Barons (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Thought we were going to Ghosties.
That place isn't even real.
- I've surfed it! - Oh, you have not! - How's it goin', Mr Colston? - Tania.
You can do anything you want.
I know.
That's why I'm leaving school.
- Surprise.
- Hi.
Um I'm Tash.
Look, this is really confusing for me.
For YOU? Did you fuck that woman in Bali? No.
You owe me a US licence fee.
$10,000 US.
We're on it, mate, trust me.
Do you know what the street value of that little packet is? Not smack, mate.
This is way too heavy.
I am gonna start making board shorts, and Bare Feet's are gonna shit all over yours.
- We're expanding the business.
- Into what? Wetsuits.
We're done.
- How was it? - You need a towel, hon'? The numbers keep spinning around in my head.
I've tried it every way.
It just cannot work.
We tried.
We failed.
- That's OK.
- I think he needs a towel.
There's Gina's up-front before we can even start to fill the order for Carroways, and that is after we find the cash to pay Trotter's licence fee.
Buddy, do you know how much money we have in our bank account right now? I'm gonna go get him a towel.
I've got a plan.
S Kwong.
Did you hear what I just said? Yeah.
We need to sell more shorts, right? OK, then we need a new, shit-hot campaign.
I've been talking to Mac.
You remember how I did that deal with Snap? Dude, do you wanna go to jail? Mac's been running a bit hot lately.
Thinks he's being watched.
Probably shouldn't inhale 'shrooms every day.
But, anyway, he's got this big deal going down.
He needs a cover story.
And he'll pay cash.
We can cover Trotter's licence fee and Gina's up-front.
Most of it.
- Jesus, Bud.
- Come on! This at least gets us out of the hole.
- And what about Shirley? - What about Shirley? She's just gonna shoot the campaign.
She knows nothing.
She's safe.
Do you have to carry anything? No.
Here, hon'.
I got you a Valium too.
OK, did you get one for ME? This guy needs it more.
Are we doing this? You.
Yes! - Can I come? - No.
So, where else do you suggest I try? No, don't put me on How can there be no rubber in the whole country? - It's out there somewhere.
- Yeah, your dad has it.
He's not going to give YOU the Bare Feet contract.
- I'm the one who set it up.
- Exactly.
Yeah, I'll take all the raw stock that you've got.
Yeah, everything.
And, uh if anything else comes in, you'll call me first, yeah? We don't even have the right machines to make wetsuits.
Every single one of Snapper's wetsuits is based on MY designs.
Me, me, my, my.
I'm doing this for us.
I don't even surf.
You like that house, though, don't ya? I never wanted the house.
Well, thank you very much, mate.
I'll owe you big-time.
Yeah, Snap! Try making wetsuits without rubber! I think I might start that meditating, experience some of this incredible peace you've got going on, Snap.
- Piss off, Reg.
- Hey, there's my mantra.
I know these guys.
They'll give us a good deal on a machine.
Pull the trigger.
Don't do it, Jules.
- Do it, Jules.
- Put down the phone.
Don't look at him.
We need another machine.
Call them.
What we need is a regular house that won't make us look like a couple of try-hards.
Right, Jules? - I actually quite like that house.
- Thank you, Jules.
It's a shame you don't have any money to fix it up.
It's coming.
I paid the deposit.
As soon as the rest comes from the US, we're moving in.
What about the roof? - What about all the leaks? - They'll be fine.
You just hate this place, and then as soon as I buy you a house, you change your tune to complain about that.
YOU buy ME a house? That is OUR money.
Let's start enjoying it.
I mean, don't you want your brother to have his own room Don't drag me into this.
Don't help him, Jules.
This whole thing is stupid.
And, Dimma, don't you sleep in all day.
Love you.
- You still want me to call? - Ask them if they've got two.
We're expanding! Snap.
Hey, Reggie.
- G'day, Dim.
- Choc.
How's your board, Dim? Unreal.
Hey, Trot! How's the wetsuit business? Yeah, good, Choc.
Tell your boss thanks for asking.
Tell him yourself.
- Ask him about his rubber.
- How much rubber you got? I'll be right.
Reckon it'll be hard to buy from people who've been loyal to Bare Feet, but.
Oh, you bastard.
You locked me out.
I don't know what you're talking about, mate.
