Barons (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

I'm Buddy.
It's looking good.
Who's it for? Special commission.
I just had sex with my best friend.
- If this isn't what you want - No, it's not that.
There was more wrong with it than just him being my best mate.
What if I don't get off? Then you do the time and you keep your head down.
Everyone thinks Snap's the good guy and I'm the scrounging dickhead who can't pay his debt.
Get us a bloody proper house to live in, Trot! I wanna prove myself.
You're 21.
Isn't it time to get serious? Buddy and I would like to buy the licence to sell Lightwave in the US.
Have you got the money for this, Newport? I'm talking US Dollars, Trot.
Hey! Hey.
I'll take this.
Sorry, I know it's not like Auntie's.
You can stay with us as long as you want.
Or join her back in the city Whatever you want, mate.
I dunno.
You don't have to make up your mind just yet.
The kids have been asking after you.
And Choc.
And And Bear dropped that one by.
Payday, people! Thanks for your work this week.
- Winkle, there you go.
- Overtime's in there too, mate.
Ah, finally! Easy.
Let's all be a little grateful that that southerly's been blowing this week, huh, so we could spend a little bit more time indoors.
You're not Father fuckin' Christmas, Snap.
You're supposed to pay your staff each week.
Hey! Here he is! Welcome home.
Keep it.
Hey-hey! Gina! My girl! Good to see you! Good to see YOU.
Oh! Let me help you with that.
OK, oh! I got it.
- Hey! - Alright.
You see? Good quality.
This isn't the right logo.
Really? Look.
It's It's to the east, not to the west, you see? OK, well, it's, uh like a sunrise, not a sunset.
It's more positive.
We finished your order, OK? If you wanna change it, it'll cost you.
- You did all the shorts like this? - Of course.
Hey, hey, if you boys don't have the money, we'll just keep the shorts.
Hunter? Hunter, dude Gina! Those two are yours too.
Thank you! Have a nice day! Yeah.
Thanks, Gina.
OK I really don't think it matters.
It's a breach of the licence, Buddy.
Even if we wanted to change it, we can't afford to.
Plus Trotter'll never know.
You know, out of sight, out of mind.
Uh Beer, please.
You're new.
I'm Tash.
You should do it.
Margaux! Mwah! Mwah! Where's Sharpie? Ah! I left him screening his film up north.
You know, the art of conversation and Queensland grommets is not a good fit.
You look nice.
So? What'd I miss? What is it? OK.
Bye, kids! Yeah, sorry.
What have you done? It was a love letter from a wealthy merchant banker to his new bride.
It was going to be their coastal retreat, but, tragically, unforeseen circumstances intervened.
- Mm.
- Did someone die here? No, it was divorce.
He slept with the sister.
It was a messy business.
Just needs a new lick of paint, new tiles on the roof, kitchen appliances, curtains, carpets.
You can really make it your own.
What do you think? You can't be serious.
We can't afford this.
Tell her, Glen.
Congratulations! You bought Dumbo? Babe, I got it for a steal.
A long settlement.
Half the deposit.
Glen even threw in the outdoor furniture.
- You bought Dumbo.
- Don't call it that, Trace.
Everyone calls it that, Trot! - It's a white elephant! - Dumbo was grey, actually.
- Shut up, Glen.
- Give us a minute, eh? This is a very good deal.
Trust me.
We are talking EXTREMELY ugly divorce.
Well, I thought you'd be happy.
No more living in the factory.
- How are we supposed to pay for this? - The US licence deal.
You seriously think Buddy and Newbie are gonna come up with 10 grand? They will.
You seen that Sunny Steadman kid? I flowed him some Lightwaves, but we should think about sponsoring him.
Yeah, before or after we pay Trotter's licence fee? Well, Sunny said he's headed to Pipeline next week.
That's a guaranteed front cover.
A front cover is not a business plan, Bud.
We need cash.
Oh, don't sweat it.
Trot will understand.
