Barons (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 ANNOUNCER ON TV: 23 April.
Do you people have any idea what he is up against? Getting killed in a stupid war that nobody believes in? Yeah, I'm not going.
TRACY: It's how light gets refracted through water.
So, that's you, the wave, always moving.
And you're the sunshine.
The company is called lightwave, and we're making board shorts.
You told me that you needed that money for your wedding.
You owed us that money.
- Snapper! Get off him! Argh! [CRASHING.]
Whoo! SONG: I've gotta explain girl, it's strange - I can't get you outta my head ♪ - get off! All the time on my mind ♪ Get it! Get it! [WAVE RUMBLES.]
All of the time all of the time ♪ - TRACY: It happened again, trot.
- TROTTER: You're kidding.
- CHOC: Oh, they've seen it! - Christ's sake! - DIMMA: Pay up, trot! - Pay up, trot! - Ahh - Little skidmark, Dimma! Hey, hey, hey, hey! You still need to pay snap! Yeah, I knew you shits couldn't think this up yourselves.
Seriously? What happened to family loyalty, huh? - I'm on snap's team, trace.
- Alright.
You two did the dirty and you know it.
He's not god, dim.
You can't believe everything that he says! - JULES: Toilet paper? Again? - Yeah, he's just being a dick.
Yes, again.
He's trying to get inside my head.
Yeah, well, don't let him! Point is everyone thinks snap's the good guy and I'm the scrounging dickhead who can't pay his debts.
You aren't not the only one who feels that way.
Bugger this.
If I had known a t-shirt was all it took, I would have made some of my own.
"Do the dishes, trot.
" "Find us a bloody proper house to live in, trot!" Yeah, alright! [WATER LAPS.]
Papered my place again.
Really? [SCOFFS.]
Well, the boys have their own schemes.
Well, tell your minions to back off, eh? Your karma's not good, mate.
You're the one bringing bad things into your life.
Is that why you pushed my caravan off a cliff? Oh .
I didn't do that.
Yeah, bullshit.
You're really holding onto that story, huh? How long's it been now? [SCOFFS.]
Not the point, mate.
No, you're right, that's not the point.
I wondered what it'd take to get you to come around here in person.
It was the t-shirts, huh? - Childish.
- Funny, but.
You know there's a very simple way to stop all this, mate.
Clear your debt and clear your conscience.
REPORTER: Protests continue across much of Australia today, communists and anti-war supporters gathering in the nation's capitals to make a public show of their resistance to Australia's ongoing war effort in Vietnam.
DANI: Snapper's being a dickhead.
Interest? JULES: Every week.
Well, just pay him and be done with it.
We don't have 500 bucks.
- Take it out of the business? - It's not there.
We cover our costs each month is all.
Beer, trot? - TROTTER: Yeah.
- We've gotta fix it.
I really don't want to go back to my dad with my tail between my legs.
He still not talking to you? It's my life.
You know what the problem is? We're trying to sell summer in the middle of winter.
You're gonna change the weather now, are ya, trot? I'll head north.
Hit the carparks all the way up the coast.
You know, it will blow all our stock for cash, but it means we'll get snapper off our back once and for all.
Then we can start with a clean slate.
Just like that? You got a better idea? [WAVES LAP.]
SNAPPER: How many people you reckon we could fit on that beach? You planning a party, snap? Maybe.
Yeah, well, it's just that it takes up a lot of room.
The committee aren't happy.
Yeah, when are they? Well, they thought maybe you could just take it all out the back.
- What, where nobody can see them? - Well, just for now, love.
- G'day, Baz.
- Hey.
Today, please? Yes, boss! It's a bit early even for you, isn't it, mate? No, no, I'm just here for a roadie.
Where are you going? Queensland.
Without me? If you can be ready before trace spots my car out the front of this place - Thank you, Jesus! - And we're splitting petrol.
Dad, I'm off for a couple of days.
- Hey, don't climb over - Uh probably longer.
Probably longer.
- Well, you can't leave.
- But it's queensland.
Yeah, well, I don't care if it's bloody Narnia.
You go with him, I'm not holding your job.
I'm sorry, dad.
I'll call you.
Atta girl, Dani.