Come on, Choccie! You started it.
- You right, Snap? - Mm! You? Yeah, I'm getting through it.
Hey, I was just thinking about young Dimma's board.
Yeah, I'm working on a single concave to make it run a little faster.
Sounds cool.
Yeah, might get a little confusing, though, people thinking you're saving all those good ideas for your own boards.
What are you saying, Snap? Look at you! What do you think, I'm trying to fleece ya? Mate, I'm offering you a cut.
I wanna make you a partner.
Of every board? Well, every board that goes out the door, sure.
I'll carry the costs, and you can take your cut.
Build yourself an empire, like everybody else.
My name on the board? No.
While you're in my shop, they're Bare Feet boards.
Let me think about it.
Of course.
- So you're really moving here? - Yeah.
Once you see it you'll want to too.
And you're gonna love Vic.
What about my shop? Well ownership is patriarchal.
This community is about living outside of all of that.
Sharing, bartering, working collectively.
I'm not asking you to give up on your dream, just meet them.
Little bit asking me to give up on my dream.
- Hi.
- Ah, Tash! This is Vic.
You must be Dani.
Thank you.
Ooh, what are those muscles? She's a surfer.
- Ah! - Yeah, a pretty good one.
Oh! So .
you don't think all that mastering of the oceans is part of the patri-centric paradigm? You know, the need to conquer Mother Nature and tame her? Trust me, I don't tame anything.
Maybe I'm not that good of a surfer.
Come on through.
I'll show you around.
This is Dani.
- Hi! - Hello.
- Welcome.
- Oh, welcome.
- Isn't it amazing? - Yeah.
Power of the collective.
Oh, so you guys built all this yourself? Blood, sweat and a few too many tears, to be honest with you, but if you tell anybody I said that, I'll have to kill you.
You know, I could borrow my dad's power saw and we could get a proper house up here in no time Uh No meat, no men, no machines.
The power tool's male? We want to stay in tune with Mother Nature, not vanquish her.
Also, to get electricity out here, we'd have to get men onto the land, and we're sheltering quite a few bruised and battered women who are trying to heal.
It's more a basic necessity than a rule.
Yeah, I cannot wait for you to see this bit.
Holy shit! - Yeah.
- What? We've been looking for this break for years.
Oh, wait till I tell Reg that we found Ghosties! No, you can't surf it, Dani.
Oh, watch me.
No, she means you're not allowed.
We leave the Mother in peace.
I just thought you'd like to see it.
You realise this is killing me? Change always comes with sacrifice.
Dolphins surf too, you know? That's good, Karen.
Confident lines.
Thanks, Miss.
Have you talked to Tania lately? Yeah.
A bit.
What'd you say, Choc? Everyone knows she's up the duff.
- Shut your hole! - Mr Colston know? - Hey! OK! That's enough.
- Ooh! But she's right - why is Tania the slut? - 'Cause she'll go with anyone.
- Oh, and you wouldn't? OK, settle down.
Is it true? Is Tania pregnant? Yeah.
I reckon.
Hey, Mrs Dwyer.
Are you ever going to call me Tracy? Nah, probably not.
Restaurant's not open yet.
I know.
You know, I worked summer holidays here for years.
And look at you now.
You can talk to me, you know.
I can help you.
I'm OK.
I know you're pregnant.
They're all talking at school, aren't they? Having a big laugh? "Stupid slut"? Is that what they're saying? I don't care about them.
I'm just worried about you, OK? Is the dad supporting you? You just wanna know who it is.
It's important, isn't it? I'm gonna apply for the Single Mother's.
This is MY baby.
That's all that counts.
Trot?! Dim? Oh, you're kidding me.
I'm not doing it.
Look, just hear me out.
The rubber has gone to Bare Feet for years, and I'm honouring my contract.
The bigger Lightwave gets, the better it is for Jules.
You think I want to encourage her to keep work for you? Growing all that hair, the the hippy clothes.
That terrible patchouli smell? Zem, Snapper has cut me out.
- You're my last supplier.
- That is bad news for you.
I'm not leaving town till I get my rubber.
Mac?! Mac?! Whoo! - Buddy! - Hey! - Buddy! - Mac! What took you so long? Oh, I came back as soon as I could.
Oh, look at you.
Flash as ever.
