Barons (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Reggie! - I've been in Queensland, mate! - Queensland?! Argh! - Too good for the army, are ya? - Ohh, you're done, mate.
Go, Dim! There's no flukes in this life, Dimma.
- Who's that? - Margaux.
- Pretty big stash, was it? - Sumatra Heads, remember? I don't understand why you'd risk any of us going to jail when we're on the edge of being a proper business.
All I know is if I'm not back in college, it's over.
It's cool.
We'll get home.
Hi, Mom.
I have something to tell you.
I'm in Australia.
The time, weather and.
The Psychedelic Music Show on - Prescription eyewear - Coming up in a few minutes Are you ready for this? When you're finished reading your stars and Easy.
But how does it even work? Does anyone know? 20 bucks says I can.
- OK, I don't know, Bud.
- No, no.
OK, yeah, I'll I'll take two-to-one against.
Oh, that is cold, man! I I thought we were friends.
- No, this is science, Bud.
- Oh, science.
- Yeah.
- OK.
- Alright.
We have a wager.
- You heard him.
- OK.
- Who's in? Alright, who do you guys want to believe in, huh? Me or crew cut? Come on, pay up.
Make some money.
Oh, wow.
Obviously didn't study science in school.
Thank you.
- Alright, come on.
- Ehh Let's see what you've got.
Fuck! - This is hot, man! - What the hell, Hunter?! Bastard! Oh, my God! Oh, boy, what a surprise.
He's doing something, and I'm not entirely sure what it actually is, but they work and Cee Cee! Oh, my God.
What the hell? Hey! What?! Wh Help me out here.
- Hi! - Hey! - It's good to see you.
- Yeah, it's good to see you too.
- How are you? - Let's, uh Let's walk.
What - What are you doing here?! - Um I I wanted to see how the other half live.
Without soap, apparently.
Your, uh Your mom cornered me at the club.
- She's worried about you.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Six months, Bernie, and not even a phone call.
Isn't it time to drop this rich-boy rebellion act of yours and grow up? I'm finally free from all of that.
Free? Like the plane tickets that your mom paid for? Your dad knows everything, by the way.
Go see them.
Yeah, you like that? Oh, shit! Are you OK?! I'm good.
I'm good! Today marks the end of Mr Whitlam's withdrawal from Vietnam with the release of conscientious objectors from prison detention.
Got the wax there, Trace? Some spent up to two years behind bars after refusing to serve in the Armed Forces.
The Australian government Why do you always look better in my clothes than I do? 'Cause I'm a knockout.
Better without them, obviously.
Are you going today? Nope.
I hear Snap's taking all the glory.
- Mm.
- Love you.
Love you! .
their belief that participation in a war should never be compulsory.
Bloody hell, Trot.
Cheers, man.
Catch ya.
Tracy! - Hello! - What's going on? You didn't need to dress up for us.
This is what everyone's wearing to pick up milk these days, Sharpie.
- Yeah.
- Hello! Hi, Margaux.
I think you look glorious, Tracy, I do.
- Thanks.
- Mwah.
- Oh.
- Mwah! Uh So, you're back? Yeah, I met up with this one in Thailand, and he convinced me to come here with him.
Yeah, really twisted her arm.
- We're not staying, though.
- We just got here.
Yeah, maybe for a little while.
Well, I'll see you later.
See ya.
- Now, listen, gents.
- Oh, fair dinkum.
Ready! Hey, you took your time! I was just about to take off.
Hard to say goodbye.
So many special memories.
Looks like you're gonna make the news, hm? I don't think it's It's good to have you back, mate.
So, the old man didn't show? I don't want to go and fight for something I don't believe in.
Come on.
Chuck your stuff in the back.
- Oi, Reggie! - Freedom day! Hey, boys! Mr Thompson, can we have a word, please? Jump in here.
Just a word, Mr Thompson, for one second? Can you just tell us how it feels to be free? Mr Thompson? Whoo-hoo! - Thought we were going to Ghosties.
- Eh? That place isn't even real.
- I've surfed it.
- Oh, you have not! - I have! - Get out of it! - You can't even spell 'Ghosties'.
- Piss off! - Right, come on.
- Get your shit together.
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Guys, it's hot! Hey, Reggie! Hey! Come on! Yeah, yeah! I heard you were getting out today.
Here I am.
How's it feel? Getting there.
Looking forward to THIS.