Good news? I got an audition with Joseph De Luca.
Ohh! - Can you believe it? - Are you kidding?! What took Hollywood so long?! - You're the full package, babe! - Oh, babe! Oh, babe.
Look at you.
Mm, that'll be my agent.
Hello? Uh.
Yeah, he's here.
Hunter, it's for you.
- You're a star.
- Trotter? Hey, hey, what time is it over there? It's sending-me-money time, Newbie.
Well, we're on it.
We're on it, mate.
Yeah, trust me.
Don't 'mate' me, mate.
We have an agreement.
You owe me a US licence fee.
$10,000 US.
We said '30 days' 30 days ago.
It's been six months since Mexico.
Listen, Trot, we're actually in the middle of an important meeting about this right now.
It's Buddy's number-one priority.
- End of the week, Newport.
- No excuses.
You coming for a surf, Dim? Nah.
Ah, OK.
Oh! OK.
Cee Cee! Hey, yeah, it's Bernie.
How are you? Great, great.
Hey, Um I'm curious - are you still close with your uncle? You bought all the fabric in Thailand? I wish.
These are for my bags.
Yeah, Dani says they're selling like hotcakes.
I'm really pleased.
It's lucky Sharpie's away, though.
Our room is wall-to-wall handbags right now.
Ah, every man's dream.
This came too.
Looks like you .
might have found your thing, huh? Yeah, I hope so.
Here, mate.
Problem? My stepfather died.
Well, do you have to go back for the funeral? No, it's too late.
This was sent a month ago.
Margaux, I'm so sorry.
We weren't close.
If it isn't Nobby No-Mates.
- The others are coming.
- Sure they are.
Any chance I can get a beer while I wait? IF they're coming.
Hi, Dad.
How're things? Yeah, good.
You know, got a few more board commissions, so it's pretty busy down at the shaping shed.
Yeah? They paying you well there, are they? Enough.
Probably not as much as you'd get plumbing, though, I'll bet.
Less shit to deal with, though.
Um Look, Reg, your mum misses you.
She wishes you'd, uh .
you'd visit more often.
Well, maybe you and Mum could visit me for a change.
You know, come down to Bare Feet.
I can give you guys a tour.
Mr Thompson, another? Uh No, thanks, Jules.
I I should be heading off.
Um OK, see see ya, Reg.
My dad hasn't spoken to me since I moved here.
This is a very thorough application, Danielle.
What a shame it's not for a viable business.
Hairdressing salon, that sort of thing.
Surfing is growing all the time and people have more disposable income than ever Sorry, love, I can't approve this loan.
Even if I wanted to.
So, that's it? Unless you come back in with your father or your husband.
- Thanks, Merv.
- Thanks for coming in.
It's nice to see you looking so smart too.
Cheer up, Dan.
Tomorrow's another day.
My dad teach you to say that? You were the one who quit.
And you are gonna love it.
And we have spare rooms Hey, what can I get you? - What? It's a good thing.
- You don't cook dinner.
I always cook the dinner, Trace.
Dani, Trot's gone and bought Dumbo.
- Don't call it that.
- Well, why's it called Dumbo? - It's not.
- It's a white elephant.
Actually, Dumbo was grey.
This rich wanker built it on top of a cliff, then his wife divorced him before he finished it Didn't he pork her sister? It's all very romantic.
Right? And I got it for a steal.
I'm so sorry, Trace.
You guys are gonna love it when you're getting pissed on the front lawn.
- Isn't it haunted? - No, it's not haunted! - No, no, no - Reg - .
it's haunted.
- You can't move in there! It's not.
Just deal the cards.
Do what you know.
Do it well.
Um I'm Tash.
Um Uh Dani agreed to be interviewed for my thesis - being a woman in a male-dominated world.
Surfing, obviously.
- Ah.
- Oh.
I was on my way to a Womyn's Camp nearby, so .
I thought I'd stop in.
What's your PhD? Feminist separatism and institutional misogyny.
