Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (2022) s01e13 Episode Script


Dark Schneider!
You had better not go dying
on me right now!
Dark Schneider!
The ultimate handsome hero is back
with an immortal, made-of-steel,
big volcano, big eruption storm,
coming just for you!
Oh yeah. We're gonna do it!
Thank goodness he's okay!
Dark Schneider.
What the?
I can't believe he's still standing
after that last attack.
Ah, shut up!
Of course,
I'd survive a puny attack like that.
Don't make it such a big deal, you fools!
I'm not some impoverished,
groveling commoner, you know?
I was chosen by the gods.
A handsome hero
blessed with dazzling beauty.
My power is on a whole different level,
and I will rule the world!
That idiot!
He's acting tough,
but he just took a ton of damage.
He got hit by Exodus.
You can stop pretending
that you're immortal, Dark Schneider.
It's over for you now.
You don't have
enough strength left to fight.
I will kill you and be one step closer
to building our utopia.
Yeah, right. You don't have what it takes.
What? You are wrong!
I will kill you!
And I will prove it to you right now!
Arshes, wait!
I love you.
You know I do.
Shut up!
You fall in love
with any woman you set your eyes on!
I don't accept your love for me!
Second Heat spell,
I command thee!
Rise from the heavens,
oh spirits of thunder!
Come, Gilbert!
What are those?
They're thunder spirits.
Nei's summoning them
from the wind elemental plane.
However, summoning spirits
is a double-edged sword.
If she loses focus, she'll lose control,
and the spirits will start attacking
the sorcerer who summoned them.
Thunder spirits?
What an unusual choice.
Wa quo! Raven!
It's a high-level flight spell!
Fire spirits!
O eternal flames of darkness,
heed my call!
Dark Schneider's summoning too!
They're salamanders.
Of course.
Fire spirits are the only ones
capable of fighting thunder spirits.
Normally, a sorcerer
can only summon one spirit at a time,
but these two are strong enough
to control multiple.
They're no ordinary sorcerers.
Move forward, my spirits of thunder!
Stop it! Please, Arsh!
You don't have to do this!
Shut your mouth!
You can't call me by that name!
You won't get away!
What's this utopia you're talking about?
What a pain.
I get why someone like Kall-Su
would be interested in it,
but can't you see it's just an excuse
for him to conquer the world?
No. You're wrong!
He's not like you, conquering the world
just to build yourself a harem!
The Sorcerer Kingdom
is the ultimate utopia,
a place where magic rules.
A world without discrimination,
poverty, or war.
I'm willing to risk my life
to build a kingdom like that for everyone!
What a dumb lie!
It's absolutely impossible
to create eternal peace here on earth!
War and hatred are just a part
of what it means to be human!
A barbarian like you would think that.
You'll never be able
to understand how I feel.
I'm a half-elf
who was born in a time of war.
Neither the humans
nor the elves would accept me.
You have no idea how hard it was.
I was constantly teased!
I was insulted, despised,
hated, and discriminated against.
Ever since I was a child,
my body has been covered in wounds.
One day,
war broke out amongst the Wood Elves.
The Dark Elves took me in,
and I thought I had a home.
However, eventually they abandoned me.
I didn't understand
what happened.
I wandered around
the burning fields for days,
but my tribe had long since fled the area.
They got rid of me
because I was a nuisance.
But I learned something while starving
in the freezing cold that day.
Half-elves deserve a place
where they can live in peace!
And that is why I'm willing
to risk my life to build that utopia!
Darsh, it's time for you to die!
But, Arsh, how can you forget?
How can you forget
that you grabbed onto my robe
when I was walking by that day?
And for the next 100 years,
I gave you a place
where you could live in peace.
Try to remember, Arshes.
Remember how things were
when we lived together.
We were family.
Over these past 15 years,
I've never forgotten.
Not for a single day.
And the 100 years before
are all happy memories.
They were like paradise.
You didn't have to take me in
but you did.
Darsh. Darsh!
What's wrong?
No, Arsh.
It is just what I expected to happen.
Take a look for yourself, Kall-Su.
Arshes' nail has now turned
from blue to purple.
That damn half-elf.
It looks like you still had feelings
for Dark Schneider, after all.
I knew it.
