Baptiste (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Into The Sand

1 Can you pack some things and come with me, you're in danger.
Kim Vogel was murdered.
She knew she was in danger.
- So we can't go home? - Not yet.
- Let me do the negotiation.
- For Christina? You know what happens to the innocent.
When you're ready to talk.
Clare? I haven't heard from you since last night.
When you go quiet, I worry.
I was not followed to the caravan park.
I received one call while I was there.
The call was from Martha.
They killed Clare.
Clare is dead.
I'm no doctor, but I don't call an ambulance, you're going to die, aren't you? Is anyone going to miss you? Anyone back at home? Is there a parent, or a friend, or a partner or dog? Someone who's going to miss you when you're gone.
They did.
There's a lot of people going to miss them.
So call an ambulance.
What is it about me that makes people think they can just push me around? You're lying there, bleeding to death.
You're not in charge here.
All of this this shit.
I was just trying to make a difference.
Natalie Pawlikowska had a sister who was abducted a few months ago back in Amsterdam by the Brigade Serbilu.
Where is she? You think I know the names of all the girls and where they are? - I do my job.
- Cristina Pawlikowska.
She was 15 years old.
Natalie sent me a photo so I knew who it was we were saving.
Have a look at her.
That is the 15-year-old girl that your fellow pieces of shit took from her home in order to sell.
And you're telling me you've got no idea who that is? Dragomir, maybe he would know.
He was in charge of the younger girls back then before he went and bought himself a pair of tits.
Dragomir Zelincu? He calls himself now Kim Vogel.
Kim? That woman? You're telling me she used to be Dragomir Zelincu? Are you joking? This was years ago.
And when Dragomir disappeared, Constantin wanted to keep things more separate.
He brought in someone new to run this side of things.
And who was that? I don't know.
Ask Constantin.
I can't ask Constantin, 'cause Constantin's dead.
So you are the only one left who can tell me anything, Nicolae.
Then you will have to ask Dragomir.
"Kim" - Because I've told you what I know.
- You've told me nothing.
It's all I have.
Now you decide.
Are you going to help me? She's not here.
Still not answering? No.
Well, we'll talk to her tomorrow at the station.
No, no.
I must talk to Martha tonight.
What, do you think she's just going to confess? Come on, let's go home and get some sleep.
I cannot sleep until I speak with her.
If she is the reason Edward Stratton's ex-wife and her partner are dead then so am I.
You couldn't have known.
Calling her again is not going to make any difference.
It's not Martha I'm calling.
What are you doing here? Er I'm sorry, I tried to call, but no answer.
They said at the station this was the place people come after being on shift.
So you decided tonight's the perfect time for a heart-to-heart.
And you brought her along.
I would like to have a chance for the two of us to talk.
But properly - another time.
There's not much to say, is there? I mean, I'm 32 years old.
I think I'm fine without another dad.
Mr Baptiste is my father.
So, cancer, a father I never knew - the soap opera of my life just needs an evil twin now.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea, any more than you did.
Well, there it is.
So that's that.
So, if you're not here for a family reunion - what? Where's your mother? Ask her.
I tried to call, I cannot reach her.
You came all the way here, you tracked me down after my shift, to ask me this? Why? Edward Stratton's ex-wife and her partner were killed tonight in England.
No-one could have known where they were.
Except, I received a call when I was there.
A call that could have been traced and the location reported to the Brigade Serbilu.
And that call was from your mother.
You think, you think my You think she's informing? Oh, wow! Is it so impossible? That my mother is working with a Romanian gang? Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, well, that's low down on the list of things I'm prepared to believe.
Look, Niels, we just want to find out where she is.
We just want to talk with her.
I mean, no-one will set you straight quicker than my mum.
But if, but if I tell you, you leave me alone, OK? Of course.
She's at yoga.
She gets out at 8.
Um 23 Hoofstratte.
Look, I'm sorry to have come here like this.
I wish, er, under other circumstances Yeah, sure.
You take me fishing some other time, huh, Dad? What are you doing here? Niels told us where to find you.
Yeah? Edward Stratton's ex-wife and her new partner are dead.
