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Episode 4

Dude, I really like what you guys are doing down here.
There is not as much money in it as you think.
But you and I could make money.
If you love someone, you .
set them free.
She is sex on legs.
Speaking of.
- How's it going, Mr Colston? - Tania.
You knew how I got the cashflow to start Bare Feet.
You knew what goes on in Bali.
What'd you think was happening - when Buddy showed up? - This is bullshit! I've been watching young Dimma.
I've been thinking about putting him in the film.
I'd love to take him to Indo.
- Reg, is this normal? - This is far from normal.
Just keep your head down.
Look at this face.
Who's gonna stop this face? You don't know what you're saying, Dim.
Let's go.
- You said two boards.
- And yet there were three.
Snap! Just keep walking.
I'm gonna kill ya! A requirement of all visitors today to check in at the front desk and have their bags checked and approved on entry.
Film's almost done.
Sharpie reckons it looks a bit straight, but he's, uh .
been tripping a shitload of the green, so .
watch this space.
He is talking to you then? No.
No, he's not.
You're in it, though.
Dead set? Yeah, the whole Indo sequence.
It's mostly you and, uh mostly you and Bud.
So The cops been back? I just told them I don't know the guys who gave me the stuff, just met them on the beach.
They bought it.
It's fair.
It's good.
We're all missing Win.
Not what she says about you.
Yeah, I'm sorry she quit.
She reckons if she stayed in that town any longer .
she would've killed you.
Um You keep your nose clean, and I'll I'll see you soon.
OK? - Trace.
- Nope.
Brought you some fruit.
Ooh, it's looking good.
Who's it for? Special commission.
For Dimma.
Snap been? Not my problem anymore.
Hey, hey.
Do you want a drink? A smoke? Uh No, I was thinking of, um getting an early night.
Going for a surf tomorrow.
You wanna come with me? Nah, I'm good.
Well, is that the best you can do for me? Well, who else buys this amount of Velcro every month? No way.
Well, come down on the weekend.
Yeah, mornings have been perfect.
Yeah, you can just camp out the back here.
I'm done.
No more excuses.
It's about time you got back in the water.
Like a lazy seal.
Alright, bye.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No more calls.
Hey, where are you going? Nowhere, just a little party.
It's at Bare Feet.
Sorry! Traitor! I wouldn't.
He's an amazing surfer and off the drugs for now, but all that partying's left him a bit Beer? Mm-hm.
So, that's it, your folks have really cut you off? Well, I have an idea.
Trot! What? Oh! Yeah? Trotter! - Who's this? - Who do you think it is? What, did I wake you? Sorry.
Buddy thought he'd figured out the time difference.
Oh, man, did I get it wrong?! It's all good, mate.
What's up? Is everything OK? Listen, Trot, we'd like to make you an offer.
Buddy and I would like to buy the licence to sell Lightwave in the US.
Yeah? Think about how awesome it would be, Trot! The fact is we know this market.
We're confident we could secure much broader distribution, reach out to locals we already have a relationship with.
We give you 10% royalties on everything we sell.
Have you got the money for this, Newport? I'm talking US Dollars, Trot.
Lots of 'em.
Let me sleep on it, eh? Yeah, that's all we ask.
Right, no worries.
What was that all about? America.
Good morning.
- You're out early.
- Yeah, couldn't sleep.
I'm, uh thinking about taking a trip.
An adventure? Where in the world is Trotter off to now? Morocco? South America? California, actually.
Oh, are you catching up with the guys? Yeah, they wanna give Lightwave a go in the US.
You'd give them your baby? Nah, just the licence.
Hunter's got a good head on his shoulders, - but Buddy I don't know.
- Yeah, I know.
But you know, people love him, he rips.
I've been trying to get him to do a campaign for us for months.
And now they want to steal your idea for themselves, huh? Do you think? What do I know? Hey, maybe you'll become a millionaire and never have to leave home.
