Baptiste (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

For Blood

The girl, she's in danger.
You should send cars now! She's my niece, I just want to know she's OK.
The girl that drowned in that canal was someone else entirely.
He lied to us.
What does all this have to do with Edward Stratton? I told you, I don't like playing games.
You shouldn't have come down here.
I think you and I must talk.
You think? Hello? - Gas meter.
OK, come on up.
Wish I had a garden like that.
I read something, once .
about the smell of freshly cut grass.
That beautiful scent we all love.
It's a distress call, would you believe? When it gets cut, it lets all these chemicals out, trying to seal its wounds, fills the air with shit.
Even turns into smog.
Poor bastard's screaming its head off in pain while we're all drinking Pimm's and doing cartwheels on it.
What are you thinking, Lucas? Underneath all this? Are you screaming? Are you even there anymore? If you can hear me .
if you are there, I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
It's time.
- Yeah.
Uh, thanks for letting me Are you going to come in? Just come in.
What? You just look like someone, that's all.
And this was the first time you saw her? Yeah.
Months ago, now.
It was like staring at a phantom.
Like someone was playing the cruellest trick on me.
My daughter Lucy .
died .
five years ago.
She worked in Amsterdam, in the red light district.
She killed herself.
I didn't, er .
deal with it.
When I saw Natalie, I thought it was Lucy.
Swear to God.
My Lucy.
It was her.
My little girl.
As fucked up as that sounds.
So we just talked.
Sometimes we didn't.
Sometimes I'd pay her just to sit there and let me look at her.
Sometimes I'd hold her, and stroke her hair, and pretend she was back with me.
It's pathetic, isn't it? No.
It's human.
Same thing.
After a few months, I'd been there every night.
And, uh, one night, I was there as usual.
And she told me she'd overheard the Brigada Serbilu talking.
I hear the things they say to each other.
They do their business in one of the empty rooms in the building .
thinking the women who work here are too stupid to pay attention.
But I pay attention.
She heard about some money.
Some money! A million euros .
in cash.
The Brigada were moving it, and Natalie knew when and where it would be and The two of you decided to take it for yourselves? Not for ourselves.
I didn't want a penny.
Nor did she.
Three months ago, Natalie's sister Cristina came to visit her here.
She'd run away from home.
Natalie tried to tell her to go back to Krakow because she didn't want her around .
this world, you know? One night Cristina went out, didn't come back.
Nobody knew where she was.
What happened? They took her sister.
They trafficked a 15-year-old girl.
What am I going to do? She-she-she's my sister.
She She's my little sister.
This It is my job to look after her and I know.
I know.
You are the only one that does.
She asked me for my help.
I was the only one she trusted.
She said the keys would be on the floor somewhere outside.
The only thing I had to do was turn up.
Natalie wanted the money as leverage.
She was going to tell the Brigada she'd only give it back if they returned her sister.
A lot of the girls they take are sold, so .
why not buy her back? That is quite a thing to do.
To take this risk for somebody you don't know.
Well, I did it for Lucy.
I know it doesn't makes any sense.
You wanted to save Cristina.
The way you couldn't save your own daughter.
Anyway, I gave it all to Natalie.
A million euros.
I didn't take a thing.
I don't care about money.
And it wasn't for me, after all, was it? And I thought that would be the end of it.
Nothing's that simple, is it? Er I will talk.
You will listen.
Do you not enjoy your job? I-I-I-I barely have one any more.
You see, I believe it is important people enjoy their jobs.
Perhaps if you enjoyed your job more, you wouldn't have done this.
You wouldn't have taken from me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
There was a camera in the van.
Listen, I don't have your money any more.
I can get it back.
I can get it back.
This is not a negotiation, you understand? I need all of it back.
Every last cent.
This was taken this morning.
He was out collecting shells on the beach.
Every last coin.
Or I will remove your father's head from its body and send it to you.
Do you understand me, Edward Stratton? Yeah.