- Just put that on your tab, should I? - I paid for this one, Baz! [TO SELF.]
Course you did.
- I love you.
- Yeah.
- I've got plans.
- What plans? I don't know, plans! You know, build my corner.
Obviously not at the sports club, but somewhere else.
You know? What? Oh, nothing.
Good plan.
Alright, speaking of a man with a plan, how's married life treating you? Ohh.
Bloody messy.
Full of debt.
Oh, really, trotter? Haven't heard about that.
Yeah, well, I'm not the one who got us into this mess.
You and snap were headed for a fall a long time ago.
Tracy was just dumb enough to get herself in the middle of it.
I should have just let him keep her and be done with it.
Ok, a - Tracy is her own woman and you and snap don't get to 'keep' her.
And B - you wouldn't even have lightwave if she didn't have a job, and you know it.
You know, you won the prize, so, stop bitching about it and stop trying to stuff it up every time you have the opportunity.
You know, I coulda stayed home for this.
You'd be bored and lonely.
BEAR: Wait, so, you cashed in your return flight home and came here instead? Yeah.
I didn't maybe think that one through as well as I could have.
SHARPIE: The way I recall, it was buddy's idea.
No, no, this is definitely your fault.
Mine? How the hell's that? Because the moment he saw your book of open pan am tickets, he magically got the idea in his head that travel was somehow free.
You have free plane tickets, sharpie? I shot an ad for pan am last year.
Instead of paying me, they gave me a few open tickets.
But you're not getting my Pan Ams.
They're for the film.
Did I ask? - BUDDY: We'll get home.
- SNAPPER: Buddy! What? - Buddy! - What? Hey.
You still do the comps? No.
No, I'm done with that scene.
Oh, that's a shame.
Why? Uh no.
No, no, no.
No, it's, um No, no, no, it's silly.
You wouldn't be, uh .
Try me.
Right, well, I've just been thinking, yeah? We always have reliable surf here in may.
We could fire up an aussie comp.
Add a location to the tour party.
Wait, wait, hold on.
Did you say it was may? Is that what you said? - Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
No, no, seriously, why didn't someone tell me that? [OTHERS LAUGH.]
What? Somebody s'posed to tell I'm that? - SHARPIE: I don't know.
- Bear? HUNTER: Thanks for the change.
OPERATOR: Operator.
How can I place your call? Uh Newport beach, California, United States.
Marilyn hunter speaking.
May I ask who's calling? [BLEEPING.]
Hello? Bernie? Hey hey, mom.
Did I hear beeps? Uh what? No.
That's weird.
It must just be the college connection or something.
It's pretty late.
Is everything ok? Oh, sorry, did I did I wake you? No, your father and I were just at the club.
We just walked in.
Anyway, how are you? Oh, just the same.
How's college? It's it's good, you know? Why don't you come home and see us? Well, I've just been I've been super busy here lately.
Um Actually, I was hoping that I could maybe get an advance on my allowance.
We're saying no this time.
No, we are not.
- You're too soft on him, honey.
- What if he needs to Bernard, you have to learn to live within your means or we'll have to cut you off.
We will not! How else is he going to learn? Learn what? How to starve? Why should he get a free ride? It's my choice.
BARRY: There you are, boys.
How old are you? You've been serving me for six months, Barry.
Come on, then.
You realise they cut me off and we're screwed, you and I? Come on, man, would they do that? All I know is if I'm not back in college, it's over.
We're done.
Hey it's cool.
We'll get home.
Yeah, yeah.
How? Snap, this, uh this comp - is there any prize money? Well, I can float you a new wetty.
And a board.
Oh, is that it? Alright, mate.
Things are a little bit tight at the moment, so So, why are you putting on a comp? For the vibe, hunter.
Yes! See that?! [CHUCKLES.]
So, are you in? No.
I think I need more motivation.
What if I can get sharpie to throw in a ticket home as first prize? Two tickets, and we have a deal.
Huh? Yeah.
Of course.
- What?! - No.
Get off it, mate.
After all that petrol money? Are you kidding? You're gonna be cold, aren't ya? Nah, any day I don't have to wear one of those rubber monsters is a good day for me.
