Baskets (2016) s03e10 Episode Script

New Year's Eve

1 Dale kept mouthing off, and I slapped him.
DALE: I'm gonna sue you, you Is he suing me? I just want to ask you for your forgiveness.
Just go home, Ken.
- Just go home.
- What are you doing here? - [HORN HONKS.]
Hey, good news, everybody! I'm engaged! And she's got a Jeep.
This is Shannon.
She wears a tube top.
It's her thing.
BASKETS: I feel like we're going to run into a polar bear.
- CHIP: How do I have five bars but-but no service? Oh! - Are you okay, Chip? - Yes, Mom.
- I'm fine.
- You get your seat belt on? - Yes, Mom.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
- What's that, - a woodchuck or a wolverine or something? - Where? Where? Right there.
He just scurried away.
- Oh, wow.
- Where? Oh, beautiful.
- Is that a fox? - MRS.
BASKETS: Ah! - Beaver.
- KEN: A beaver? Where? - CHIP: Where? - Right there.
I saw him.
- He was getting a stick.
- KEN: Oh.
Have you seen the pictures of the cabin? I mean, it's amazing.
Full deck, hot tub.
- Hot tub? - And it's Yes.
And it's all-inclusive, and it's fully stocked, Chip, with food and everything.
- Oh, it's stocked with food.
- Yeah.
I don't care where it is or what it has or any of that as long as we're all together on New Year's.
Oh, and I have an addition to it.
I was at the dollar store, and I couldn't resist.
- I got us these! For New Year's.
2009? I know, 2009, but still.
I mean, I didn't want to look through a one, anyway.
If I would've got the right one.
Well, maybe it'll become fashionable again.
Oh, these cabins look so rustic.
Kind of makes you realize how cosmopolitan Bakersfield is.
I can't really make out the addresses on the cabins.
Well, it's got to be around here somewhere.
- Just look for the big cabin with - Oh, look, look, look.
That's the tube top lady's Jeep right there.
BASKETS: Oh, yeah.
KEN: Yeah.
That's the cabin? This is not like the pictures.
Oh, I think it's cute.
Dale, Shannon, we're here! I'm gonna call the owner.
This isn't right.
The asbestos is making me horny.
Come on.
Hello, Mother.
- Hi.
- Hello, Chip.
Hey, Dale.
That's all I'm gonna say hello to.
Hi, Dale.
Mom, you remember, uh, - Shannon.
- Hey, y'all.
Hi, Shannon.
It's only like the heat's on in the bedroom.
It's cold out here.
Well, that's the sex heat.
- Mm.
- Real, uh, bummer of a cabin, Ken.
Shannon deserves better than this.
- You deserve better than this.
- I do.
I can't wait for you to get your Dodge Viper.
Well, as soon as Craig calls me from the dealership, you'll you'll be behind the wheel of that Viper.
We took the master bedroom.
There's some, uh, bunk beds in the other rooms, so Dale, Ken paid for the whole cabin.
We should get the master bedroom.
Well, Mom, as the expression goes, if you're a loser, you're a snoozer.
So, we're off.
- Ooh.
- Yeah.
And, yes, we did try out the bunk beds.
I can't get no service.
Well, we're in the middle of nowhere.
KEN: They said it was fully stocked with food.
Maybe there's a chest or freezer.
I don't know.
You and Mom want that bed? Maybe I'll text Ivy and Monica.
They're on their way up here.
Maybe they can bring some food.
Hey, board games.
KEN: Oh, great.
That'll give us something to do.
They have, uh, Chutes and Ladders.
Chinese checkers.
- Regular checkers.
- Hey, Chip.
They have Twister.
Could you imagine Mom playing Twister? No, I can't imagine that.
Uh, Chip.
They have Hungry Hippo, too.
Oh, yeah.
Darla loved that game.
- Parcheesi.
- Chip, listen to me.
- Uh, I'm gonna ask you something.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, you know how I feel - about your mom, right? - I do.
