Baptiste (2019) s01e04 Episode Script


1 They took her sister.
They trafficked a 15-year-old girl.
You wanted to save Cristina.
The way you couldn't save your own daughter.
I need all of it back.
Every last cent.
Find that money.
And return it - fast.
Mr Baptiste is no use to you now.
But we can help each other, Mr Stratton.
The only thing that matters to me is getting the money before they hurt anyone else, like your family.
I never expected this investigation would lead to such a place.
Why didn't you tell me that Niels is my son? Get in the car.
Don't fight it, Edward.
You do not look anything like your father.
Some people say that I do.
People say all kinds of things.
Tell lies to try and .
To make you like them.
When did people stop being honest? What do you want? Your only use to me was to find Natalie.
But she's gone now.
I have the French detective, a man who finds missing things, looking for the money.
He will work quickly, he knows his family's in danger.
I took this bag with me .
when I went to see your father.
And used this .
to separate him.
You think he's going to give the money to you after you threatened his wife? He was a detective, he thinks like a detective.
He's just going to pass the money straight to the police.
None of this is your concern any more.
Baptiste trusts me.
I will stick by him.
If he finds the money, when he finds the money, I will make sure that it comes back to you.
You make me promises when all you have done is to fail? Just let me try.
Doesn't cost you anything to let me try, does it, really? Please? I'm begging you.
You're embarrassing us both.
24 hours to bring back what you took from me.
- OK.
If you fail .
then you will end up looking like your father.
You understand? - Yeah.
I've never talked about it, not with anyone.
There were so many times, with close friends, after a few drinks, that II wanted to.
But, er .
I kept it with me.
Was I one of those people you thought of telling the truth to? Or did it never cross your mind? I hated you, Julien.
I loved you, and I wasn't enough for you.
And when I met Stefan, it was too late.
I was already pregnant.
He loved me.
He saved me.
Niels is helping you find this money.
You will be spending time with him.
You have to promise me, Julien - you will not tell him.
Well, I, er It's not my place.
I know that.
ExceptExcept what? Doesn't everyone deserve to know who their father is? It's not your secret to tell.
But you know as well as I that secrets can be a poison.
Not if they remain a secret, they don't.
All I ask is that you consider saying something.
It's up to him to do with it what he pleases, but the choice should be his to make.
No? "Her strong sense that neither she nor any human being deserved "less than was given did not blind her to the fact that there were "others receiving less who had deserved much more.
"And in being forced to class herself among the fortunate, "she did not cease to wonder at the persistence of the unforeseen.
" How dare you? How dare you come here? How long have you been coming? I just wanted to see him.
Oh, and you think he's just sitting there silently, waiting for the next chapter? Praying that his mistress will come back to finish reading him a story? Do you think my husband has any idea of what is going on around him? OK, I'm going.
Yes, you should go! You should be out there, finding the people who did this! The last person he needs reading to him like a little child is the woman who put him in that chair in the first place! Mr Stratton? It's Officer Genevieve Taylor.
Oh, yeah.
What do you want from me now? Mr Stratton, it's important.
Tell me where you are, and I can come to you.
I really have no time for this.
Yeah, but you're going to want to hear what I have to say.
Ah! Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
You OK? Er, yeah, sorry.
I'm tired.
That's all.
I promised, er, Edward Stratton we would collect him on our way.
I know I'm here unofficially, and the help you're offering Mr Stratton is your business, but You're concerned about bringing him along? Well, everything that's happened to him, the stress he's under, I mean, he could be a liability.
True, but I'd rather have him beside me than on his own, doing God knows what.
He's a desperate man.
That's all I'm saying.
And desperate men are unpredictable.
So they are.
So, where does the tulip farmer live? What was so important? I need you to meet Constantin Baracu, and I need you to wear a recording device.
I told you on the phone, I'm on a deadline - I have 24 hours.
And unless I'm imagining the whole thing, I thought we'd already been through this.
Forensics have been to your house.
They've tested every corner of the place, of your father's remains, but they found nothing.
No fingerprints, no DNA, nothing that links it to Constantin.
But you, Edward - you are the best chance I have had in a very fucking long time to get something on him.
