Barons (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

You bought Dumbo? How are we supposed to pay for this? US licence deal.
I told you, there's no more rubber.
I'll double the wholesale price.
Where are you getting this money from? I really need that dough, Newbie.
We're on it.
I already told you that, Trotter.
Buddy! Mac! Shirley, this is Mac.
Mac, the legendary S Kwong.
China white.
I wanna make you a partner.
My name on the board? No.
While you're in my shop, they're Bare Feet boards.
Hey, hey, hey.
Argh! Get off! No! You ever wonder if it could've worked between us, what it would've been like? Trace? I locked it.
Ah, what? Why? I saw you with Margaux, Trot, so you know why.
Ah, let me in, Trace.
Please, Tracy.
Tracy, please? Isn't this too big to take into a bank? Hey? No, this one's just for show.
We'll give out the real one next year, when we actually hold the comp, yeah? Yeah, but, Snap, what's gonna stop someone just stealing this one and then cashing it in? It's like real money.
Look at the date, Choc.
It's for next year.
Oh, yeah.
Put it down.
Put it down! Arthur Foreman.
Hey! Ah, mate, thank you so much for coming all this way.
Yeah, no.
Brian, it's great to finally meet you.
Hey, ah, just call me Snapper, mate.
Everyone does.
- Snapper? - Uh-huh.
That's great.
- Who's this? - Yeah, I'm Choc.
Snapper and Choc.
Uh-oh, I see you've already gone to the liberty of, ah, of spending my money.
No, I just wanted you to see what it would look like, you know? Righto.
We can always discuss the amount, of course.
No, it all looks, ah, tickety-boo.
Been looking forward to this weekend for months.
Shall we, ah? Please.
Come on, Brian.
Yeah, I had a nickname at school.
- Foreskin? - Don't.
No, no, they, ah they tried that one.
No, I was, ah, the Dodger.
You don't know Oliver Twist? Oh, ye Oh, hey, so, ah, listen, I wanted to do this thing with the competition next year.
I wanted to do this thing with the heats.
I wanna call it 'Man on Man', hey? Well, no, maybe we call it 'Foreman on Man'.
Because Right? Yeah.
We'll think about it.
Hey, do you think I could present that big cheque of yours to the winner? Wait, so you're in? Mate, I wouldn't come all this way if I wasn't gonna sponsor your comp.
Great! Yeah, of course you can.
And you do all your manufacturing here? Yeah.
We're, ah, actually about to start a new line of boardshorts.
I've been designing them myself.
Give them that, ah, Bare Feet vibe, you know? I hear there's a small issue with your wetsuit rubber supplier, bit of competition from down the road? You're well-informed.
Never spend money unless you've done your research, Snap.
It's impressive.
Yeah, well, we've been watching you fellas for a while.
LightWave have secured that US deal.
Must make you a bit worried? No.
Best way to lose control of the, ah, product.
The original and the best, am I right? Hey! Staying salty since 1969, ugh! I love that.
I love that.
You're buying this place? I'm thinking about it.
What does Sharpie think? I haven't told him yet.
I'm the first? We're partners.
We're building something together.
What? You're officially part of the family.
For now.
Oh, no, admit it, we've gotten under your skin.
We have weaselled our way into your heart.
I just like the view, OK? Nah, you're gonna start surfing, you'll lose the accent.
You're gonna be a real local now.
Well, whatever happens, you will never see me in corduroy.
Oh, but I look so good.
I heard you stole all of Snapper's rubber.
Didn't steal it.
Bought it.
Moneybags, eh? Can I borrow this, Reggie? What's wrong with your board? Nice chatting with you too, mate.
It's 6:11.
11 minutes after 6am.
Today, tonight and tomorrow will be hazy and hot and humid, with a high today of Hey, babe.
Bud, we need to talk.
Everything OK? It's just that .
I'm starting to get some really good roles.
And my agent has some really important people for me to meet.
And things are just starting to take off for you.
This is all good.
And now I'm getting fat.
Fat? What? No, you're not.
I will though, Bud.
I went to the doctor and I'm having a baby.
Hey, this is amazing! Wha Really? You want it? Your baby? Are you you kidding? Our baby.
This is just what we need.
I'm in.