- Hurry up! - Yeah, I'll meet you out there! Alright! Now, that's what you call retail! - [LAUGHS.]
- G'day! How are you, mate? SONG: take the highway ♪ [BOTH SING INDISTINCTLY.]
Lord knows I've been gone too long - a lot of sad days ♪ - [WAVE CRASHES.]
One day you'll turn around and I'll be gone and the time has finally come for me to pack my bags and walk away hear me say ♪ Chin-chin! Whoa, that's it.
I'll be back someday but, darlin', please don't wait for me too long ♪ - Ooh, punch buggy! - Oh! - Fuck me, Dani! - [CHUCKLES.]
The memory of your love still lingers on and the time has finally come ♪ You're out-selling them, Dani.
For me to pack my bags and walk away ♪ Are we there yet? Here me say take the highway ♪ Oi! Take the highway ♪ Hey! You cockhead! You dropped in on me! You shouldn't be even out here.
- I nearly lost my board! - Fuck off, girly! Yeah! Piss off, you waxhead mole! - Reggie! - [LAUGHS.]
- You bloody idiot! - Hey! Whoo! - Reggie! - Oh, trotter! [LAUGHS.]
Good to see you, mate! Let's get a beer, eh? - Yes! Yes! - Where the fuck have you been hiding? - I've been in queensland, mate! - Queensland?! Are you kidding me?! And now he's got Groms papering the place every week.
Fresh or used? Still on fresh, but I keep saying to Choc he should use his party trick.
Spit the winkle! - On my house? Mate, it's a shed.
If any winkle gets spat on my house, you're cleaning it up.
Ugh! Reg, come home.
The rest have lost it.
I miss you.
Actually, no, you're doing the right thing.
Stay away.
On the war in Vietnam, I sing this song.
I ain't got no quarrel with the Vietcong! ♪ Sha! Muhammad Ali! Should watch the news more often, trot.
- Don't have a telly.
- Blissfully ignorant, more like it.
- Who are you calling ignorant? - Oh! Hey! Oh, you wanna make something of it, eh? - Oh, come on then! - [BOTH GROWL.]
- Eh?! - MAN 1: Hey! - [DANI LAUGHS.]
Is this black bastard bothering you? - Just having a laugh, mate.
- No, we're all friends here.
It shouldn't even be allowed.
Allowed to do what? Have a beer? A life? Nah, nah.
What are you doing hanging round with a boong, anyway? [CHUCKLES.]
Call me a boong?! [ALL GRUNT.]
Where are you going? Eh?! [YELPS.]
Ohh! Come here.
Come here.
You like that? Who's your boong now, huh? Boys! Retreat! Retreat! - [LAUGHS.]
- MAN: Come back! Come back! Have I told you how much I miss you guys? DIMMA: How do you want this? SNAPPER: Just make sure it's tied down the bottom.
Yeah, pull it tight.
There you go.
Just tie it under the sign.
Just hold it there, dim.
Just wait for him.
Just waiting for trot to leave town? It's a surf comp, trace.
I don't need your husband's permission.
I thought you said surfing wasn't about competitions.
Well, who's competing? You never give up, do you? When did all this stop being fun, hmm? - You're asking me? - Oh, we used to be friends.
Is that why you ditched our caravan? Why do you people Do you honestly think that was me? - [SCOFFS.]
- Tracy, look at me.
That wasn't me.
Get too close to the truth and down come the blinds.
Don't remember you being exactly honest.
Well, I learnt from an expert, didn't I? HUNTER: Man, how does he get so close? BUDDY: He's got underwater casing.
He's got a great eye.
SHARPIE: It's just not for me.
I don't believe in that stuff You could maybe use the footage for your movie.
SHARPIE: Yeah, yeah.
Snap! Hey! You should get this guy for the comp.
S Kwong? It's already done.
I sent a telegram.
Mate, just think about it.
- [SIGHS.]
- We were legends today.
- 'Night, trot.
- Never forget it.
- Never forget it! - [CHUCKLES.]
- [SIGHS.]
- Oh, he's gonna sleep like a log.
See my folks? Yeah, they come into the club.
Don't don't really talk to me, though.
My old man doesn't forgive easily.
I don't care if he blames me.
