Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


It's really not necessary
for you to do this, you know?
I don't trust you, so I couldn't
just send you out here alone.
I chose to be here.
Anyway, are you certain
this is even the right place?
Yeah. It's been 15 years,
but Gara still hasn't moved his base
out of Grave Valley.
All right. Then let's move.
Yes, ma'am!
We'll go when I say it's time, Princess.
Come on.
There's no need for you to be so afraid.
I said I would let you go if you tell me
how to break Dark Schneider's seal.
I'm sure
that information is worth your freedom.
Ugh. It's embarrassing.
There's no way
I can tell him how it works.
Tell me, are you in love with him?
What are you talking about?
I'm not in love with him.
Don't get the wrong idea about us!
He's got a real interesting past.
Have you heard about it?
If you're curious, then I'll gladly
tell you about all the women.
There's so many stories.
The ninjas haven't attempted
a single attack.
Is that so?
Maybe this isn't the right place.
Hmm? Wha?
Miss Yoko is in danger!
How dare you make jokes
at a time like this!
Don't let him get to you.
It isn't worth it.
Now, let's keep moving.
I can't believe how selfish he is.
Poor Yoko. I feel sorry for her.
Looks like the finally showed up.
We have to protect Princess Sheila!
Stay close to me, Princess.
I'll be all right. Don't worry.
I know how to wield a sword.
Oh, I'm I'm sorry!
Oh, brother.
Strike them down!
Magic missiles!
But you're an outsider.
How did you know
about this secret passage.
Could you possibly be
Shut your damn mouth.
I've heard before that Magic Missiles
never miss their target.
Now I've seen it for myself.
But it's just one type
of Dark Magic spell.
There are plenty of others
in your arsenal, right, legendary wizard?
Hey, Sheila.
If you don't wanna keep slowing us down,
get rid of your sword.
Your armor too, while you're at it.
You bastard!
You can't speak to her like that!
Am I truly slowing you all down?
Yes, you are.
V-very well, then.
N-n-now that that's settled,
let's start looking
for the path to the ninja fortress.
Yes. Right away, Princess.
I will follow
and protect you with my life.
Uh, so Lucien's been
with a bunch of women?
Is it really that surprising?
But now you've got me wondering.
How many girls
do you think he's been with?
I don't know. Maybe, like ten?
He's been alive
for close to four centuries.
The number is more like over 300 or so.
Four centuries?
And 300 women?
Considering how long it's been,
most of them aren't alive anymore.
However, there is one
I know who's still around.
With all the time
Dark Schneider had been gone
you'd think it would've done a number
on a woman's appearance,
but she's just as hot
as she was back then.
And that very same woman I speak of used
to be one of Dark Schneider's disciples.
Plus, she's one of the Four Divine Kings
of the Dark Rebel Army.
Uh, were the two of them lovers?
Well, who's to say?
I'm afraid
I don't know the details myself.
Was Lucien in love with her?
Anyway, where were we, Miss?
Hey. My name's Yoko.
I don't want you calling me "Miss."
Yeah. Whatever you say, Miss.
You know, if you keep acting as stubborn
as you've been since I brought you here,
I just might do something
that's gonna embarrass you.
It's slime.
What the
Ew! Ugh!
The one you see here
happens to be one of my favorites.
It's a special breed.
It's especially adept
at melting off clothes.
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!
Oh no. No!
Oh, this sucks!
We've gotten this far,
but how do you suppose we get in?
Well, looks like they made it easy for us.
Why don't we just enter
through that big gate?
Because it's the front gate, Princess.
Damn. You guys are hilarious!
Dark Schneider!
Where do you think you're going?
You're not doing
what I think you're doing!
Would you look at that.
It's almost time, boys.
We'll be able
to see everything any second now.
Stop. Why are you doing this?
Dark Schneider, where the hell are you?
Wait! What are you doing?
Hey, look. A way in.
Pretty massive explosion there.