You're in? I'm in.
Of course.
I'm in.
He knows! Yeah! Well, I'm not sure who's gonna father who here, but I can guarantee this is going to be the best dressed baby in all of California.
- I'm so excited for you guys.
- Thank you.
I'm proud of you.
Hey, why don't you girls go, ah, whip us up some champagne? Aah! Did you get the cash? It's coming.
Man, I cannot wait to get Trotter off our backs, just be free to do our own thing, you know? Yeah.
This is good news, right? The best.
You have to let me give you a baby shower Oh, come on, let her do it Where is he now? I don't care.
Can't believe you're being so calm about this.
I feel like this huge weight's been lifted from my shoulders, to be honest.
I always knew there was something between them, but I was always made to feel like an idiot for even thinking it.
It's Friday night.
Let's go to Snap's place.
I don't think that's a good idea.
You're always going to his parties and I'm never allowed to go.
Because he's your enemy.
He's Trot's enemy.
Yes! I wanna introduce you to somebody.
Apparently, he's loaded.
He can invest in my film? Maybe let him invest in Snapper's comp first.
We don't all have an inheritance.
You guys want more drinks? Jeez, I would love a business like this.
Honestly, mate, I am constantly chasing cashflow.
I mean, turnover's good, don't get me wrong, but, ah, I just never actually feel like I have any money.
Maybe I could help with that, huh? I mean, you don't have to give me an answer right now, but while I'm here I do want to talk to you about a bigger investment than just a sponsorship.
Like what? Like what? How about like giving you some proper capital so you can run your business the way you want and not have to worry? You want to wait until you see the price, right? Fair enough.
Shall we start with this announcement? The Foreman Oh, yeah.
- Yeah? Yeah? - That's right.
- OK.
- OK.
Um, hey.
Alright, everybody! Gather round.
Minute of your time.
Ah, this is just a quick word to announce that Foreman Sporting Goods is now the official sponsor of next year's Bare Feet Classic! You can see the prize money right there.
And, ladies and gentlemen, the man himself, Mr Arthur Dodger Foreman! Come on, let's hear it for him.
Hey, ladies, he's single.
I'm not single.
Well, you say that now.
I, for one, am bloody thrilled that next year we will be able to offer some real prize money.
The times are finally changing, folks.
You got a woman's comp yet, Snap? You get me a cheque, Dani, and I will get you a competition.
Now, everyone, make sure you show Dodger Foreman here a good time as you are getting pissed today, because he is paying for everything! - Bear, come take care of this man.
- Yeah.
- Have a good time.
- Enjoy.
Hey, Dim, how come you never grew your hair out? Why do you care? Honestly, I don't.
Just bored with working here every night and not getting anything back from you.
I talk.
No, mate, you mope.
You mop and you mope.
Maybe I've got a lot on my mind.
You don't think I've got a few problems, Dim? Finally.
No bloody way.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's this? I just wanna make sure you don't burst into flames as you cross the threshold.
- Easy.
- I'm OK.
Oh, look at that, you're fine.
I am so not fine, Snap.
Hi, Margaux.
Nice trip to Sydney? Ah, it was a work trip, so it was quite productive.
Is that how you'd also describe spending the night with my husband? Oh.
Tracy, I'm How long? How long has it been going on, huh? Months? Or years? It's not what you think.
I saw you.
I know what it was.
Is this true? It was just one night.
Run, Sharpie.
Don't look back.
Tracy, I'm sorry.
Apology not accepted.
What are you looking at? Like you didn't already know! Trace.
You all knew what happened in Bali and none of you cared enough to tell me.
How long have you all been laughing behind my back, huh? Keeping Trot's secret safe? No, we didn't know about this.
Why did you all choose him and not me? To be fair .
you did take my money and start a rival business with it.
Right where you're standing, if I recall.
Who has a drink for me? Sharpie? Tom! Ah, ah, go and do it over there! Oh, God.
Choc, go and take care of him, eh? Are you serious? I just feel stupid.
- Don't.
- I do.
I gave him everything and he just threw it straight back in my face.
Such a nice face.
Honestly? Yeah.
Did you ever see anyone love anyone the way that I love Trot? Not for a long time.
There she is.