They were killed - just a few hours ago.
Jesus! Where were they? In the UK.
A caravan park, paid for in cash.
There was no way the Brigade Serbilu could have followed them.
Yet they did.
I'll talk with Scotland Yard.
I'll see what information they have.
You came here to say something to me.
Say it.
You're working with them.
You caught me.
Please let me ring my lawyer.
I received just one call when I was in England with Mr Stratton - it was from you.
Did you trace that call and tell the Brigade Serbilu? How do you know they didn't find Mr Stratton some other way? The man who killed his ex and her new partner was called Nicolae Vasile.
Nicolae arrived in England just a few hours after your call with me.
He worked with Constantin Baraku.
You're the one who had Constantin killed, aren't you? This is getting better.
You are the only one who knew we offered him a deal - then he turns up dead.
You didn't want him revealing your connection.
Oh, well.
I had some good times with my Romanian gang friends, but I can see you know everything so, um, yeah.
I confess.
You think this is funny? I think this is fucking ridiculous! Our investigation into the Brigade Serbilu is making progress in every country we're operating in - everywhere except here in the Netherlands.
Our Amsterdam department especially.
Now I know why.
I've worked my whole life for this department.
You think all this time I've also been secretly working for a Romanian gang? Really?! I can't work you out.
Are you desperate, or stupid? Or both? You're leaving the job.
And not because you want to - they are pushing you out.
So this is your payback.
Cash in on your way out.
This doesn't make sense.
Really, Julien, why would I put you onto this case? Because the Brigade want that money back.
Because perhaps you knew I would find it.
You approved of my search.
You urged me.
You cannot believe it.
I do not know what to believe.
Yeah, well, then I'm sad for you.
Because it seems your mind is truly not what it was.
We'll find out.
We'll call the phone company.
It's easier if you just talk now.
Explain your side of things.
I have nothing to explain.
Get your damn warrant.
Get out of my way! 50¢ What? Do you believe her? I want to.
That's not what I asked.
Doesn't matter what I believe.
What's important is that we follow evidence, no? There's something else.
Oh? I don't know.
I think I can tell now when you're not sharing everything with me.
It's nothing.
just a notion, nothing more.
So - tell me.
I have no evidence for this, but, given that it's ourjob to consider everything Are you OK? Down! Down! Down! Fuck! I need an Amsterdam squad car right now, we're under fire.
Repeat, we are under fire! Don't! Watch out! Watch out! I see! I see! I'll leave my phone on so you can trace it, OK? No, no, no - go, go, go! Reverse! Reverse! Reverse! Control, we see you, we can see you.
There! There! There! Did you get the license plate? Yeah.
For all the good it'll do.
Sorry, you were saying something before we were Did I? interrupted! k?! My name is Edward Stratton.
My ex-wife Clare Evans is dead.
She was stabbed with her partner.
They're both No, they've been killed.
They are at Blake's Caravan Park, 23 lfley Road, along with another man.
It was Edward Stratton.
I just told you my name is Edward Stratton.
No, I'm not still there.
Yeah, I understand that, and I'm going to come back and explain everything to you, everything I know.
You have my number, you have my name, you can come and find me if I don't.
No, I didn't hurt them.
Because it's complicated, OK? Because I have to do something else first.
Just get there.
Final call for flight 122 to Amsterdam.
God knows how long they've been following us for.
We've been lucky this time, I think.
The The car came right after we saw Martha, yeah? The amount of cameras in Amsterdam, we'll ID him somehow.
Cameras! Yeah, what? I'll tell you on the way.
Is he even in? The place looks dead.
This man is not, I think, blessed with a social life.
Mr Visser? What do you want? To talk.
I'm busy, it's late.
No choice, I'm afraid.
Excuse me.
Did you do as I asked? Yes, of course.
I threw it all away, just like you asked me.
All of it? Yes.
The hard drives, the monitors, everything.
I, I can show you.
What, you want to go through this? Is it really worth it? What's the phrase? It's a filthy job, but someone must perform it, huh? Urn, yeah.
Something like that.
I was hoping to find Kim.
