BanG Dream! (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

We Sang!

1 We're off! I'm looking forward to the concert.
If you can't find the venue, give me a call.
Your grandma's coming today? Looking pretty nervous there, Arisa! I'm not nervous! Yes, you are! No, I'm not! Kasumi! Coming.
See you later.
A shooting star arcs across the sky I wish upon It carries happiness and miracles And signals a new beginning I changed into my uniform and dashed out of my room The star I saw last night, twinkle!, tickles my eyelids (My song!) I hum to myself with a little wink (Standby!) Is it almost time yet? (Yes!) Youth and music! (Believe) A story of friendship! (Dreams) Innocence and passion! (Come) Everyone (True!) Let's get together! Amazing experience! It starts now! Let it out! Let it echo! Race toward the future The place where a promise awaits (It's almost here!) Grant it! Let it come! The moment you've believed in Carries happiness and miracles A thrilling experience! Onward to tomorrow's stage! We Sang! Is this your first closing ceremony? Don't be stupid! I've been lots of times Reeeally? Rimi-rin! Kasumi-chan! Good morning! Good morning.
I couldn't sleep at all last night.
Me neither! What's that all about? O-Tae You smell nice.
Bread? Pastries?! Get off! You made my foot fall asleep Oh no! Kasumi, hold her legs! Oh, okay! H-hey, cut it out! I'm fine! Summer vacation is a great opportunity to re-evaluate yourself.
I look forward to seeing you all use the knowledge and experience you've gained this semester, And show off how much you've grown.
See you next semester, then.
Bye! It's finally over! Come on, guys! 'Kay.
Wait, hold on! PoPiPa! We'll be there later! Good luck! What? Is there something going on today? We're performing in a live show at 4:00 today! The venue's called Space! Wow, good luck! She's advertising it? Wow, good luck! Thanks for waiting! It's so hot! I can't do this! To the shade! Feels like summer! Any naughty kids around here? Note: Hinako is imitating a famous line by Namahage, a scary ogre from Japanese folklore.
Where's Yuri-chan? Wani-chan, did you finish your work? She said she doesn't want to go.
Yuri-chan, what's wrong? Want me to rub your tummy? I didn't want this day to come.
Once the show starts it'll be over.
You're not going, then? I'll go Then let's get movin'! GlitterGreen are all about shining! Shooting for the stars! We are? We'll perform like always.
Better than we always do! Performances by: Look! PoPiPa! It says PoPiPa! She's right! Whoa, we're on right after Guri-Guri! This is crazy Smile, you guys.
You're making a ruckus.
How are you today? Hello.
Owner, we came to help you open! You're performers now, aren't you? It's fine, go get ready.
The dressing room It's my first time going in as a performer.
I'm shaking You're getting way too nervous over a dressing room.
I'm so nervous! Crap There's like a hundred girls in there.
What?! There can't be that many Why don't you go in then, Saya?! Huh? You meet a lot of people working at the bakery, right? The Hundred-People Slayer! A dojo challenge! I don't think so.
Good afternoon- You! It was you who disturbed my deep focus! What?! Knock before you come in! Or else Awakened from a thousand-year slumber- Ako-chan! I'm sorry if she startled you.
Awakened from a thousand-year slumber- Ako-chan! I'm sorry if she startled you.
The power that lies within will blast-! Wow.
Hello! Excuse us! Welcome, girls.
Ririko-san! You're on the controls today, Ririko-san? I'm so nervous But you guys don't need to be! Just give it your all! We will! Thank you! All right, let's start with drums.
Okay! Here goes We're ready.
I'm starting to freak out.
I wonder if anyone ever messes up in rehearsal.
What? Don't say that If anything goes wrong, we'll think of a way to fix it.
What do you think rehearsals are for? Right! Hello? Are we allowed to enter yet? Sure.
Is it your first time at a music venue? Aw, just missed it There'll be another one soon.
We're cutting it really close.
Can't we still get into the venue after it starts? Yeah, but I want to watch from the beginning! It's starting to fill up in there.
Oh my gosh Rimi-rin, are you sure you should be eating all that? I can't stop eating It's me, Debeko! And me, Hina-chan! Hi Ahaha! Cutie crew! What are you guys doing out here? Yuri! Hello! There were too many people inside Are you guys heading to rehearsal? Yeah.