I mean, that week when that we weren't together, I was wrecked.
And part of me renting this cabin and bringing everybody up here was so Well, it was so I could propose.
Propose what? Marriage.
To your mom.
And I wanted to make sure I had your blessing.
S-So you want to be my dad? Well, n-not exactly.
I don't know.
I Yeah.
Sure, you have my blessing.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Should we I guess we'll hug.
- I guess.
- Do me a favor, though.
- What? Don't kill yourself like my birth dad did.
I'll take this.
I should just - Should I just call you Ken, though? - Yeah.
Ken is fine.
All right, Dad um, Ken.
Should I call you "son" or just Chipper? Just don't call me Dale.
Fair enough.
There she is.
- Oh.
- My soon-to-be daughter-in-law.
So, where are you from? - Florida.
- Yeah? Oh, you like that stuff, don't you? Oh, yeah.
It gives you wings.
I don't think I've ever tasted Red Bull.
Why not? You only live once, right? Well - Pretty can.
- Mm-hmm.
Has a little kick to it, huh? - Geez.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, uh, how many times you been married? Couple times.
I had a feeling.
- Yeah.
- I got a couple kids.
- Oh.
- Uh, had the first one when I was 14.
- Oh, my goodness.
- I know.
- And you and Dale, huh? - Well - It's a whirlwind.
- Well, yeah.
I mean, he's kind of a project.
You know, they all are.
Ain't that the truth, huh? Yeah.
You gonna finish that? I don't think I am a Red Bull girl.
I think you're more of a Red Bull girl.
Oh, yeah.
You don't want to waste that.
Yeah, no.
You don't want to waste that.
- No.
- No.
Well, good talk.
DALE: Whoever it is, I'm trying to sleep.
Come in! Oh.
It's you.
I'm not sure I want a slapping madman at my door.
Dale, please.
I'm trying to get past this.
Well, I don't know if I'm the kind of guy that gets past things.
- Dale, please.
- Will you stop yelling? Please.
I'd like to ask you something important.
What?! - [DOOR.]
- They're here.
Hey! - You made it.
- Hi, Daddy.
Yes, we did.
- MRS.
BASKETS: My girls! - MONICA: Oh, Christine.
How are you? MRS.
BASKETS: Oh, you're looking beautiful.
- Thank you.
So do you.
- Oh, thank you.
You do, too.
This is my son Dale.
- Uh, Chip.
- Hi, Chip.
- MRS.
BASKETS: Oh, Chip.
Oh! - Chip.
- Sorry, Chip.
Oh, you brought the food! - KEN: You got my texts, huh? - [CHAMPAGNE CORK POPS.]
BASKETS: Try the pineapple.
It's so delicious.
I'm trying to stay away from, from so much sugar, though.
- MRS.
BASKETS: It's so good.
- IVY: I know.
- MRS.
BASKETS: Isn't it great? - Oh, my God, I love your hair.
- MRS.
Oh, it's so long.
- Ooh, please don't touch me.
- Well That's Dale's fiancée.
- IVY: Hi.
- SHANNON: Hi, hi.
- Hey, Ken, you want a Triscuit? - No, I don't want a Triscuit.
- Mmm, Ritz? - No, just I-I No, thank you.
Is this about Mom? When are you gonna ask her? I tried Red Bull for the first time, can you believe that? I don't know if it's even the right time, Chip.
- Why? This is perfect.
- No.
Well, because Dale told me earlier that he doesn't want me to marry your mom.
- Dale.
- Yeah.
Can I have a word with you? - No.
No, thank you.
- Dale.
- It's twin stuff.
- Twin stuff? Let's go.
I got to go speak to Chud.
That's a cross between Chip and Dud.
I came up with that.
What do you want? I have nothing under this robe except my genitalia and a tattoo.
Did you tell Ken that he can't propose to Mom? Oh, so you're gonna endorse a face spanker? Huh? You want that in our family? Is that what you want? Somebody that's always smacking you in the face? 'Cause you're gonna get it, too.
