Bard of Blood (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Fight Fire With Fire

[in Urdu.]
Sister! Coming, Nusrat.
Sister! Sister! What happened? Who were you talking to in the room? Actually, I wrote a letter on behalf of Amin's widow, and I was only reviewing that.
She's worried, and has lost all hope.
Why, what happened? How much longer are you going to keep lying? I don't have to tell you everything, Nusrat.
Where is it? Who were you talking to? Nusrat! - It's somewhere around here.
- Nusrat stay in your limits.
Stay in your limits.
How do you have a satellite phone, sister? Only ISA and the military use satellite phones.
Who are you spying on me for? And how much are they paying you? Whatever it takes to save your life.
This sat-phone is the reason you're alive.
You have no shame at all, Sister.
Don't try to use my situation to your advantage.
Tell me, who were you talking to? I am talking to you! First your husband, then your brother, and now your own nation.
Who else are you going to betray? You've already turned against everyone.
You're still a kid, Nusrat.
But you will understand someday.
It's someone in the ISA, isn't it? - Give me a name and BAF will deal with him - Enough! BAF will deal with him? One stupid mistake can push you and BAF to the verge of extinction.
It all makes sense now why my operations never succeed.
What makes sense, Nusrat? First, you need to prioritize your responsibilities.
Severing electricity connections is not an operation.
I got my answer, sister.
[in Hindi.]
ISA controls the pipelines.
The local oil flow is controlled by its pump office.
And according to our information the ISA's signal units are posted out there.
Meaning, not much ammunition.
Can you guarantee that the entire pipeline won't go up in smoke? This is a controlled blast.
It should look like the handiwork of BAF.
But we'll have to take care of the hydraulics as well.
Meaning we'll have to infiltrate, and stop the flow so that the entire pipeline doesn't blow up.
What will be your distress signal? Nothing.
It's an in-and-out job.
Meaning we've only ten minutes to carry out this job.
[in Urdu.]
Signal Sector no.
The BAF may target that area.
Send a message to the Quick Response Team.
Don't let them anywhere near the pipelines [in English.]
Go! [in Urdu.]
- Where to? - We need to see your senior.
He knows.
You cannot go inside.
First show me some ID.
Ask him yourself.
- Ask him? - Yes.
[in Hindi.]
Veer, stop here.
I am heading towards the pipeline.
You guys get to the signal unit.
Are you okay? - [in English.]
Can you keep going? - [in Hindi.]
They have AK-47s.
You said this is just a signal unit.
My assessment was based on field reports.
You learned how to use the gun.
Arms and cash! It's drug money.
Meaning ISA is using this pipeline as a cover and running projects on the side.
This will be useful for the BAF.
- [in English.]
Levers first! - [in English.]
Levers? [in Hindi.]
There are so many levers here.
- Yes, sir? - [in English.]
I've reached.
[in Hindi.]
Cut off the oil supply.
Now! Yeah, we are, we are.
- Hurry up, we're running out to time.
- One minute.
Yes, sir? What are you doing? [in Urdu.]
[in English.]
Lights on.
[in Urdu.]
There's been an infiltration.
[in Hindi.]
Two vehicles are approaching.
At least 12 armed men.
Reinforcement has arrived.
Hurry up.
Stay sharp! [in Hindi.]
Isha we are ready, give me cover.
[in Urdu.]
Check the signal unit.
[in Hindi.]
Hurry up, Veer.
It's done.
Sir, it's done.
[in English.]
[in Urdu.]
The pipeline is on fire, sir.
Kill those bastards! We'll make an example out of them to the BAF.
As you wish, sir.
Sir, there's been a situation.
Give me cover! [in English.]
Move! [in Urdu.]
From there.
[in Hindi.]
What was this? We planned this operation eight hours ago.
And we're the only ones who knew about it.
How did you think of blowing up the pipeline? It's pretty clear.
This was Jannat's idea, wasn't it? Your pattern has been exposed again.
That Jannat turned out to be smarter than you.
This was my plan all along.
Your plan? Did you invite these guests to the party as well? What were you and Jannat talking about, sir? And if Jannat knew better, then you should've brought her on this mission.
Why do you need us? She was coerced to work for ISA against her will.
And agreed to be a double-agent for me.
She fed the wrong information to the ISA.
Your secret side-missions can get us killed.
You would've never agreed if I'd told you.
And don't try to teach me about death.
I've seen it up close and personal more times than you can think.
Stop being so self-centered.
Sometimes you claim we're a team other times you show distrust in us.
You're always complaining.
We've got our shoulders full, Veer.
Carry your own weight, we'll carry ours.
[in English.]