What if I say no? If you say no .
I'll have you arrested.
Arrested? What for? The murder of Natalie Rose.
The girl you claimed to be your niece.
She drowned.
Why would you even suggest? You lied to the police about who you were.
The two of you were involved in stealing a serious amount of money from the Brigada Serbilu.
The case could be made.
No-one would ever believe it.
It's ridiculous.
But in the meantime, I'll bring Baptiste in.
Take his statement about Natalie.
And while he's doing that, your deadline with Constantin expires.
You wouldn't.
You can't.
If he doesn't have that money You help me, and I won't stop Julien Baptiste trying to find what you're looking for.
Help me, and then at least you get something.
What do you say? I say, "Is it too early to have a bloody drink?" I am done pissing about here, Mr Stratton! Make a choice.
Not really a choice, though, is it? No, it's not.
Arrange a meeting.
I'll be in touch.
I can't come with you.
She wishes to use you to get to them? Yeah.
Seems like, everywhere I go at the moment, someone's trying to blackmail me.
You can find the money, right? I see you've got help.
We'll find the money.
I have to, Edward.
Just promise me you've told me everything.
Everything I told you is the truth.
Take care.
How are your family managing with all this? Each day they are in that safehouse, I'm reminded they are there because of me.
And will be there a great deal longer if we do not find that money.
You'd better find it, then.
Mr de Boer? Do you speak English? My name is Julien Baptiste.
Detective Niels Horchner.
Can we come in? Mr de Boer? You know why we are here? Your grandson.
You have him, yes? He's in the other room, sleeping.
He's recovering from an operation.
Please, don't take him away from me.
His father, my son, made too many bad choices.
Natalie wanted me to take care of him.
She left me a letter, she begged me.
Oh, I can't read Dutch, sorry.
Mr de Boer, tell us about the money.
How do you know about this? She left it for the child? She buried it.
Can you imagine? She didn't trust me enough to leave it with me! Er, Natalie buried the money.
So, she intended to come back for it? Well .
she just wanted it to be somewhere safe, while she was waiting for Matty to get better.
But then she died? Yes.
And when she did, her lawyer sent me that letter she had prepared .
in case of the worst.
It told me where I could find the money, except I'd found it already.
My dog, Casper, he dug it up.
Did she give you any instructions what to do with the money? She wrote she needed it for something important, something too dangerous to trust anyone with it.
But she said that, if she died, she didn't want the money to go to waste.
It was to be spent on Matty.
Mr de Boer, this was not her money to give.
A lot of people's lives are at stake.
We need it back.
What? What is it? It's gone! Oh, sweet Jesus! Gone? How? Well, it was there when I came back with the boy, and then, after I got him settled, next morning, the car window was smashed, and, er And? Look, it's important that you tell us everything that happened since you came into contact with this money.
I took it with me when I went to get the boy.
And then I drove back.
I stopped, only once.
That was it.
My car had broken down, so I bought a new car at the garage by the service station on De Vanderkreig.
Did anybody there see the money, or see you take it out? It was late.
I was very careful.
And then I took the boy home Bram.
He was there the next morning.
He does some odd jobs around the village.
He sometimes cleans my windows.
I was taking care of the boy, and the money was in the trunk of my car.
He could have seen it.
Do you have a surname? Bram? - Visser.
- Bram Visser? Bram Visser.
What's up? Has the boiler packed up again? I need to talk with you.
What? What is it? It's the truth.
What do you mean? I recently met with a man called Constantin.
Someone I worked with here in Amsterdam, a very long time before I met you.
Whatever you're trying to say .
just say it.
I always knew.
From a young age, I .
I felt this body was not mine.
For a long time, I ignored it, and .
it made me angry.
I was so angry.
Maybe that's why I did the things I did.
Then Then I realised that I wanted to do something about it.
I wanted to change, and I knew then that I had to leave my old life behind me.
I didn't want to do bad things any more.
I don't understand.
You need to know about this, 'cause the people I worked with are dangerous people.
And now Now they know who I am.
What the fuck are you talking about? I fell in love with you .
after the operation.
And you fell in love with me, and .
I couldn't bring myself to tell you.
I didn't want to risk that look on your face right now.