You didn't hear? No, what? It's disgusting.
Oh She was a good person.
Good people don't deserve these things.
Nor did Greg.
Who's Greg? Her boyfriend.
Oh, yeah.
How did you say you knew Kim? Mutual friends.
Is Greg here? He's upstairs.
In their flat.
I still remember Nights last December Tow trucks towing Cold winds blowing I'm Edward.
Further from me Last leaves on the tree I know you.
I saw you before, in the cafe.
You knew Kim.
Yeah, I was there.
I didn't know her.
Not really.
I'm sorry she's gone.
I should probably tell you who I am.
Everything I've been through, but you wouldn't believe it.
My capacity for believing in things I didn't think possible has recently expanded.
Did you know? It figures.
Figures that the guy asking her to marry him every five minutes would be the last to find out.
Well, when I met her I had no idea, if it's worth anything.
Only one thing worth anything.
She's gone.
Sorry, what was it, what was it you wanted again? Well, I'm not sure if you can help, but I was hoping Kim might've said something about her life as Dragomir Zelincu.
You see, I'm looking for You want to know about Dragomir.
That's him.
What's inside? Take a look if you want.
Are you sure? Be my guest.
You can tell me what's inside.
I can't, I just can't.
He was a bad person, wasn't he - Dragomir Zelincu? Yeah.
Except the woman that I knew she wanted to help people.
I think the person who killed her I think they did it because she was standing up for the girls, for the things that she believed in.
That's who I fell in love with.
Sorry, I was Do you ever wonder why she left you all this stuff? She wanted me to know who she was, I guess.
Yeah, maybe.
But maybe it's more than that.
This is full of names, dates, transactions - everything Dragomir Zelincu did for the Brigade Serbilu.
It's like an insurance policy.
What? From what I've learnt, you can't just leave an organisation like the Brigade Serbilu.
And if you did, you certainly couldn't hang around the place where you did all the work for them.
Unless you had evidence, everything you'd done for them, and then it's mutually assured destruction, isn't it? You come after me, I'll hand this lot to the police.
That was in the box and had my name on it.
What do you think it is? Not sure.
It still works.
So, um, I saw when I was here you had a camera at the nearby petrol station in the men's bathroom.
Oh, God.
Really? I need footage from that day, an hour before I came to see you.
So, what are you thinking? He seemed angry when I came in.
He was on the phone, and then he left right away.
He said it was important.
But I wondered, even then.
Why he would come all this way with me, help find the money, and turn around so fast? Here.
Between this and the car coming for us so soon after our conversation with Martha There.
Constantin? Christ.
He was on the phone to him the whole fucking time.
Oh, mun Dieu.
No, wait, I'm out.
I'm with, er, with Baptiste, we're very close to the money now.
Er, yeah, yeah.
You're right, we need to deal with that bitch.
I'm coming back.
I, um I'll make my excuses.
I'll be back soon, just Yeah.
OK, bye.
- Was it your mother? - No, no Shortly after he returned, Kim died.
Maybe he did it himself or paid someone else to do it.
Then he traced Edward Stratton's location by using his mum's phone.
You were right.
I'm sorry.
I, er, used to play this as a kid.
Graphics really were shit back then, weren't they? Yeah.
I got that new VR thing.
It's going to look like this in two years, no? I hope not.
'causet me a shit-ton.
I still remember this bit.
Always found it hard, this bit.
Come on, fuckers.
Come on Fuck! The Frenchman and the Europol lady, they, er, they got away.
Shit, Toma.
They have to stop looking at us.
It's as simple as that, Toma.
They're police officers, just like you.
You should know better than anyone else what happens to people that kill police officers.
There are two options here.
Get this thing done, and then we kick back and bask in the glow of a job well done.
Or you start going to the gym.
'cause that's the only thing that's going to keep you safe when you're stuck in prison for the rest of your life.
This is it, Toma.
This is where you see if you have the the backbone.
Get your shit together! Hi.
May we come in? What time do you call this? Late.
Are you here to arrest me, old friend? No.
Not tonight, Martha.
What is it? I know that face.
It's your son, Niels.
Our son.