I made up my own mind.
The thing is .
I've spent my whole life doing what my dad said.
Still doesn't change anything.
I'm always gonna be different.
Those guys were dickheads.
Yeah, and that makes the whole country dickheads.
I get that shit most days, Dan.
White enough for the army but too black for everywhere else, eh? Not for me.
What do you two think when you hear the words 'light wave'? Oh, Jesus, trot! Bali, right? Uh Tropical beaches.
Warm water.
- They're just shorts, mate.
- No.
No, they're not.
They're an idea.
They're an idea of paradise, of every surf trip we've ever been on, of why we're not putting on a tie and working for the man.
Because lightwave is about sticking it to the man.
I'll be at the car.
Dani The man's calling.
You right? Bit dusty.
Alright, Reggie.
So, jump on the bonnet here.
Sort of like that, yeah? Just attitude.
Attitude?! Gimme a smile, for Christ's sake.
- Try and get in low.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- This is perfect.
- Just put his head beside the sun.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- That's it.
I'm gonna get it.
Sliding underneath it.
Three, two, one! [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
Shit! Hold up, hold up.
- What are you doing, mate?! - You just wait.
You wait and see.
Are you gonna burn the uniform? Ready, ready, ready! Whoo-hoo! Argh! [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
- Oh, it's been so good.
- Yeah.
Well, what about you? I'll be fine.
- Dani.
- Yeah.
Mwah! You take care.
Remember, I won't be there to fight those bastards off next time! [CHUCKLES.]
Come home soon, right? Yeah.
So you and reg, huh? What? No.
He's a good bloke.
I can't believe you rooted reg.
- Ohh - [LAUGHS.]
Shut up and take me home! Oh, Dani.
RICKY: Oh, there she is! How're ya goin', trace?! You want a lift? - Got my bike, Ricky.
- Righto, suit yourself.
Hang on there, please, ladies.
Thank you! [TOOTS HORN.]
Did you draw that, Tania? - What, miss? - The logo.
Oh, yeah.
Lightwave's heaps cooler than bare feet, eh? See ya.
See ya, girls.
We can't wait for trot any longer, ok? The two of us have been sitting on our bums, waiting for him to call and make a decision when we know what needs to be done! I like this new Tracy.
Look, so the town's going to be full of surfers, yeah? - Yeah.
- Mm.
We make up a stack of extra stock and flog them right under snapper's nose.
I'm with you, but we are on the bones of our arse here.
I guess it's time you used that bony arse of yours to charm our suppliers and extend our credit then.
TROTTER: Oh, you're kidding me.
Bare feet classic.
CHOC: See you at the surf comp, trot! [LAUGHS.]
Dickhead! - DANI: Open entries.
- Classic, my arse.
What do you reckon? I reckon the town's full of surfers and we're out of stock.
Fuckin' snapper! When were you gonna tell me about this, trace? Oh, why didn't you call us? Because we've been working our arses off up there.
Really? 'Cause your tan's telling a different story.
Yeah, standing in the carpark, selling shorts.
- Yeah, don't get me started on you.
- What did I do? JULES: Alright, shut up the lot of you! Look.
How many of these are there? What? Oh! - Alright, mate.
- Three sizes? - Yep.
These are good.
Hey, Dani, she should teach you how to pour a beer.
- What would you know, newbie? - SHARPIE: That American beer sucks.
- Cheers.
- Hey, hey, come on, he knows beer.
- Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
- I'm just saying, you know, she's friendly, right? I mean, the service, it just feels nicer.
Shameless, buddy.
- I'm on probation.
- Yeah, you are.
- What can I get you? - SHIRLEY: Beer, thanks.
You here for the comp? Isn't everyone? Not everyone's surfing in it.
Buddy Fraser.
Isf world champ 1968.
Saw a few good shots of you out in Uluwatu, but, since, you've been laying low.
Shirley Kwong.
HUNTER: Hold on.
You're S Kwong? Wait, the photographer? You're a chick! No offence.
I love your work.
Yeah, it's pretty good for a girl, right? No, no, exactly, yeah.
S Kwong.
Nice to meet you.
- DANI: Ok, bedtime for newbie.