Well, if you're gonna do it, you've gotta do it in style, huh? Yes.
Where's the newbie? Oh, he's back home.
He's taking care of business.
I thought that's what YOU were doing.
Shirley, this is Mac.
Mac the legendary S Kwong.
S Kwong in the flesh.
How're you enjoying Bali? Ready to see this break.
Yeah, well, she's pretty magical.
But if you tell anyone where she is .
I swear to God I'll kill you.
Oh, I'm just kidding.
I'm kidding.
But please .
don't tell anyone where she is.
I'll just shoot the pictures.
Well, let's get this trip started right.
Huh? Oh, my God.
No! No! I remember these.
You in? Alright.
Oh, fly, oh, fly, my soul bird, for you have escaped the cage and now your wings are spread in the air.
It's Rumi.
I'm telling you, this guy was alive, like, 700 years ago, but if he were around now, he would have dropped out, moved to Bali .
and surfed.
Right on.
Hunter! Visitor.
I like your pearls.
Are they real? Puts a real downer on my parents' graduation present if they're not.
I'll let you guys have some privacy.
- Hey.
- Hi.
That's, uh Kelly.
She's not She's It's not my business.
- Do you wanna come in? - No, I just stopped by.
Uh My uncle called.
Says you've been avoiding him.
No, not at all.
Fine, yeah.
I, uh I'm definitely avoiding him.
We have a cashflow problem, but, uh I'm onto it.
And you're avoiding me.
Well, yeah, that's just 'cause I didn't want to get you involved.
I'm not talking about your business, Bernie.
Don't leave my uncle hanging for too long.
And call me.
You like her.
Cee Cee? She's useful.
You still like her.
- We should help.
- Yeah! I mean, 'birds', 'chicks', 'womyn' with a Y - I mean, does it even matter? Aren't we all the same? Well, words matter.
You think there's an equivalent of 'bitch' for a man? Or 'hag'? It's the body we were born with.
It's just men make us feel ashamed of it, Dani.
The words thing - I just feel like .
it's all a waste of energy when we could be fighting for more important things, like doing the same thing men can.
So, how many of your friends are men, Dani? What difference does that make? You spend an awful lot of time denying who you are just to fit into their world.
Actually, I think my friends accept me for who I am.
Really? And when did you tell them you're a lesbian? See, before this, I was a lawyer.
So, believe me when I tell you that I know what it's like to hide in plain sight.
The patriarchy demand it.
My friends are just a bunch of hippies with a small business.
How much of that business comes your way? It's starting to.
You were about to marry Snapper for a bank loan.
We need to change the world so we're equal with everything from the start.
And you do that by killing yourself with hand tools? Well, we're building a new world.
It's going to take you a while at this rate.
Ah, Mrs Dwyer.
Always a delight.
Had a little chat with Tania Sanderson yesterday.
That girl was always trouble.
Speaking of which, you know she's pregnant, right? Doesn't surprise me.
You don't care, do you? 10 years from now, that girl's gonna be sitting on her fat arse in public housing with six brats to six different blokes, and me caring won't make a scrap of difference.
So long as none of these kill another one of these while I'm on duty Right, Choc, pull the curtains and close the windows.
Annie, lock that door.
Everyone, huddle up.
Come on.
There's been a lot of talk and name-calling and rumours, and I'm sick of it.
You kids are about to go into the world and none of you know anything.
Karen knows a bit, Miss.
This is what I'm talking about.
Boys wanting girls to do everything for them, and then turning around and calling them sluts.
It's not OK.
And we're changing it right now.
You can ask me any questions about sex and I'll answer it.
I mean it.
Condoms, blowjobs, orgasms, periods.
- Come on, don't be shy.
- Oh, go on! We all fuck, right? Or you will.
And if you're fucking, I don't want any of this name-calling or worse .
one of you gets pregnant and has to leave school.
So, ask me anything.
You go, you go.
Are blowjobs the same thing as sex? No, good question.
I think they are.
They can be part of it or just a thing on their own.
- Good news, boys.
- Yeah! And more good news, girls - if a boy asks you to give him a blowjob, say yes.
Yeah! After he gives you one first.
Oh, what?! Mm-hm.
Questions? I was on a charter flight making my way down to Surabaya when I looked down - normally it's clouded over but this day it was clear - there she was - perfect reef break, middle of fuckin' nowhere.