You are.
Dale, you can't do this.
It's none of your business, okay? It's, uh, that's Mom's business.
Look, the only person getting married around here is me.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a honeymoon/family reunion to get back to.
Wait, so I'm just supposed to eat the marbles, right? Yeah.
You're just a hippo.
You're just trying to eat the balls; it's not that complicated.
- So, uh, how did you guys meet? - At a bar.
- I'm kind of a rodeo groupie.
- KEN: Really? Well, then, you're just gonna love Christine's rodeo.
Christine's rodeo? KEN: Yeah.
You told me you owned the rodeo.
Well, um No, uh, well, Mother is the ceremonial head, uh, the face of the, of the rodeo, and I'm, uh, I work the finances.
Thanks a lot, Ken.
You still bull-riding? - Bull-riding? - [DALE CHUCKLES.]
Let's What difference does it make? Let's play.
Come on.
You told me you owned the rodeo and all these people work for you.
I don't work for him.
I sell carpet.
SHANNON: He said that he owned this fancy rodeo, and that all of you people and then the other people worked for you.
He said that he was getting that Dodge Viper.
Okay, well, I don't understand what the - You might get the Dodge Viper.
- And he said he was real, real good at the bull-riding, and I was gonna watch it.
And then maybe we're gonna have, like Why all the questions? Let's play some Hungry Hippo here.
What's with all the questions? I mean, these sound like questions of a gold digger.
- What'd you call me? - I didn't call you anything.
I said it sounds like the questions of a gold digger.
Well You called me a gold digger, did you? I didn't Hey, I was winning! Where are you going? I'm going back to Florida.
We're not moving to Florida.
Oh, God.
You're not coming with me.
Shannon! Goddamn marbles.
Shannon? [GRUMBLING.]
- Shannon! - [ENGINE STARTS.]
Shannon! Shannon! Shannon! Shanny! Let me have your keys, please.
I need the keys to Mom's car.
That car is a two-wheel drive, man.
- It won't It won't - My "fiance" just left me! Give me the keys.
Thank you.
- Come on, come on.
Come on.
KEN: Told you the thing wouldn't go.
Get out, please.
Leave me be, Chip, leave me be.
Dale, come on, get out, please.
We can fix this.
Just get out of the car so we can talk.
Wha What? [GROANS.]
Ow! Okay, okay.
All right, that's enough.
That's enough.
- Dale.
- I mean, this is embarrassing.
- It's embarrassing? - We barely know those people.
We're fighting like idiots.
- Mom, stay out of this.
- What do you have to say? My lady has left me.
This is an embarrassment to who I am! What is going on? You got to stop blaming people.
You got to stop blaming Ken.
You got to stop suing mom.
You got to stop being an asshole just because you're unhappy.
Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah, that's me.
Uh, everything's my fault! Well, you know what? Maybe I am worthless! Maybe this family would be better without me! [SPITS.]
Shannon! - Dale.
- I'll be back.
Don't go.
: Shannon! Dale, don't go.
You'll freeze to death.
There's bears.
Oh, my God.
- I'll get him, Christine.
- Oh Are you okay, Chip? Mom, he's got an ax.
For protection maybe, I don't know.
There's some more over here.
- Oh, uh-oh.
- IVY: What? I think the heat just went out.
It's just blowing cold air.
Well, maybe it's something with the furnace.
- [SIGHS.]
- CHIP: Um, okay.
I'll, uh Maybe it's outside.
I'll go check.
- IVY: Thank you.
- Yeah.
Isn't it weird that we're looking for marbles, and all I can think about is Dale's out there all alone? Geez.
- Oh, Dad'll find him.
- You think so? Yes, I do.
I ran off more than once when I was a kid, and he always found me.
- Ah! - Ooh.
- Did you hear that? - Yeah.
- What was that? - That was - loud.
- Yes.
I couldn't get it working.
Oh, honey! Are you okay? Yeah.
Why? - MRS.
That's better.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Christine, you doing okay? Oh, I'm worried about Dale.