- Ok, bedtime, hunter.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
S Kwong! Ohh! [LAUGHTER.]
So, where are we going next? Oh - This is it.
That is very sad.
Yep, I'm sorry.
We've let you down.
All surf towns are like this.
That's why I'm actually heading to Hawaii.
I mean, well, look, it's actually not just the surf.
My dad's there.
I think.
He walked out on us when I was really little, so, I figured .
Now's a good time to meet him.
It's only ever been me and my dad.
- I'm sorry.
Never say sorry.
Do you wish you were competing tomorrow? For sure.
But there's no way.
They barely tolerate me out there at all.
Girls get treated like shit.
It drives me crazy.
Right? I grew up here, so these boys have no choice.
But the moment I go to another beach, it's a full-on battle.
So, why do you do it? There was this local in Bali, Wayan Snapper's taken it on, but he stole it from Wayan.
- Anyway, um .
He used to always ask us, "who are you on the wave?" Ok.
Uh what he's asking is, um .
Do you fight it or .
Are you one with the ocean? That's beautiful.
It's like my head is full of all this chatter - who I should be, who I'm not, who I'm supposed to be.
And when I'm out there it all just goes away.
It's just me and the ocean.
Listen to me.
I sound like I don't even know who I am.
You know.
I should I'm gonna 'Night.
TROTTER: 500 bucks.
Plus interest.
You got a wild-card slot for the comp tomorrow? Everyone's welcome.
He take it? All the money we have in the world.
Oh-ho! You're gonna freeze your balls off, trot.
Sometimes you've gotta put your balls where your mouth is.
I don't even know where to start with that.
Yeah, don't, don't.
What's this? You surfing for bare feet now? Nah, it's just a wetty.
I bet he doesn't think that.
Alright, so have a look at your board.
What I've done is I've printed on numbers, just from nine down to one, ok? So, what we'll do You know this is war.
It shouldn't be.
You going out on that? Trick is to get close enough they don't see you coming.
Far out.
JULES: Come on, let's go.
Get the sign.
Lightwave shorts! Five bucks! [DONGS BELL.]
Hey! Argh! Shit! Here, here, here.
No, this.
Hello? [SHOUTS.]
Hello! Hello, everyone! And welcome to the inaugural bare feet classic! [CHEERING.]
Ooh, ok.
Uh rules.
Rules, rules, rules, rules.
Four blokes to a heat.
It's a knockout elimination.
The judge's word is final, ok? And no, that's it.
Somehow we will end up with a winner tomorrow.
Yeah! Ah! Uh names up on the chalkboard.
Soon as snap brings me some chalk.
Sorry about Mal, everybody.
It seems to be that time of the month.
- Agh! - [LAUGHTER.]
Oh, listen, if you've got any questions, folks, don't ask me.
I'm just here for the party! [CHEERING.]
CHOC: Oi, Chuck us the wax, dim.
Thanks, dim.
- Hey, snap.
- SNAPPER: Yeah? You, uh met S Kwong yet? No.
Lazy prick's late.
Hey, Shirley, are you late? I'm S Kwong.
Name's Shirley.
I'm a woman.
Good to have you, Shirl.
- DANI: Bit short on that.
Yeah, no! - MAL: No, excuse me Hey, hey, hey! Mal! - [YELLS INDISTINCTLY.]
- Hey, hey, hey, hey! - Hey, hey, hey, wait! - She can't surf.
- What is going on? - I surf better than you, old man.
- Ha! That's it - Ok, ok, ok, ok.
Hey, Dani .
We don't really have anyone for you to compete against.
That's bullshit, snap.
You know I surf better than these blow-ins.
Come on, I thought you wanted today to be different.
Chalk her up, Mal.
Andale! Let's go.
- Oh! - Oh, thanks.
Ok! Alright, heat 1 we have trotter, Matt, Daz and buddy! Your time starts .
DANI: Go, trot! [CHEERING.]
- What do you think? - Oh, it's gotta be a six.
- It's a six.
- That's a nine, ya fuckin' numb-nut.
DANI: Go, buddy! Come on! Whoo! Buddy's ripping! Unreal.
Yeah, buddy! [CHEERING.]
- Come on in! DIMMA: [CHUCKLES.]
