?! How awesome! Guess they beat us to the chase.
I wonder what was different.
What? What did they do differently than us? Was it because they all gave her an answer? Because their song was better than ours? Hina-chan-senpai! It's me, Hinako-chan-senpai! What are you doing here? Whenever you wish for Hina-chan to be there, Hina-chan will appear! That's the sort of existence I, Hina-chan want to be! I strive to be! Nobody wished for you to come, though.
Listen, my little princess! I came all the way here to give you some tips about passing the audition.
What?! I'll tell you if you go on a date with me! What?! Arisa, you can do it! Why me?! Oh! Oh! I'll go too! Then it wouldn't even be a date! Stop it! Stop fighting over poor Hina-chan! Shut up! You're all so annoying! Hina! I told you not to bother your underclassmen every time you see them! Rii-chan, you're just jealous! So jelly! I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Did she do anything weird? Nothing yet.
Did you guys come to watch too? Yep.
It gives us incentive to work hard too.
We watched your audition too.
Uh-huh! You did? It was a shame you didn't make it.
Um, what do you think we did badly? What are we still lacking? You mentioned some tips? Hmm Well, we can push our date back a bit, and I'll give you one hint! Give it a good, hard think! Think? I'd say that was pretty good advice coming from Hinako.
A compliment! Are you jelly? No jelly.
Yuri? With music, there's no right and wrong.
Everyone's going to have a different answer.
I'm home.
Welcome back.
Dinner's almost ready.
Can you get Asuka too? All right.
Not ready Hm? You want seconds? What? What are you all spaced out about? Just thinking.
You? Thinking deeply about something? What are you thinking about? Give it a good, hard think How to pass the audition How many times are you gonna watch that? Just a little longer.
Papa I've got it! How to pass the audition Do your best!! What do you want? Um I was thinking, I'm gonna do my best! And I just ended up here You can practice at home.
I really want to perform live here! Not just to sparkle and feel my heart pound Because I love Space! I realized the day I worked here.
I love everyone here, and I love this place that you love so much, Owner! Then show me a performance that'll make me change my mind.
I promise we will! You haven't changed at all, have you.
What? You said the same thing last time I asked you.
We practiced a lot and we ended up failing, but it was still fun! That attitude is one thing I will praise you for.
But, you're not seeing it at all.
You or your friends.
What? Go home.
Owner! What did you mean by that? You performed the weakest.
Thanks for the food! Granny, can I have another bowl please? Of course.
You sure have an appetite.
It's my reward for practicing hard this morning! This morning? Yeah! The park was nice and cool this morning.
Here you are.
Woohoo! Having troubles? Yes Let's play it together.
Why don't you take a break? I'm fine! Ouch! What happened? Whoops Seriously? The first-aid kit's upstairs.
Oh, I'll go with you.
Kasumi, you always look like you're having so much fun.
I am! But I've gotta try even harder now! Isn't it tiring? Trying so hard.
What? I don't get it What do we have to do for you to be satisfied? Play a perfect performance? Play a show at Space? Working so hard just for some audition It just doesn't sound like fun anymore.
Am I wrong? Arisa, are you not having fun in Poppin' Party? What? No I- You aren't having fun?! No, I am having fun, but- Yay! There's no room! Playing together in a band it fun, so practicing is fun too! And if we can play live at Space, I'm sure that'll be fun! 100 percent! Fine, just put your band-aid on.
I forgot! Hmm Let me see that.
100 percent, huh? Well, I guess I can just say I got tricked into doing it.
Huh? There.
As long as we're auditioning, we might as well try to pass.
Yes! Let's do our best! Hey! Cut it out! We're here! Welcome back, guys! Note: Cream anmitsu is a Japanese dessert made with ice cream, fruit, sweet red bean paste, and more.
Sorry, they were all out of cream anmitsu.
We got you some salisbury steak instead.
Isn't that a little heavy?! Don't worry, we got some Japanese sweets we thought you'd like too.
Oh! What's that? Dorayaki? I'm home! Welcome back.
You're heavy.
How are ya?! What are you up to? Can't you tell by looking? What do you want? It's hot.
Aa-chan, you're cold.
Yamabuki Bakery Wow, there's so much! We're gonna be working hard today, aren't we? There's so many sweet ones, I can't choose! Don't eat too many or you'll get fat.
We can run it off! Yeah! Huh Let's practice.
I want to play together.
You don't want any pastries? Uh Mm What kind would you like? A melon bun! O-Tae, your fingers Oh, it's because I practiced so much yesterday.
It won't stop me though.
When I started thinking about what I could be lacking, I realized there was so much Even if I practice and practice, there's no real end goal, is there? But I'll keep practicing.
If I can't do something after 100 tries, I'll go for number 101.
If I still can't do it, then 1,000 tries! I'll keep going until I know I've got it.
Me too! I was so worried that we'd fail our audition that I was looking down the whole time But that's no good, is it? I want the people listening to us to have a fun time.
I want to keep practicing until I can really enjoy playing on stage.
To be honest, I was fine either way.
What? Oh, I like Space and all But I wouldn't have felt sad if we couldn't perform there.
Now I really want to make it happen, though.
I want to stand with you all, up on the same stage as Natsu and the others.
Let's do it, Kasumi.
We can put even more emotion into it! Yeah, you're right! We've gotta work even harder! Myself included! Then let's get to it.
Yeah! One more time.
Please let us audition again.
Come in.
Next up.
Poppin' Party.
I'm ready when you are.
Let's pass this, Kasumi-chan! I'm starting to feel those nerves.
You can start when you're ready.
Okay! No ma- You- Th.
the- I- Shining- Huh? Sorry! No matter- Y.
you- Th.
the- I- Shining- Yume no tochuu kimi to deatta! (Sono toki kara) Hajikesou na mune no yokan Zutto fukuramitsuzuketeta Mada dare mo shiranai kono uta (Itsu no hi ni ka) Sekaijuu ni todoketai na Zutto negatteita to shitara? (Kimi ga) Kiita (Dakara ne) Dare ni datte makenai kono kimochi o Gyutto tsumete (Zenbu) Atsumete (Believing!) Toki yo ugokidase! Final Countdown! (Jyuu, kyuu, hachi, nana, roku, go) Ato go byou! (Yon, san, ni, ichi — Ready Go!) Kirakira da to ka, yume da to ka, kibou da to ka Dokidoki da to ka de (Kono sekai wa) Mawaritsuzuketeiru! Kinou wa kyou ni natte, asu ni natte, mirai ni natte Eien ni natteta (Sekaijuu no) Yuuki atsumete ikou! Te o awase, kata yoseatte (Itsumo) Suteki ni Girls! Girls! Yume o kanadeyou (Kimi to) Daisuki na kono basho de Next time Next time: "I Couldn't Sing Anymore" Next time I Couldn't Sing Anymore