Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

The Arrival

[narrator] This is a story passed down
through the ages.
A legend of destruction brought on
by the horrible deeds of humankind.
Four-hundred years ago,
humans were at the height
of their prosperity.
However, many of their hearts
were filled with deceit, hate, and doubt.
And like a rotten fruit
slowly decomposing,
humans sank into the darkness.
A darkness they created on their own.
[machinery droning]
[people gasping]
[narrator] Humans tried to use the power
of the darkness to correct their mistakes.
They wanted to erase war
from the face of the earth.
However, the darkness saw the true nature
of the world that people had built.
[woman] I have been born from darkness.
[ominous music playing]
[woman] The time has come
to receive punishment for your sins.
The earth wishes to have a peaceful rest
away from your hate,
your doubt, your greed.
Away from all of your arrogance.
I must free the world
from the darkness you've brought upon it.
[narrator] The darkness,
the power humans had created themselves,
brought their society
to the brink of destruction.
Before the world could be destroyed,
a giant pillar of light broke
through the earth
and reached up to the heavens.
A creature emerged from the light.
It took on the look of a man
with a giant sword
mixed with a dragon with beautiful wings.
The creature and the darkness realized
they were enemies.
It was as if they both knew
that it was their destiny
to fight each other.
[creature bellowing]
The fierce battle shook the earth.
Many of the continents were destroyed,
sinking into the ocean.
Millions of people died.
However, it wasn't
until the dragon was victorious
that the battle finally ended.
Long after, this battle became a legend.
The legend was passed down
through the ages.
And as time went on,
the story morphed
into something different.
We forgot the real legend.
The truth from a time long forgotten.
[man grunting]
[intense music playing]
[men screaming]
[creature grunting]
[soldiers screaming]
[man cackling]
[man] Go forth, you demons,
creatures of chaos.
The Kingdom of Meta-llicana
will finally belong to me!
[man cackling]
[soldier] Stand your ground!
If they get through us,
the castle is done for!
[man cackling]
They must have planned their attack
for when the king, the knights,
and the Great Priest were all away.
[demons yelling]
[soldiers yelling]
[soldiers screaming]
[soldiers screaming]
[soldier 2] They've broken
through the gate!
We can't let them advance
any further! [screaming]
Go, now! Go!
Run them down!
Trample them to the ground!
[demons growling]
[soldier 3] The enemy
has breached the castle!
Gather all remaining soldiers
and head for the cathedral!
We must protect
Princess Sheila Tuel Meta-llicana,
no matter what!
- [man] Princess Sheila.
- [Sheila gasping]
You'll be safe staying here
in the cathedral.
Please continue to be patient.
I'll be fine. Who are these attackers?
[man groaning]
[man] These creatures are the followers
of the late evil wizard, Dark Schneider
We know they call themselves
the Dark Rebel Army.
The Dark Rebel Army?
[thunder rumbling]
I'm scared! I'm so scared!
- Get off me, you brat! Let go!
- [boy grunting]
- [boy crying]
- Come on, Lucien.
Stop this. Why are you crying?
I'm crying because I'm scared.
Oh, Yoko, let's just run away.
It's okay, scaredy cat.
Enough with the tears.
[Lucien yelping]
Come on. Wipe your face.
[Lucien] Okay.
[Yoko sighing]
[Lucien efforting]
Oops! Now it's all dirty.
I'll go wash it.
Don't worry. Just give it back.
[Lucien] No. I'm gonna go wash it for you!
Hold on! Just stay here.
[door creaking, closing]
The enemy's force is strong.
It's only a matter of time
until they break through this door.
Oh no.
What's going on?
[both gasping]
[dramatic music playing]
[man] I have to teach you a secret spell.
It has the power
to release a certain entity
that has been sealed away
by a sacred power.
A very dangerous power.
Because of this,
you must never use this spell.
It is only to be used as a last resort
to protect the kingdom when I'm gone.
If you are forced to recite this spell,
the seal on Lucien will be broken,
and his second identity will awaken.
[Yoko] What second identity?