You two are the first Westerners to see it.
Apart from you.
Make sure you only photograph the wave.
No land, no markers.
Well, that's the point of the whole campaign, dude - 'Lightwave US.
Can you keep a secret?' If a wave forms and no-one surfs it, was it ever even there? Exactly.
We carry inside of us the wonders we seek outside of us.
Holy shit! Holy shit! Whoo-hoo! Oh, my God! - What'd I tell you, Bud? - Un-fuckin'-believable, right? You're an evil genius, man! It's a gift from the universe.
The universe gave us this gift.
Thank you, universe! You're very quiet, S Kwong.
I'm reassessing.
Yeah, see, you're an artist, S Kwong.
You're gonna take all this and you're gonna create the kind of dream that's gonna keep men up at night wondering why they wasted their whole lives chasing an illusion.
Fuck, yeah! We have perfect equilibrium here.
In harmony with everything.
The tides.
The sun.
The moon.
Even the sharks.
We have it all.
Come on, smile, Mama.
Look where you are.
And this is where I do all the board-shaping, - down at this shed.
- Ah-huh! - Yep.
- They make all the wetsuits in there.
George? That's where they do the wetsuits.
And, so, I've been trying out some new ideas.
Twin fin.
You know, keel fin.
- Oh.
- Uh Harder rails.
You know, boards are getting shorter, but there's less drag 'cause of this new fin set-up.
These boards are really gonna fly.
What's the smell? Fibreglass.
- You get used to it.
- Mm.
Bit like your old bedroom, Reg.
Where do you sleep, love? I'm alright.
I go up to the shed.
- You're warm enough? - Sylvie, he's a grown man, he can look after his own sleeping arrangements.
Of course.
Anyways this is it.
Have you got an invoice pad? Not yet.
Well, it's not much point setting up a business if you don't have your paperwork in place.
Your mum does a very good job of mine.
We've got an invoice pad we could give him? Yeah, course we do.
Maybe that old filing cabinet, the one in the shed there.
The deputy and I have had a long discussion.
The school has very strict policies with regards to talking about private matters.
I respect that.
If a teacher is found having a conversation outside of those parameters, the consequences are serious.
- As they should be - Oh, come on, Tracy.
The whole school's been talking about how you told your students how to give someone a blowjob.
Only the ones who didn't come to you for personal demonstration first.
- Mrs Dwyer.
- See what I mean? So, you admit that you spoke to your students about sexual relationships? I gave them the facts about fucking, so, yes.
- Well, I never.
- Wow.
You do realise I'm going to have to report this to the Department, and you will be suspended until we can have a full investigation? No need for that.
I quit.
Uh Mrs Dwyer, we're not finished here.
You're wrong there.
- Yeah! - Whoo! Argh! Whoo! - Whoo! - Buddy! Go, Mac! Yeah! Whoo! Snapper, my friend.
We feast today in your name.
The delivery arrives later today.
Relax, mate.
This is the easy part.
You want to send me to an early grave? I told you there's no more rubber.
OK, but I wanna be in the wetsuit business, and I need a guaranteed supply.
Well, you don't always get what you want.
I thought you'd know that by now.
My whole business is based on advice you gave me when I worked here.
You stay loyal to your customers.
That's the most important thing.
And I'm the one who set up Snapper's deal, so I know that his profit margins have increased to more than 10 times what he's paying you for that rubber.
I'll double the wholesale price.
And I'll guarantee you a number that's indexed on the sale price of every wetsuit Lightwave makes.
OK, three times wholesale.
Where are you getting this money from? I told you.
We licensed the brand in the US.
So now you have more money than sense.
But it's MY money.
And what about my daughter? The bigger we get, the better it is for Jules.
Then she's never going to come home.
Her mother cries every day.
Look, I have as much control over what she does as you do.
Come on, take the cash.
Take it.
You want to be so stupid, I'm not going to say no.
You know, it's like seeing a rare bird out of its natural habitat.
Hey, I grew up in this city.
In fact, this is the first job I ever had.
Jules told me to come here.
Are you here for the shop? Yeah, it's it's Dani's shop, but I'm excited to have someplace for my clothes, finally.
Hey, is Sharpie with you? Ah, he's not interested in fabrics.