And then your ex-wife, Clare.
And everyone you love.
And you should know this I like my job.
The things just seemed to get harder and harder.
And my options seemed so narrow that I .
couldn't move.
Doesn't matter who you are, or who you think you are .
they'll cut right through you.
They'll cut through you, and they'll find your Achilles heel, they won't just snap it, they'll .
rip it to shreds with their fucking teeth, then they'll find more.
And they will find chinks in your armour you never even knew existed.
They found me.
They know who I am.
They know I took their money.
They want it back.
And they're not in the mood to negotiate.
Then we have to leave.
Right away.
Natalie, they're not just going to let us turn around and walk off into the sunset.
We made a mistake.
We got caught.
It's over.
- It can't be.
They are threatening my father, they have photographs of him, we need to give it back.
And what about my family? What about Cristina? I need I need to find her! I tried to help you, OK? And it didn't work.
I'm not going to watch as the people I love die because I screwed up.
Do you understand? Give me the money.
I cannot do that.
Where did you put it? What are you doing? Where did you put the money? Stop.
Stop it, please.
Stop it! Stop! Is this it? 24 hours later, I walked into my house.
There it was.
My father's head on the kitchen fucking table.
I just stared at it for the longest time.
Then I thought about calling the police.
And then I thought about Clare .
and the other people they might hurt.
I had to pick up my own father's head and put it in the basement so that the neighbours wouldn't see.
Can you imagine that? You said you .
you were struck from behind by a baseball bat? Yes, a metal one with a .
bright yellow handle.
Why? I cannot place it, I'm sorry.
The story of my life these days, it seems.
Forgive me - go on.
Well, I was running out of options, so I went to the police.
I thought, if I could at least find her, I could tell her about my father, I could make her understand.
If I knew where Natalie was, then at least I'd have a chance of finding the money.
But you must have known this pretence couldn't last.
No, of course not, it just needed to last as long as it took to find her.
Natalie told me none of this when I found her.
She probably thought if you found out the truth, you'd tell your friends in the police and then someone would confiscate the money.
Why didn't she just run? She said she had to prepare for her departure.
You didn't believe her? If you must leave, you leave, don't you? I don't know.
All I do know is that you're not safe, Julien.
Neither of us are.
What do you mean? Constantin called.
Said he'd met your wife.
He knows where your family are.
Hello? Celia? This is Julien Baptiste.
I need a car to be sent to an address in Amsterdam.
Julien Baptiste.
My daughter's place.
- OK.
Excusez Excusez I'm Julien Baptiste.
I'm the one who made the call.
This is my daughter's place.
The place was empty when I arrived.
- How long ago? Maybe 40 minutes.
Excuse me.
Hello? What happened? Well, I couldn't see his face on the entry phone.
But the moment I opened the door, I recognised him.
I saw him at the supermarket the other day.
He was he was friendly.
Too bloody friendly, I-I-I knew there was something about him, I knew, but I just didn't say.
Take your time.
Well, I didn't I didn't think, really, I just I just slammed the door.
Not enough time to keep him out, but enough time to run.
Knocking over half of Sara's flat as I went.
I just kept running.
You know, staying in areas that were as public as I could find.
This this was the first place I saw with CCTV.
With people.
Did this man have an accent? He's from the Brigada Serbilu.
God, it's strange how it hits you.
I was reacting, you know.
Now Now I'm here, now I think about what could have happened .
I think what what if Sara I never expected this investigation would lead to such a place.
If I had known We have to go to the police.
- Yeah.
There is someone I must call.
Hello? You need to come now and meet with us at the station in Amsterdam.
Mr Baptiste, your wife's description matches a gang member named Constantin Baracu.
That is the man who has been threatening Edward Stratton.
The Brigada Serbilu have a long reach.
And they won't stop until they have their money.
You and your family need to go back to France, Julien.
And to be sure, you should arrange extra security.