I'm sorry I didn't come visit.
Why didn't you, Dani? I'm sorry.
Are we good? Yeah.
After you.
Go, Reggie! Hey! Go on, Reggie! My wave! Come on! - Whoo! - Oo-whoo! - Don't look at me.
- Sorry.
Reggie! Hey, mate! Welcome home.
Bloody hell! Put on weight in there? I got a surf in this arvo.
That'll sort me out.
- That's the way.
Wash it all away.
- For sure.
- Hey, you want a beer? - Yes, please.
- I'll jump through.
- Trace! Oh, Reg! Now I know where my brother was today.
Oh, worth wagging school for? - Just for you.
- Yeah? - Mm-hm.
- Hey, Trace, thanks for them letters.
They really meant a lot.
Especially them drawings.
- And the book? - And the book.
- And the book.
- Of course! Not yet, but I will.
You always have such nice things.
It's yours.
- Really? - Yeah.
I've got more.
It looks really good on you.
I'm gonna get another drink.
Do you guys want one? - Yeah, I'd love one.
- Yes, please.
Yeah? OK.
You know, you could make some money there.
- What, from Jules? - Not just her.
I mean, you walk into a room and everyone just stops and stares, you know? They all wanna look like you.
They wanna be you.
Except for you.
Mm, I'm a unicorn.
- In corduroy.
- Yeah.
- Here you go.
- Oh, thanks, darl'.
No worries.
- Oi, Dim, you want a beer? - Don't give him a beer.
You saw what happened last time.
You share it with Choc.
Don't have that all to yourself, lightweight.
How was it? How about you? Oh No, I'm not gonna compare my problems with you going to prison, mate.
Did you hear about Harry? Shit.
How's his Dad? Well, he's not bothering anyone much these days.
- Surf in the morning.
- Mm.
- Night, Reggie.
- Snap.
This is the life, dude! Whoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo! - Whoo-hoo! - Yeah, Bud! This is the life.
You look lost.
Sorry, I should say hi.
- Are you looking for someone? - I Do you want a drink? I can grab you a drink if you'd like.
- Uh - Hey.
That's it? 'Hey'? I'm Buddy.
Where have I seen you? Have you driven down Sunset lately? Levi's! Ah! Model.
Oh, it makes sense.
Name like Kelly Fox, I guess you'd have to end up in the movies.
My real name's Herschlag.
Herschlag Fox? Wow! And your agent made you change that? I'll have you know it's a very common name in Dellwood, Missouri.
Uh I've never been.
Well, Missouri, what are you running from? How long you got? All night.
And then some.
You'll be done with me by daylight.
Uh I don't think I will.
We'll go steady for a while, have some fun, get a little serious.
Then you're gonna start feeling trapped.
I'll start feeling needy .
we'll fight, break up, get back together because we miss each other like hell.
We'll blame each other for everything, our lost hopes and dreams.
Talk about having a family, but we never will.
We'll lie, keep secrets.
We're gonna hate each other.
And then we'll look back at this moment and think, "Was it worth it?" And that's the thing - she's from Europe, but she's dark.
So, she's rare AND exotic.
I'm telling you, Trace, she is sex on legs.
She does have legs? - Speaking of.
- How's it going, Mr Colston? Tania.
So, you know this Margaux? She has a boyfriend, Ricky.
Peter Chan.
You think you're too good to pick up that Polly Waffle wrapper? Yeah, I'm sponsored now, sir.
Pick it up.
Uncultured pack of little turds.
No offence.
None taken.
"Thompson has a history "of anti-establishment behaviour, "setting alight a national service uniform "in an advertisement for surf brand Lightwave.
" - Very good.
- You made him do that.
And now he's famous.
And we just scored a shit-ton of free publicity.
He does look quite handsome.
- Doesn't he? - Mm.
"This advertisement from Switchfoot magazine, "a surfing publication popular with young readers "with a proclivity for drug use and violence" - Oh.
- One out of two's not bad.
has garnered infamy among its readers, "fuelling the fire of the anti-war movement.
" Hello! I wanna meet the man who wrote this.
He's a bloody genius.
Have you seen this, Trace? Yep.
No-one could talk about anything else at school all day.
I thought the headmaster's head was going to explode.
- Really? - Pulled me aside as I left and he said, "Let's hope no-one associates you with this story, Mrs Dwyer.
" I doubt that.
- I'm gonna get it framed.