Isn't that the dream? Passport.
Ah, shit, don't tell me I forgot.
Let me know if there's anything else you need.
- You alright? - Fine.
Don't say 'fine'.
What? I am fine.
You're saying 'fine' like women say when they're NOT fine.
Oh, so now it's about women collectively as an issue, is it? This is you and me.
Talk to me.
Did you even think once about asking me to come? - Trace.
- We started this business together.
How come you're the one going to America? It's not like that.
And you're gonna miss my birthday.
And I am so sorry about that, but we really can't afford two international airfares.
So, how come I'm working two jobs? Well if you don't wanna work two jobs, quit one.
Ha! You're happy for me to quit school? Great.
That place is doing my head in, you know? Even though it feels like I'm the only person in there who gives a shit about the kids, I could quit tomorrow.
So soon? Trot.
Look, I know you're over it, but, you quit now, that's even more reason we can't afford two international flights.
You serious? Trace! Have a safe trip, Trot.
Hey, come on.
Trace! Really?! Turn on and tune in, mate! Hand it over.
- Can we get it back after class? - No.
- But, Miss! - Ask me again, Choc.
I double-dare you.
Ooh! Just go back to your work, OK? Tania Sanderson, my office, immediately.
Ooh! What's going on, Mr Colston? That's for Miss Sanderson and I to discuss, actually, Mrs Dwyer, thank you.
I believe she's well aware of the issue at hand.
Come on.
So, Wizard, can you help me out? I don't know, man.
You know, I've tried to leave that scene behind.
Yeah, course.
And I'm not suggesting that you'll need to get involved or anything, um it's just .
if you if you knew anybody from back in the day that might be, uh keen.
There's a guy.
In Sydney.
If he's still around.
That's a dark space, though, Snapper.
He casts a toxic shadow.
Well, it's good stuff.
Like, well, actually I got it from, Oh, I don't wanna hear it, man.
You carry your shit .
I'll carry mine.
So, you will hook me up? I'll get you a name.
You've improved, Newbie.
Ah, the waves are kinder here.
Ah, well, practice makes perfect.
I never said perfect.
I miss how Australians give you shit to show you how much they really care.
I tell you what, Trot why don't you and I go and grab some beers and, uh go take a look over these, uh licence numbers? Yeah, about that.
Um Look, I don't want you guys to take this the wrong way, but I was thinking, while I'm here, I might go see a few people myself.
What do you mean? Well you know I love you guys, but .
I can't just give Lightwave to you.
No, obviously we'd pay for it.
No, I know what the deal is, but I was thinking, since I'm here, why don't I give it a go myself? Yeah, sure, that makes sense.
Go for it, man.
Can I borrow your car? O-m-m-m-m-m.
From the party.
So, how long you been doing yoga? On and off for a few years, I guess.
Help with your surfing? Yeah, it's a trip.
I mean, most activity connected to the body affects what happens in the water.
That's why I don't engage in intercourse.
Sorry what? You need to maintain an opening to kundalini awakening.
Keeping the mula bandha as a sacred space connects me more deeply to Lir, the sea god.
You dig it? Oh, absolutely.
It's like a ray of light, you see? How the colours refract through the wave? Yeah, my wife came up with that.
I'm Bill Dwyer.
I'm here representing Lightwave board shorts.
We've got a factory right on the beach.
These guys are being made out of a little surf town in Australia called Woogonga.
Oh, it's the best pair of board shorts you'll ever wear.
Say it again? - Board shorts.
- Again.
Board shorts.
They're quick-drying, perfect length, designed by surfers for surfers.
Not bad.
Kids are going crazy for them back in Australia.
So do we have a deal? - Congratulations, man.
- Bravo, man.
- Cheers.
- You really killed them, huh? Mm.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I mean, clean sweep.
Eastern Sun, The Wave, Surf and Vibes, they all want a piece.
That's really great! I might call Trace, give her the good news.