Tania! Dimma! My lovely brother, ah! Miss, you're as pissed as a parrot.
I am.
- Hi.
- Time to go home.
You gonna help? We just got here.
Come on, Miss.
Oh! I'm a pissed parrot.
I'll get the door, it's alright.
Come on.
Come on, Tracy.
- Oops! - Come on.
Let's go back to the house.
- Sit down.
- Oh.
You want water? Some tea? A bucket? Tracy? What am I supposed to do now? They're here.
Have you lost weight? That's what I said.
It's just the tan.
Maybe it's the surfing.
Yeah? Well, maybe I should take it up.
Please don't.
Fix us some drinks.
After all these years, he's finally figured out how I take my martini.
She will never leave me now.
- I saw your uncle the other day.
- Oh.
I hear the deal with his stores has been signed? Ah, yes.
My uncle loves the shorts.
Well, now that we have the licence, ah, we can do a lot more deals like that.
It's yours? We're paying it off this week, yeah.
So, Cee Cee, I hear that you've organised some publicity.
Ah, yes.
A friend of a friend works for West Coast Business News.
It's a really great place to launch the business.
We also have a, ah, new campaign.
'Can you keep a secret?' We shot it at a secret beach in Bali.
It's about to roll out in all the surf stores and magazines up and down the coast.
Well, don't keep it too much of a secret.
We're covering all our bases, Dad.
Wow, I had a lot to drink last night.
So did I.
Right, um I'd better get going.
Ah, Jules.
See ya.
See you around, Reg.
Shirley? Hey.
I thought you were in Hawaii.
Yeah, I I just got back.
How was it? Yeah, it was OK.
Did you find your dad? Ah, yeah.
Yeah, I did.
And? Um, it was it was good.
Sorry, you must be jetlagged.
No, actually, I I I came back through Bali.
Oh, were you working in Bali? I'm so jealous.
You are so lucky.
Um, you should come see my new shop, Dani's Surf Shack.
What do you reckon? Jesus Christ, Dani! Can't you just take a hint? Uh I just I just really need to speak to Trotter.
Shirley Kwong.
What are you doing here? Why would you send me to Bali when you knew what was gonna happen? What are you talking about? Hey.
Shirley? Shirley, what's all this? Shirley? Don't.
Did you know about the drugs? What? No.
What about the kid? What kid, Shirley? The kid that no-one gives a shit about because he's Asian and a nobody.
OK, I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Buddy and Bali and And Mac.
Mac? Mac did a drug deal in Bali and it went wrong.
Trot, Mac killed someone, a young boy.
He just shot him right there in the chest in front of us.
And then Buddy just paddled it out and just .
and just left him to the sharks.
Yeah, so you all can just sit here and get rich and wait while your American profits start rolling in, because no-one's going to say anything.
No, Shirley.
Shirley, I swear.
I swear, I didn't know anything about this.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna tell anyone.
Your precious little company is safe, but this is on you.
You want a beer? Beer? Um, no, thank you.
What the f? Choc! Ch Get my fridge open.
Can't, Snap, that's superglue.
What the hell is superglue? You're not getting any more beer until you promise you're not selling out.
You little shit! Oi.
I am not How does he even know? Well, I did have a few of those funny cigarettes last night, who knows what I said? Yeah.
Let's take a look at these books, huh? Yeah, go on.
You know, I love the set-up, but you must get swamped when a big order comes in.
Ah, yeah, well, no, I was gonna take on a few more locals, once, ah, production of the boardshorts got, ah got going.
Well, we've been looking into offshore manufacturing.
You know, Hong Kong, Penang.
You can increase production and your profit margin.
What about the quality? - Yeah.
- Yeah, it's obviously important.
Samples I've seen, it's totally fine.
I'm telling you, offshore production's the future.
The sooner you offload this Australian payroll, the sooner you start to see a profit.
Oh, jeez.
Hey, Reg.
How about you give a man some warning next time? Can you hear yourself? OK, mate, why don't we give the, ah, Dodger here a little bit of space.
- Hey.
- Come on.
So that's it? You're just gonna let them sell and take everything offshore? - Does that include me? - We're just talking, right? Oh.
That's how it starts, Snap.
I'm allowed to explore my options, aren't I, mate? I mean, Jesus, Reg, look at me.
