BanG Dream! (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

I Sparkled?!

1 Ramen Thank you.
Phew, I'm stuffed.
Ramen Here? It's super good! You're a regular at this ramen shop? You're so mature.
It's not like it's it abnormal to have a favorite.
The only shop I go to regularly is the music shop.
Only the bakery for me.
That's Saya's place! Let's celebrate your recovery.
Welcome! Hey, hurry up and go in- Good evening.
Sounds like you'll be able to audition, then.
Yep! I'm gonna give it my all! I see.
Ichigaya-san? Yes? Come again whenever you like.
I still have lots of restaurants to recommend.
Thanks Good luck.
Thanks! Thank you for the meal.
Thank you! Arisa-chan, are you and Nana-chan Ramen buddies? Ra-members? No! I just stopped by a few times when I was learning the keyboa- Reeeally? It doesn't even matter.
Top secret training, how cool! I wanna do that! I go running every morning.
Wow! Wanna run?! Sure.
What? In that case Note: Contains crushed garlic, which is believed to help keep up one's energy levels.
For stamina! That doesn't even work! You think? DAIDO MUMON T-shirts! What if we all get matching shirts to wear to practice? That might give us a boost! PoPiPa t-shirts, I like the sound of that.
We'll have to think of a design.
Let's get started tomorrow! Okay! Hip, hip, hooray! Don't forget about final exams.
Hip, hip, hooray! Don't forget about final exams.
Did you forget? Okay, miso ramen coming up! Thank you! Inoru sora ni ko o egaku ryuusei ga Happiness to miracle o nosete "Hajimari" o tsugeteiru Seifuku kigaete Dash! Heya o tobidashita Yuube mita hoshi ga Twinkle! Mabuta kusuguru (My song!) Kuchizusande sotto mekubase shite (Standby!) Sorosoro ii kana? (Yes!) Seishun to ongaku! (Believe) Kizuna no monogatari! (Dreams) Junjou to jounetsu! (Come) Minna de (True!) Atsumete! Suteki taiken! Hajimaru! Hanate! Hibike! Ashita e hashirinukete Yakusoku no matsu basho wa (mou sugu!) Kanae! Todoke! Shinjiteta shunkan ni Happiness to miracle o nosete Tokimeki experience! Ashita no stage e! I Sparkled?! Goal! O-Tae, you do this every day? Yep! Every morning.
Except when it's raining.
Or when I'm too sleepy.
Every day? I can't! I'm gonna die! You guys are crazy I could go for another lap or so! You're crazy, O-Tae! I'm going home! I'm taking a shower and going to sleep.
What?! What about school? I don't care! Let's have a race to Arisa's house, then! And the first one to arrive gets to shower first, yeah? Don't be stupid! We'd be at a total disadvantage! Kendo Club Dance Club National National Championships Tournament (AMENBO AKAI NA A I U E O!) Red water strider, a i u e o! (KAKI NO KI KURI NO KI KA KI KU KE KO!) Persimmon tree, chestnut tree, ka ki ku ke ko! What are you doing? A play? A vocal warm-up! We have an audition coming up soon! Oh! PoPiPa! Hey! Cut it out, you're embarrassing us.
Saya-chan, could you help me with this part? Ah, try using this formula.
Arisa Which part? Right here.
I'm stuck on that too.
You too, O-Tae? And this one.
I don't get that part either! What about this one? No idea.
Maybe it's destiny.
You both need to memorize all of these.
All of them?! That's impossible! Well then, at least this one, this one, and this one! I did it! Saya-chan, I did it! Yay! Here, you get a Yamabuki Bakery choco coronet! Woohoo! No fair You'll get yours when you finish up what you're working on.
All right! O-Tae, we can do this- Really? O-Tae! You're dead if you fall asleep! Leave school as soon as you get your tests back.
PoPiPa's Audition! Let's do this! Ichigaya-san! Want to do some karaoke? What? We're all finished with tests now, what do you say? Oh I'm sorry, I've got band practice I see.
Your audition's coming up soon, right? Um If you want to go during summer break that should be fine Okay, summer break then! If you guys are performing live, we'll come and cheer you on! Sure that would make me really happy Thank y- Arisa! Warehouse practice! Huh? Do you have a fever? Shooting Stars Pawn Shop We got through a lot today! I can't move my fingers anymore.
Well, those were the last finishing touches.
I'm starving.
See you guys tomorrow, then.
Tomorrow It's really tomorrow.
Um is it okay if I stay at your house tonight, O-Tae-chan? Really?! You can stay as long as you like! Me too?! Of course! Maybe I'll go too.