Are you ready for the big show? Uh, you know Still working out the butterflies You might snap out of it once you see the faces of all the people watching.
What? Nana Just kidding.
Let's put on a great show together, guys.
Yeah! Hey, where's Arisa-cho? She's in the bathroom! I'll go cheer her on! Heel, girl! Arisa, we're gonna brush our teeth! Saya's comes with a little cup! How cute! It's Sana's.
Can I use it too? Sure.
Yay! Feels like we're on vacation.
It's kinda fun! Arisa, do you have a stomachache or something? No! I'm mentally preparing, okay?! Sorry Let's be quiet.
I'll brush mine too! Wow! So nostalgic! You two over there.
Oh, Owner! It's been a long time! You sure you have time to visit a place like this? Well, it is the last show and all.
We had to come say farewell to Space.
And to you.
I'm not kicking the bucket quite yet.
Hurry on inside now.
We're looking forward to the show! Excuse me, do you work here? Jun-Jun! Jun?! What do you think of our new costumes? We're trying to change here.
Naughty, naughty.
I'm not naughty! Poop! Brat! Cute! Sa-nan! Thanks.
You've gathered quite the crowd.
All of our old friends showed up today.
They're keeping us busy, that's for sure.
They really love this place, don't they.
Aren't you sad to be closing it down? Someone will create a new home.
That's what happens when people find somewhere they really belong.
Owner! Coming Well then.
I thought you'd all have the same costume.
We're customizing them little by little.
Your ribbon came apart.
What? Where?! Hold still! Just stay right there.
Come on in, the owner will be here soon.
Okay! It's happening! I'm squished.
This will be our last show, but we're gonna give it our 100% just like always.
That's what we do at Space.
There's just one thing left to say to you all.
Go out there and show 'em what you've got! We will! Good luck! Thank- Thanks! Hey, come on! Space! Are you guys ready to have some fun?! Okay! Here we go! I'm so nervous Want some? It'll make your skin pretty soft.
Kasumi? Be right back.
Hello? Can we come in? At-chan! Mom! Sorry.
Can we still go inside? Yeah! Right over there.
Kasumi? Um I'm sure you'll do great.
You've been practicing really hard.
Watch for me! Thank you! We're GlitterGreen! Enjoy the next band! Nice work! Great job out there! You guys were so cool! Nice to meet you all! We're CHiSPA! Let's light this place on fire tonight! Thank you! Let's do a huddle! I was hoping you'd forget about it.
Let's do our best.
It's now or never! Po-Pi-Pa Pa-Pi-Po Pa! Huh? I just thought of a shout for PoPiPa.
Just now?! What is it? How does it go? It goes like Really? It's so cute! That's gonna get you pumped up? Totally! All right, ready guys? Po-Pi PA! Pi-Po PA! Po-Pi-Pa-Pa-Pi-Po PA! Kasumi How cute.
They're so cute! They all match! I'm so excited! Good luck! Ready We're Poppin' Party! Thank you! Everybody out there who's new to us, it's nice to meet you all! I'm Kasumi Toyama on vocals and guitar! I'm Tae Hanazono on lead guitar! I'm Rimi Ushigome on bass! I'm Saya Yamabuki on drums! I'm Arisa Ichigaya on keyboard! It's been about two months since we started our band together! What? Huh? What? For all five of us together, sure.
But you started way before that! Before the "club" show? Kasumi started going crazy about band stuff at the end of April, so it's more like three months.
Oh, right.
About three months! Kasumi-chan invited all of us to join.
More like dragged us into it.
What? Yep.
You know What?! Just kidding.
That was a joke?! You scared me! I wanted to play in a band for a long time.
Me too But I thought it would never happen.
There were a few times I thought it just wouldn't be possible.
But now we're all standing on this stage.
My dream to perform live here It came true! Congrats! Tonight, with everyone here who's watching, I want to sparkle and feel my heart pound like I never have before! Enjoy the show, everyone! Enjoy the show! This one's called "Yume Miru Sunflower".
Ready Thank you! We are Poppin' Party! We will perform again someday!