Nice shorts, trot.
Hey! - Lightwave shorts, five bucks.
- Lightwave shorts.
Ladies, only $5! - Lightwave board shorts.
- All made in Woogonga.
Made by yours truly! Handcrafted! No luck? - Oh, hey, hunter.
- Hey.
Uh It's too cold.
No-one's interested.
Lightwave shorts, five bucks! [LAUGHS.]
Come and get 'em.
- Let's sell these bastards.
- Yeah.
We have Dani, Timmo, cob and Choc! Let's go! [CHEERING.]
ALL: Go, Dani! - God, she goes for it, doesn't she? - Look at her! - Yeah! - [CHEERING.]
Yeah! - Hey, boys! - Hello, gentlemen! How are you? One for you, sir? Thank you! - Awesome.
Five bucks.
- Yeah, sweet.
Quick, come on.
Don't waste it.
DANI: Get it, dim! Go, dim! [CHEERING.]
Good on ya, Dimma! You're almost done! [CHEERING.]
That's my boy! Yeah, it's a bit more of a nine to me.
TRACY: Is Dimma out there in the water? [LAUGHTER.]
Hey, what's your name? - Abbie.
- Abbie? - Yeah.
- Nice to meet you.
- SNAPPER: Alright, everybody! Back here tomorrow for the finals between buddy and Dimma! Good on ya, boys.
Thank you.
So, I hear you have a bit of an unfair advantage tomorrow, buddy.
No, Dimma ripped.
He deserves his place in the final.
Yeah, I couldn't follow the rules today at all.
Well, that's probably because snapper made his own rules.
TROTTER: Cheers, guys.
Good day today, bud.
I had fun.
Did you, uh want a pair of shorts? Wish you luck for tomorrow? Uh Sure.
Good taste.
Yes! Sorry, boys, I'm taking this.
How safe's that win tomorrow? You might as well give us the tickets right now.
- Yeah? - We need to get home.
We do.
In that case Da-da-da-da! Found 'em growing in the top paddock.
- Hee-hee-hee.
- Are they good? Course they're good.
Should they be blue? Trust me, they're good.
- Oh, sharpie, they taste like shit.
- Mm-hm.
- Just let it happen.
- Yep.
I love mushrooms.
Home away from home.
You decorate all this yourself? I don't often get visitors.
You were robbed today.
Stuck it up them - that's good enough for today.
You were amazing.
Uh I, um I just had sex with best friend last week.
If this isn't what you want No, it's not that.
I just I wanted to tell you because, um .
It it was, um Wrong? There was more wrong with it than just him being my best mate.
Have you had sex with a guy before? Yeah, of course.
A couple of times, I just You know, I surf with those guys.
I hear how they talk about girls.
I just I've never wanted to be one of them.
I think it might be more than that.
Come here.
I won't do anything.
Not unless you want me to.
I really like you, Dani.
I like you too.
And I really think you should kiss me again.
- You are so beautiful.
SONG: I see rainbows in my head ♪ TROTTER: Been foraging again, sharpie? Pretty colours ♪ BUDDY: Trotter? Round my bed ♪ [WHISPERS.]
Trotter? [WHISTLES.]
Trotter! This logo.
It's deep.
And these colours.
- They ripple like water.
- It's a wave! It's, like, the ocean.
It's a wave.
And the sun.
A wave.
Wh-a-a-o-oh! Go and ride that wave, bud, just somewhere else.
- Ok? - Ride the wave.
Wh-a-a-o-oh! [LAUGHS.]
Nice shirt.
Had a pretty good day.
I can see that.
- I sold everything.
- That's brilliant.
- Ooh-hoo! - Ooh-hoo! [LAUGHS.]
Did you see those guys? Ooh-hoo! Ooh-hoo! Trot, can we talk? - Ooh-hoo! Ooh-hoo! Ooh-hoo! - [CHUCKLES.]
Ooh-hoo! Ooh-hoo! Ooh-hoo! - I should really go sort that out.
- Ooh-hoo! Ooh-hoo! Oi! - Night owls.
- Ooh-hoo! Come on, come on, we've gotta move on.
Thank god! Boys.
I thought I was all alone out here.
Then I found you.
