Baptiste (2019) s01e05 Episode Script


1 Their name is the Brigada Serbilu.
Human life means nothing to them.
None of this is actually happening, is it? We are here to protect you.
What about Clare? Doesn't everyone deserve to know who their father is? It's not your secret to tell.
I fell in love with you after the operation.
You make me promises when all you have done is to fail? 24 hours to bring back what you took from me.
When he finds the money, I will make sure that it comes back to you.
I have it.
- Thank you, Julien.
What are you doing here? Hey! Stop! Some good has to come out of this.
I'm sorry.
Hey, what's wrong with you? Are you sick? We are here! I'm sorry.
I didn't want to run.
She made me.
Ah, Mr Baptiste.
Busy night screwing everything up? Edward enlisted the help of Natalie's roommate.
Lina Aouadi? Yeah, I know.
They brought me up to speed right after they got me out of bed.
Well, we should try to find Lina, no? - No shit! Edward Stratton is a resourceful man.
You shouldn't waste your time being angry with me.
Use your energy finding him.
We had him, Mr Baptiste.
We had him and we had the money - everything we needed to put Constantin Baracu away.
Yes, I had him.
I had the money.
You held him hostage.
A man like that fearing for his life, fearing for the lives of his loved ones? I kept him in the hotel to keep him safe.
You were not thinking of him, Miss Taylor! Only of how you could use him.
Of course he panics, becomes reckless.
And now it's my family who is in danger.
Julien, your car was found abandoned 1km from where Edward took it, keys still inside.
And you should know - Kim Vogel was murdered earlier today.
The Brigada? - Yes, looks like it.
Her reward, no doubt, for helping me.
I must return to the safe house.
I need to know my family are well.
Your car is parked outside.
It's easy, I find, Miss Taylor, to blame everyone but yourself.
The easy way, however, is not always the right one.
How many units looking for Stratton? Enough.
What does that mean? Edward Stratton is a lost cause.
You tried and failed with him.
- Don't make me call your boss on this.
There are ways other than Stratton.
We can arrest Constantin for Kim's murder.
With what evidence? We build the case.
Interpol has resources.
You can help instead of wasting our time chasing one Englishman.
So, that's your solution - a murder charge? You know that would take years, even for a police department that wasn't run by a drunk.
I have work to do.
You don't have to be here, you know.
Yeah, I just want to find Lina.
She's our only hope to find Edward.
Most Europol, they, erm, sit at the desk, sending e-mails, going grey.
I mean, what's your deal? What's your? You're about as square as a football.
I don't have a deal.
I'm sorry.
I That was my attempt at a joke.
It's fine.
I'm sorry.
This case is making me a bit I'm not usually like this, I promise.
Well, maybe perhaps we could .
like, get a get a beer after this and talk about it? Oh, I It's Oh, shit.
Sorry, yeah.
Of course, you have a boyfriend.
It's complicated.
Any chance we could, like, press this magic button over here and pretend that this entire conversation never happened? Sure.
Can I talk to you for a second? Yeah, sure.
Do you know a girl called Lina Aouadi? I know her.
Have you seen her? No, not for a while.
- You're welcome.
OK, thank you.
Can I talk to you for a second? About what? Hello? Lina? - Lina Aouadi.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Nee, nee, nee.
-That her? - Yeah.
Lina, hey! - Lina! Lina! Where is he? - Who? Did he pay you to help him? Is that where you got the money to score? I don't know what you're talking about.
I can arrest you right now for what you have in your hand.
If you tell us where Edward Stratton is, you walk away.
- I don't know.
- Oh, come on.
Don't insult us both.
I don't.
I swear! I wish I'd never agreed with him.
He said he was going to give back the money to Constantin, let us all get back to our lives.
Instead, he ran away with it and I don't know where to.
And does Constantin know Edward's run away with the money? Yes.
They've been following me.
That's all I can tell you.
Can I go now or are you going to arrest me? Go on.