Well, can I buy you a drink, Tash, or am I being a sexist pig? Vodka.
- Yeah? - No, I'll get it.
So, a woman's camp? Uh Yeah, it's spelt with a Y, though, so it's W-O-M-Y-N.
Without the 'men'.
- Is that you, love? - Uh Yeah.
Um Dad, I've got a mate staying over, just so you know.
Uh You need any more blankets? No, no, we're good.
Thanks, Dad.
Yeah, righto.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
Love you! You look really happy in this.
A friend took it.
It's beautiful.
How's your dad's hearing? He's a snorer.
Lucky for us.
You OK? You've hardly said a word all night.
Yeah, you really caught me off guard.
Are you ashamed of me? Well .
- What were you thinking? - I hardly know you.
You can't just follow me here and turn my life upside down.
Firstly, I didn't follow you, OK? I took a small detour.
- And second - Shh.
Just No offence, it's not like your friends are going to put us two together.
It would literally blow their minds.
How'd you know I'd be at the club? It's not like there's anywhere else in this town.
Why'd you have to wear overalls? 'Cause I like overalls.
Look, I'm I'm sorry that I just showed up.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I just wanted to see you again.
Good morning.
I've gotta go.
There's a fun little right out there, Snap.
Come here.
Come here.
Will you marry me? Huh?! - Who told you? - Small town, Dani.
Hey, I did check it out, but.
All we need is a JP to sign our marriage licence application.
Good thing we've got Merv, right? Takes four weeks, then you got yourself a bank loan.
And, OK, when you are set up and you meet the man of your dreams, we can get a divorce, mm? - You'd do that for me? - Yeah! We only have to have sex, like, once a week.
It's marriage sex, though, so we won't even enjoy it.
- Mm.
- Well, you will, but - .
I'll just lay there.
- OK.
Come here.
Oh, no! - Police! Police! - Argh! Congratulations.
I'm a lucky man.
Isn't that right, darling? Thanks, Merv.
Good on you, mate.
What are you doing here, mate? Just sorting the paperwork on the home loan.
Ah, easy for some.
G'day, Bill.
I'll be with you in a tick.
Hey, uh congratulations, by the way.
Wasn't that the place that was built on .
ancient burial grounds or something? Hey, no, I'm just jealous, mate.
If you've got the money, why wouldn't you buy that house? Snapper and I are getting married so I can get a bank loan.
Really? That's a cool thing to do.
Hey, why don't we, uh have a little engagement party at the club? To celebrate You know, piss-up.
- Sorry, am I late? - You must be Kelly.
- Hi.
- Joseph De Luca.
Nice to meet you.
- Oh! Sorry! - Oh, no, don't worry, it's - Ohh! - Oh, my God, I'm sorry.
- Are you OK? - No.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Uh I want you to meet Warren.
- Warren? - He's going to be reading with you.
Um Hi.
Uh It's such a pleasure.
It's very nice to meet you, Kelly.
Nice to meet you too.
Well, I saw you in a Levi's commercial and I said to Joey, "We gotta get that girl in.
" So, we're just gonna read the scene.
See what happens.
- You'll be great.
- OK.
Did you see the numbers on Stanley's new picture? - Yeah, studios must be happy.
- Are they ever? Here, I'll take that.
Hey, you want a rehearsal? Um No, it's alright.
We'll just We'll just go for one.
Um Alright! What does a man gotta do to get a drink around here? Repeal the Eighteenth Amendment and the Volstead Act.
Don't you smart-mouth me.
Smart mouth is Smart-mouth is the only mouth I got for you, Vincent.
I don't make the laws in this town.
Uh I make I don't make the laws in this town.
- OK, OK.
- I don't break the laws in this town.
Let's, uh Let's, uh Let's take a moment here.
- Sorry.
- You alright? No.
You OK? Just We'll do it again.
- From the top.
- OK.
Just deep breaths, mm? I wanna hear it from here.
Hey, give it to her, right? OK, when you're ready.