And Tracy, is she with you? No, no, she had to work.
Well, better get going.
Hey, do you wanna get dinner with me tonight? OK.
Yeah, why not? - Hello? - Finally.
Trotter? It's the middle of the night, man.
What's up? Yeah, I'm sorry, mate, but I really need that dough, Newbie.
- When do you think I can get it? - We're on it.
I already told you that, Trotter.
- You were on it months ago.
- Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.
Look, we'll get it to you, I promise, OK? It's not a problem.
I'll wire it to you directly.
Look, you were the one who wanted this deal.
Pay up or I will take everything back from you.
China white.
You ready for some product control? How do you stand it? You're smart.
Thank you.
No, honestly, I cannot I can't even be around my parents for more than a meal, and I'm already crawling up the walls.
I'm not always having fun.
I just figure that someone's gone to the trouble of feeding me I might as well be polite.
What? What's wrong with that? What does politeness even count for anymore? I mean, really, look at, uh look at Wounded Knee.
Now, Nixon is definitely lying about Watergate.
And don't even get me started on John Denver.
God, if that guy's not a sign that society's about to crumble, I don't know what is.
- I have his record.
- Of course you do.
I will smash it as soon as I get home.
Oh, you'd do that for me? God, I'm doing this date, aren't I? I'm broke Cee Cee.
Your uncle is waiting on his order, and I can't even begin to tell you the kind of financial highwire act I'm in the middle of to keep everything afloat.
And yet here you are - building something out of nothing.
Yeah, certainly feels like that most days.
I'll talk to my uncle.
He can wait.
Really? Thank you.
I am bored .
at those Newport dinner parties, by the way.
Most of the time I want to get up on the table, rip my dress off and scream.
I'd pay to see that.
It's a shame you're broke.
But I do have a sparkling burgundy out the back.
Would that do? As long as it's alcoholic and it pops, I'm a happy lady.
Righto then.
What are we celebrating? - Usual, Snaps? - Please.
I just quit my job.
Choc said there'd been trouble.
If it's any consolation, he liked the class.
He said you used the F word.
Anything to get Choc to learn something.
- Something.
- Ah-huh.
Bloody hell, Trace.
Hm? I just got so sick of it.
Bunch of bloody hypocrites, you know? No-one's teaching those kids anything useful.
Like how to give a good blowjob.
I was talking about mutual pleasure.
Something got twisted in translation there.
Well, you WERE talking to Choc.
You know .
I never really wanted to become a teacher.
I applied and got into Art School that summer.
Dad made me a deal - if I went to Teachers' College, he'd let me come back here for the holidays.
I gave up my spot at Art School to be with you.
I didn't know that.
It's what girls did back then.
It's what girls do now.
We put our dreams on hold so the men can live theirs.
Is that what you think I'm doing? - Living my dream? - Admit it, Snap.
You love it.
The business, the surf comp, people looking at you and knowing you're the guy who started Bare Feet.
The competition with Lightwave I never asked for that.
Ah, true.
Trotter forced you to compete, did he? And what's he doing to you? Giving me the shits, I'll tell you that much.
- Here, you go, love.
- Took your time.
Give us three.
Say, you don't want to, um .
wanna join me for a coldie? - Snap.
- Mm? Would you have bought Dumbo? Well, I worked for him for three years.
He had to do me a deal.
Did this Trotter wear a tie? - Mm, every day.
- Oof.
And slacks.
Never again, though.
You're still a salesman, though.
But now you sell a dream.
And a bloody good product, don't forget.
You know, my old man was a travelling salesman.
Yeah, he went door-to-door.
The hard way.
Selling everything from .
fabric, buttons to everyone from suburban mums to farmers' wives.
No-one ever expected anything more from me than that.
But .
first time I stood up on a board, I felt so free, I could taste it.
It was like I saw a way for my life to be different.
- And now? - And now I'm my own man.
With staff and bills and obligations.
Yeah, but I live by the beach, I don't work for anyone else.
And, yet, here you are, running around the city, buying up all of Snapper's rubber.
It's not his.
Does it ever feel to you like that beach in Bali was a lifetime ago? I remember that night you told me you were a small-town girl, which I still don't believe.
You speak three language, for Christ's sake.
I grew up on the border.
It's normal.