If Constantin's having her followed, she might've led him right to Edward before they screwed over Baptiste.
So, you think they already have Edward? I don't know.
Bloody hope not, or this whole thing is beyond over.
So, what happened? I found the money and, erm and then I lost it, along with Edward.
So, we can't go home? Not yet and, erm, I think we must move again to a new location.
Why? The woman who was helping the investigation, she was killed today.
So, you think they may try and find us, too? No, we're fine .
but, erm, it's better to be safe.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Hey, Clare.
Can I come in? - Erm Sorry to do this to you, but can you pack some things and come with me? There's a taxi waiting.
What's going on? You're in danger, OK? We both are.
Serious danger.
What danger? Jesus! What have you done? Edward Oh.
Hey, Carl.
- Hi.
I was going to tell you.
You're on a Romanian gangster's kill list.
Sorry about that.
Five minutes and we have to be gone.
No phones.
Nothing they can trace.
Are you serious? - Fucking now! I've spoken to Abgrall.
He has the new house ready.
He'll maintain the 24-hour rota there.
I will find him.
- Ron has a job! He can't keep making excuses.
It's fine.
I understand.
Noelle has an appointment.
We have a life.
I know.
I know.
I am truly sorry.
I have to pack the baby's stuff.
I'll do it.
You're not going to the new house? I'm sorry.
You have to go again? Where? This time, I cannot tell you.
I'm not even sure myself.
You're scared.
A little.
Listen .
we've always been honest with each other, haven't we? There is something I need to tell you.
Martha's son, Niels, he's mine.
He's my son.
How long have you known? Not long.
I only found out yesterday.
Does he know? Not yet, but I hope he will.
It was before I met you.
He's 32.
A lifetime ago.
Why are you telling me this now? Is it because you think you might not come back? Of course I will be back.
Listen, I know you, and I know when you're scared.
These men I'll be gone just a few days.
Well, we'll be here, waiting for you, as we always are.
Here we are.
No neighbours, as requested.
On holiday, is it? It's more of a mini-break.
- Right.
So, you've got the bedroom through there.
You two have the bedroom, obviously.
So, will you be paying by cash or card? - Cash.
Christ! How long do you think we're going to be here? Carl's not still a vegan, is he? - No.
I remember the smell of that lentil mush he used to make.
Used to stink out the flat for days.
So, are we not even going to talk about it, then? - About what? I don't know.
Romanian gangs.
Everything you said in the car.
I don't get it.
How? How did all this happen? Who exactly is after this money? I told you what you need to know.
You owe me a little bit more than that.
You've just turned our lives upside down.
This is terrifying.
Everything's under control, OK, Clare? I just need a few days here to sort things.
Good afternoon.
Miss Taylor, yes? Get out of my car.
You should have come over, said hi to the kids.
I thought you'd be happy to finally meet me.
I'm sure Edward told you a lot about me.
Lucas, too.
Yeah, I know all about you.
- Mm, no.
You have a list of crimes you think I have done.
A list of associates.
You do not know me.
Not at all.
Do you have Edward Stratton? I go and see him sometimes, you know.
Lucas, in that care home.
I told you to get out of my car.
The man needs all the friends he can get, stuck in that place, in that chair, trapped inside.
Pathetic sight.
What kind of life is that? You're the one that put him there.
And you put him undercover in Brigada Serbilu.
You know, the worst thing is, I liked him.
He was a funny guy.
And trusted him more than anyone else.
I knew others had their suspicions, but I thought they were wrong.
I told him some of the men did not trust him, but he wouldn't listen.
You know how they finally learned the truth? They were so convinced, they followed him to your house and watched him fucking a cop.
So, tell me, who is to blame? What about Richard Stratton? Kim Vogel? All the other people you've hurt? We both want Edward Stratton, yes? We have that in common.
I have seen where you live.
Your little apartment.
Your little bike.
Tell me when you find Mr Stratton.
I will reward you.
Fuck! You're desperate, aren't you? Walking right up to me, trying to bribe me yourself.