Should we tell him? Nah, man, there's no rush.
Come on, babe.
- Alright, see you tomorrow! - See ya.
See you! Jesus Christ.
Hey! Hey, man! Who the fuck do you think you are?! Whoa, hey, sorry, I didn't Sorry.
Ohh! Jeez! You sold to me and then every other store on the strip? - Hey, Fox! Fox! - Come on, man, be cool! Who the hell - do you think you are, you clown? - Trotter, just Trotter, don't push it, OK? Don't come near my shop again! Guys on the Cali scene, they don't mess around.
It's a dog-eat-dog town.
Oh, and they don't really dig strangers on their turf.
Yeah, but they all closed deals.
Right, and they thought that you were just selling to them.
Dude, you see the way we name beaches? One block on is a totally different crew.
I mean, once you get in good with one shop, kinda eliminates you from all the rest.
It's very tribal.
Tribal? And you two knew all along, didn't you? Arseholes.
Ooh, that'll be about my audition.
Hey, good luck! Our offer still stands.
Is this more California mafia shit? Am I gonna end up buried in the desert? Well, only if you ask nicely.
Let us take over the US licence of Lightwave, save yourself the headache.
No offence, but I really don't see Buddy as a businessman.
None taken.
And as for you, Newbie, mm, I don't know.
Not salty by nature.
You give us this chance .
I have no doubt we can make this happen for you.
You just hung me out to dry, so why would I trust anything you say? Is that a no? Dude .
do you even know how close we are to Mexico? All these bad vibes .
can't start anything like this, huh? You know what we need? Road trip.
They gave the part to Nancy Lopez.
Oh, babe! Hey, I'm so sorry.
They gave me the friend part instead.
Wait, the waitress?! Oh! That's badass! - You think? - Yeah! That's so much better! Oh! Eh! Eh.
You can't say no now.
- The universe, it's on a roll, baby! - Huh? Road trip! Road trip! Road trip! Road trip! Oh, my God! My little star! Oh, yeah! - Hey, gook! - Maybe he didn't hear you.
Chink! Enter! Ah! Ha.
Mrs Dwyer.
Mr Lockwood.
Take a seat.
Now, I think it's important that we all agree to discuss the issue at hand as adults.
Mr Colston, if you'd like to begin? Yeah.
Uh Look, I guess, um .
best guess is that she's got some kind of schoolgirl crush, you know? It's not the first time, certainly not the last time it's gonna happen.
It doesn't mean you have to actively encourage her.
Pulled her aside, had a little chat, that's it.
Set her straight.
Fred, I can't be held responsible for some silly little teenage fantasy.
Does this fantasy involve your dick in her mouth? - Oh, that's - Mrs Dwyer, language, please.
- This is a place of learning.
- Exactly.
Which is why I like to draw a line on young women being removed from my classroom and taken advantage of.
I think it's a bit ripe, risking my reputation on the sort of girl who's been around the block a couple of times.
I saw you, Ricky.
Honestly, I've got no idea why you would make this story up! I've no idea.
I thought we were professionals.
- Mr Lockwood - Yeah, alright, Mrs Dwyer.
I think you've made your vehemence quite clear.
Now, I appreciate you both giving your time today and I can assure you that this unfortunate matter will be dealt with immediately.
Thank you.
Sorry! You are kidding me! Come on! Hey, you remember last time, Hunter? Oh, yeah, all too well.
- What happened last time? - Oh, we can't talk about it.
Yeah, we should go there.
Let's go create our own memories.
Can you hold that for me? Thank you.
Hey, Trot, chuck us the map.
Whoa! Come on, man, we're going to Mexico.
Let's go! Ooh! So, is Trot still in America? Mm-hm.
I always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon.
Is he anywhere near there? Actually, he's in Laguna Beach.
The Grand Canyon is in Arizona.
It's about 600 miles away.
Oh, right.
- Bigger than you think, isn't it? - It is.
