Bard of Blood (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Heat Not a Furnace for Your Foe So Hot That It Do Singe Yourself

1 [in Urdu.]
Bring the car around immediately.
Special package for BAF.
You already discredited Kabir Anand 5 years ago.
So, why are you taking it so personally now? Kabir has Mullah's location.
If this information is leaked, then be prepared to witness another Abbottabad.
Back then it was Osama, and now it will be Mullah.
- Isn't one global humiliation enough? - What is your plan, Shehzad? [in English.]
The network is open, but the signals are acting up.
[in Hindi.]
Your software is useless.
[in English.]
You have zero technical intelligence.
And you [in English.]
Undercover Agent.
[in Hindi.]
You couldn't find a single exit route! Both of you are jackasses.
What a shame.
What a shame.
[in Urdu.]
We belong to God, And to him we shall return.
We belong to God, And to him we shall return.
[in Hindi.]
And there's no way I can opt for a quid pro quo.
[in English.]
The Iranians and the Americans have refused point blank.
China and Israel, out of the question.
[in Hindi.]
I don't know how you will get out of there.
Did you take my permission? [in English.]
Bloody bureaucrats! Without an exit the mission is as good as over, Kabir.
Even if we save the prisoners.
[in Hindi.]
You give up too soon.
[in English.]
It's not that.
[in Hindi.]
We tried our best, but [in English.]
I don't know.
Maybe our best is not good enough.
[in Hindi.]
And what about our agents? Huh? First Vikramjeet, then Sadiq Sir, and now Jannat.
Should I just let them die? Huh? Sir, we understand your pain.
But the mission is above all.
And the mission was a success.
The Taliban is on the run.
And Mullah will be exposed.
What still bugs me is if Mr.
Joshi couldn't help us then why did he say he would.
Move aside.
There are four American NGOs in Balochistan.
[in English.]
One of them has to be a front for their agents, right? [in Hindi.]
I'll get the details.
[in English.]
We will have to deal with the BAF simultaneously.
[in Hindi.]
Yes, but they are on our side.
Nusrat lost his sister, Veer.
The first time we met, he was still a little kid.
Jannat was his family she meant the world to him.
Revenge must be the only thing on his mind right now.
He will talk about setting the world on fire.
Ruining our mission in the wake.
How can you be so sure? Because, I also want to set the world on fire.
[in Urdu.]
Where are you going? Where are you going? Father is coming home.
Let's set the table for him.
I am going to stay right here and wait for his arrival.
He's managed to do the impossible.
I see, and what has he done? Do you have any clue? It will take you many years to realize our father's sacrifices for the freedom of Baluchistan.
' But you must never forget this day.
"Politics is all about compromises.
Compromising is politics.
" It's what father says.
But sister, what is politics? There are two bodies in the casket.
One is Bashir Marri, and the other of a liberated Baluchistan.
Both delivered in pieces.
Take care.
She betrayed us.
She had to be an ISA informant, because of you.
We are equally responsible for her death.
And whatever she did she only did it to protect me.
Nusrat! Nusrat! Suddenly we're both to beblamed for this, my leader.
Dodging accusations is the sign of a weak leader.
You are responsible for Jannat's death.
Now we shall give them a taste of their own medicine.
The only way to deal with treachery is retaliation.
Pakistan will burn.
Doesn't matter how many Balochi suicide bombers it takes You will do no such thing.
This is all your fault.
Why did you come to our Baluchistan? You should have been dead instead.
Shame on you, Nusrat.
If you were fit to be a leader, then sister would've recommended your name long ago.
And I would have easily given up the position for you.
Claiming your potency and proving it, are two different things.
The silence before the storm has long passed.
Leaving dead bodies, and shattered hearts in its wake.
This is the indication of the storm that's approaching.
But it's not enough.
I will make sure that those responsible pay.
And I don't expect your men for this mission.
- But as we agreed - No.
In the past, your father kept all of you together and so did Jannat.
But now Balochistan cannot afford to lose you.
This is my war.
This is our war as well.
We shall do as we had agreed.
We will do this for Jannat, for Balochistan.
I won't bury my sister's body until I don't get my revenge.
The plan is complicated.
Everything depends on its execution.
How many trained youngsters can you gather? Around a dozen? Is that all? They are willing to risk their lives.
All brave soldiers.
The most crucial part of your plan's success is the Mullah getting exposed.
I will rescue the agents, but you must keep an eye on the Mullah.
I want revenge for my sister.
I will, you can avenge for Balochistan.
As soon as the Mullah is exposed your motives will become international.
I am prepared to do anything.
Then find Tanvir Shehzad for me.