I found evidence of his connection to the Brigade Serbilu.
Video camera footage of him talking to Constantin.
He said, We need to deal with that bitch.
I think he was talking about Kim Vogel.
But we'd like to take a look inside his house.
I thought you might have a key.
OK, wait! You think he was talking about Kim? So what do you know? Do you actually have any proof? I assume not, or you would be at the courts getting a warrant.
Did Niels know you called me, and where I was? I was in the office.
Several people could've heard me.
So, he did.
Didn't he? Look, we saw him earlier and he's not at home tonight.
If he hasn't done anything wrong, you've got nothing to worry about.
It wouldn't be the first time you made a mistake.
No, it wouldn't.
Wouldn't be the first time I've been right, either.
I do not like this any more than you do, Martha.
But you know we cannot simply ignore this.
It's up there.
Number 8.
Not coming? I don't want to be a part of this.
I hope, for both of us, that we find nothing.
Why did you guys break up? You and Martha.
You don't have to answer.
it's, er, it's OK.
Um I was afraid, I suppose.
I loved her very much, but, er I was not ready for it.
Well, that's very wise of you.
It can be dangerous to fall in love, but if you never do, you never know.
I'm lucky.
I had a second chance.
It's, ah it's like flying.
What, to your imminent death? You shouldn't be afraid to fall, Genevieve.
G it's not all it's cracked up to be.
Genevieve? Yeah? Martha! She's warning him.
No! Put the phone down! Niels? So you found me.
I figured, before, when you came to see me, that it was alljust a matter of time before you came limping to my door.
The things you've done, Niels, why? You're a police officer.
You're supposed to protect people, not use your position to line your own pockets.
Spare me what you think of me, spare me yourjudgment.
You know, you think things are all so cut and dry? These things happen, with or without me.
Come in.
Talk to us.
What Are you Really? The path which lies ahead of you, it's no life.
It's a dead end.
Well, the path you are proposing is no better, I'm sure you'll agree.
Does it bother you that your own flesh and blood can be one of the so-called monsters you spend your whole life chasing after, huh? I bet it does.
I bet it's eating you alive.
I don't care who you are.
I care about the things you've done.
Oh, so that's what you are now, a hero? People have died because of you, Julien.
Natalie, Edward Stratton's wife and her husband.
These people died because of you, Niels.
You lie to yourself enough, you end up exactly where you are - running.
Well, so be it.
Those are the cards I've been dealt.
I will find you.
No, you won't.
You know what you've done here? He's all I have left.
All ports are being alerted - he can't escape.
We'll find him.
Yeah, perhaps.
Although I know from experience that finding someone who doesn't wish to be found is At least now we know.
I'll see you later.
I'll call you if there's anything.
Edward? Hey.
You, you look cold, Edward.
I am.
My wife's coat doesn't really fit me.
I'm so sorry for what you've suffered.
I'm surprised that you came back here after all that happened.
Well, I couldn't stand to think that it'd all been for nothing, you know? Thought at least I might still be able to help Cristina.
Because that's how it all started, you know, just trying to bloody help.
And you said on the phone that you'd found something? Eh, yeah, I I went to see Greg Miles.
Kim Vogel's partner.
Or, rather, DragomirZelincds.
What brought you to him? Nicolae.
Go on.
Well, Greg had a box of her things, everything about Dragomir Zelincu, and there were also these numbers.
Most of them are phone numbers.
I tried calling them.
A couple of them went straight to voice-mail - recorded replies.
Most of them, the line was dead, but there are these other numbers here, and they're co-ordinates, I think.
I mean, the dots are in the right place if you were trying to write the latitude and longitude using degrees and decimal minutes.
My mum was a geography teacher.
Anyway, I don't know what's there.
I don't know what it means.
But I thought you should have them.
Thank you.
I'll make sure Europol sees this.
Thank you, Julien.
You should go home.
I don't know where home is, really.
Michael? OK Look, wait, slow down, slow down.
Start from the beginning.
Hello? Julien, it's me.
I've just had a call from Michael Latif - he's one of ours, out on the Romanian task force working for the Brigada.