My family have a life in this country.
I cannot just ask them to leave.
Let me find a safe house here, then.
We can arrange protection.
Ah, thank you.
I would prefer to make such arrangements myself.
But you need to realise that this could be long-term.
I'm outside.
I'm sorry, I got here and I couldn't .
I couldn't come in.
The man who has been threatening you, Constantin, they can bring him in.
With my wife's evidence and yours, they can make a case.
He cannot hurt anyone from prison.
And you think they won't just send someone else? And then what's going to happen? They'll kill my ex like they killed my fucking dad, and that will be on me.
I can't let anyone else die.
I cannot be responsible for any more death.
You just need to tell them what happened to your father.
Let forensics conduct an examination on his remains.
What, like Constantin's going to be stupid enough to leave evidence? Well, everybody makes mistakes, no? Look, tell them.
Tell them.
They can go to my house, they can do all the tests they want.
The only thing that matters to me is getting the money and giving it back before they hurt anyone else.
Like your family.
I am taking steps to make sure they're safe.
For how long? Wherever you take them, you can't hide forever.
Not if you want to live your life.
That man threatened my wife.
The idea of him walking around is more than I can bear.
We must try everything, we must work with the police if we can.
And you think if the police find that money first, they're just going to hand it in? You do what you have to for your family.
I am truly sorry that I dragged you into any of this.
I am.
So, where is he? He wouldn't come in.
He left these.
He gave permission for you to search his house.
There you will find the remains of his father in the basement.
Erm, I'll organise a team.
Where are we? Merci, Jean-Francois.
So, stop sitting here feeling sorry for yourself.
Find that money and return it.
That's all they want from you, right? The police are involved.
I cannot interfere with what they are doing.
I'm sure Martha's doing her best.
But do you really believe what she has in mind - arresting Constantin - you honestly believe that's going to ensure that we're all safe? No.
Then find the fucking money, Julien.
Hold on.
Hey, Julien? I have an idea.
About where we might start to find the money.
Yeah? Where? Can you meet me outside Lina's room at 8 a.
? OK, I'll be there.
It's really you? Dragomir has died.
Careless, Dragomir.
That's unlike you.
And stupid, doing business with those two girls.
And trying to take our money, that's just What fucking money? One million euro.
Don't insult me, Dragomir.
This kind of money .
this is serious.
I'm a different person now.
Yes, Dragomir, my friend.
You have changed.
I know what you are capable of.
If there is one person with the balls to take from the Brigada Serbilu, it is you.
I didn't take your money.
It's good to see you again.
You sleep here again? No.
I-I got an alert.
There's been an arrest warrant put out for Constantin Baracu.
Amsterdam police.
Who signed off? Commissioner Martha Horchner.
Void the warrant and get me on the phone with Commissioner Horchner.
This is Julien Baptiste and Edward Stratton.
We wish to talk with you about Natalie.
We will stand here all day if we must.
What is it you're not telling us, Lina? What do you mean? Mr Stratton came to talk with Natalie about the money.
He wanted her to give it back.
He was struck with a metal baseball bat.
I remembered last night where I'd seen such a baseball bat before.
When we came to question you.
You had the bat out front.
Lots of girls have them.
We have to protect ourselves.
Please, Lina.
I'm not angry with you.
I understand that you hit me because you were trying to protect your friend.
I was out of my mind, I'm sorry.
I'm not now.
She said she was going to use the money to help her sister.
Did she tell you anything about that? Maybe.
- Natalie's dead now! Edward, stop! Stop trying to protect her, just tell us what you know.
Edward, stop, stop.
This is helping nothing.
Our families are in danger.
If we find the money and return it, innocent lives will be spared.
If I had any idea where to find a bag with one million euro, you think I'd still be here? I am being followed.
The Brigada Serbilu, they follow me everywhere I go now.
And everyone thinks I have an answer and I have nothing.
Natalie would always say, "One day, when we are far away.