We're supposed to be a team, right? [in Hindi.]
These last-minute improvisations aren't smartness, they're betrayal.
And this is exactly why Sadiq Sir chose me for this mission.
We'll all be dead before this mission is over.
Nice planning, sir.
[in Urdu.]
Glory to Balochistan! First, we'll make Pakistan our mistress and humiliate the Taliban.
Now it's our turn.
Glory to Balochistan! Glory to Balochistan! Glory to Balochistan! [in English.]
This is a major attack by Balochistan insurgents in years.
The Pakistani government has maintained for some time now, that the insurgency in Balochistan has been contained.
Clearly, that is not the case anymore.
Pakistan has more reasons to worry, as the oil pipeline, originated from Gwadar port, has been [in Urdu.]
Who gave the orders? You? If I had, then you would have known.
Then why are you celebrating? Because I know who is behind it.
That bloody Indian.
He's using us to fulfill his own motives.
He's making a fool of you using the Taliban.
Mind your tongue! I may be underage, but also the leader of BAF.
And this incident has sparked courage in us.
We can now expect global funds.
I haven't seen the boys so enthusiastic in years and if we still keep quiet, their loyalty will shift to the Taliban.
It's the leader's responsibility to take difficult decisions.
If I leave it to you, then soon our movement will disintegrate.
This is why I've called a meeting of our community elders.
Why did you do that? Those old folks will only try to suppress me.
They may be old, but you need a crutch.
[in Pashto.]
The government in exile has been funded by drugs, something that is strictly forbidden in our religion.
Everything is fair in war.
No, it isn't.
This is a holy war.
We are just the conduits in this heroin business.
Any news about the Haqqanis? They are working with ISIS, in Syria.
Millions have lost their homes.
We should be waging this war on American Land.
Excuse me.
I would like to speak with the Supreme Leader in private.
Didn't you hear him? Excuse us.
There has been an attack, thirty miles from here.
It seems to be a BAF conspiracy.
Our names have also come up.
Things are going to get rough.
We need to move you to a safe place.
We can't afford, to get exposed.
Only Shehzad knew that we are here.
- Check with Shehzad first.
- Okay.
[in Urdu.]
Whose idea was it to put up theTaliban posters? Nusrat's? - And why didn't you inform me? - Someone's played a prank.
If the Taliban were here, we would've known.
Right? Don't let rumors get rife, Jannat.
The consequences can be bad.
Even after your information, my men arrived late.
Isn't that strange? I conveyed every bit of information I had.
Shehzad, these flags, the posters? Are you behind this? Did you sell us out to the Americans? - Don't be a fool.
- We must get out of here now.
Stay where you are.
I am coming.
[in Pashto.]
Shehzad said not to leave.
Are you sure he's not duping us? Maybe.
[in Urdu.]
And how did you find out? I overheard some men talking to Nusrat.
They were from Kalat.
They were asking for Nusrat's help.
But he refused on my instructions.
Taking your brother's side? Only the truth.
So what's next? What is brewing? Whatever it is, I will let you know.
And how can I trust you? Have I ever given you a reason not to? [in Hindi.]
Sir the bleeding won't stop.
We can't go to a hospital.
Stop the car here.
What are you doing? This is way past first-aid.
Agency's training modules have changed extensively.
[in English.]
Kabir, what do you think? The joint seems intact for sure.
[in English.]
Veer, can you move your fingers? [in Hindi.]
[in English.]
Okay, no vein damage.
[in Hindi.]
I'll have to extract the bullet - [in English.]
I don't have pain killers.
- [in Hindi.]
Inject me with opium.
I never used a needle before.
It will take effect faster.
[in English.]
[in Hindi.]
Fine, I'll do that.
[in English.]
Isha, treat him fast.
[in Hindi.]
The Taliban will get caught in the crossfire between ISA and BAF.
We don't have too long.
What did she say? She asked us to stay away from Marri sir's bungalow.
[in English.]
ISA is watching her.
[in Hindi.]
What lie did you say this time to convince Jannat? Things will be all right after this.
Things have heated up here.
I think they are going to shift us.
BAF is not strong enough to defeat the Taliban alone.
This is definitely something big.
I still don't understand.
If things have really heated up then why don't they kill us? Maybe they will use us as leverage in some bargain.
[in English.]
You're wrong.
New Delhi won't do a thing for us.
[in Hindi.]
We have an opportunity to expose their plans.
You mean another plan to die.
We'll die on our own before they kill us.
- Are you scared? - Aren't you? I am so next time we'll try that they don't miss.
Once we're dead, no more fear.
Just remember we'll die for our people.
- [in Pashto.]
All set? - Yes, sir.
This way.