- Has Reg seen it? I'm meeting him at the club now.
You wanna come? Yeah, OK.
I'll get changed.
Shit! I'm late for my shift.
Nice scarf, Jules.
Margaux gave it to me.
Yes, she did.
- No way.
That Lightwave ad's unreal.
- I know, it's a ripper.
Hey! Just in time, boys, for - Ohh.
- .
Payday! - Do you need a lift? - No, I'm good.
- See ya.
- See ya.
Now, they are a little light this week, I apologise.
But I will make it up to you next week.
Oh, come on, you said that last week.
Alright, Winkle, I'm keeping track of it, aren't I, mate? - Hey, thanks, Snap.
- You are very welcome, Bear.
Back to work.
- Well, this is shit.
- Sounds like that went well.
They get to surf.
I've been watching young Dimma.
Mate, the kid rips.
No-one else surfs like that.
Yeah, well, he had a good teacher, didn't he? I've been thinking about putting him in the film.
- Really? - Really.
I'd love to take him to Indo.
What do you reckon? I reckon it's a pretty good thing I gave you those tickets back, huh? Sounds like you're about to scam them back again.
Well, mate, I'm practically his sponsor, and Winnie would never let him leave without a chaperone.
Guess all that leaves is, uh Reg? - Reg? - Yeah.
- What? - Are you serious? - Are YOU serious? - I'm deadly serious.
Mate, anti-Vietnam stickers all over your gear and you can't support a conscientious objector? - Three tickets? - Deal.
Your words.
We'll take 'em.
I can't believe you.
Oh, believe it, baby! Come on! A man who cheats on his taxes is bound to cheat at golf.
Everyone gets caught in the end, I guess.
Bernie! Hey, Mom.
Well, well.
I'm waiting.
We know you dropped out of college, Bernie.
- Mm, to bum around in Singapore.
- Yeah, it was Bali.
Then your mother has to rescue you from Australia, of all places.
And then you don't even give her the respect of coming to see her.
N I am I'm really sorry, Mom.
Well, you're here now.
Is this how we raised you? To be a hustler for your lowlife pals? - Oh, you've met them.
- Oh, you think this is a joke? - Honey.
- Look, Dad .
I'm going to pay you back.
You can't just live at the beach forever.
How will you survive? Look, I know guys in Australia who make it work.
They have factories making customised wetsuits and surf trunks, and people love them.
- Surf trunks? - Yeah.
That's how you plan to pay me back? It's not even your money.
- Bernard! - I want to make something of my own.
Your father and I have discussed it, and we both agree you can pay us back by working for the family.
No, no.
N I just need a little bit of time, that's all.
You have two choices.
You move back home and work for me or we're cutting you off for good.
So, what's it to be? Are you kidding me, Buddy?! - Whoa! Marnie! Come on! - No! Screw you, OK?! You asshole! - We were casual! - I can't believe I trusted you! - OK, don't be like this.
- I feel like such an idiot! - Screw you! - We had some fun, didn't we? - Bye, Hunter.
- See ya, Marnie.
Hey! I, uh .
think Marnie and I may have broken up.
Here you go, Mum.
Ooh! This is nice.
Mrs Mac said she saw you on the telly.
And we haven't heard the bloody end of it.
- I saved the paper.
- Oh, yeah? Sorry about that.
You need to think before you act, Reg.
You've turned the family into a laughing stock.
Men died for that uniform, mate, and you just bloody set it alight.
It was just an ad.
And And are you laughing at them now, are ya? At me? We just got it from the army surplus.
No bloody respect.
Sorry, Sylv, I know you wanted this to be nice.
- Dad - I'm going to get a drink.
- I'll get him.
- No, no, no, leave him.
He'll just be in the bar.
Come on.
Let's order.
I didn't know they were gonna put it on the front page, Mum.
I know.
It's just after what happened with Harry Hewitt I know you thought you were doing the right thing.
And I'll tell you something - I'm so happy to see you.
Maybe it's time you pulled your head in, huh? Don't waste your life surfing and smoking pot with a bunch of hippies.
They're my friends.
You know, this is the life that I want to live.
Just .
don't throw everything away for a dream that's never gonna happen.
OK? Good boy.
How long are you planning on staying in town for? Depends on Sharpie.
I didn't see that coming.
Well .
were you watching? You know, the truth is it's, uh a little weird having you back here.