What will happen to Lucien?
Inside of him, I sealed the reincarnation
of the evil Dark Schneider.
The wizard? You can't be serious.
[indistinct shouting]
[Yoko gasping]
When this powerful seal is broken,
Dark Schneider will awaken
and use his magic
to defeat our enemies for us.
However, in order to remove
this particularly strong seal spell,
he must receive a kiss
from a virgin maiden.
Therefore, Tia,
you will never be able to take a husband.
You must remain pure.
Wait. What?
There's no way that's true.
It's just a crazy legend, right?
- [Lucien] I'll go wash your handkerchief.
- Uh, no, Lucien!
[Lucien laughing, grunting]
Huh? It's you!
So the little brat's back!
You useless piece of trash!
Why the hell did you come back here?
Uh [gasping]
You better answer me.
Quit whining! [growling]
[Lucien chuckling nervously]
[Yoko] Hey! Stop!
Please leave Lucien alone.
And just who are you?
My name is Tia Noto Yoko,
and I'm Lucien's guardian.
Yoko? [scoffing]
So you're the Great Priest's daughter.
[Lucien sighing, chuckling]
What is wrong with you?
You can't just start crying and whining
every time someone threatens you.
I'm sorry, but I was really scared.
Scaredy cat!
Why are you such a coward?
Aren't you a man?
Doesn't it annoy you
when he looks down on you?
You're hopeless.
[Lucien chuckling]
[Lucien chomping]
Wow. So messy.
[Lucien laughing]
[Yoko] Well, he is what he is.
It's not so bad.
- [loud thudding]
- [both gasping]
- [soldier] They're too strong.
- [soldiers straining]
[soldier] It's all over for us.
[door rumbling]
[soldier 2] This is bad.
[Sheila gasping]
I'm so scared!
Just stay calm.
The truth is I'm scared too.
Tia Noto Yoko.
[Yoko] Princess Sheila.
Your father told me that he once sealed
a legendary wizard away.
He said he was so powerful
this wizard could protect us,
and he would destroy all enemies
of our kingdom.
[Yoko gasping]
[priest] Is that true, Madam Yoko?
[priest 2] You must release this power.
[priest 3] Please, Madam Yoko.
[priests together] Please, Madam Yoko!
[Lucien gasping]
[Lucien] Hmm?
[Yoko groaning]
No! That spell is way too embarrassing!
There's no way I can do it here. No way!
- Huh?
- Embarrassing?
[soldiers screaming]
[all gasping, screaming]
[suspenseful music playing]
[man cackling]
I found you, Princess,
and now I'm going to kill you!
I won't let you hurt her.
[priests breathing heavily]
[priest] Lord Osborn!
- [head priest] Hmm?
- [Sheila grunting]
[priest] You're going
to let us live, right?
Remember, you promised us
you would be okay.
Besides, we gave you the information
to help you succeed today.
They did what?
All those men are traitors!
As we said before,
we pledge our loyalty to you.
Thanks so much. [cackling]
[priests gasping]
[priest] No! [yelping]
[giants exclaiming]
They're they're giants!
[soldier] They're huge!
[soldiers grunting]
Let's go! Kill all of them!
[both gasping]
I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!
He must receive a kiss
from a virgin maiden. [echoing]
No way! I don't wanna do it!
I can't! I won't!
Why is this happening to me?
[giant yelling]
[gasping] Yoko, look out!
[Lucien grunting]
[both grunting]
[Yoko groaning, gasping]
[Lucien groaning]
[dramatic music playing]
Die, die, die!
[giants grunting]
[all gasping]
[giants roaring]
I know you're scared.
I am too,
but we have to
[heart beating]
[Yoko] It's my first time doing this, but
[dramatic music swelling]
Accept this.
In the name of Ino Mata,
our beloved Goddess of beauty
[music stops]
[Yoko] please break now this seal.
[Yoko gasping]
[gasping] What's happening?
I'm not sure.
[grunting] What's that?
Where's this powerful,
evil aura coming from?