You need that money badly.
What is it? Are your bosses starting to ask questions? That's it, isn't it? You haven't even told the Serbilu brothers you've lost their money.
Shit! I'll take my little bike and my little flat over having my guts ripped out by one of the Serbilus.
I look forward to seeing you again.
You should enjoy yourself as much as you can until that time.
Can I help? - No, no, everything's going to be fine.
Seriously, we could have just had beans on toast.
Dinner will be ready soon.
Erm, Carl, do you want to do the honours with the wine? - Sure.
Is there a corkscrew? - Oh, shit.
Shit, shit, shit.
There's probably a screwdriver somewhere.
Edward, forget the bloody wine.
Jesus Christ! I'll put the kettle on.
- Thanks.
Was the manager coming down again? Shh.
Thank you.
An English friend of mine is an ex-detective.
I asked him to keep an eye on Clare's house.
Was it that obvious I was going there? Obvious? No.
But I had the feeling you would wish to protect your ex-wife.
The police and the Brigada did not assume the same.
They underestimated your capabilities.
How did you manage to get here without alerting them? I hired a boat to take me across the Channel.
Every man has his price.
I didn't ask him what else he was carrying, but the way he ducked in and out of shipping lanes, I had a fair idea.
As I say, they underestimate you.
I'm sorry .
about running the way I did.
I just knew, if I told you, you'd try and stop me.
From trying to buy back Natalie's sister's freedom? That's your plan, no? What makes you think that? That's why you are here, keeping your ex-wife from harm's way.
You are going to contact Constantin and try to negotiate the girl's freedom.
Assuming Natalie was right, assuming her sister, she is indeed being held by the Brigada still.
I know how guilty you must feel about Natalie and I share this with you.
You know nothing about how I feel.
You're just here to try and talk me out of it.
But you know if you walk into a room with Constantin Baracu, you may not walk out of it, at least not with your limbs where you would wish them to be.
It would be the lamb negotiating with the butcher's knife.
I'm not just going to hand back that money and hope everything's going to be OK.
They killed my father.
They killed Natalie.
Clare, you, me - all our lives on hold.
Look let me do the negotiation.
For Cristina? It's my trade, Edward.
It's not my first time dealing with such men.
As you say, my family are trapped.
Until this is settled, there's no safety for them.
Let me do this and we both get what we need.
I'll call Constantin, then.
I'll arrange a meeting.
Excuse me.
- Martha? - Julien.
I haven't heard from you since last night.
When you go quiet, I worry.
Was that a foreign ringtone? I found Edward Stratton.
Of course you have.
Where is he? I have it in hand.
Leave it with me.
Could you send over the number for Officer Genevieve Taylor? Yes, I will.
I will text, yeah.
Thank you.
- Erm, and your family? Fine, as can be expected.
- Mm-hm.
- But, erm .
this is not why you called.
I wanted to say you were right.
Niels should know.
I'm going to tell him tonight.
I can only hope he forgives me.
You're his mother.
He loves you.
Oh, that's not the same.
I wish you luck.
- Yeah.
Yes, OK.
Miss Taylor? Julien Baptiste.
We need to meet.
Hey, man.
- You all right? Found this lot.
- Oh, ta.
How are you doing? I, er Yeah, yeah.
Don't know, really, you know.
Thanks for coming.
Sarah wanted to come but The kids, you know.
No, no, of course.
Good to see you, mate.
It's like a bloody tip here.
I'll sort it.
OK? What's wrong? The lawyer sent it.
It's from Kim.
What's it say? I think she knew she was in danger.
So she wanted to explain.
Does it say anything about, erm, who might have attacked her? It doesn't say anything.
It's just bullshit.
"I wish I'd felt strong enough to show you "the truth behind the make-up.
" Bit too fucking late now.
Now, listen.
You're going to show that to the police.
Why? It's just more lies.
Mr Baptiste.