For who? I was wondering where you got to, babe.
Hey, mate.
I should get going.
The answer is no.
I didn't say anything.
You didn't have to.
I've organised our tickets back to Bali.
Actually, I I think I'm gonna stay here for a while.
I'll be here when you get back.
What am I gonna do in Bali? Just sit on a beach and wait for you all day? Is this about him? Go and make your film.
Mm? - Mm-hm? - I'm gonna miss you.
Hunter! Surf's up! Ohh! Hey.
Oh, no.
I mean, would I lie to you, Dave? We are talking high-end, affordable tract housing on a third-of-an-acre block with 1,660 square feet of luxury living.
I do like the plans.
Well, you've got a lot of good options here.
Now, look, you know my family's been in the real-estate game for three generations, and, frankly, buildable land in California is like gold.
Oh, I don't know.
I don't know, the price is a bit steep.
I hear that.
I hear that.
I tell you what, Dave - I'm prepared to sharpen the pencil on the price here to get you and your family in on the ground floor.
- What do you say? - Send me the contracts out.
I'll let him know.
OK, fantastic.
- Alright, see ya, pal.
- Thank you.
Don't try to keep up with these losers, OK? You're just a kid.
Oh! Did ya hear that? This kid beat Buddy Fraser.
That's not the part I was opposing to, but OK.
Oh, you're also a loser.
Be safe, OK? Little idiot.
Snap! Yeah? Look after my brother or I'll kill you.
- This is his big break, Trace.
- You know what I mean.
Hey we're just going surfing.
That's all.
Alright? - He'll be right! - He's gonna be a star, Tracy! A star? Go on! Don't feed him lies! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Denpasar, where the temperature is a perfect 29 degrees.
Have a safe stay here and thank you for flying with us today.
This is where God comes to surf, Dim.
Water looks pretty warm.
Yeah, I'm not flowing you bloody board shorts, though, am I? What about Reg? Snapper doesn't own me.
Right, Snap? Alright.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Right, look at me.
Now, the vest will help with the reef when you wipe-out, alright? So, you just go out there and you enjoy yourself.
And make sure Sharpie can see that logo.
Sharpie! Don't forget the logo! Alright, go.
Go! I'm looking for a Mac.
Mac, Australian guy, white, big, fake teeth.
Uh I'm looking for an Australian called Mac.
About, you know, yay No? You got nothing? What about you, mate? You know? Excuse me.
Hey! Hey.
So, Daddy bought that yacht.
- I knew he would.
- The 33-footer? - The American Marine? - It's being delivered tomorrow.
He's like a little kid about it.
You should come out with us.
We would love to! Bernie, do you wanna come? Bernie? Sorry? You still sail? Uh Yeah.
Yeah, I guess.
Did Bernard tell you how he sold a house and land package today? I sold a house and land package today.
Told them he'd sharpen the pencil.
Works every time.
I guess he's inherited the gift of the gab.
Oh, well, the apple never falls far from the tree.
So, how long's he been waiting for the yacht? - I knew he was looking for one.
- Oh, God, he looked for over a year.
There you are.
Oh, hey.
So, how's it really going? I sit in a, uh wood-panelled prison, selling hot air and prefabricated dreams to cookie-cutter couples that can't afford Orange County.
You're 21.
You've had your fun.
Isn't it time to get serious? I AM serious.
I wanna make something that wasn't there before.
I want to prove myself.
To who? Good things have always just kinda landed in my lap.
You know, I've never really had to earn anything.
Well, we can see about that.
- Margaux.
- Hey.
Hey, Trot's not here if you're looking for him.
Oh, no, I came to see you! OK.
I was hoping you might help me find a local seamstress.
It's nothing complicated.
Dani said that your aunt might be able to help me? - I'm paying for it.
- Mm.
You know, I've just been carrying all this fabric around and I .
I'd like to do something with it.
Is that why you didn't go with Sharpie? You know, it's a relief to be in one place for a while.
- Mm.
- You know, make something for myself.
- Um I'll ask Winnie.
- Mm.
She could use the extra cash, I guess.
I'll let you know.
About bloody time.
What, did you brew it yourself, eh? Oi, did you end up finding your friend, Snap? Uh Yeah.
Gonna pay him a visit tomorrow.
Can I come? Well, it's in the jungle.
There's not really any surf up there, mate.
Yeah, we're not going out tomorrow, boys.
