Bard of Blood (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

My Stronger Guilt Defeats My Strong Intent

[in Urdu.]
Stand wherever you are.
He's no longer our leader.
He's now with the Indians.
That's the reason why Jannat is dead.
You want to kill me.
We are brothers.
Murder is a sin, Nusrat.
But not an accident.
Enough with the formalities, Nusrat.
This will change the destiny of Balochistan.
Qasim! Don't stand and stare.
He is your leader.
Someone help him.
No, Qasim.
You want to change the destiny of Balochistan.
Huh? A real leader leads the way.
But you are misled yourself.
You're not a leader, but a traitor.
Kill him.
Kill him.
My sister was only a stepping stone for you.
Don't hesitate, Nusrat.
Shoot him.
Finish this.
If I shoot him, then I'll only be murdering my faith.
And if Balochis end up killing each other it will only ensure Pakistan's victory.
See that's a leader.
If you want revenge on Shehzad then Kabir must stay alive.
We must help him.
Where is Kabir? [in English.]
Just you and me.
[in Urdu.]
Inform the Mullah that his ride has arrived.
You have all been told your exit routes.
Get to Quetta.
And stay out of sight.
Give the impression that only a few Taliban were in Kech.
And surrender when you get the word.
When time is in our favor again, you will all be extracted safe and sound.
[in Pashto.]
It's time.
What about our army? Don't worry about the army.
They don't depend on you.
You depend on them.
Let's go.
[in Urdu.]
Get in the car everyone.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
It's all God's blessings.
Do we bring that Indian spy along, or How can we leave such a precious gem behind? [in Pashto.]
Follow us, come with me.
[in English.]
Get up.
Are you okay? [in Hindi.]
Where are the agents? [in English.]
They are not here.
I never heard them, never saw them.
It's over, Kabir.
[in Hindi.]
Even if we kill the Mullah, Shehzad will still win.
[in English.]
Come on.
The chopper's going to leave in 40 minutes.
We still have time.
[in Hindi.]
Let's go.
[in Pashto.]
Stay alert.
Save the Commander.
We are under attack.
It's the Indians.
Get the vehicles ready.
Protect the father! - [in Pashto.]
Kill the bastard! - [in Urdu.]
Secure the Commander! [in Pashto.]
You son of a dog.
Where is the gun? Stop the car.
Stop the car.
[in Urdu.]
Commander, it's not safe to stay here.
We must get out of here as soon as we can.
If anyone leaves without Aftab, then I will chop his legs.
That bloody Indian is against us.
- [in Pashto.]
Kill him.
- As you wish.
- [in Hindi.]
I'm here.
- [in Hindi.]
Stay low.
[in Pashto.]
Run fast! Run fast! Aftab! Aftab! Give Aftab cover.
[in Urdu.]
Go save him.
[in Pashto.]
Kill them! Kill them! Kill them! Too many.
[in Urdu.]
Stay sharp, I'll be leaving soon.
Come with me.
Pardon me for the improper lighting.
But spies and rodents prefer darkness.
And I believe, that a spy is nothing more than a rodent when he's exposed.
What kind of a country do you work for? They are trying to save lives of three mere rodents.
They can never win against me.
And especially when they send someone like Kabir Anand.
Kabir Anand.
Kill them bastard.
Save Aftab [in Urdu.]
Come back! Come back.
Come back.
[in Urdu.]
Let's go.
You thought you could stop my Jihad.
God's power runs through my veins.
Stop! Commander! You bastard! [in Pashto.]
Father! Leave me.
[in Urdu.]
Leave me.
[in Pashto.]
Leave me.
Son of a pig! [in Hindi.]
Don't forget to ask Allah whether you were a Jihadi or a terrorist.
We must get to Sarah in under 30 minutes.
Handover Mullah's body to her and get out of here.
And what about you? Sir, we could've never saved the agents.
We tried everything we could.
But Shehzad changed their fate.
I must go alone.
I cannot let you die, or them.
[in English.]
It's personal.
[in Hindi.]
No, sir.
We're coming with you.
After coming this far, we won't return to India alone.
Either alive or dead.
[in English.]
That's not fair.
We are supposed to be a team.
[in Hindi.]
I am saying this because we are a team.
Delivering Mullah's body to the base is equally important.