Where's Edward? You misunderstood me, Miss Taylor, Edward Stratton is not here.
So, where is he? Somewhere safe.
For now.
But we have the money so where is that, exactly? Somewhere safe as well.
Mr Baptiste, I made arrangements for you to cross an international border with a million Euros in cash on the understanding that you would bring it to me.
What will you do with it? Let Constantin know we have it, see what leverage it will buy.
Edward wanted to use the money to try and buy Natalie's sister from Constantin.
That's a bad idea.
- Yes.
I persuaded him to let me do it for him.
That's an even worse idea.
You're really on a roll here.
Miss Taylor, I am not naive enough to think it will work.
Nor do I believe if I hand it back to the Brigada Serbilu they will leave me alone.
No, no.
I hoped that, er, together we might think of a better solution.
I have a good idea that we could share.
Julien, hi, it's me.
Just wondering how things are going.
Can you call me back, OK? No news, then? Could be here for a few more days, I'm afraid.
There's a couple of paperbacks over there somewhere and I think there's even a box of Scrabble, if we get really desperate.
It's fine.
It's quite nice to just talk.
It's been a while.
For God's sake, use a different knife.
That's the only knife.
- What? How's your dad? Dad's dead.
Oh, God, Ed.
I'm so sorry.
When? Last week.
Edward, what the fuck is wrong with you? Your dad has just died and you say nothing.
You find out I'm living with your best friend from uni and that doesn't even get a mention.
Instead you just act like we're all on some bloody camping holiday - I'm amazed you've not got us toasting marshmallows round a campfire.
Just trying to make things easier for everyone.
Well, it's not easier! It is bizarre! Do you have any idea how bizarre this all is? Anything would be better than this constant repression, this pretending everything's fine when it's clearly fucked up! I deal with things in my own way, OK.
But this is not about you, it's about Lucy, isn't it? This has nothing to do with her.
Edward, it has everything to do with her.
None of this shit with Natalie would've happened if not for Lucy.
It won't bring her back.
It's not going to fix what's inside of your head.
And it never would have happened if you had dealt with what happened at the time - if you'd just faced it head-on.
Faced what? Her her death.
Faced the fact it was my fault? I never said that.
You don't think I blame myself? You don't think I go over and over what I said to her, what I did, every single day? You don't think it plays in a loop in my head, continuously, until I want to stab myself in the eye just so that I feel something else? I never said anything Every time I close my eyes I see her standing outside our front door crying, begging, begging me to open the door.
Begging me not to throw her out because of a single stolen �10 note! The single fucking reason she ended up OD'ing in a Dutch squat.
You need to stop.
- And the worst thing is that every time I see her, I somehow get this feeling that I can make it happen differently.
That I can just open the door and put my arms round her and tell her I love her and forgive her, and say, Dad's going to make everything all right.
And then I realise I can't.
Because she's ash.
Because our beautiful daughter is dead, forever.
Because of me.
Hello? Hello.
Is Edward there? OK, please just tell him everything is progressing as planned.
I cannot say more at present.
Thank you.
Mr Baptiste? Hi.
- Now, where shall we begin? Do you have something in mind, or would you like to take a look at what we have available? I have happy news.
I will be your easiest customer all year.
Thank you.
There are armed officers on standby.
If this doesn't work, they will be little help to me.
So let's hope it does.
These are the girls reported missing by their families.
Mainly from Romania and Bulgaria, a few from Poland, too.
We believe they were trafficked by the Brigada to Amsterdam.
And Natalie's sister, Cristina Pawlikowska, is she among them? We don't know.
These are only the girls whose families are looking for them.
The majority aren't even reported.
Nobody knows, or cares, that they've gone.
I've spent my life looking for the missing.
I find a handful, and, er, it's called a great career.
And then there is this ocean of the forgotten.
Come on.
Mr Baptiste.
Are you hungry? Let me order another one.
No, thank you.
A beer, then.
You have something for me? Yes, shame Edward could not deliver it himself, no? But it has been a difficult time for him.