Sure! How about you, Arisa? Well, won't that be too many people? Can we meet at the station after we go home and get a change of clothes? Can we meet at the station after we go home and get a change of clothes? I didn't even say I was going Let's grab some snacks on the way! Okay! See you later, Arisa! Hey! What am I supposed to be bringing?! Hey! How cute! I'll introduce you all.
Here's Shiroppi, Purple-chan, Danjuro, Doro-chan, Otchan, and my mom.
I'm Tae-chan's mom.
It's nice to see you again.
It's been a while, Rimi-rin.
You're all so cute! Otchan, which one do you want to marry? What? Dinner's ready when you are.
Make sure you get nice and full.
Okay! Thank you! Let's go, my five-girl team! Go! Go! She's kind of an airhead.
Look who's talking! Thank you for dinner! Here's one more for you.
Okay! It's so much faster with three people! You sure you don't want to marry into this house? How cute! Sheet music? Beginner A Piano Book for Everyone I used to use this same book.
Arisa, the bath is ready! Thanks What's the matter? It's just, I've never used someone else's bath before.
What about hot springs or public baths? That's a little different Huh?! Why are you getting undressed?! I can't exactly get in with my clothes on.
You're getting in? Aren't you? You know, I just- Don't worry, it's a really big bathtub.
D-don't- Don't take off your clothes! What's going on in there? O-Tae! Something smells really nice! It's my outer space bath salts.
Outer space? Rimi-rin, it's outer space! All of you, get out! Rimi-rin, your fingers are so rough! Yours too, Kasumi-chan! Guitar callouses! O-Tae's are even rougher! Arisa's hands are so soft.
Feels nice! Quit touching me! It's about time for lights out.
What? What about the pillow fight? Good night! 'Night.
Good night.
But the pillow fight Not happening.
Can't sleep, huh.
Wow I can hear the sound of our heartbeats.
Can you see the stars? Mm Try looking at them with your heart.
With her heart? I saw them! Huh? Close your eyes, close your eyes! What? Well? I can't see anything.
Rimi-ri- Sorry Really?! How about you, O-Tae? She's asleep.
She's like a newborn.
She was the most nervous of all of us.
If it's from up on stage I want to see it with all of you Good morning! Morning.
Good morning.
Morning! I've given you all the schedule for parent teacher conferences, so don't forget to pass it on to your parents and have a look, okay? Okay.
Also, final exams may be over with, but there's still some time left before summer break.
Be careful not to lose focus or stay out too late at night, and summer break will be Let's go.
You came.
Yes! PoPiPa! Yay! It's their last audition, isn't it? Yeah.
Senpai Over here.
Um, is my sister They're about to start.
Let's huddle up! Man, I'm nervous I want to eat something sweet Let's all eat some.
A big pile! After all of this is over.
Come on, PoPiPa! Yeah! One, two, three, four! Arisa! I messed up.
Even after all of that practice I should have been able to do it! Arisa I'm sorry I'm sorry Me too! My fingers were shaking so much But we all stuck it out until the end! You too, Arisa-chan Rimi I don't think I even have to ask you four.
What about you? I gave you my best.
Music is something people do because they love it.
Only you can say whether you did your best or not.
It was a good performance.
You pass.
Yes! Are you serious?! Kasumi! Amazing This is amazing! PoPiPa! Another bottle of Dom Perignon! Woohoo! Yuri-rin, are you crying?! No You are crying, aren't you! Alrighty, we're havin' a party today! Party, party! Yume no tochuu kimi to deatta! (Sono toki kara) Hajikesou na mune no yokan Zutto fukuramitsuzuketeta Mada dare mo shiranai kono uta (Itsu no hi ni ka) Sekaijuu ni todoketai na Zutto negatteita to shitara? (Kimi ga) Kiita (Dakara ne) Dare ni datte makenai kono kimochi o Gyutto tsumete (Zenbu) Atsumete (Believing!) Toki yo ugokidase! Final Countdown! (Jyuu, kyuu, hachi, nana, roku, go) Ato go byou! (Yon, san, ni, ichi — Ready Go!) Kirakira da to ka, yume da to ka, kibou da to ka Dokidoki da to ka de (Kono sekai wa) Mawaritsuzuketeiru! Kinou wa kyou ni natte, asu ni natte, mirai ni natte Eien ni natteta (Sekaijuu no) Yuuki atsumete ikou! Te o awase, kata yoseatte (Itsumo) Suteki ni Girls! Girls! Yume o kanadeyou (Kimi to) Daisuki na kono basho de Next time Next time: Next time We Sang! "We Sang!"