What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here? Repeal the Eighteenth Amendment and the Volstead Act.
Don't you smart-mouth me.
Smart-mouth's the only mouth I got for you, Vincent.
I don't make the laws in this town.
I don't break the laws in this town.
And I sure as hell can't change who YOU are and what you do out there.
But this? This is MY home.
I have stood by while our front window gets shot up by Tommy guns into the dead of night because of you.
I've held your shaking, sobbing children till morning light because of you.
So, you can kiss this mouth.
But you ain't got no right to tell me what comes out of it.
Cut! Sweetheart! That was I I mean Ha! Look at me, I'm speechless.
That never happens.
Really? Uh Obviously we'll need to, uh .
we'll need a camera test for the studio, but that You knocked it out of the ballpark.
Listen, why don't you, uh come up to the house? Me, Warren, the family.
We can get to know each other.
- Me? - Yeah.
Uh You got a boyfriend, Kelly? Um Yeah.
Well, great.
Bring him along.
See my assistant on the way out.
Um Mr De Luca, I can hardly breathe.
Oh, please.
- Great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Um Bye.
See ya.
See ya, Kelly.
Haircuts, ladies.
Ah! Mrs Dwyer! Mr Lockwood.
I wanted to ask how young Peter's adjusting.
Uh He's a bit shaken up by everything, but I'm sure he'll come back to class as soon as he's ready.
See, I'm running a school here, Mrs Dwyer, not a halfway house.
Now, if Peter doesn't attend tomorrow, I'll have to take the matter to the Department, alright? Dimma! Hey, Reg.
So, how's life on the outside? Living the dream.
Haven't seen you at Windys.
I don't really feel like surfing.
That's a shame.
It'd help.
I have to mop the kitchen.
Maybe I'll see you on the dawn patrol.
Be good to see you on the water again.
Hey, Reg? I appreciate what you did for me in juvie.
Good advice.
You really shouldn't give up surfing, Dimma.
I mean, what else are you good at? Shouldn't you still be in school? Dropped out, didn't I? Got better things to do.
Yeah, right.
You not surfing doesn't hurt anyone but yourself, you know? Hey, Miss! If you're not coming back to school, you might as well call me Tracy.
OK, Miss.
I don't wanna hear it.
The headmaster bailed me up about you.
You have to come back to school.
Dimma! That's it, Joey! Where you wanna throw it.
Hi, Joe.
Ah, Kelly! Welcome! Hi.
My wife, Sofia.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
And Joe Junior over there.
Sweetheart, this is the next big thing.
Kelly Fox.
- Joe De Luca.
- Oh, Buddy.
Buddy, we've heard of you.
My son wants to learn how to surf.
Oh, you should come visit.
We'll take you out.
- Kelly! - Hi, Warren.
Warren you know, of course.
This must be the boyfriend.
Oh, uh Warren, this is Buddy Fraser.
I know you! Huge fan.
Yeah, I saw you at the Hawaiian Invitational.
You were unstoppable.
Well, I can't believe you saw that.
Yeah, we were shooting a picture out there.
Yeah, Aloha Charlie.
You You were really great in that.
- Thanks, man! - Yeah! Well, you've got a nice place here, Joe.
- We like it.
- What's your poison, Buddy? Uh Got a mojito? Let me make it for ya.
This is supposed to be MY chemistry test.
You've got five minutes.
Uncle Hayden! Cee Cee.
This is my friend that I was telling you about - Bernie.
Bernard and Marilyn Hunter's son.
Ah! - Pleased to meet you, sir.
- Sit down, son.
Thank you, sir.
Cee Cee tells me you have a little business proposition? Yes, sir.
A very exciting opportunity, I believe, for Carroways to get in on the ground floor of a next-wave industry.
Lightwave board shorts .
are the future of beach, surf and summer water wear.
The fabric, the design, the patterns is like nothing we've seen before, with huge market appeal for men in that nice 18-to-40 demographic.