Didn't you know? Deep down? You're I'm sorry.
I'm still the same person that The woman you fell in love The woman? The woman? You just stay the fuck away from me, OK? You stay the fuck away! Mm-hm.
I'm going to need more officers.
More? My detectives have other things to do than catching Romanians! This may be your war, but we're not your army.
I'm co-ordinating five different countries at once.
When I leave this office, I spend my entire time talking to chiefs of police in Belgium, in France, in Romania, so If you need me to call your superiors and order you to help me, I can, but I'd really rather not spend more of my time on the phone.
Hey! I didn't say no.
Do you make many friends with that attitude of yours? I'm not here to make friends.
Edward Stratton's agreed to meet Constantin and wear a listening device.
I just need more officers.
I'll get you them.
Martha? When did you give up? What do you mean? When did you stop giving a shit? I haven't given up.
Well, I hope your boss was sitting far enough away from you in there not to smell the barrel of vodka you've tucked away.
You should know better.
Brush your teeth at least.
You have it? No.
Please! Please! You made me a promise, Mr Stratton.
Hm?Argh! Have you forgotten?I just I own this place.
You understand? And if I ask them to clean your blood from the table, it's done.
And they're quick.
They've done it before.
I will get it to you.
You think I want anyone else hurt after what you did to my father? This is your jugular vein.
It would take .
ten minutes to die.
Just waitplease.
You can trust me, Constantin.
I made you a promise, and I'll keep it.
Why is it that you think you can waste my time, Mr Stratton? I'm not.
You're in charge here.
I know that.
I just need you to know that you can trust me.
So how was that for you? What happened? You heard what happened.
I heard what was said, but I'm not a complete moron, despite what you might think.
Your masterplan wasn't working, OK? Someone like that was never just going to magically open up about the shit they've done, just 'cause you want them to.
So I wrote him a little note on a beer mat.
I told him you were listening to our conversation.
Jesus Christ! I told him I could help him.
If he thinks I can update him on your investigation, or feed you false information, then I'm useful to him.
So he said to call me when you weren't listening.
So, I meet him again, somewhere he feels safe.
Maybe he opens up.
Maybe you get what you want.
So you're trying to get a sociopathic gangster to trust you? Brilliant! I've given you what you want.
Now let me meet up with Baptiste.
Baptiste doesn't need your help.
I do.
And in the meantime, I need more officers.
I need a team with directional mics on standby so you don't have to wear a wire.
We have to be ready with surveillance in whatever location Constantin chooses.
And in the meantime, what am I supposed to be doing? We'll get you aa new hotel room.
Somewhere safe where you can get yourself together.
Ah, you want to keep an eye on me? You look like you could use a rest, Edward.
Yeah! Rest.
That'll fix everything.
Maybe a nice cup of tea.
And then this whole nightmare will really be over, won't it? What's this? The Band.
"Music From Big Pink".
You know, the band members - they rented this big pink house just after touring with Bob Dylan.
No, no.
I mean this strange, shiny piece of plastic.
I know where I am with a compact disc.
Yeah in the '90s.
I'll tell your mother! We need to stop for petrol if we're going to get to Mr Visser's house.
I might use the bathroom.
I'm coming back.
I'll make my excuses.
I'll be back soon.
Just, er Yeah, OK.
OK, yep, bye.
It's your mother? No, no, no, no, er, the office.
They want me back.
No day off for me, it seems.
I just get here, and they It has to be now? Yeah, yeah.
That's what they say.
I'm really sorry, Julien.
I can get a local police car to drive me, you can carry on.
Yes, yes, of course.
I understand.
So, thank you.
Mr Visser? Mr Visser? Yeah? Bram Visser? Yeah.
You clean windows for Mr de Boer? And who are you? I'm Julien Baptiste.
I am a friend of Mr de Boer's.
May I come in? Er, it's a mess in here, so Erm did you see a black canvas bag in Mr de Boer's car when you were there? No.
No? It was in the trunk of his car.
You didn't happen to notice it? I said no.
Mr Visser, what was inside this bag was not the windfall you may think it to be.
It's the property of a very dangerous group of people.
And believe me when I say it's not in your interest to lie to me.