Hurry up!! The plan is ready and underway.
We have identified an abandoned madrasa outside town.
We will move there temporarily.
And then? And then you pull up Shehzad by his reins, and get us a safe exit, out of Pakistan.
Counting on Shehzad will be a foolish mistake.
He has his own agenda.
He has his own agenda, so we will do things our way from now on.
[in Urdu.]
You were right.
It's a big operation.
Money and weapons are missing too.
Sir, it was a controlled explosion.
The oil pressure was lowered first, then stopped.
They could've caused greater damage.
Is it possible to stop the flow of the pipeline? When the flow is stopped at this point then the system diverts the flow from the origin.
They knew modern hydraulics.
But this BAF flag.
Who would need the BAF's aid? Indians.
- Did you find anything on the CCTV? - Yes, we got this footage.
Isn't that the same guy? From Sadiq Sheikh's funeral.
[in English.]
Kabir Anand is here.
[in Urdu.]
And madam Jannat is lying to me.
And this man wants to play games with us.
If this man is here for the agents then I am sure that he was behind the incidents in Quetta.
He knows that Mullah Khalid is here.
TheTaliban has managed to infiltrate in our country.
Now your inexperienced boys will create unnecessary trouble for us.
And all because of you.
Islamabad wants a political solution to this problem.
We cannot fight this war.
Gentlemen, I am aware of this fact.
But Islamabad is taking too long and we've become a minority in our own country.
- And now the Taliban's here too.
- Careful, Nusrat.
- Have you seen any Talibani? - Nusrat isn't wrong.
Everywhere we look, we either see contractors from Punjab or workers from Peshawar.
The Taliban is spreading beyond Quetta.
It's not the enemy that's always wrong.
We're pretty weak too.
Or should we say that our leader has no maturity.
According to my opinion, on the basis of experience and age Qasim should be our leader.
- No! We will never accept that.
- Enough.
This is what Pakistan wants.
That we fight amongst ourselves.
The Balochis are naive but not stupid.
We know our goals, and the methods to achieve them.
But how will we convey our message to them? Do you know the meaning of that flag? The heart has finally experienced real happiness.
There's a roar in the voice of our boys.
And if this isn't politics, then what is? My boys didn't do this.
But I assure you that I will avenge my father's death.
The news about the Taliban is not a rumor.
Mullah Khalid is hiding right here.
My information is absolutely correct.
Other world countries have seized control of our country.
China in Gwadar.
TheTaliban in Kech.
What about the Balochis? We need to expose them.
Every Balochi should keep an eye out.
Pay attention to every movement.
If Mullah is captured then Pakistan will be on its knees.
We are with Nusrat.
I can see a wave of energy amongst the boys.
- Are the arrangements done? - They are.
- Arms and explosives? - Don't worry about arms and ammunition.
Now we have more arms and ammunition than we need.
- Guns? - Even guns, sir.
- I will let you know if there is a problem - Nusrat.
What are we preparing for? We're going to aid someone in order to settle a score.
Let's go.
[in Pashto.]
The car with the prisoners inside will be following you.
There will be a pilot vehicle alongside, armed with bombs, if need be.
Accessing the abandoned madrasa will be easier.
Today you have made me proud.
At times children grow up faster than you can imagine.
Yes, our future supreme leader.
Tell me what to do.
My orders will always be in the interest of the Taliban.
Our fighters are already there.
Cleaning up your chambers.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Be careful! Hurry up! - Yes sir! Push them in.
Quickly! Go inside.
- Push them in.
- Get him.
Go inside.
Push them in.
Follow our vehicle.
[in English.]
What is the Taliban doing in Gwadar? There is no Taliban in Gwadar area, Kech, or anywhere else.
All this is rumor-mongering and nuisance creation.
We are investigating ourselves.
We have invested in your country.
We want our interest protected.
Get your house in order.
A lot can change overnight.
[in Urdu.]
What's your explanation? [in English.]
Intelligence failure, sir.
How the fuck did this happen? - Intelligence failure, sir.
- Oh, shut up.
Don't talk like a bloody policeman.
[in Urdu.]
You make plans in the air.
Sir, I take full responsibility for this failure.
As our Chinese friend said [in English.]
"Things can change very fast.
" [in Urdu.]
What can we deduce from this? Nothing yet.
But my mission is on track.
And victory shall be ours.
Do you know that you can be dismissed? Yes, sir.
But give me 72 hours and then you can do what you like.
I'll take your leave now.
[in English.]
Are you confident we'll get the lead today? We made our move.
[in Hindi.]
We have to wait for them to make a mistake.
[in English.]
A surprise attack always pays off.