True story, Mr Carroway - my business partner and I were surfing Bali - we're talking actual paradise - and we had a lightbulb moment - board shorts that don't weigh you down in the water.
This is my business partner rockin' them.
Buddy Fraser.
He's a three-time US surf champ.
I have stores across the Midwest, kid.
No surf out there.
That's right.
And maybe wearing these shorts to take the kids to the local pool is as close to the dream as they're going to get.
But every man deserves to at least dream of paradise.
What's your unit cost, margin and mark-up? You spin a good yarn, kid.
Might all be a bunch of hooey, but if Cee Cee speaks for you, then it's good enough for me.
I'll take 10,000 units by the end of the month.
Can you handle that? Yes, sir.
I can't believe that just happened! - You were really good back there.
- Thank you! We have to celebrate.
You and me.
I can't.
I have a date.
- A date? - Mm-hm.
Is it serious? Richard seems to think so.
Richard Walton.
Everyone calls him Dick.
I bet they do.
Her name's Kelly Fox.
I'm telling, you, Bob, Warren wants her in the picture.
I mean, she's beautiful and he fucks everything that moves, so Yeah, I am.
Hang on.
Ah! Ah! And, uh we'll do a camera test for you, Bob.
Don't worry.
Hey, Warren.
Hell of a party, huh? Hey, Bud.
What's going on? - Sorry to have to rush off, Joe.
- Not at all.
See you at the camera test, sweetheart.
The studio want to see sparks between you and Warren, hm? It's just a formality.
Thank you so much, Joe.
Listen to me.
There's nothing going on with Warren.
I caught him peeing near the pool.
That's it.
But you're gonna have to get used to this.
Can't you see the way he looks at you? He's acting.
He's an actor.
Joe basically just said I have the part.
The camera test is a formality.
Buddy, this is my big break.
Can't you just be happy for me? I've never actually been jealous before.
That's 'cause you weren't with me.
- What are we celebrating? - I got the part.
I'm gonna be in a movie with Warren Dean.
She passed her chemistry test.
Right on! I see you've got your own chemistry test going on there, Bud.
J Edgar Hoover over here is getting rid of my stash.
I'm going clean for the movie.
Ah! Happy to help.
Well, I had a win today too.
Found a way to pay Trotter his licence fee.
- Hey! - Hunter! Yeah! - Well done, honey.
- Thank you.
Yeah, you too! Well, you should come here.
Come here.
I wanna introduce you to my friend George Washington.
No, no, no, you should meet him.
- No.
- Come on, he's nice! No.
Take a load off.
Yeah! Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Agh! Did you have to go to school in there? Yeah, what was it like in there? Were there any fights? Yeah, what happened? Tell us all about it.
What happened in there? Hello, Miss.
It's good to have you back.
Sure is.
I'm not coming back.
Just wanted to tell my favourite teacher that.
You're kidding, right? Nope.
Don't you walk away from me.
Ooh! Settle down.
I mean it.
Dimma! Peter! Stop! You're not leaving school! Watch me.
I know everything feels like a mess right now, but it will get better soon.
I'm old enough, I can make my own mind up.
To do what? I don't know.
This is stupid.
Get back to class.
You're not my teacher anymore.
You think this is what Mum would have wanted? - How would I know? - You remember her.
- Don't you? - Not really, no.
All I get is bossed around by you and ignored by Dad.
I don't need it anymore.
Dimma, don't walk away.
- You're stronger than this.
- How do you know?! You have to give yourself another chance.
You're just a kid.
It's too late, Trace.
I'm done.
Here she is! Hello! Wow.
Look at us.
Gangster and his moll.
Hey, Bud! Might be best if he waits outside, right? I want to take a look at the love scene too.
- Sounds good.
- Yeah, alright.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
They just think it'll be less distracting.
Oh, and you think that too, do you? Look, they don't want you in there, alright? It's a closed set.
Why? Why? So you can actually fuck him? The bed? It's a set, Buddy.
