Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (2022) s01e02 Episode Script


I heard Osborn was defeated.
That can't be true.
He's lived for over two centuries
and is more or less a demon.
There's no way he could ever lose.
You're wrong. He stood no chance.
The messenger said the sorcerer
who defeated Osborn did so with Venom.
Wha Wait. What? That's impossible!
That spell,
there's only one person in the whole world
who is capable of using it.
And that man disappeared 15 years ago.
We must verify the identity
of this wizard,
and we should do so quickly.
In that case,
perhaps we should send out Kevidubu
to do the job.
A Hydra summoner, huh?
Not a bad idea.
If they can take down Kevidubu,
then that means
they're wizard's the real deal.
If it is who we think it is
We'll send our main army.
Once we've stormed their gates,
anyone who dares
to resist the Dark Rebel Army
will be destroyed on sight.
We'll crush them
just like we did the Kingdom of Judas.
Yoko. Hey, Yoko.
Hey, Yoko.
W-wait a sec.
How did you break the seal yourself?
And why does it take you so long
to put on any clothes?
Oh, come on.
Is it a bad thing?
None of this is real. It can't be.
I'm dreaming.
There's no other explanation.
Is that so?
Look over there.
Still think
this is just a dream?
No! Father!
Now take a look behind you.
There are so many monsters here.
Aren't they just the cutest things
you've ever laid your eyes on?
- Stop it.
- Aren't they, Yoko?
I-it was a dream.
Seriously, do you listen
to anything I tell you?
You're not supposed
to be sleeping in here,
but you brought your pillow
with you again?
It's all your fault
I had that weird dream, you know?
Come on, Lucien.
Lucien, food's ready!
Make sure you chew your food
before you swallow it.
You didn't chew your food enough.
Ugh. Listen.
Kids who don't chew their food enough
end up having weak jaws and teeth.
Not to mention empty brains too.
And there's food on your face.
It's like you're
in kindergarten.
Wha what's that?
Whoa. What a weird cloud.
It's heading toward the castle.
I've got a bad feeling about this.
Yoko, Lucien.
Oh. Father, it's you.
What's going on here?
Do you know what that funny cloud
up there is, Great Priest?
Yes. It's a bad omen.
Now, follow me.
We have to go to the castle.
Yes, Father.
Yay! The castle!
If things go south,
then we may have to awaken him again.
What's that cloud?
Keeps getting closer.
Has Judas Castle truly fallen?
The enemy invaded with a massive army
of demi-humans and monsters.
Their wizard attacked us
with powerful magic spells.
Our kingdom
could not fend them off any longer.
They managed to defeat King Glen?
But how is that possible?
Well, I wish I could say their path
of destruction ended at our kingdom.
There are several of their units
marching toward here as we speak.
Uh, Your Highness,
our kingdom is in grave danger.
The enemy approaching is an evil wizard!
We must act quickly!
Are you suggesting that the black cloud
was created by some sort of evil spell?
Correct, Your Majesty.
There is nothing natural about that cloud.
Geo Noto Soto,
thank you for being here.
I am Tia Noto Yoko.
It is an honor, Your Highness.
Aha! Yes.
You're the one who courageously stepped in
to defeat the evil wizard
who attacked the castle while I was away.
Thank you, my dear.
And who is this?
Oh. I'm Lucien. How did?
And he's Lucien Renlen.
I never expressed my gratitude
for you saving us last time.
But thank you for coming today.
He doesn't remember any of it,
so there's no need
to feel obligated to thank him right now.
I see.
That must be the boy who serves
as the legendary wizard's vessel.
Now, then.
It is important that we make haste.
Over the past several months,
we've been detecting increased activity
from demi-humans and monsters
in the wildlands bordering
the Kingdom of Meta-llicana.
It is due to rising levels
of evil pulse waves from the darkness.
And now,
not only has the Dark Rebel Army appeared
and destroyed the neighboring kingdom,
but there is also a black cloud
settling over the lands.
All these bad omens.
I fear it's a sign of the resurrection
of the fearsome demon god, Anthrasax.
What? Did you say the demon god?
Let's just see how strong this wizard
who supposedly defeated Osborn is.
Regardless, they don't stand a chance
against me and my Hydra.
Go, Hydra! Attack!
I have new info to report.
The enemy's Hydra
has breached the eastern gate.
It's spitting flames
and destroying the whole city.