Spring loader's a bit sticky on the Bolex.
- Oh, no, come on, Snap, let me come.
- I've come all this way.
Well, I don't know, Reg, how'd he go today? I don't know, Snap.
- Sharpie? - Mate, the kid slayed.
- The kid slayed, eh? - Yes.
I don't know, Dimma.
I need you rested.
Well, you haven't let me do anything.
I'm gonna come back with no stories.
No stories?! This is a story.
With the boys.
Alright, fine.
You can come.
- Yes! - Get that look off your face.
Who's your friend? You remember Mac? You're seeing Mac? Well, be a bit rude to come all this way and not pay him a little visit.
Don't you think? As we mark the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War, with the withdrawal this month of the last remaining battalion, we look back at the young men and women There ya go, mate.
Cheers, Baz.
Yeah, he's here every night.
Never speaks to anyone.
- I'll be back for these.
- Yeah, of course.
Hey, Mr Hewitt? Bruce? I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about Harry, eh? He was a good guy.
Is that right? Did you think you were funny with that ad of yours? 'Gone Fucken Surfing'? You're laughing at those boys giving their life away? No, no, no, it's not about that.
Hey, we didn't we didn't mean any disrespect.
Then you're a bloody idiot, mate.
So, are you coming to my sale? Is this the thing Winnie's doing for Margaux? Yeah.
Dad said I could host it here.
Well, it's free.
So, you coming? Sure.
Oh! Mate.
- Wine? - Thank you.
All good? Yeah, yeah.
All good.
So, when the ducks are all grown up and ready to be eaten, the rice is harvested and cooked, the new duck eggs hatch and it starts all over again.
Jesus, ducks are arseholes.
Well, they're certainly bad-tempered, Reg, but that's not the point of the story, is it mate? The point of the story is the way they do things here is they keep the circle of life going.
Everything in balance.
I love roast duck.
That's the price they pay for being arseholes.
- That's not what - Hey! Ampun.
- Ampun.
Uh - We are We're looking for Mac.
We're looking for Mac.
- Yep.
- Alright.
What the hell, Snap? - It's gonna be OK.
- How? What Hey.
What are you boys up to? Come in.
- Jesus, mate.
- Mate, grab a seat.
- This is a bit much, isn't it? - Ah.
I found my mandarin.
Oh, mate, these guys are just a little bit jumpy, that's all.
Don't worry about them.
No-one lost an arm or a leg, did they? Mate, are you bringing children with you now, Snap? Oh, no, uh No, that's Dimma.
Hey, mate, what's what's going on? Oh, mate, listen, there's I'm actually in a little bit of trouble.
Yeah, this, um What? This local girl.
Um Beautiful.
And turns out she became pregnant, and I was seeing her.
And, um her dad was not happy, so, um he wanted me to marry her.
Can you believe that? Can you believe that? Have a look at Look at him.
Yeah, how'd that go down? Ha.
Well, yeah, um .
he died.
He died.
You know? But, hey, Snap, actually, I'm in a bit of a bind 'cause now half the island's out looking for me.
Not my fault.
But I just thought it might be prudent that, while the heat's on and .
you know, I'll just get a couple of boys to back me up.
Just in case things get a bit gnarly.
You know? Hey .
you boys have gone to a bit of bother finding me here.
Think I might know why.
Oh, look, maybe it's a bad idea.
- Yeah.
- No, no, no.
It's a very good idea.
A bloody good idea.
Having half the island looking for you is very bad for business, so just show me what you got.
Come on, Snap! Just show me what you got! Yeah, yeah You stay here.
Just make sure they don't leave.
This is a really, really bad idea.
Yeah, we'll just get the hash and we'll get out of here.
- Do you trust him? - I don't know, OK? I didn't expect to walk in and see this, so just get off my case.
Alright? Reg, is this normal? - It's far from fuckin' normal.
- Just keep your head down.
Here ya go, Snap.
That should - You right, mate? - Huh? What? Did you see that? There you go, mate.
That's all in there.
Plus a little extra for your troubles.
What's this? Mate, just ride the white horse all the way to shore.
- Come on, don't be stupid, mate.
- Is this your deal, is it, Reginald? - Is it?! - Hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's OK.
Mate, this isn't what I came for.
Do you know what the street value of that little packet is? Not smack, mate.
This is way too heavy.
You walk through with that, all your troubles just - drrr! disappear.
I can't pay you for this.