Tanvir Shehzad? I only heard his name for the first time yesterday.
Jannat made this sketch for me.
This sketch should be on every mobile phone in Kech.
The entire community will do whatever it takes for my sister's sake.
Things have become too hot to handle.
We must get you and Aftab out of here safe and sound.
The situation demands that we deal with this problem together.
Get to the point.
Sir hand over these prisoners to me.
First, you dared to ignore my calls.
And now.
you're asking for my trump cards.
If these prisoners are handed over to you, then what is to stop you from selling us out to the Americans? You don't believe me, Commander? Believe a spy? Spies are only loyal to their mission.
It's a known fact that we need to get out of here.
So better start thinking about when and how.
And these prisoners? Indian agents are already here to rescue them.
And the BAF are helping them.
- There's a threat of attack on you.
- Such attacks keep you on your toes.
The prisoners shall remain with me, until Aftab and I reach a secure location.
Spies like you cannot be trusted.
Well, if you can't handover these prisoners then you can definitely lend them to us.
[in English.]
The Chinese Premier's vehicle have been tested during the dry run.
Our vehicles are being tested as we speak.
[in Hindi.]
The convoy will take this route, sir.
[in English.]
That's good.
I've seen the docket.
[in Hindi.]
All of the issues.
[in English.]
All good.
Thank you, sir.
[in Hindi.]
Yes? [in English.]
Yes, sir.
Sadiq Sheikh's death? The killer's still at large.
Strangely it intertwines with the issues I told you about.
Our men in Balochistan.
That's unfortunate.
We've not disowned them, sir.
We're doing our best, as much as we can.
Then our best should be enough.
Yes, sir.
[in Urdu.]
Eat up.
You're only good to me as long as you're alive.
Everything will be fine.
I know you can do it.
Join me once the work is done.
Shehzad, please save your precious lies for your wife.
Yes? Everything is going according to the plan, Aftab.
Just keep doing as you're told.
Leaving this country is a small price to pay, only for a bigger cause.
Just don't forget Shehzad, who is helping whom.
Who is the wheel and who is the driver.
Aftab! You broke the rules of Praying for a phone call.
Father, your Jihad depends on ideals.
Whereas my Jihad, depends on the delicacy of time.
[in English.]
Got it.
- Hello - [in Hindi.]
[in English.]
Sarah Mansoor, an American-Muslim.
Stationed two hours away from Kech.
She runs an orphanage as a front.
[in Hindi.]
I met her a few years ago, along with Sadiq Sir, She was attending an event hosted by the American Embassy.
[in English.]
She was introduced to me as Jessica Parker.
[in Hindi.]
How accurate is your information? A hundred percent.
- Good.
- [in Hindi.]
Send me the coordinates.
[in English.]
But why would she extract us? [in Hindi.]
There are no favors in the world of Intelligence.
Only a healthy relationship of give and take.
Jessica Parker? [in English.]
He's one of mine.
So you can't extract us? We can.
But we won't.
It's not up to me alone.
I have an offer for the decision makers.
The Mullah.
The Mullah what? The Mullah dead.
You're delirious.
There is no way you can pull this off.
ISA is shielding them.
Faith makes things possible.
Not easy.
If the Mullah's belief in God is so strong, why isn't yours? I am not going to give you any men.
I don't need your men.
Just a safe passage out.
We got a chopper flying out of Balochistan at seven in the evening.
If we manage to see you alive, you should be at the base at 6:30 p.
He's moved our men out.
Nusrat is sure about this.
[in Hindi.]
His men spotted Shehzad at this spot.
But this changes everything.
The locals saw Shehzad and made this video.
There was a woman with him.
And together they took the agents inside.
Isha, take Nusrat and the BAF's help to surround the place.
[in English.]
And do a silent protest.
But your men should be armed, in case he gets his men to open fire.
When I reach, I will signal you to storm in, and open fire.
Got that? The timing is very essential.
If we get there too early, he has enough time to kill our men.
Which is why I will go after him first.
[in Hindi.]
And you will rescue our agents with the help of BAF.
- Risky.
- I know.
[in English.]
But do it well, and do it right.
Everything will be fine.
[in Hindi.]
And remember, the bullet that kills doesn't make a sound.
[in English.]
So that's that.
[in Hindi.]
I will inform Nusrat as well.
- And you, Veer.
- Sir.
Take Qasim and his men.
Apprehend Mullah.
Dead or alive.
He's the ticket to our exit.
[in Hindi.]
Not a problem, sir.
We are exposed.
[in English.]
Every minute from now, we are enemies not just of the ISA and the Taliban, but also of the state of Pakistan.