- No. The whole city?
- The city too?
A Hydra?
Such a beast would never set foot
in a human settlement of it's own accord.
This must be the work
of a powerful sorcerer.
There's only one way to beat the Hydra.
I really hope
this isn't going where I think it's going.
Dark Schneider.
We must awaken Dark Schneider quickly,
so that he can save us.
Yes. That's right.
His magic is incredibly strong.
It's sure to be enough
to get rid of that monster.
Ugh. I fricking knew it!
Please! We beg you!
We need Dark Schneider.
- No. I shouldn't. It's too dangerous.
- Please, Yoko.
I refuse to awaken
such a cruel and disgusting man.
Think of another solution.
We need Dark Schneider.
Wizards like him are adept at using spells
that can best other magic users
and monsters.
Dark Schneider is our only hope
for winning here,
which is why we need you
to do your part and awaken him.
Excuse me?
What about retaining my purity?
Don't I have any say in this?
It's a kiss. Quit overreacting.
Are you really gonna talk
to your own daughter that way?
Are you going to wait
until I burn the whole city down
before you show yourself?
Come out,
come out wherever you are, wizard.
Or are you too scared?
Oh no! We're all going to die here!
Oh, Lord. I'm begging you to save us!
So this is my life.
I don't really have a choice, do I?
Your face just got super red, Yoko.
Yeah? So?
Using this spell
takes a lot of concentration, all right?
Just shut your mouth and sit quietly.
I-I, uh, have a favor to ask.
Could you maybe close your eyes, please?
Just for a minute?
Sure. If you want.
Accept this.
In the name of Ino Mata,
our beloved goddess of beauty,
please break now this seal.
I have returned!
So then, this man is the legendary wizard.
Dark Schneider
We are so grateful
to have you back with us, Dark Schneider.
Our kingdom is on the brink of crisis,
and we need your help.
We'll give you anything you want
in return.
That's right.
So go and use your magic
to annihilate the enemy. Hurry!
I think I'll pass.
What? What did you say?
Oh no. I knew this was a bad idea.
I never should have awakened him.
He's even creepier than last time.
You bastard! We're ministers,
so you have to listen to us.
Who do you think you are, huh?
Such ungrateful swine.
We said we would give you
whatever you wanted,
so tell us what your price is!
You really wanna know what I want?
Listen up, you geezers.
I want everyone on this planet
to bow down to me!
How original.
And that's not all.
Hey, Great Priest.
I want your head on a platter.
Don't just stand there.
Guards, capture that man!
Guns N' Ro!
Your Highness, Princess,
it's dangerous here. Come this way!
Geo Noto Soto.
Fifteen years ago,
you were one of the Five Knights
who got in my way
just as I was about to conquer the world.
Not to mention, you're also the one
who sealed me away after I was reborn.
Well then, Great Priest,
now that we're here face-to-face,
looks like it's payback time.
It's been a long time,
hasn't it, Dark Schneider?
You're starting to show your age.
I'm sure you've enjoyed your life so far.
And if you haven't, too bad.
It's time to die!
What's this evil aura I sense?
No way.
It's so malicious, it's spooking all five
of the Hydra's heads.
I bet it's probably that wizard,
and he's in the castle.
I finally found you.
Get ready because here I come, Geo.
Stop, Lucien!
I won't let you get away with hurting him.
Why are you acting like this, anyway?
You're supposed
to be helping us, so behave!
Helping you?
What the hell makes you think
that I owe you any more help?
You're out of your damn mind!
What did you say to me?
What's the big idea?
You think you could just strong-arm me
into doing whatever the hell
you want me to do?
Please. Maybe it worked before,
but don't expect me
to go along with it from here on out.
I already paid you back
for helping me the other day, remember?
My debt is clear.
Killing your father is my first step
towards world domination,
and there's nothing that can stop me!
You little
I don't know who raised you
to act like that,
but it for sure wasn't me.
Please, forgive me.
Huh? Hey. I told you
that crap won't work on me anymore.
He's my mortal enemy,
and I can't let him live!
So just shut up and step aside, Yoko!
Slayer, slayer! Balmor!
O, lightning of the dark darkness!
That spell he's using
It's a lightning spell.
Die, old man!
Don't do it!
Elel Namu Raibin!
Oh, Spirit, I ask you to be my shield.
God protects all his children
who faithfully serve him.