OK He just got word from one of his men out in Bucharest.
Now Niels Horchner's name's out there it's all anyone's talking about.
What are they saying? Niels and Constantin! whole side of the operation in the Netherlands has been cut off.
Seems like the Serbilu brothers aren't best pleased with all the attention this has brought.
What does that mean for Niels? They just want him gone now.
They've put a number on his head.
I hope we find him before they do.
So, ah we are safe? Yeah.
We're safe.
You should know - Edward Stratton and I, we met tonight.
He's found something.
He believes them to be some kind of co-ordinates.
They were found in Kim Vogel's possessions.
% We'll look into it.
You should see your family.
Have a night off.
You deserve it.
Thank you.
I hope you do too.
Erm, I doubt it.
I need to find Niels.
There's no telling what he could give us on the operation out in Bucharest.
You know, no-one even know what Vasile Serbilu looks like.
If he could help us even in the smallest way, then OK.
I understand.
Goodnight, Genevieve.
Goodnight, Julien.
It's been a pleasure.
Also for me.
Please, tell me I get to sleep in my own bed again.
You get to sleep on your own bed again.
As long as I can join you.
Why did you want to meet here? My dad used to like it down here.
He liked collecting the shells.
When Lucy was young, sometimes he used to bring her down here.
She'd watch him collect them.
I never understood why he did it.
Every morning, he'd do exactly the same thing - he'd get up, come down to the beach, rifle through millions of stones and shells, and take a few home.
Trophies, I suppose.
Trophies, to line up on the mantelpiece.
Edward, people who collect things the way your father collected shells I often think they are looking for order in their lives.
To take a piece of the world, label it, find a place for it, as if we could control our lives the same way.
Perhaps you could use some order in your life, Edward.
A frame for your days - something to make some sense of the picture.
Perhaps your father could teach you something in all of this.
So go on, then.
Tell me what was in those numbers we found all those weeks ago? Did you find Cristina? Go, go, go! Hold the fire! All Clear! Here, here, here! We're the police.
Come - you're safe.
Grab my hand - come with us.
Hum, we gaan naar buiten.
Come outside.
We're looking for a Cristina Pawlikowska.
I knew her.
Where is she now? She's gone.
Where? I do not know where to.
I know how much she 'causet, though.
750 euros.
There are many girls like her and will continue to be, unfortunately.
God, when does it end? It doesn't end.
Human nature will not allow it, it seems.
I went to two funerals the other week.
Clare's and Carl's.
It made me physically sick, being there.
I repulsed myself.
You cannot carry this burden alone, Edward.
I could have done more.
Just three days ago I went to a funeral myself.
This case has brought so much tragedy in its wake.
So much waste.
Neils? Mama.
Niels! Niels! Niels! Do not make this any worse than it is.
How would you know how bad it is?! She's your mother.
And you are my father! But what does that mean?! What does any of it mean?! It means you are not alone.
We can resolve this.
You expect me to believe that?! I've been in your shoes.
Then you know how it ends.
How it has to end.
Martha, no! NO! Julien, stay still, please.
Just stay still, please.
Niels was not allowed to attend his mother's funeral.
Martha's sister refused.
And now our son will die in jail, but his true punishment is to live with what he's done.
Anyway, the wind blows.
Still the world turns.
Goodbye, my love.
Um You won't see me round here any more, Ines.
For what it's worth the way you hate me is nothing compared to the hate I have for myself.
I'm sorry.
One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
He read half of it on holiday a few years ago.
He never finished it.
Always said he kept meaning to.
Maybe you should finish reading it to him.
Every shell on this beach came from somewhere.
Each one has a story to tell.
It was something once, and has now become something else.
What might seem like a broken or empty thing can take on a new life of its own.
Even if that life has now become twisted and cracked, still we move forward, still we evolve, no? We stumble and fall, we We pick ourselves up and we move on.
Well, I hope, Edward, that through this nightmare, perhaps it is that you found something else.
Perhaps Perhaps you will become something new.
Fucking well hope so.
So what about you, Julien? What are you going to do now? Are you going to retire at last? I think it's about to rain.