[in Hindi.]
Everyone is looking for us.
[in English.]
It's now or never.
[in Urdu.]
Last night, my sister Jannat Marri was brutally murdered.
Exactly the way my father, Bashir Marri, was murdered five years ago.
Tanvir Shehzad, you and the ISA are cowards! Cowards! We know that you don't want peace.
So we will bring war straight to your door.
Come out and accept your responsibility in her murder.
You must apologize Shehzad Tanvir! [in Hindi.]
This is Kabir's game.
[in Urdu.]
How can you achieve your goal of killing Kabir Anand in this situation? Long live Bashir Marri! - How will you deal with the Taliban? - I'd tell you, if I knew.
We want Balochistan back! Long live Jannat Marri! I am leaving right now.
Mullah and Aftab's safety is your responsibility.
I will give orders to open fire in five minutes.
This is a trap for Kabir.
When he gets here, the crowd will act as a diversion.
See you soon.
If there was any chance of meeting again then even I would be coming to the location with you.
We want Balochistan back.
Long live Jannat Marri You must apologize Shehzad Tanvir! I'm not used to this.
Let's go.
[in Hindi.]
Kabir, I don't know what's going on in that head of yours.
[in English.]
But I hope you have thought this through.
[In Hindi.]
I will do whatever it takes.
Just don't start a war.
This is just an illusion, a mirage.
Sadiq sir used to often quote [in english.]
"Spycraft begins where illusion ends.
" Just remember Kabir, you're not the only spy.
[in Urdu.]
The number you are trying to call is currently not reachable.
The number you have dialed - What on earth are you doing here? - Why isn't your phone reachable? Phone? Signal - What happened? - Shehzad is playing with my mind again.
We thought we found him.
But he wanted us to find him.
He's waiting for me.
That's why I want you to go there.
[in English.]
He won't expect that.
[in Urdu.]
I'll deal with the Mullah.
Go on.
Does this mean goodbye? It's not that easy to get rid of you.
Veer Take care.
Unfortunately we're infidels!! 72 damsels won't be waitingfor me in Paradise! [in Urdu.]
Long live Bashir Marri! Long live Bashir Marri! Long live Bashir Marri! Long live Bashir Marri! We want Balochistan back! We want Balochistan back! We want Balochistan back! We want Balochistan back! [in Pashto.]
Father, the Indians are here.
Hurry up, we have to go.
They've attacked in large numbers.
[in Urdu.]
We want Balochistan back! We want Balochistan back! We want Balochistan back! We want Balochistan back.
I will kill you along with these three.
- Isha.
- Kabir.
[in Hindi.]
Come back to the madrasa.
We don't have enough time.
If we don't get Mullah after rescuing the agents, then the Americans - won't give us safe passage.
- Fine.
I am coming.
[in Urdu.]
Give back our Balochistan! Go ahead.
They are not our agents.
The next bullet will pierce through your head.
And I am not scared of dying.
The choice is yours.
What do you want? Where is Shehzad? [in Pashto.]
There! [in Urdu.]
The number you are trying to call is currently not reachable.
[in Pashto.]
Catch her! [in Pashto.]
Catch that bitch! [in Urdu.]
Stop, brother.
There are kids in the basement.
Get them out.
- Quickly! - Yes.
Where is Mullah Khalid? You are already in a lot of pain.
Imagine if your soul is sent to Hell.
- Tell me.
- I will tell you.
Behind the old madrasa.
There has been no information about the Taliban in and around old madrasa.
- Do you know where it is? - Of course.
There's a ruin behind the old highway.
That's where they are hiding, I guess Take your men and help Nusrat.
I can't get in touch with Veer and Isha.
- Find them.
- Okay.
Call Nusrat.
- Hello.
- Shehzad has already left.
- Send me your location immediately.
- Veer and I are going after him.
- I'll send you his new location.
- Yes, do that right away.
The ISA convoy should be there immediately.
What? Another 30 minutes.
We don't have that long.
Hurry up.
What did you get by choosing a lifetime of slavery? How many of you are out there? You can count them when they are dragging you.
Death shall come for all of you, but I won't let any of you die so easily.
[in Pashto.]
Indian Spy.
Keep her tied up until the convoy arrives.
Inform Shehzad that we have arrived.
Yes, Father.
[in Urdu.]
The convoy can get there earlier.
Get out of there now with Khalid and Aftab.
That's the only car for miles.
That must be him.
Drive faster, Veer.
- Nusrat, why did you shoot? - I won't spare him! Sisterfr! Nusrat, get back inside.
Drive faster, Veer.
Nusrat, get back inside.
Get back inside! I said get back inside.