It's called acting! This is not about acting, baby, OK? He's a movie star.
He He's got wannabes like you queueing up! Is that what you think I am? A fucking wannabe? You really think they got the Levi's girl in for her acting.
Baby? I, uh I told you I'm not used to feeling like this.
Look at me.
My make-up's a mess.
It's just I know what guys like Warren are like, you know? So, do I.
It's my one shot, and you're fucking it up for me.
Hey, um .
I saved some from the stash.
It helps calm the nerves.
I need to be on my game.
Kelly, we're ready for you! Whoo! It's my engagement party! Whoo! I want you to show me downstairs.
Up! Up! Ohh! Ohh! Ooh! - Boom! Boom! Boom! - Go, Dani! Don't encourage her.
I gave up trying to control any of them years ago.
Well, you should.
What the hell is she doing? Wha! Has she always been like this? - No, stop! - At least leave my hands free! No! - Sharpie, help! - That's a boy! - Sorry! - Sharpie! - What? - Get off! But, like, yeah, don't you think it's bad luck throwing a party before you even buy the place? What? It's for Dani and Snap.
Hey, Reg, meet Glen, the real-estate agent.
You having fun, Glenny? Yeah, I do actually have a few final contracts for you to sign, Bill.
Ah, all in good time, mate.
Um You do not appear to have a beer, Glen.
No, I shouldn't.
I'm still officially on the clock.
At the pub? Mate, never let a good bar tab go to waste.
Come on, I'm paying.
Come on, come on.
Dani makes a lovely bride.
Maybe Snapper will make her a white wetsuit for the wedding, eh? Maybe.
- Hey! - Hey! Mwah! I'm glad you guys could make it.
Hey, has hell frozen over or is that Snapper and Trot talking? Finally.
Wait, I thought Snapper didn't do anything without an ulterior motive? But maybe he's changed.
Nah, Snap always has an angle.
Wait, you don't mean Dani's shop? Maybe he's thinking about expanding his business.
Well, the shop would be a good place to sell some more surfboards, right? Oh, yeah, boards, T-shirts .
board shorts.
Maybe Snapper's building an empire.
He's only marrying her so he can get his foot in the door on her business.
- Hey! - Sharpie! Sharpie, no, come on.
- To the happy couple.
- OK.
- Yeah, the happy couple.
- No! Ah-la-la.
It's about oppression and feminist praxis and agency and suffrage.
Wait, are we still talking about weddings? I've already got my wedding fabric picked out.
No, my Dad's holding onto it.
It's my day.
It is my choice.
- Get a job.
- Hey! See? That's a kind of agency.
Isn't it? No.
What I mean is why should a woman as amazing as Dani have to marry a Neanderthal surfer just so she can get a business started? Oh, is that what you think I am? A Neanderthal surfer? Oh, no! Of course not.
Do you know what I mean? We've gotta fight the fight, Tracy.
Gotta fight it.
Look, I don't know what you think you saw, but Tash is just None of my business.
OK? You can do what you want.
Go back to your friend.
- I'm fine.
- Why are you being like this? Maybe because you've been giving me the run-around, and now you've gone and made a fool out of me.
This isn't about you.
So, that night on the beach, that's not about me? No, I Yes, I Look, this is really confusing for me.
For YOU? I just I wish that hadn't happened, that's all.
I mean, you're my best friend.
Was I the last guy you had sex with? Yes.
- Was it that bad? - Please, don't - Well, was it? - To be honest, yes.
'Cause it's It's not who I am.
Reg, promise me you won't tell anyone about this.
Fuck! My pop was a fisherman.
The working class built this country.
He worked his whole life so he could retire, finally hung up the nets and had a heart attack the very next day.
Yeah, shit's right.
Yeah, Bare Feet board shorts would be cool.
Yeah, wouldn't be bad to get some new designs, eh? Ready? OK, go, go! Scull! Scull! Scull! Scull! Scull! Scull! Scull! - Ah! - Argh! Once a winner, always a winner.