Mate, what are friends for? Eh? You can just go back to making your sad wetties for all the pathetic people who like surfing in the cold.
Hey, Mac .
you didn't knock off the old man, did ya? Who? Oh.
Um No.
No, no, no, he died.
He is no longer with us.
Yeah, sad.
You can thank me later for that, mate.
Who knows? Maybe one day I'LL need a favour.
Are you hungry? I'm not hungry, but Ocdo'll make you some noodles.
We should go, Snap, eh? - What - Yeah.
Hold on.
You're gonna go? Oh Yeah, we gotta get back.
We gotta go.
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Why are you going? We've gotta get back to the hotel, - Mac.
- Yeah.
- Take care of yourself.
- Yeah.
Have you tried calling him? He knows where to find me.
Do you know where his parents live? They don't call him Newport for nothin'.
I understand, yeah.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Well, I just think you're gonna love our top-of-the-range package.
Mm-hm, mm-hm.
Yeah, this is triple A Sorry, but he's in a meeting! Do you have any idea who I am? You can't just barge in here like this.
He's talking to important clients! I'm an important client, honey.
- What's all this? - I'm glad you asked, sir.
Mr Hunter, my husband and I will not be treated like this back in Charleston.
I demand a full refund on our deposit.
- I I didn't catch your name.
- Oh, you'll know my name .
when we sue.
And don't you go bandying about fancy words like 'in escrow' to me.
- I'm, uh I'm so sorry about this - Where's MY apology, huh? Uh Kelly What What are you doing? Don't you know a prison breakout when you see one? Someone tell me what's going on.
That's exactly what I wanna know.
Bernie, you know this woman? Um Mom .
Dad .
I think we can call this my, uh official resignation.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I told her you'd sold your soul, but she insisted on saving you anyway.
Guys, kind of in the middle of a jailbreak here.
I didn't give you three tickets for you to do a fucking Bali run! - You got your footage.
- Oh, mate.
You really don't see how fucked up this is, do you? You eat half a field of mushrooms for breakfast most days, mate.
It's not the same, and you know it.
It really has nothing to do with you, Sharpie.
Yeah? You're bloody right there.
Dim you don't have to stay here.
Hey, don't look at him.
Look at me.
All you have to do is walk away.
OK? Wrong choice, kid.
You know what's going to happen if we get caught with this shit.
You don't have to take it.
I would have loved the choice, Snap.
We've got two boards - I'm here - Shut up, Dim.
Got two boards and three bags.
Why don't we just flush the bloody horse down the toilet and get it over with? I can't.
I need the money.
So, give ME one.
You know, I wanna help, Snap.
Look at this face.
Who's gonna stop this face? You don't know what you're saying, Dim.
Yeah, but I know, I know you've done it before.
Yeah, I've been to fuckin' jail before too.
Now sit down! I will take the smack.
OK? I'll take it.
I'll take one.
And you'll flush the other.
The kid's taking nothin', Snap.
- I can do it - I said shut up, Dimma! Hey, hey, Reg .
go and walk it off, mate.
I'll sort this out.
I tell you what, Margaux - if I cark it, you can bury me in one of these.
Ah! Done.
You got your eye on a bag, Trot? Oh, so many to choose from.
- It's looking good.
- Yeah.
- Margaux's pretty talented.
- Yeah.
- Trace not with you? - Supposed to meet her here.
I hope she comes.
Why wouldn't she? Old bones don't stay buried forever, mate.
Nah, you got it wrong.
- We're solid.
- I hope so.
Go and get her.
Next! - Welcome home.
- It's good to be back.
You're that bozo with the burnt uniform, aren't ya? Anything to declare? Too good for the army, eh? Is this your first trip to Indonesia? Um Yes.
Bullshit bloody war if you ask me.
He's clean, right? I'm gonna need you to accompany me to an interview room.
- But my friends are waiting for me - This way, son.
Let's go.
We said two boards.
- And yet there were three.
- Snap.
Just keep walking.
Going to the interview room.
Next! The cops been back? I just told them I don't know the guys who gave me the stuff.
I'm talking US dollars.
Lots of 'em.
- What was that all about? - America.
Everybody calm down! What's going on, Mr Colston? We are on, baby! The guy's a toxic shadow.
Hey, come on, man.
Wake up.
You enjoy making enemies, Snap? I certainly seem to be getting some practice at it.
Can I come in?
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