Do you, uh,
think that the ninjas noticed it?
Of course they noticed it!
How could they not have?
What in the world is so funny?
Would you stop laughing and focus?
Tell me, what just happened?
Reporting in, sir!
A group of knights
accompanied by a wizard have
Well, they've managed
to force their way through the front gate.
Did he just say a wizard?
Breaking straight through
the front gate of a ninja fortress.
Who would be stupid enough to do that?
It has to be him.
Recklessly charging
through the entrance?
We should go teach them a lesson.
Yeah. Let's go!
Hold on a minute. Let's not be hasty.
It's fine.
I'm kinda curious to see if they can get
through the labyrinth of death
on the lower levels of this place.
It's a good test of strength.
Isn't that right, Lars?
You know,
the more I look at her,
she's actually pretty hot.
No, no, no, no, no!
Seems they've cleared the area.
Strange. Why have they not deployed
more of their forces yet?
What the hell? It's a minotaur!
Hey, look!
There's a ladder over there!
Look out!
He he held me.
That's twice, now.
You you snake!
Keep your filthy hands off of me!
Hurry! Everyone, run to the ladder!
No one said there'd be minotaurs!
We're gonna climb the ladder first.
You guys stay here
and hold that thing off.
You want us to what?
Are you trying
to sacrifice us for your own safety?
Such a cowardly thing to do.
How dare you!
Isn't laying your life on the line
for the Princess a knight's duty?
This is the perfect chance
to show your bravery!
Do it now! Show some backbone!
He's exactly right!
Listen up! The time has come for us
to display our honor
as proud knights
of the kingdom of Meta-llicana!
For Princess Sheila!
- Attack!
- Okay.
Hey, Sheila!
We should get going while your knights
are buying some time for us.
You go up first.
Wait. But
That way I can slide down
and fight that thing if I need to.
That that's not the
I'll be watching.
Don't worry.
- Pervert!
- Uh
Well, I hope you got that
out of your system.
You're gonna pay for that later.
No more slowing me down.
Let me go! Unhand me this instant!
I'm in a bit of a hurry.
You better hold on to me tight.
I-I-I can't believe
this is happening right now!
Come on, Dark Schneider.
Better get here quickly.
Time's running out.
Lucien. Dark Schneider!
Wait a minute.
Did I hear him say he was in a hurry?
A knight never runs away!
Stand your ground!
Show this monster the courage of a knight!
Wow. They're fighting
for you pretty hard down there.
Hold still, would you?
I I'll try to.
Huh? That's weird.
D-Dark Schneider, please.
Can you put me down now?
What what is that thing?
It's name is Suzuki-Dogezaemon.
The passage between the dimensions
must have opened up
when Anthrasax was activated.
And it cause Dogezaemon
to materialize on our side.
How dare you do this to me!
Your wizard's going
to get here any minute now.
But it'll be hard
to see us fight from down there.
How about I bring you up so you can watch?
No! Stay the hell away from me!
I'm not gonna let this guy
parade my naked body around!
If you try anything weird,
I'll bite your tongue off.
I just thought of something.
He may be trying to conquer the world,
but that doesn't mean
he wants me to join him.
This is Dark Schneider
we're talking about.
He does whatever he wants,
no matter what anyone says.
Hey. Wait a minute.
You claimed you were friends.
You're gonna fight him?
I was his disciple
16 years ago,
but things are much different now.
In order to make sure Dark Schneider
and I can work together,
we must know who's stronger.
What the hell
is up with that thing's defenses?
This spell
isn't anywhere near strong enough
to break through it's barrier.
Back when he fought
the Great Priest, he seemed so confident,
but at the moment,
he looks a little unsure of himself.
He has to do something.
We have to save Yoko!
Bullets of light!
Kill that eyeball bastard!
What? The magic missiles
didn't hit their target!
But how? Could I have messed up the spell?
Son of a bitch!
Dark Schneider!