I live in a barn.
Yeah, and I live on your couch, Snap.
We could do better.
By selling out? Or being able to get back into the water every once in a while, instead of fighting with Trotter every day.
- Oh - Huh? Or, I dunno, mate, maybe by being able to focus on the surf comp.
Don't you think it's time surfers actually started making some money? You never used to care about the money, Snap! I make a payroll every week, that's it! And I am supporting half of this town, including you, and what do I have to show for it, huh? Oh.
Fucker! Hey, Reg.
You gonna show me a board? Samples are up there, Choc.
Just put your name down.
Not a Bare Feet board.
I want one like Dimma's.
Mine's a special commission.
So do me one.
I've been savin'.
Or I could work here for you and pay it off.
How are you gonna work here if I work here? No-one is working here! Now go on, rack off! Both of you.
You know, you should have your own place, Reg.
Jesus, Dim, just give it a rest, mate! We have to talk, Trace.
Let's hear it.
I fucked up.
Yeah, you did.
Look, I didn't plan to see her, but it happened.
So you cheated on me by accident? It's not like that.
Don't act like you didn't have a choice, Trot.
Look, I know this doesn't make it any easier to hear, but what you saw was us drawing a line under everything and saying goodbye.
Goodbye? You live in the same town, Trot.
What did you think that you would do? See Sharpie at the pub and have a drink with him? Or have them over for dinner? Watch me try and be friendly with her? Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking.
Well, clearly you weren't thinking about me.
What do you need me to .
to do, Tracy? What do you need me to do to make this up to you? I'll do anything.
I'll do everything.
I don't think you can.
It's too late, Trot.
Why her? What does she have that I don't? Give me another chance, Trace.
Just go.
What did you think when you were fucking my girlfriend? That it didn't matter about anyone else? We'd had a lot to drink.
It was a one-off thing.
Yeah, yeah.
Shut up.
Mate I don't wanna know.
Here's the thing, Trot, we're not mates.
Yeah, definitely not now, but I don't think we ever were.
You took the best thing I ever had and you pissed it against the wall.
You're right.
Pissed everything up against the wall.
You just want everything, don't ya? Yeah, that's me.
Take a swing.
What did you say? Take a swing, Sharpie.
Go on, I'm an arsehole.
I deserve it.
Punch me.
I wouldn't give you the satisfaction.
Well, maybe if you weren't such a boring dickhead, she wouldn't have done it.
Oi, stop it, both of you.
Break it up, break it up! Actually, that does feel kinda better.
Are you alright? Yeah.
Do you mind if I start with some photos? Yeah, sure.
- Great.
- Hey, try that.
I gotta say, this looks like the perfect party house.
We've had a few.
I bet.
So is that the lifestyle that you're trying to sell? We make shorts for surfers, designed by surfers.
You know what, why don't we move you to the couch? We're at the beach, right? So Yep.
Put your feet up.
Why don't you tell me how it all started? That's Bud.
Buddy Fraser, right there.
He's my business partner.
We did a surf trip to Bali back in '71 Oh, yeah.
And we were surfing and we noticed that everyone's trunks were simply not up to the task.
So I came up with this idea of lightweight trunks with, you know, fairly bold designs to stand out in the market.
A piece of paradise that you could hold in your hands.
Or buy at the mall? Or go surfing in.
I didn't know they had surf in Missouri.
Well, we can all dream.
Would you excuse me for a moment? I'll show you some of the trunks.
You created LightWave? I'm selling a story.
Trotter's story.
Well, what does it matter? Trotter made up half of it, anyway.
We were all in Bali together.
Who even is that guy? Look, I'm doing an interview for West Coast Business News.
Why? If we're gonna grow, we need to look like a serious business, Bud.
What are you talking about? Wetsuits, boardshorts, T-shirts, sponsorships, let's scale this right up.
This is just the beginning.
All we have to do is stay clear-eyed and you and I are sitting on a goldmine.
Clear-eyed? What, you're telling me you're not high right now? Come on.
Here's the cash for Trotter's licence fee.
Do you want me to tell your little reporter friend how I got that? Hey, anything you need to know about the business, this guy, this guy right here, he's your man.
Alright? Ah, trouble in paradise? Oh, no, it's all good.