" And she believed it, too .
that eventually our life could be better than this.
She was wrong.
Is there anything you can tell us about Natalie that might help? Anything at all she may have said about the money.
She tells me .
if anything happens to her, at least she knew it would go to Matty.
Who's Matty? Her son.
She had a son? He lives with his father.
Full custody.
She hardly ever sees him.
A violent abuser and drug-taker, and still has custody because he could afford a better lawyer.
What's his name? Thijs de Boer.
Was her son Matty the reason Natalie hadn't simply left Amsterdam? He was in hospital.
An operation on his spleen, I think.
How was he to receive the money? She did not say.
Only that she had made an arrangement and if she could not save her sister .
at least her son would have a better life away from his father.
I had no idea about her son.
All that time I spent with her, I didn't know her at all.
Well .
let's talk to the father, Thijs de Boer.
If Natalie wanted their son to have the money, maybe he has it? The guy's an abusive drug addict.
Do you think Natalie would have trusted him? We'll find out.
Martha, I need your help tracking down a man.
Listen, where's Edward Stratton? Actually, Edward is beside me at this moment.
I have just been on the phone with Europol.
You need to bring him into the station right now.
Very well.
We'll come now.
Mr Stratton.
Thanks for coming in.
Did you find anything in my house? Nothing.
No prints, no DNA, nothing.
Like I said you wouldn't.
Julien Baptiste, Edward Stratton, this is Genevieve Taylor from Europol - leader of the Special Tactics team.
Mr Baptiste, I gather you've been helping Mr Stratton.
As far as I'm able.
I'm with a joint investigation team working to build a case against the Serbilu.
I'm co-ordinating with teams from Romania, Belgium, Poland, and here in the Netherlands.
There's been a lot of money and a lot of time invested in this so far and the last thing anybody needs right now is anything we didn't plan for.
- You mean me? I'm afraid so.
You didn't come here just to tell me that? I came because I saw a warrant issued for Constantin Baracu.
That's how I found out about Mr Stratton here.
I'd like to speak with you.
Somewhere quiet.
My office.
Now? - Yeah.
Mr Baptiste is no use to you now.
But we can help each other, Mr Stratton.
You'll call me if you find anything? Of course.
The end of the hall.
- Thanks.
I understand this kind of investigation, but they take time and time is something we don't have.
Come with me.
I know that money is blood money.
Profit from the sale of women.
It sickens me to return it to such people.
But, Martha, you have to understand.
The Brigada Serbilu won't stop coming for us.
What matters right now is protecting my family.
Mine and Mr Stratton's.
Yes, but my hands are tied.
Yeah? Officially.
Unofficially, they piss me off.
Walking in here like they own the place.
Really, Julien, I agree with you, you're better off finding that money yourself and returning it.
Go outside.
Trust me, go.
Mr Baptiste.
What a surprise, meeting you here.
It seems I have been given the day off.
How fortunate, huh? So, where are we going? We're looking for a man called Thijs de Boer.
Mr Stratton, the arrest warrant on Constantin Baracu has been cancelled.
It's not really in the interests of our investigation.
Assault, intimidation, cold-blooded murder - not enough for you? The Brigada Serbilu are like most Eastern European criminal organisations - brutal, greedy, complicated.
Constantin Baracu is one link in a very long chain.
An important one, but just taking him off the streets will accomplish nothing.
If you testify against Baracu, even if you and Baptiste's wife testify, there is a long time before it comes to trial.
And in that time, when it comes to the Brigada Serbilu, witnesses tend to disappear .
or change their mind.
Well, this is all very encouraging.
What is it that you want with me? What we need is something incontrovertible against Baracu.
The kind of evidence that limits his options.
Makes him realise it's prison or start co-operating.
Give up his friends.
His colleagues.
So, what is it you want me to do? Do you want me to wear a wire? We don't call it that.
I don't give a shit what you call it, is that what you want me to do? Yes.