I can't let let Dogezaemon beat me!
His barrier's down!
Nice work.
Suki, sula, sushu, mega, megadae.
Now, die!
Well, if you want something done right
Yeah. You did okay.
Oh no. You're wounded.
You know, I'm actually a little relieved.
Show's you're human, kinda.
You're really worried about her,
but you're far too embarrassed
to tell anyone, aren't you?
I mean, that explains
why you've been acting so agitated
ever since we left the castle.
Yeah. That's not true.
Let's just get moving!
Every time you try messing with my head,
you're gonna have
to suffer the consequences.
So, you better watch yourself.
Huh? W-wait. What?
Please stop! I can't take it!
He's faltering!
Don't give up!
Right! Yes, sir.
Princess Sheila is fighting too!
Let's finish this
so we can aid her in battle!
I was almost positive we were close
to getting out of this damn labyrinth.
There's something's wrong here.
My poor body.
There's no way I'm pure enough
for marriage anymore.
After all the things
he did to my body.
But I had no choice. I had to save Yoko.
It was the very least I could do for her
after everything she's done
for the good of the kingdom.
I wonder if he ever did this
to her as well.
What's with you?
Why are you looking at me like that?
You horny, or what?
I'll have you know
this is your fault, not mine.
I'm gonna let you walk now.
Don't slow me down, got it?
I won't. Just let me go already.
Use these slender legs of yours
to keep up with me.
Are you all right? You seem a bit tired.
Pretty sure I used a few too many
big spells on Dogezaemon earlier.
Not that you'd know what it's like,
but magic takes a lot of focus,
physical energy, and mental energy.
So using a lot of it
takes a toll on one's body.
I'm the only person in the whole world
who can use
this many spells in the same day.
No one else comes close.
Anthem! Damned!
Sodom! Damned!
Anthem! Damned!
It doesn't look like we'll have to break
through more walls any time soon,
so I'm gonna save
the rest of my spells for later.
I've only got a spell or two left to use
for when I fight Gara.
It'll just barely be enough
to beat that asshole.
So that means you're gonna have
to hold your own from now on.
Well, I'll do my best.
Wow. How convenient.
There's a sword here.
A what?
Hey. Hold on!
I I can't control it!
Don't you know a trap when you see it?
That was a cursed sword you picked up.
You're bleeding.
You really need to learn
to be more suspicious.
It seems like they lined the blade
with a really potent poison too.
Oh no. But you'll be okay,
right, Dark Schneider?
I shouldn't have picked up that sword.
I It won't happen again.
Hey. Sheila.
What is it? Tell me.
What do you need me to do?
I'll do anything to help.
You gotta suck it.
Hurry up.
You gotta suck out all the poison.
Stay back! Don't you move any closer!
Tell me something.
Why are you and the Dark Rebel Army
attempting to bring back Anthrasax?
We're going to use her power
to destroy the current world order.
What easier way to accomplish that?
Then we're going to build a new kingdom.
A place where we're the ones in control.
But Anthrasax is gonna destroy
the human race as we know it!
There's not gonna be anything left
for you goons to rule over!
What if I told you that we know of a way
to completely control her,
and we could choose to spare
only the people who obey us.
Not too much longer.
I think Dark Schneider should be done
with the labyrinth right about now.
The last obstacle
in his way is a tough one.
Do you have enough magic left
to defeat the demon god
that resides in the sword, Dark Schneider?
I guess we'll see.
I have to use my mouth?
I-I can't do it.
But I
I'm the reason he's like this
in the first place,
so I have to do it.
I've got to hurry, or else he'll
He's Tia Noto Yoko's wizard.
You gotta suck much harder!
Don't die!
You can't die!
Are you the ones who disturb the sleep
of the great demon god
who rests in the sword?
I demand that you answer me!
That's Efreet!
Out of all the things it could have been,
why did it have to be him?
You will regret awakening me, humans.
You shall both pay
for this transgression with your lives!
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