Throw that footage out.
I don't wanna see it.
Throw it away! Nah.
OK, alright.
Makin' money, baby.
Alright, admit it.
The only reason you threw this engagement party is to show off that you bought Dumbo.
Yes, so we could all see how well you're doing.
- Snap.
- Yeah? It's all smoke and mirrors, mate.
I feel like I could lose it at any minute.
Mate, everyone seems to think that I'm raking it in, but I'm just flying by the seat of my pants.
- The seat of your pants? - I am, yeah! That's why you need that tinfoil hat.
I have no idea where I've put that hat.
You've gotta have a business strategy, hm? I don't think that ever looked good on ya.
I have missed you, Trot.
What were we even fighting about, you know? - Eh.
- I can't remember.
Hey, listen, listen.
I want Lightwave to have the first display window - No.
- Yes.
in my surf shop.
- No! No! - Yes.
No, mate, I couldn't.
It's It's your shop.
It's already done.
- I'd outsell your stock.
- You bet.
I'm gonna need you to sell so I can make - Oh, yeah.
- .
- Oh, you're taking a cut.
- I'd take a cut.
Always taking a cut! No, I reckon Snap's got a better eye than Trot, anyway.
- What? - Just come with me.
Come with me.
Seriously? Come now.
Babe, come on.
Watch the merchandise.
What? Snap marrying Dani, bank loan for the shop - it's all so he can get the drop on Lightwave.
- No.
- Yes! No.
It's one little shop in Woogonga, OK? We've got product all up and down the eastern seaboard.
- So has Bare Feet.
- Exactly.
Well, we have California.
Snap is going to branch out from wetsuits and start making board shorts.
Really? You sure? Who said? I mean, it makes sense.
Everyone is talking about it.
It's That fucker.
The wedding's off, Snap.
Eh? I don't need the loan anymore.
Margaux's going to come in on the business with me.
My stepfather was a pig, but a rich one.
Well Whoa! You muscle in on my board shorts, arsehole? - Trot, stop.
- What the fuck?! We're not doing board shorts! Quick, Sharpie, get him off me! Jesus Christ, Trot! I'm not fuckin' doin' board shorts! Yeah, bullshit.
As if I can believe anything you say.
I wasn't even thinking of it.
You know what, dickhead? I AM gonna start making board shorts.
And Bare Feet's are gonna shit all over yours.
You right? Hey.
Hey, are you OK? Calm down.
Another round, eh?! Babe, what's wrong? Nancy Lopez.
Are you happy now? What do you want? Ohh! Fuck! Oh! Fuck! You don't get it, do you?! YOU fucked up her test! Ohh! Oh! She was a disaster! Off her face.
The studio ran a mile.
That's on you.
Ohh! Oh! Argh! Agh! Ohh! Agh! Agh.
Hey, Gina? What's this? You said we could pay 10% up-front and the balance in the 60 days, yeah? Yeah, not for these numbers.
If you want an order this big, you're gonna have to pay in full.
Where am I supposed to pull that kind of money from? Not my problem.
OK, look, listen, we're good for it, trust me.
We've got a nationwide retail deal with Carroways Department Store Exactly why you need to pay 100% up-front.
OK, Gina .
you got our logos wrong.
Look, if you can find a cheaper place, go there.
I don't get paid till the back end.
You know that.
Not my problem.
After a party like that, it almost feels like Dumbo could be our house.
Well, good, 'cause I signed Glen's contract.
Anything else you wanna tell me? When the US money comes in, we're expanding the business.
Into what? Wetsuits.
- So you're really moving here? - Once you see it, you'll want to too.
Try making wetsuits without rubber.
You bastard.
You locked me out.
I don't know what you're talking about, mate.
The rubber has gone to Bare Feet for years, and I'm honouring my contract.
Hey, do you wanna get dinner with me tonight? Yeah, why not? You.
Yes! Hey! Captions by Red Bee Media
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