I'm busy.
I I can't.
Julien, hello.
I found Herman de Boer.
He had the money, but it was taken from him.
Oh, Jesus, it's never-ending.
The man who I think has the money has a hidden door inside his house with two padlocks on.
These are not the usual actions of someone with nothing to hide.
I could make it up there.
Can we get into his house? Oh, but, Edward .
I cannot be sure of this.
Well, just tell me where you are.
Mr Stratton? I'm sorry, but it isn't safe for you to leave this hotel.
It's all right.
It's all right.
I need to see someone.
Get off me! Liaison Officer Genevieve Taylor, asked you to do this, right? It's for your own safety, sir.
Is it bollocks.
It's for her benefit, not mine.
We need to ask you to return to your room, sir, now.
All right.
All right.
Greg? Is this Kim Vogel? Sorry.
Yes, it is.
I've heard you help girls who want to set up on their own.
A friend of mine was telling me about you.
I do.
Are you based in Amsterdam? Yeah.
Can we meet? Now, if you're able? I really need to talk to someone.
What is your address? Bakers Cafe, Westerstraat, 1015 LX.
Has he called? No.
I was supposed to get in touch with him.
And have you? No, because I'm capable of following basic instructions.
I'm only supposed to call him when you told me to.
I'm sorry.
It's just .
when we do this, we want to get it right, that's all.
How long are you going to keep me here? I met your friends downstairs.
They were kind enough to redirect me back in here.
Like I said, we want to get it right, and that takes time.
You make it sound like we've put you in prison, Mr Stratton.
Not many prisons have a five-star spa.
Never have been one for spas.
You're missing out.
I've done everything you asked me to, haven't I? I just need to be where Baptiste is, because I have less than a day.
You're here for your own safety.
Oh, don't give me that shit.
It's true.
You're the one that told Constantin you're working with Europol.
Do you really think you can just walk around with impunity any more? Maybe he'll take you up on your offer.
Maybe he'll agree to meet you, and use you, and try to get information.
Or maybe he'll do what he usually does when he's confronted with a problem, and just kill you where you stand.
What are you doing here? What is it about this case that makes you .
like this? You know what these people do.
It's more than that, though, isn't it? None of this is real.
None of this is actually happening, is it? We are here to protect you.
And what about Clare? I'm speaking with Scotland Yard.
Your ex-wife will be safe.
Speaking with them? What's that meant to mean? I spend half my time wading through bureaucratic crap, trying to get things done.
Getting a 24-hour protective detail is expensive, and it takes time to sign-off.
But I will.
I'm very persistent.
I've noticed.
Do you want to have a drink from your expensive mini bar? It's going to be OK, Edward.
We're going to make sure those fuckers can't hurt anyone ever again.
And just like that, all their problems were solved.
The team won't be ready till tomorrow.
We'll ask you to make contact at six.
I'll be back before then.
What am I going to do until then? Like I said, there is a spa.
I'm guessing you haven't taken a breath since you took the money from that van.
Honestly, it would do you good to unwind.
Might get my nails done.
I will see you in the morning.
See you.
How are you, my love? I'm fine.
The baby's fine.
- And Sara? - She'll be OK.
Don't go out.
Promise me you will be careful.
I will.
Moi aussi.
I'm almost scared to ask.
How things are progressing? Well, I think I know where the money is, but it will be a risk.
Then do what you have to do.
Je t'aime.
Get out! Get out! You have nothing to fear from me.
You're in my house! What do you want? Who Who are you? I told you, I'm Julien Baptiste.
I'm a detective.
I work with the police in Amsterdam.
I'm not here for this.
I'm here because Herman de Boer had a large amount of money stolen from him.
That bag I told you about earlier? There was a million euros in cash inside.
I took nothing! Perhaps it's true, you took nothing.
But perhaps you saw something.
How dare you? Breaking into my house and I should call the police.
Call them, please.
You can explain to them how you spend your time watching the private lives of half this town.
That's what this is, isn't it? You use your job to watch people, don't you? They let you into their homes, you work away in the background.
They forget you're even a person.
And when their backs are turned, you plant eyes in their ceilings, ears in their walls.