Yes, but has Jannat promised full BAF support? [in Hindi.]
Because we can't pull it off without them.
Yes, I've already spoken with Nusrat.
Now, this is a BAF mission as well.
Put it on speaker.
- Hello.
- [in English.]
Yes, this is Arun Joshi.
[in Hindi.]
Give the phone to Kabir.
What do you want? I am on a rogue mission.
- You can hang me when I return.
- Only if you return alive.
Mullah Khalid is in Kech.
[in English.]
Someone in the ISA is running this operation.
- We need to find him.
- Do you have evidence? No time for it, sir.
Either we're right or we're dead.
- Kabir, what can I do for you? - Sir, we need an exit.
The Americans, the Chinese, the Iranians, the Mossad.
[in Hindi.]
I leave it to you.
We'll bring the agents.
But you get us out.
Jannat, I want to meet you.
Survey the area, find leads, [in English.]
look out for Militia cars.
Work with the BAF.
[in Hindi.]
It will be easier to find Mullah.
[in English.]
What's the urgency? [in Hindi.]
I kept my end of the promise.
[in English.]
I need you to be completely honest with me now.
[in Hindi.]
Who is your handler in ISA? Tanvir Shehzad.
[in Hindi.]
He runs all the operations in Balochistan.
[in English.]
I need to find him.
If he's the one running this operation, then he's also hiding the Mullah.
Kabir, you can't.
He's elusive.
[in Hindi.]
People only know his name.
Not a single picture of him.
But you have seen him.
[in English.]
We have slowed down.
- [in Hindi.]
This is the right time.
- God is with us.
[in Pushto.]
What are you talking about? Be quiet.
Hey look at them.
They are trying to escape!! You bastards! Son of a bitch! [in Hindi.]
Our work is done.
- [in Pashto.]
Take them.
- Don't let them go.
[in Urdu.]
Yeah? Where? Okay, I will tell him.
Kabir, your agents have been spotted in the old market.
Isha, the agents have been spotted in the old market.
Make no mistakes.
That's Tanvir Shehzad.
Do you know him, Kabir? [in English.]
He's the one who tricked me into killing Vikramjeet.
[in Hindi.]
He ruined our lives.
[in English.]
You will take me to him.
I need to take him.
He's the reason we aren't together.
I'll try.
[in Urdu.]
Yes, speaking.
Don't worry.
I'm on my way.
What's the address? Yes, I'll be there immediately.
[in English.]
Kabir, I am sorry, I have to go.
[in Urdu.]
Some woman's husband has been missing for two days.
And no one's writing down her report.
I must go to the police with her.
As soon as Shehzad calls, [in English.]
I'll let you know.
[in Hindi.]
Your marriage is a political alliance.
If I had stayed back then things would've been different.
If wishes get fulfilled all the time, then there will be no difference in life and dreams.
[in English.]
I am sorry.
[in Hindi.]
I couldn't keep my promise.
[in English.]
But I meant every word that I said.
[in Urdu.]
Did you ever imagine that we would meet again? The situation is bad If they had been any better then we would've never met again.
[in Hindi.]
This is the old market.
The road leads to only one direction.
[in English.]
I know the map.
[in Hindi.]
There is a shortcut.
If they are on this route, then we can intercept and get a visual contact.
This road leads to only one place.
There's a madrasa at 10 kilometers.
What if they change course? Everyone in Kech is keeping an eye on them I am sure the BAF knows too.
They will trace every movement.
[in Urdu.]
You called to tell me about your husband.
Come in.
What seems to be the problem.
You are.
The problem.
[in English.]
Are you sure he's the same man? [in Hindi.]
Then let's settle everyscore once and for all.
Tanvir Shehzad.
[in Urdu.]
Did you take me for a fool, Jannat? We found Kabir's picture on the spot.
And I immediately knew whose side you are on.
Your father's death was an example to the BAF.
And your death will be one for Kabir.
- Jannat.
- Kabir.
[in Hindi.]
Where are you? She is with me.
[in English.]
This war was a part of our lives, Kabir.
This had to happen.
[in Hindi.]
Don't drag Jannat into this.
[in English.]
It's between you and me.
[in Urdu.]
I see Is that right? Kabir.
Don't look back.
[in English.]
Jannat, it's on me.
This is all on me.
I couldn't live up to my promise.
Not then, not now.
That's true.
[in Urdu.]
What I did, I did willingly.
[in English.]
Please give me the respect of a fellow warrior.
[in Hindi.]
Don't say that, Jannat.
[in English.]
Stop blaming yourself for everything, Kabir.
Listen to me.
- Jannat.
- "The course of true love" Jannat "never did run smooth.
" Jann Jannat!