And this time it's not an order, but a request.
Go meet your father.
That female ISA agent has given us Shehzad's whereabouts.
This is Shehzad's location.
Shehzad double-crossed her as well.
Update the agency about your return.
I need a last favor.
[in English.]
Veer sent me intelligence on Tanvir Shehzad.
And they have the Mullah with them.
[in Hindi.]
Veer and Isha are coming back.
[in English.]
Our men? Kabir? Yeah, Shehzad? [in Urdu.]
Sir, where's my ride? I'm waiting at the location for so long.
[in English.]
Ok, let me check.
Give me a moment.
Shehzad, the Indian hotline is calling.
[in Urdu.]
If it's about the hostages, just deny any knowledge.
[in English.]
They have no leverage.
Okay, let me see.
Good day, Mr.
Good day.
[in Hindi.]
Arun Joshi speaking.
[in English.]
Oh, hello.
I know the Mullah is in Kech.
Such things leak out quickly.
What do you want? Blame it on this rogue this Shehzad or something who is running the operation.
[in Hindi.]
Let him take the fall.
Disown him immediately.
[in English.]
No Mullah, no deal.
We'll be leaving for our black site soon.
I'm sorry about your friend.
He may not have been able to save your fellow Indians, or even himself.
But what he did will go down in the books of history.
- As an American victory.
- Yeah.
Either that or you guys are free to remain and meet his fate.
[in Urdu.]
[in Hindi.]
The number you have dialed He won't rest till he finishes the mission.
[in Urdu.]
How far out is my convoy? Check now.
What convoy, sir? Are you stupid? How else will I get out of here? Now you know what it feels to be left alone.
[in English.]
Abida, what is going on? The Agency has disowned you, Shehzad.
[in Urdu.]
We had a good time together till it lasted.
Stop this nonsense and tell the chief that ISA will be making a big mistake disowning me.
[in English.]
Good evening, Chief.
[in Urdu.]
Since when did you start taking advice from our friends across the border.
[in English.]
Do you have a better plan, Shehzad? Sir, I have three Indian agents with me.
They were in Taliban custody.
[in Urdu.]
The day Kabir Anand attacked Gwadar, I had a hunch that he will apprehend the Mullah.
Alive or dead.
And if Mullah would have been arrested on Pakistani soil then the global media would have claimed that we provide them safe haven.
In fact, you can even say that these three agents are evidence of our bravado and innocence.
[in English.]
Why did you not keep me in the loop? Sir, because if I did, then you would've only found loopholes in it.
We can tell the world, sir that even we are victims of the Taliban, like the rest of the region.
Isn't that right, sir? [in English.]
In fact, India is meddling in our affairs, sir.
[in Urdu.]
Your ride's on the way to pick you up.
And let no harm come to the Indian agents.
[in English.]
Oh, sure, sir.
Thank you.
[in Urdu.]
You bloody This is the pain you were asking for, Kabir Anand.
First Vikramjeet, then Sadiq Sheikh, then Jannat.
How many more times are you going to lose to me? Admit it.
[in English.]
I am better.
Better than - Hello.
- Mr.
[in Urdu.]
You guys give us a bad name for no reason.
[in English.]
For your information, your three agents have been rescued from the clutches of the Taliban.
[in Urdu.]
By the way, what were your people doing in Pakistan? [in English.]
Come to the point.
[in Urdu.]
Even if Mullah is arrested, your men will still be safe.
Don't worry.
But your agent, Kabir Anand, what is he doing in Pakistan? Waging a war? [in English.]
Come on, someone needs to answer, no? [in Urdu.]
You think you have won? Yeah? You will never know who killed Karan Bhushan.
And this question, will haunt you for the rest of your life, Kabir Anand.
[in Hindi.]
Nusrat, what happened? Okay.
[in English.]
Thank you.
Come on, guys.
Chopper is ready.
[in Urdu.]
Are you okay, Brother? Get my agents out of here.
Go check inside.
He is not dead.
I leave that decision to you.
Nusrat? Do I have your permission? Bring the casket.
His soul is trapped in that thing.
[in Hindi.]
This soil shaped you into what you are today now you must do the same.
Jannat and Bashir Sir must be watching from somewhere.
[in English.]
Thank you for waiting.
Thank you for everything.