You're the one that You broke into my house.
I Believe me, Mr Visser, the police will not care when they see this.
It will not end well for you.
I I don't know anything about this.
I don't know what you're talking about, I swear.
I mean, the cameras, sure, but .
I don't know anything about any money, I swear.
Mr Visser .
these, er, these screens.
These cameras.
They are all over the village, are they? It's It's curiosity, you understand? I I'm not some kind of a pervert.
Do you have any near the garage? The service station down the road? I I don't know Mr Visser, do not make this any worse for you than it already is.
I'll look.
Make yourself a coffee or something.
Mr Baptiste! Yes.
This is the garage by the service station? Mm-hm.
The garage, uh, restrooms.
I'm not a pervert.
But do you have other cameras at this garage? This is the only place Mr de Boer stopped.
If anyone else found out about that money, it would have happened here.
Only the restrooms.
Play it.
This is around nine.
As you can see, there is no-one until What is he saying? He's saying they should book a holiday.
Quit work.
It's his brother he's talking to, I think.
He says he has never seen so much money in his life.
We have our man.
Who, Jasper? Do you know him? I know everyone in the village.
That's Jasper Staverman, our dentist.
He gave me a root canal last year.
Horrible business.
I'm grateful for your help.
And in return, Mr Visser, I will give you the chance to destroy all of this.
You You won't call the police? Try to make a life of your own, so won't need to find refuge in the lives of others.
I still have connections, I think.
These people will come and check on you.
And if anything of this remains, you will be sent to prison, where you can watch only what goes on just beyond your own bars.
I I will.
I will.
Thank you.
I will.
I'm sorry to disturb.
I need to find someone.
Licence plate, credit cards.
You've found what you've been looking for? Almost.
I believe this man, Jasper Staverman, has it.
He's a dentist in the village of Gijsen.
You ever get tired of being so right all the time, Julien? You're angry with me? You had no right.
No right to lecture me.
I was not.
We keep things from the people we love all the time, don't we? To protect them? He's your son.
He loves you.
And he will love you whatever you decide to tell him.
I'll get one of my detectives to call you about Jasper Staverman.
No? Maybe this man? Jasper Staverman.
Wie ben jij? I need a moment of your time.
I'm busy.
This is the word.
Your car is fitted with a GPS tracker to protect you from theft.
And yet it leads me right to you, a thief.
What do you want? Mr Staverman, you need to stop spending that money.
So, who the hell are you? You saw Herman de Boer moving that money outside the garage.
And when he got home, when he was inside his house, you stole it.
This is ridiculous.
You think your friend de Boer carries a million in cash in the back of his car? You think that money belongs to him? Hey, answer my question - who the hell are you? The real owners are very dangerous people, Mr Staverman.
Their name is the Brigada Serbilu.
They have no compunction for who they hurt and who they kill.
People are commodities.
Human life means nothing to them.
Ones they buy and sell and dispose of, without any second thought.
So, your choice right now is simple.
You can hand me the money, and go back to your quiet life attending the teeth of Gijsen, or I leave, and I tell the Brigada Serbilu your name.
I tell them you have their money.
And, er, Mr Staverman .
you will then be having a very different conversation.
Hello? I have it.
Mr Stratton? Yeah.
Yeah, I just can't believe it.
Thank you, Julien.
Thank you.
Where shall we meet? I thought Officer Taylor had you on a leash.
Er, yeah, yeah.
No, she does.
Erm .
I'll figure something out, and I'll call Constantin, and I'll text you where to pick me up.
Jesus Christ.
Thank you, Julien.
I was beginning to worry.
Sorry, sorry.
It's OK.
We are at the end now, almost there.
Can I see it? Jesus.
You found it.
You actually found it.
Where are we meeting Constantin? It's time to put all this behind us.
He's round the corner in a bar.
Let's waste no more time.
Qu'est-ce qu'ils font? Disaster! What are you doing here? What are you doing? I'm sorry.
Hey! Stop! Where the hell are you going?! Stop! Merde! C'est pas vrai.
Edward, what are you doing? Some good has to come out of this.
I'm sorry.
Nobody knows the trouble I've been through Nobody knows my sorrow Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.