Thrown into this world, whose ways he is, er, not .
accustomed to.
- Yes.
And, er, in exchange, he wants the release of Natalie's sister Cristina.
If you're holding her.
Does he, indeed? Then maybe he has bigger balls than I give him credit for.
Or maybe he's just not very clever.
You understand, of course, this is not a negotiation.
That this money was stolen from me.
Of course I do.
And, er, I told Edward as much.
Can you guarantee no-one else will be hurt? Not Edward's family, not mine? His family and yours will be safe.
But you and Edward You know how this has to go.
- Yes.
I'm afraid I do.
What is this? A 17-metre high-performance motor yacht.
2016 model in excellent condition.
It really is a thing of beauty and it's all yours.
What? I know where the money was from.
The sale of the girls.
I know you were given that money and instructed to clean it.
Now, you'll have to admit to your employers that it's been stolen.
And I'm sure they will already have their suspicions.
So were they now to discover the purchase of this boat, in your name, in cash, well .
I'm sure even Edward Stratton could make sense of that.
You come here .
with this .
when you know what happens to the innocent, let alone to the guilty.
I've seen it, yes.
I know the things you do.
If you're not scared, then you are a fool.
To practise death is to practise freedom.
A man who has learned to die has unlearned to be a slave.
Not mine, I'm afraid.
But, er, like him I have seen my own mortality many times.
You can try to kill me.
But if you succeed, your bosses in the Brigada Serbilu will hear of your purchase.
Of your attempt to cheat them by stealing their profit.
And you can run.
But you will be doing so for the rest of your life.
Or you stop trying to kill me.
You tell me and Agent Taylor everything you know about your organisation's activities.
You get protection.
A new life.
You will still always be looking over your shoulder.
But, er, you may survive.
Your wife cannot stay in hiding forever .
and when I find her When you're ready to talk.
Fuck you, old man.
Thank you for the beer.
If and when Constantin turns, he'll need immediate witness protection.
Somewhere far away from here.
And no-one except us can know yet.
Full immunity.
So, he'll get away with Kim's murder.
He has my number.
As soon as he calls up, I will let you know.
Now I understand why you wouldn't tell me this plan.
You would have put up obstacles.
Of course.
It's far too dangerous.
A provocation like that.
His anger may get the better of his logic.
I believe I understand him.
His violence is not personal, it's business.
Self-preservation is his strongest instinct.
I told him.
This morning.
How did he take it? Not well.
He will need time.
Keep me updated.
It's that over there.
Thank you.
Where? - I'll text you an address.
Meet me there in one hour.
It isn't your fault she died.
She was unwell.
She was an addict.
There was nothing either of us could have done.
Do you think anyone ever gets over it? No.
I think you just learn to live with the pain.
You're good together, you and Carl.
You're better than we were.
Well, he's a much better cook than you.
He doesn't ask too much of me.
You need to start being nicer to yourself.
Remind me how that works again? I don't know about you, but, well, I could really use a drink.
Christ, I thought you'd never ask.
I'll go to the shop.
I'm on my way to meet Constantin.
I'm on the Commelinstraat.
You'd better get here now.
Suicide? A man like that, never.
Then he must have told someone.
No, he was too smart for that.
Excuse me.
How much is that? It's 14.
35, please.
Keep the change.
Thank you.
Clare? Edward, it's Julien.
Are you all right? Are you still at the caravan? Yeah.
- Constantin is dead.
He was thrown off his balcony.
Edward? Yeah They killed Clare.
And Carl.
Clare is dead.
Has something happened? Edward Stratton's ex-wife and her partner are dead.
What about Edward? He survived, but barely.
He managed to stab the assailant.
The question is how, how were they found? Wait, Edward stabbed a member of the Brigada? I was not followed to the caravan park.
And Edward says he had no contact with anyone except me.
I received a call.
One call while I was there.
That's the only way they could have possibly been traced.
The call was from Martha.
Martha betrayed us.