[in English.]
In an unprecedented development, sources in the Pakistan government have confirmed the role of a rogue ISA Operative, Tanvir Shehzad, who was harboring and aiding Mullah Khalid on Pakistani soil.
Tanvir Shehzad was acting on his own initiative, and gave a safe haven to Mullah Khalid.
In a major development, Pakistan, the US armed forces along with the CIA' [in English.]
Thank you.
Now we can all go out to dinner together? Yeah.
No problem.
Hello, Kabir Sir.
- Hello, Veer.
Good job.
- Thank you.
[in Hindi.]
I have a present for you.
Shehzad's phone.
- [in English.]
It's damaged.
- Yes sir.
Keep it as a souvenir.
I will work on it.
Thank you very much.
That's enough.
Come to my room, Veer.
Isha, get debriefed.
Kabir, you will wait.
Yes, sir.
As the Director of the Indian Intelligence Wing, I apologize.
[in Hindi.]
We're recommending you for the President's Medal.
The Agency has even earmarked special funds.
Two and half million rupees.
[in English.]
Take care of your father and come back a soldier, Veer.
We need you.
Sure, sir.
Meet him.
You need help.
- [in English.]
Kabir Uncle! - Hey! Come here.
Uncle, I missed you.
Did you miss school? You restored our pride.
[in Hindi.]
Vikram must be watching from wherever he is.
[in English.]
You came back for us.
He will be at peace now.
Hello, sir.
Hi, ma'am.
Sir, can I have a minute, outside? - What's up? - Sir, this is a working phone now.
[in Hindi.]
The only issue was the motherboard.
But it's fine now.
And charged.
Were you able to crack it? [in English.]
No, sir.
Actually, this is a 1024-bit encryption, with an auto-destruct protocol.
[in Hindi.]
If we key in the wrong password, then it will self-destruct.
[in English.]
[in Hindi.]
You turned a dead phone into a live bomb.
In the IIW Headquarters.
[in English.]
Sir, I It's okay.
It's all over now.
There's probably nothing on this.
- Good work, though.
- Thank you, sir.
[in Hindi.]
Your handler is dead.
I saw the news.
Who are you? [in English.]
The man who killed Sadiq Sheikh.
Former Indian Army.
My life is in danger.
Where are you? - How serious is the threat? - Not sure.
I have to follow the lead to answer your question.
But I have a hunch.
[in Hindi.]
The Chinese Premier is arriving tomorrow.
Any incident will be disastrous.
The ISA cannot pull this off alone.
[in English.]
Shehzad is dead, so who? [in Hindi.]
Mullah Khalid's son.
[in English.]
He got away.
Mullah Khalid sacrificed his life so his son can complete the mission.
- [in English.]
- Isha, get ready.
I am coming to get you.
[in Hindi.]
[in English.]
Nihar, buckle up.
- Yes, sir.
- I need you.
[in English.]
This could be a trap.
[in Hindi.]
His phone's switched off.
Aftab wants us to follow this man.
Balochistan was a trap, not this.
[in English.]
Colonel Chetri was dismissed from Indian Army, on account of poor mental health.
He wrote some angry letters to top brass, about neglecting the death of soldiers in Arunachal Pradesh.
He was quite vocal, but his understanding was myopic.
He's the perfect candidate for recruitment.
[in Hindi.]
But when he learned the real intentions of Aftab he must have tried to back out.
[in English.]
Sir, the signal is back.
This side.
[in Hindi.]
Come on.
The signal's coming from here.
[in English.]
It's there.
He fooled us.
The phone was a decoy.
[in Hindi.]
It was necessary, to save my life.
[in English.]
Please, don't shoot.
Please I've cheated my country.
I just need to confess.
[in Hindi.]
Who recruited you? [in English.]
I thought it was the ISA.
- But I don't know.
- Who? [in Hindi.]
You can call it corporate terrorism.
What was the plan? The assassination of the Chinese Premier.
But I cannot betray India any longer.
Was Aftab your handler? Aftab? Who is Aftab? [in English.]
Isha, call for backup and surround the area.
- [in English.]
Shit! - What, Nihar? - [in Hindi.]
Whom is Kabir Sir chasing? - Aftab? [in English.]
But he just landed in Brussels.
[in Hindi.]