[all screaming]
[man] The seal on Lucien will be broken,
and his second identity will awaken.
Inside of him, I sealed the reincarnation
of the evil Dark Schneider.
Well, looks like I finally return.
- Where's that Great Priest?
- [Yoko yelping]
That bastard sealed me away
inside of that baby,
but I'm back,
thanks to a little reincarnation magic.
- So, his time has come.
- [all gasping]
I'm here to destroy him!
I don't know
what sort of game you're playing,
but it's time for you to die!
- Ogres!
- [ogres growling, roaring]
Just shut up!
- [hard rock music playing]
- Damned! [voice echoing]
[ogres screaming]
- [scattered murmuring]
- No way!
Only the strongest wizards are able
to use such powerful magic.
Just who is this man?
Uh, are you
are you still the same Lucien?
Yeah. That's right. Hey, Yoko.
The two of us grew up together, didn't we?
And you're the one who awakened me.
Wait. Did he just use
ancient regeneration magic?
But how?
No way.
It can't be true that you're Lucien.
You are just an ancient, evil wizard now.
I'm the reincarnation of a dark wizard.
They'd call me Dark Schneider,
but I'm also your friend Lucien.
He's Dark Schneider?
He started the Golem War 15 years ago.
He overran
the entire Kingdom of Meta-llicana.
Prince Lars of the Five Knights
and Dark Schneider
had a fight to the death.
As he was about to die,
Dark Schneider used
the ancient art of reincarnation.
My brother lost his life then,
fighting against him.
This man, this dark wizard.
I'm gonna need you to stand aside.
[Yoko yelping]
And we need you
to hurry up and defeat these invaders.
No, thanks.
- [scattered murmuring]
- Hold on!
Actually, I know Yoko here
wouldn't want to see Lucien get hurt.
- She always treated us well.
- [Yoko] Uh
And for that, I'm going to let you live.
But the rest of you here are going to die.
[all gasping]
I don't owe any of your people anything.
[Yoko] Lucien!
Stop it!
- You knock that crap off right now!
- [groaning]
You little mama's boy! Such a butt-face!
So this is how you really are then?
I thought you were nice.
All right. Well, fine.
Don't talk to me ever again!
We're not friends anymore,
and I won't ever stand up for you!
[whimsical music playing]
[sighing heavily]
Oh, please. What's that look?
Are you going to disobey me?
[Dark Schneider sighing]
Well, what can it hurt.
I guess maybe I do owe you one.
Okay. Why not. I'll do it.
Oh. How about that?
You actually are Lucien, then.
- Amazing! [chuckling]
- [Schneider grunting]
Good luck!
I know you can do it! [giggling]
[Osborn screaming]
Hey! You two stop your blabbering
and listen to me!
No one should have
to wait this long to destroy someone!
[Osborn] How dare you
call yourself Dark Schneider!
You're nothing like that legendary man!
You're just an impersonator!
Tonight begins a new era
for us, the Dark Rebel Army.
[army growling]
Sukii, sula, sushu.
Mega, megadea.
You don't know what you're in for.
You're just a bunch of fools.
Don't underestimate me.
Now, perish!
[Yoko gasping]
[all gasping]
This this is the power
of the dark wizard.
He has he has such frightful power!
- [blood sloshing]
- [Osborn gasping]
Looks like you're the last one standing.
- [rock music playing]
- [Osborn screaming]
No. This isn't over!
[growling] I am going to kill you,
you pathetic impostor!
The Dark Rebel Army and I, Osborn,
have been appointed by the Great One!
We will destroy this kingdom
with the greatest power
you'll ever witness!
[all murmuring, gasping]
[gasping] The lightning.
It's everywhere,
striking all over the castle.
Slayer, slayer!
Balmor, oh lightning of the darkness!
Wow. A little lightning spell?
[Dark Schneider] You fool!
That won't work on me.
Die, you fake wizard!
[Dark Schneider grunting, screaming]
What do you mean it won't work on you?
You're burnt to a crisp! [cackling]
[Osborn cackling]
- [Osborn grunting]
- [screaming]
[blow landing]
How's that?