I will have a red wine, please, Barry.
- Tracy? - I'm OK.
One red wine coming up.
So .
it must be tough for you with Trotter away.
I don't know.
Less dirty things to pick up off the floor, I guess.
No, men only think of themselves.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Sharpie just smokes weed and edits his film over and over again and all night, all day.
And every time I see Dimma in the footage, after everything that happened, it's it's .
it's heartbreaking.
My brother being in that film is one of the things keeping him alive right now.
We're grateful.
So, how is Trotter going? I've hardly heard.
Says he can't work out the time difference.
Oh, so he's smart enough to start Lightwave US for himself, but can't figure out how to use a payphone? It's just the licence, actually.
I must've misunderstood him.
You know Trot - always making things out to be bigger than they are.
Visiting hours are 3:00 to 4:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays.
If you need to arrange an appointment outside that time please contact the guards at reception.
Jesus, mate.
I don't smoke.
Think of them more as, uh dollar bills.
I saw Tracy.
I think she's worried about you getting scurvy.
How're you goin'? I've been better.
It'll be over soon.
Will it? What if I don't get off? Well, then you do the time and you keep your head down.
There's no point being a hero.
One thing I know .
you can't do this solo.
Make some friends, but not the white kids, they're never gonna be on your side, do you hear me? Mm-hm.
Not in here, mate.
You've gotta keep that shit inside.
Alright, Reg? What have you done?! Hey! What the hell?! What the hell?! Tania.
G'day, Mrs Dwyer.
- How are things? - Yeah, good.
- You weren't in class yesterday.
- Had to see the headmaster.
I heard there was some trouble with Mr Colston? Who's been talking? No-one.
It's just between us.
You know you won't get in trouble for telling the truth, right? There's nothing to tell.
You don't owe Mr Colston anything.
Mr Colston is just a friend.
I mean not like a friend.
I guess I sorta had a crush on him for a bit.
But it was all just in my head, you know? Is that what you told Mr Lockwood? Yep.
- And what did he say? - That the matter was closed.
Tania, you're a bright girl.
You can do anything you want.
I know, that's why I'm leaving school.
I can get more shifts here.
If that's what YOU want.
It's better to save up and get a car, isn't it? Or a holiday or something? School's a waste of time.
Vamos! Hey! Uno, dos, tres.
Salud! - Whoo! - Oh, shit! Whoo! - What's up? What's wrong? - Tracy's birthday.
- Oh.
- Forgot to call her! - Oh.
- No, don't fuckin' laugh.
- Do you have a phone I could use? - Tres pesos.
I need to make a call.
Telephone? Telephone? Thank you.
Hola, chica! Hello, sirs.
Having fun? Do you boys like to party? Yeah, we do.
Si, chica, gracias.
Hey, have some fun, OK? It's Mexico.
What? Sit down.
Uh This isn't the number I discussed with Xander.
You want the money, we need the product, yeah? Well, you can see yourself out.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Careful of needles.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Starting early, Miss? - Something like that.
- Don't drink it all yourself.
It's money.
For you.
Not for that business.
Thanks, Dad.
So, uh where is he, anyway? Doesn't he know it's your birthday? My husband is overseas on business.
Trot's in the US finalising a very big deal for Lightwave.
Reckon that's a very good reason to miss my birthday dinner.
- You know, yeah? - I do, I do.
Uh I'm I'm sorry, I'm taken.
I'm married.
Not available.
Not Not available.
Hey, how long's he gonna be? I'm only human, man.
I'm gonna go check on him.
Uh Tell him to hurry up.
No, sorry.
Hola, gato.
Buddy! Come on, man, let's wrap it up! Buddy.
Buddy! No, no, no, no, no! No.
Oh, my God, wake up.
No, don't fuckin' do this! No, come on, wake up! Wake up.
Wake up.
That's it! I'm here, I'm here, I'm here! Hey, man.