Sharpie, where the hell are we? BUDDY: Ohh Oh, the comp! Oh, the comp! [GRUNTS.]
Ooh-hoo! - [BIRDS TWITTER.]
Jesus fuckin' - DANI: Looking better than you, Mal.
We starting anytime soon, snap? What? Yes.
As soon as buddy gets here.
Move it! Let's go.
- Alright, crankpot.
- Away from the table.
Where's buddy? Has anybody seen buddy? MAL: No sign of buddy.
It's a lightwave invasion.
Pff! A lightwave victory.
DANI: Ohh Hey, mate.
I see you made the most of it yesterday.
Yeah, no, thanks for this, you know? I thought I was gonna have to go out to find my customers, but you brought them all here for me.
- This is my turf.
- Oh, you can't own the beach, snap.
You're a fuckin' leech, you know that? Go on, mate.
Show 'em who you really are.
Buddy, hey.
Get rid of the shorts, yeah? Yeah? Dimma! Water.
Let's go.
You're a good surfer, little dude.
Yeah, well, I'm here as a fluke.
You're the real deal.
There's no flukes in this life, Dimma.
Buddy! What the hell are you doing? Get out there.
I think Dimma's got this one.
You haven't even surfed yet.
Oh, I'm gonna surf.
Just not for you.
And not for you! [CHEERING.]
This war is bullshit, man! [CHEERING.]
SONG: I am tripping ♪ I am tripping ♪ [SIREN BLARES.]
MAN: One too many.
CHOC: Yo, dim! You, here! [LAUGHS.]
Hey, come here you cheeky bugger! - Hey, Jules.
- Same again, Jules.
Smart move, having all that stock ready for yesterday.
Can't complain with all that free advertising.
Hey, thanks, newbie.
You know, we thought we'd strike while the iron's hot.
Married yourself a smart guy there, trace.
Right? [CHUCKLES.]
Fucking unbelievable.
What? Tracy.
Hey, I'm really sorry about today, man.
Oh, fuck it.
You were right.
Cheers? Hi, mom.
I have something to tell you.
I'm just I'm just gonna say it.
I'm in Australia.
SHIRLEY: You weren't at the club.
DANI: Needed to think.
I hate the thought that I'm never going to see you again.
You're the one going away.
So come with me.
To America? Why not? That's your thing.
Could be ours.
I'm not ready for that.
That's a shame.
I'm sorry.
Never say sorry.
Are you in here, trace? You took your time, didn't you? I've been looking for you.
Do you actually think .
Everything that happens here is your idea? You took all the credit.
I worked my arse off while you were away.
Yeah, well, I was only away to fix the mess you put us in, Tracy.
If I hadn't got that money for us, you'd still be sewing wetsuits down the road.
Well, at least I could have held my head up.
Is that all you have? Your hurt pride? It could have been anyone.
Why'd it have to be him? Do you actually think I enjoyed going to him for help? Anyway, it's not him.
It's always been you.
If you if you can't forgive me .
I'll leave.
That was fuckin' amazing what you did with the shorts, by the way.
Check it out.
It's a full-page spread.
Next month.
Is that Reggie? [LAUGHS.]
Yeah, I tried to get him to get his arse out, but he wouldn't do it.
These are It's amazing.
- You like it? - Yes! [LAUGHS.]
- That's it.
- Yep.
SONG: but you won't fool the children of the revolution no, you won't fool the children of the revolution no, you won't fool the children of the revolution no, you won't fool the children of the revolution no way! ♪ - Get up, you lazy black bastard.
Get off me! - Too good for the army, are ya? - Oh, you're done, mate.
- Hey, Margaux.
- Mwah! - Oh.
- Mwah! So, you're back.
Old bones don't stay buried forever, mate.
- Oi, Reggie! - Hey! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Is this how we raised you? To be a hustler for your lowlife pals? - Hey.
- Hey.
HUNTER: I wanna make something of my own.
You can pay us back by working for the family.
I've been watching young Dimma.
I'd love to take him to Indo.
Look after my brother or I'll kill you.
SNAPPER: We're just going surfing, that's all.
What's this? Whoa! Captions by red bee media copyright Australian broadcasting corporation
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