The last time I saw my husband, we had a big fight and a blowout.
And, usually, he just stormed out of the house.
But this time he stopped and looked at me and said, "Maybe this family would be better without me.
" And, uh and now I'm worried about Dale.
Dale's gonna be fine.
BASKETS: You don't know that, Chip.
Dale's not dead I mean, Dad.
I mean, he's not he's not dead or Dad.
- He's just - [SIGHS.]
He's just ha Look, he's having a tantrum.
That's it.
He'll be fine.
I just want to make sure he's okay.
Mum, you can't keep worrying about us.
Okay? You can't just fix us.
You bought a rodeo to try to fix us and-and, you know We're grown men.
We have to fix ourselves.
What a disaster this weekend was.
What do you mean? Oh, I wanted us to all have a good time and a real great family experience, so you girls would be okay with me dating your dad.
- Um - [CHUCKLES.]
Christine, first of all, I'm 43.
We're grown.
You're not in charge of making this trip fun for us.
- No.
- And, secondly, we already like you.
- You do? Thank you.
- Yes.
- Thank you, girls.
- We like you.
What is that? I'm gonna lock my door.
Oh, my God.
Play dead.
- Play dead? I can't play - Play dead.
MAN: Ma'am? - [KNOCKING.]
- She's dead! Do you need a tow? Oh, God.
What are y'all doing in my driveway? What are we doing in your driveway? KEN: Dale? [WIND BLOWING.]
This must make you real happy to see me like this.
You win, Ken.
Everybody loves Ken.
Come on, Dale.
Let's go home, man.
- Just leave me out here! - Dale, it's 20 degrees.
You'll freeze out here.
Well, just let me freeze, okay? Let me freeze.
I can't go in there.
I can't go and face them.
Then we won't go back to the cabin.
There you go.
Let's go get something to drink.
What you think, huh? Come on, now.
She was the love of my life.
Really? No, probably not.
You know you can't force these things.
You just got to live your life.
You'll meet somebody.
I'm starting to think that I might just die alone.
Hey, I've been there, too.
Believe me.
The moment you think you'll never meet anybody ever again, suddenly you'll look up, and there they'll be.
Sorry I slapped you.
It's okay.
I probably slapped a hundred people in my life in the face.
Flight attendant, s-stenographer, a bailiff, greeter at Walmart.
You know, your mom's probably worried sick about you.
I don't know about that.
You think you're about ready to go back? I [VOICE BREAKING.]
: I don't know if you'd want to have me back.
Dale, no matter what happens, you're family.
They know that.
- That's her calling now.
Yes, Christine.
Yes, he's here.
He's fine.
Yeah, we're about to head back to the cabin now.
Wait, what? KEN: Now, this looks more like the pictures.
DALE: Well, that explains why we had to break that back window in the other cabin.
It's cold.
I'm just stalling going in there.
I can't I can't I don't know.
- What time is it? - [SNIFFLES.]
I think it's close to midnight.
I just want to tell you you have my blessing.
Really? Well, somebody around here has to get married.
Can I ask you a question, though? Sure.
Are you a gold digger? [LAUGHS.]
I didn't think you were.
We ain't got the money.
- Okay, you ready? - Let's do it.
- Okay.
- MONICA: New Year, let's go.
- IVY: Yes.
We don't want to miss the countdown oh, hello.
- Hi, Mom.
- Oh.
MONICA: Listen, don't forget to give him these glasses.
- Okay.
- That's so great.
- Come on! - Yes, come on.
- New Year.
- Ah! - Ah, there's your glass.
- Hey, Dale.
- DALE: Hey, Chip.
- Thank you.
IVY: Glasses on.
- ALL: Ten! Nine! Eight! - Hello? - PENELOPE [OVER PHONE.]
: Chip.
- Hey, Penelope.
- Seven! Six! - PENELOPE: Happy New Year.
- Five! Four! Christine.
- I want to ask you something.
- Three! - Two! One! - What?