What's up? Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey! Listen to me, you get it together right now.
Right now.
Listen to me, OK? Que pedo?! I can explain.
I know how it looks .
but but Everybody calm down! Hey! - Hey! Hey! Hey! - Carlito! - Carlito! - Calm down! Hey! Calmate! - Hey, hey.
Hey! - Carlito! You listen to my friend here, man! Yeah, he WAS listening! Put that thing away! - Carlito! Carlito! - Put it away! Carlito! Oh, oh, oh! No.
Relax! Everybody, calm down! Just relax! Relax! Yeah.
OK, alright.
We're leaving, we're leaving.
Gringos! Oh, my God! Holy shit, I wonder what he's dreaming of? Hey, you alive back there, Bud?! Oh, mate! See, Newbie .
that's why I love you.
You got balls of bloody steel .
cool under pressure.
Cool under pressure.
You know, that's exactly what I was looking for in a business partner.
You're salty, mate.
You're as salty as they come! We're on! You mean it?! We're on?! Oh, baby, I mean it.
We're bloody on! We are on, baby! Whoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Now .
eat the bloody worm, partner! - Thanks, Dad.
- Of course.
I don't know why he feels he's welcome here.
It's a small town.
There's nowhere else to eat.
- Are you defending him too? - No, Dad.
I don't know why you stay in this place.
Happy birthday, Tracy.
Thank you for this.
It was nice to see you, Dad.
Scum! Where are all your mates? I could say the same to you.
It's my birthday.
I know.
That's half-full.
I'm sorry you're having such a shit night.
Not as shit as my brother's.
You enjoy making enemies, Snap? I certainly seem to be getting some practice at it.
Well, you should learn to not shit in your own nest.
It's Trotter that started that one.
Oh, my gosh.
You two stole all of my contacts and you went into business without me.
And YOU used the money I gave you to marry that prick.
He's not a prick.
He's acting like one.
That makes two of you.
How would you like me to act? YOU dumped ME, remember? Because you were fucking around the whole time.
So, Trotter's the next best bet, is he? Get over it, Snap.
Trotter had the balls to ask me out, and I liked him.
Liked him so much I married him.
What about Dimma? He's a good kid.
He was, until you took him on one of your Bali runs.
He had shit luck, that's all.
Did you know he was carrying the drugs? He's falling apart in there.
- His life's ruined.
- I didn't know he was carrying.
Oh, Snapper.
Whatever gets you through the night.
I didn't think it'd be like this.
Like what? All of it.
Yes? Uh I just wanted to say that .
you were right.
About what? I fucked up.
Uh But especially with Dim.
I never should've taken him.
He looked up to you.
I know.
And I'm gonna make it up to him.
I promise.
You can try.
Can I come in? 'Night, Snapper.
Happy birthday.
Hey, Miss? Well, Hunter knows the scene over there, so better him taking our stuff and speaking their language while we are building Australia.
And Buddy? Buddy'll be the face.
Turns out no-one's that interested in this one.
Look I know it didn't happen the way I said it would, but it's going to, OK? I got a feel for it, we know what we're doing, and that includes you.
I haven't forgiven you for not calling me on my birthday.
You want me to describe the vomit - on that Mexican phone again? - Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm! I know you made that up, Trot, because you know me.
I didn't even ask.
Um How was your night? What did you do? Who'd you see? Just dad.
Nothing special.
- Yeah? - Mm.
We're gonna be rich.
I told you.
Yeah, I'm running a school here, not a halfway house.
Dimma, stop! Was I the last guy you had sex with? Will you marry me? It's my engagement party! Boom! I got an audition with Joseph Deluca.
Warren wants her in the picture.
Hey, Bud.
What's your PhD? Feminist separatism and institutional misogyny.
Eh? You owe me a US licence fee.
We're in the middle of an important meeting about this right now.
- We're expanding the business.
- Into what? I have missed you, Trot.
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