All good.
Shall we continue? Sure.
- Why don't you pass me those? - Yeah.
There's something I wanna say.
Feels like every time I meet a guy, I jump into bed with him and then he breaks my heart.
Well, that's no good.
No, it's not.
So I made a rule that I wasn't gonna do one-night stands anymore.
You know, we were really, really drunk.
You don't have to feel bad about it.
Oh, I don't regret rooting you.
No, I've been reading this book by Erica Jong, The Fear of Flying.
There's this thing that the woman does in the story, it's called a zipless A zipless fuck.
Is that, like, sex with the clothes on or? No.
It's sorta like sex without power or commitment.
No-one asks any questions or wants anything other than just sex.
I wanna give it a try.
With me? Of course with you.
You in? Yeah.
Glad we sorted that.
What are you doing? It's a, ah, drumroll for when you open that up and read the price.
And I get to keep 49%, yeah? Oh, well, for now.
I'm joking.
And Reggie's safe? Yeah, of course.
He's making me a board to take home.
And no offshore manufacturing, we keep all the locals on staff, yeah? Snapper, would you open it up? I wanna see the look on your face.
And I still get to run the Bare Feet Classic? Ah, the Foreman Classic.
What? Well, you can keep the name for next year, you've already got the posters and everything, but, ah, look, we're not investing this much money to not have our name on the competition.
Excuse me? No.
No way.
I listened to you because I thought, well, here's a man that knows something about manufacturing, but you don't know shit about surf comps.
Snapper, if it's that important to you, you can still run the surf comp.
Thank you very much, Arthur.
I will.
So you're not selling? You seem like a decent guy, but, ah And no offence, you're just not that salty, hmm? I mean, let's face it, if you ran this company, you'd just fuck it up.
I heard you were brawling down at the club.
Reggie! Hey, you want a beer? Looks like you've had enough for two.
Come on, have a drink.
Go on, sit down.
If you're not gonna drink, you can piss off, then.
I really thought you and Tracy were solid, Trot.
So why, then? I don't know, Reggie.
Why do we do anything? Nah, I think she's looking for a better reason than that, Trot.
I am sorry about your beer.
There's still a sip.
You know, when I was a kid, man, we moved all the time.
But coming here, finding Tracy, I It was The way she loved me.
I finally felt like I was home.
But there's something in me, Reg .
as soon as I get my feet on solid ground, I start looking at the horizon.
No, mate, that's why you catch all the best waves.
It's why everything I touch turns to shit.
Buddy met up with Mac in Bali.
Bali run? Oh.
That's how they're getting the money for the US licence.
Still, it's not like you did it.
Yeah, but I pushed them, you know? And I knew Buddy was a loose unit.
To pay for a house that leaks, for a wife who never wanted it, and don't even get me started how much I paid for that rubber, to beat Snapper.
So you're not Mr Clean anymore, Trotter.
Who cares? And who is? Yeah, well, that's the thing, Reggie.
There is more.
I just .
can't tell you the whole story because then it's in your head, and I already can't get it out of mine.
You know I actually hate that photo? It was like everything was good before you all went on that trip.
Yeah, I was just thinking that same thing.
Why didn't you tell me what happened in Bali? I wanted to.
But you looked so happy.
Guess I thought you deserved each other.
Heard you're not selling.
This town.
You know, I could've been a very rich man.
You still might be.
Nah, I don't think I care.
When I started Bare Feet .
all I wanted was to make enough money to live out here and surf with my mates every day.
You know how often I get out there now? I'm guessing as much as I do my art? Yeah.
They finally offered me enough money to do what I've always wanted, and I still said no.
What does that say about me? God, I've missed those lips.
I didn't miss that mo.
I'll shave it off.
Really? Definitely not.
No way.
You really don't know how to take a hint, do you? No.
Not with you.
What happened in Bali? Hey I've got all night.
Tracy wants to sell LightWave.
There's money about.
It changes people.
You're not selling my company.
It's ours, and I'll do what I like with my share.
Well, I'm not letting this happen.
No matter how hard you try to slum it with us, you're always you're gonna be Newport.
Family are the only people that you should ever go into business with.
So is it true? A thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground, a thousand ways to go home again.
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