Constantin murdered your father.
He thinks he has you under his control.
If you record him talking about your father, about what he did to him, then we will have him for murder.
Mr Stratton.
Piss off.
No answer from his phone either.
Does he have a job? A place of work? Thijs de Boer hasn't worked a day in his life.
I met him yesterday at the hospital with his son.
I didn't realise the boy was Natalie's.
He said they'd only been together for a few months, so I didn't think to ask.
Let's try the hospital.
It's here.
The boy was here yesterday.
He was due to have an operation.
Oh, excuse me There was a boy here, Mathieu de Boer.
When was he discharged? Who are you? This has no record of him leaving.
You don't know who signed him out? No, as I say, there's no record.
His father? Why just take the boy without signing anything? When was he due to be discharged? Tomorrow.
He took him out early.
I'm sorry.
Perhaps he was in a rush.
The way you might be if you came into possession of a million euros.
We can find out.
This is the hallway in Mathieu de Boer's ward? Yes.
Can you push forward? Wait.
Go back.
Can I see another camera? It dropped out for about ten minutes or so.
Internet failure, probably.
It happens.
Ten minutes, the same day the boy goes missing? Would be the world's biggest coincidence.
Someone helped Thijs take his son out of the hospital early.
We find that person - we find Thijs de Boer.
If Thijs took Matty, maybe we find the money.
The shifts change tomorrow.
Plenty of people who were on duty when the boy left who we haven't yet spoken to.
I have to be in the office tomorrow but I can .
I can put an alert out on Thijs' car, check his credit cards.
Good idea.
One for the road? Yes, please.
It's a relief to get out of that place.
I know the feeling.
Spent too long in hospitals.
My mum said you'd been ill.
I had a tumour in my brain.
For the longest time, I ran from it.
From the reality.
It is easier to pretend, isn't it? Yeah.
That's exactly it.
I I was the opposite, you know? I-I didn't run from my operation, I ran towards it.
I had this total faith that that the science, doctors, it it would fix me.
Then during my surgery, there was a mistake and I started to bleed, and they had to transfuse me, but they didn't have any AB negative, so I haemorrhaged for, like, half an hour while they helicoptered over some blood that would work.
And when I woke up, and they told me, I, I You-you suddenly realise it's all luck.
My-my life depends on whether my surgeon had enough sleep the night before.
And if it's all chance, you might as well enjoy it, right? I swore the day I got diagnosed that I would live each day to the fullest.
I got this done that night.
To remind me.
It's a fine sentiment.
But sometimes, I wish I'd gotten a dragon.
The dragon was cool.
Let me know how you get on tomorrow, and if I hear from the father, I'll call.
Do you think that is enough? - Yeah.
Do you want to? - It's fine.
Did you find anything? No.
No luck today.
Tomorrow, I hope.
I know you, Julien Baptiste.
Is there something you're not telling me? I'm just tired.
When were you last on the ward where the boy was being treated? I think .
six o'clock, maybe.
Was the boy there? No, the bed was empty by the time I came.
I'm sorry, but I-I need to get back, we're short-staffed today.
Oh, someone has not turned up? Anna Walke.
Thank you.
Miss Walke? What are you doing here? Just had some questions.
New screen, I see.
Very nice.
Like a cinema in your living room.
I don't have to speak to you.
Miss Walke, I know too well when people have something to hide.
Now tell me, you helped Thijs de Boer, didn't you? You manipulated the CCTV.
You have this all wrong.
He didn't take Matty.
Who did? Hey.
Oh, God! Hello? Mr Baptiste? - Speaking.
I have your results.
Thank you.
Julien? What is it? All this time and you lied to me.
Why didn't you tell me that Niels is my son? Hey, Julien, it's me, I'm up and about.
Call me, let me know where we can meet, what's happening with Matty.
Call me.
Get in the car.
Oh Don't fight, Edward.
It will just make it harder, won't it?