How does it feel to get struck down?
Well? Come on!
Tell me how it feels to be burned.
So nice and toasty, huh?
Hey! I can't hear you!
I'm sending you back to the kitchen
because you're just a tad overcooked!
[Osborn cackling]
How annoying.
[Osborn gasping]
[screaming] No way!
[Osborn yelping]
- [Osborn] No way!
- Lucien?
[priests gasping]
[Dark Schneider grunting]
Son of a bitch!
Who do you think you are
scratching up my handsome face
with your crappy magic, huh?
I'll destroy you!
[dramatic music playing]
Zaazard, Zaazard, Schrono, Chronossk
No! Not that spell!
O flames of Hell,
burning in the depths of darkness.
[Osborn screaming] No, no! Please!
[yelping] I beg you.
Don't kill me! I'll do anything.
[Dark Schneider scoffing]
You'll be my sword and slay my enemies.
[grunting, screaming]
[Dark Schneider] Venom!
[Osborn] No!
- [soldiers gasping]
- I can't believe he actually did it.
[soldier 2] He did. We we won!
Princess Sheila, we're still alive.
Yes, we are.
He has so much power.
[Yoko] The ancient wizard,
Dark Schneider?
Um, thank you for all your help.
As the second princess
of the Kingdom of Meta-llicana,
I, Shelia Tuel Meta-llicana,
would like [gasping]
H-hey! Do not walk away
from Princess Sheila
once she is speaking to you.
Wha what what is this?
Do you have something to say?
Go ahead. Speak.
[Yoko] Huh?
Um, uh, well, um
Uh, thank you so much.
Is that all?
Uh, well, I mean,
now that the bad guys
have all been destroyed,
should you change back
to Lucien, and then I
Huh? Huh?
Uh, where'd he go?
[wind blowing softly]
[footsteps approaching]
[Yoko] Hey!
Wait up! Where are you going? [panting]
I do have other things to do, you know?
[Yoko breathing heavily]
What other things?
[Dark Schneider cackling]
All right. I guess you deserve to know.
- [tense music playing]
- [Yoko gasping]
First thing,
I'm gonna get revenge on your father
for sealing me away.
[Dark Schneider] Next,
I'm going to start a war
to conquer the entire world.
What do you think?
Doesn't that make your blood tingle
with excitement?
Well, not really.
And I plan to kill anyone
who stands in my way.
I don't care if they're good or bad.
[gasping] A devil
But you?
I'll spare you
just like I promised I would.
[Yoko] Why is my heart beating so fast
for a man like this?
He must have
He put me under a spell.
[Yoko grunting]
N-no. It can't be.
It's it's magic, right?
It is.
You must have used a spell on me.
You're horrible.
I'm not using any magic.
[Yoko grunting]
Lucien, so do you have feelings for me?
I hate you and how you
always order me around all the time.
- [Yoko gasping]
- [Dark Schneider grunting]
[Dark Schneider screaming]
[gasping] What's wrong?
[Dark Schneider] What did you
What is this?
[Yoko grunting]
[birds chirping]
Yoko, what is this?
[Yoko] Could it be the spell
to seal him away
is also a virgin maiden's kiss?
[Lucien] Huh? Hang on.
Where are the monsters?
Where'd they go?
[Yoko giggling]
We chased them all away.
Huh? Really? We did?
Oh, good. That's so awesome.
Mm-hmm. It is.
[Lucien] Hey, Yoko. I'm kinda hungry.
Okay. Let's head back.
All right. Let's go. [chuckling]
[Yoko chuckling]
[birds chirping]
[Yoko] Hey, Lucien. Do you like me?
[Lucien] Um,
[both laughing]
[ending theme music playing]
[soldier] A message.
During their invasion
of the castle of Meta-llicana,
Osborn's army
has been completely wiped out.
[man] There must be some mistake.
It's reported
that the wizard who defeated Osborn
used the ancient Venom spell.
[man] It can't be.
Venom disappeared
when Dark Schneider was defeated
fifteen years ago.
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