For you.
My home town was small.
I think I was on that beach in Bali 'cause .
I wanted to be as far away from it as I could get.
You're an adventurer.
So are you.
Do you remember what you said to me that night? I was high.
And? And I wanted a summer that never ends.
Never ends.
And you were gonna visit every beach in all of them.
I still want that.
And Tracy - you didn't tell me about her.
You didn't ask.
Sometimes I wish I had.
Are you happy, Trotter? What about you and Sharpie? Are you happy with your choice? I hope so.
You ever wonder if it could have worked between us? You want a wife.
I'm not that.
You know, sometimes I .
wonder .
what it would have been like .
to not.
When I'm away, I sometimes imagine that I'm in a bubble.
Like us here tonight.
No-one knows who we are.
No-one's asking questions.
Like this table.
Tomorrow a new cloth.
Tonight's dinner gone.
Everything just like it was before.
We could do anything tonight.
And tomorrow .
it would be as if it never happened.
It's only us.
Only tonight.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, you can't be here.
- I'm not alone.
I've got friends.
Mac! Buddy! Get Get off! Get off! Argh! No, get off me! Buddy! Get off her.
No! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Shirl are you OK? He got away.
What did you do?! I saved you.
You're a fucking animal! They were attacking YOU.
This isn't happening.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe this is happening.
What are we gonna do? Mac? He was never here.
Neither were we.
Pack your shit up.
We're getting out of here.
Buddy? Shirley, we .
need to pack.
Does he mean nothing to you? You can't just wish this away! Hey, that guy's gone to get 10 other guys who are way more dangerous than he is.
If they find us, we're screwed.
- What, so should we just run away? - Fuck, yeah, we run away.
You didn't think they came all the way out here just to find you, did you? What were they looking for? Buddy? Buddy? What were they looking for? - You're fucking kidding me! - We need the money, Shirl! Hey, girlie, we don't have time for this.
It was self-defence.
We're getting out of here.
I wasn't talking to you.
Buddy? - Look at me.
- It was self-defence! It was self-defence, Shirl.
You are never coming back from this! You can't leave him here.
- Reg.
- Fuck! What do you want, Dani? Look, I know things aren't right between us.
But I've found Ghosties.
I swear.
We can go back to not talking tomorrow.
Just get your board.
Hey, what's going on? Shit, Snap, don't you sleep? She reckons she found Ghosties.
Jesus, the patriarchy really is real.
You losers coming or what? - Here we are! - Alright.
Come on, mountain goats! Hi, guys! What the hell are you doing? They're in the water, not the land.
How did they get to the water, Dani? It's Snap and Reg, they're not a threat.
That's not your decision.
You betrayed our trust, Dani.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt anyone.
I mean.
I mean, it's a hell of a break.
So, you just think you can flout the rules here? Well, why don't we put it to a vote? You know, I could teach all of you to surf.
You are so brainwashed you can't even see how out of line you're being.
I don't think we can have you here, Dani.
Is that what you think, Tash? I'm sorry, Dani.
You did the wrong thing.
So that's it? I just don't think we're in the same place right now.
I'm sorry to hear that.
And you know the power tool? It's not male, it's just bloody useful.
Come on, boys.
Sorry, ladies.
Fuck off.
Let's just leave, Bud.
Can't, Shirl.
Nothing is worth this.
I need this for Lightwave.
OK? If I don't contribute as much as Hunter, we'll never be equals.
You're Buddy Fraser.
You're a legend.
What is he? No, I made Hunter a promise.
I'm gonna keep my promise.
So tell him.
He'll unders He will never find out what happened here! Are you threatening me? Well, you were there.
And we can all tell a story.
Hey, come back anytime.
Did you talk to her? She won't talk.
You ready? Let's do it.
Are you OK? Like it never happened.
Goodbye, Trotter.
Hey, Margaux.
Nice trip to Sydney? What do you need me to do to make this up to you? I'll do anything.
I'll I'll do everything.
I don't think you can.
It's too late, Trot.
Who even is that guy? Look, I'm doing an interview for West Coast Business News.
Why? If we're gonna grow, we need to look like a serious business, Bud.
Don't you think it's time surfers actually started making some money? You never used to care about the money, Snap! You ever gonna offer me a drink? Captions by Red Bee Media
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