Which means your dark magic
is ineffective against me.
An anti-magic shield, huh?
He's all right.
Your spells are useless.
They won't be able to break this barrier.
Then your spells
can't go through it either!
Did you consider that it works both ways?
I guess that means we'll have
to switch to hand-to-hand combat.
As I recall
Not only am I a priest,
I'm a warrior monk.
I'm highly skilled.
Level 120 in the art of Holy Steel Fist!
Not even someone
like the great Dark Schneider
can keep using spells
without some sort of catalyst.
Plus, I have this barrier, remember?
I'm getting
a really bad feeling about this.
Stop lecturing me, you old man!
I once heard something
about there being a golem hidden
deep underground
below Meta-llicana castle.
You bastard! How did you know?
It's the same exact one
I used in the war 15 years ago.
Hmm? Oh no!
He's opening the magical channel
to the Golem!
Mortal mortal dehlu dehlu fass.
O, my loyal servant, heed my call.
Your master asks you
to serve him once more.
Hey! He must be stopped!
We cannot let him cast that spell!
It's far too late for that.
The spell has been cast.
Now, awaken, golem!
Rise from your prison
and come to me, my servant! Do my bidding!
Use your power to destroy anything
that dares to stand in my way!
What do you think, Geo?
You may be able
to block my magic with that barrier,
but you can't block my golem's kick.
And it's kick weighs a million tons,
so good luck trying to survive it.
A Hydra already destroyed the city,
and now this happens?
This exact scenario is why I told you not
to awaken Dark Schneider.
- I said the same thing as well.
- Yeah. Me too.
It's over for you now, Great Priest.
Time to meet your maker.
It's starting to move!
Men, do something!
Well, this isn't good.
We have
to put an end to this.
I've gotta stop him,
but but I'm so scared my legs won't move.
Die, die, die, die!
I'll kill you all!
He can't really be Lucien, can he?
This man takes pleasure in killing people
and causing as much destruction
as possible for no reason.
There's no way.
They can't be the same person.
The Lucien I know is sweet and innocent.
He'd never hurt a fly.
Somebody stop him.
I want him to go back
to the Lucien I know.
You were in the castle
like I knew you'd be.
You were not what I meant
when I asked for help.
Ugh! This is hopeless!
Hmm. So it's you, huh?
You're the wizard
who supposedly defeated Osborn.
Why don't you prove it by showing me
just how powerful you really are?
Will this day get any worse?
What do we do?
I am the great and powerful Kevidubu!
I am a disciple of the almighty wizard,
Kall-Su, of the Dark Rebel Army,
and I've been destined
to conquer the world.
Behold your future ruler!
Did he say what I think he did?
Did he say Kall-Su?
The Dark Rebel Army
is a force to be reckoned with.
Allow me to show you.
If you're expecting an easy fight,
then you should run!
That hurts.
You're gonna pay for that, pig face!
Pig face?
The debris from your stupid entrance
caused me to bleed.
A loser like you has absolutely no right
to threaten a dashing young hero like me.
I'll kill you for that,
so get your ass down here, right now!
I'll show you
"a force to be reckoned with."
Let's go, fish lips.
I don't have fish lips.
Go to hell,
you insolent bastard!
Go, golem!
That thing overpowered
my monster!
You desecrated my beloved Hydra!
I'm going to murder you for that, wizard!
Oh, my beautiful face!
It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.
That's nothing compared
to what's next.
All right, asshole. Prepare to die!
Zaazard, Schrono, Chronossk.
O, flames of hell,
burning in the depths of darkness
No! Please! Don't use that spell on me!
act as my sword
and slay all my enemies.
Now, Great Priest,
don't think I forgot about you.
See you in hell!
No! That's enough!
Stop it, please.
You're not him.
You're nothing
like my sweet little Lucien.
He would never treat people
the way I've seen you treat them.
You really are that evil wizard
from 15 years ago, after all.
Give him back.
I want you to give Lucien back, right now!
I What are you talking about?
I am Lucien. I swear it.
Let me explain.
The two entities known as
Dark Schneider and Lucien Renlen
are just two sides of the same soul.
If Lucien dies, so does Dark Schneider.
Whoever Lucien loves,
I love them as well.
Oh, fine.
So, I see you don't believe me.
I understand.
If Lucien dies, so does Dark Schneider.
Whoever Lucien loves,
I love them as well.
Are you all right?
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