Well, the next part will be fun to watch.
The more that Nei opens her heart
to Dark Schneider,
the more the Accused spell
implanted in her nail will strangle her.
And it won't be long
before the nail turns to a bright crimson.
Which means, Nei will have completely
betrayed the Four Divine Kings,
and her body will be torn to pieces!
And then, once the spell takes effect,
all that will be left of her
is an ugly, little toad.
Do you not wish to watch?
There's no reason to.
If Nei dies, then one of us will have
to defeat Dark Schneider in her stead.
We should prepare for that.
I'm going to return to my army.
That looks quite painful.
Arshes Nei.
There's only one way to free yourself.
Dark Schneider must be killed
by ripping his heart out from his chest!
That's the only way
to break the Accused spell, half-elf!
Arsh, what's wrong?
And here I was
about to fall for your tricks again.
You must have
fooled hundreds of women by now,
and used them as tools
to satisfy your own ambition!
The salamanders are acting strangely.
Dark Schneider's
mental focus must be getting weaker.
He's holding on,
but if he takes any more damage,
he won't make it.
Now it's time
to send you to your grave.
Wolf Fang Thunder Blast!
He's taking too much damage to survive!
No, Lucien!
You are my enemy
and not my family anymore!
Whenever we had a fight,
you'd say that to me.
I'm so sorry, Darsh.
I know that it was my fault.
Please, don't hate me.
Come on. There's no need to cry.
You know I love you.
Are you sure you do?
Of course, I do.
First, you'd say,
"You're not my daughter,"
then you'd say, "I love you."
It was always the same.
Whatever suited you.
To you, I was just some half-elf girl
you decided to take in.
But but to me
Do you have any idea
how important you were to me?
I will not accept surrender
from anyone who clashes with my blade.
You will lose to me, Darsh.
And then,
I'll cut you into tiny, little pieces!
You were like my father,
and you were my lover,
but it's more than just that.
You were the only one
the only one I had to hold on to.
To me,
you were everything I knew about love!
But now, please just die already!
But why?
Why do you keep getting up?
Why, Darsh?
It's weird.
Here aura doesn't seem evil anymore.
I'm sensing something else.
A crying child.
Yeah. Something's changed.
Why are the spirits
going out of control?
Has Nei lost control
of the thunder spirits?
Watch out, girl!
Yoko! Yoko!
Watch out, Yoko!
No. Yoko.
Whoa! That was close!
You got pretty lucky that time.
I wouldn't go down that easy.
Come on. I'm too young to die.
Princess Sheila!
Are you okay? Say something!
Oh, good. I guess she just passed out.
Oh no.
They're attacking.
The spirits are going
after Dark Schneider and Nei!
I'm horrible.
It's done, Dark Schneider.
I'm going to end this with my next spell.
You've only got enough strength left
for one more attack.
So give it your all.
And if you can't beat me,
your woman is going to die next!
Something's wrong.
When the thunder spirits attacked Yoko,
they were already free from Nei's control.
So what is she trying to do?
I knew it.
There's something weird going on with her.
It doesn't look like
she's trying to kill Lucien.
I can't let you hurt Yoko.
I won't forgive anyone
who tries to hurt her.
So let's fight!
Well then,
you really must hurry, Arshes Nei.
Otherwise, the nail
will destroy you once it turns red!
Rip out Dark Schneider's heart
and use his blood to break the spell!
If you want to live!
It's time to start, Dark Schneider!
This destruction spell will be the one
to end you once and for all!
Go ahead and try it!
I'm going to fight back with
the most powerful spell I've ever used.
Whoa! It's already begun!
We won't make it.
Damn! The two of them
are using such powerful magic down there.
At this rate, they're going
to end up killing each other!
When I saw Dark Schneider
in my vision, he was a corpse.
His heart had been ripped out his chest.
The outcome of this battle
has already been decided.
The storm is ending.
Here goes. The two of them
are about to cast their spells!
Kiske, hansen, grosskopf, sielck
No way! They're casting the same spell!
Right now, Dark Schneider's spell
is not yet complete!
Turn my enemies to ashes,
O sage of Hades.
Open the gates of Hell
with the seven keys!
That's impossible!
How could Nei learn this?
The ultimate spell of destruction!
Goodbye, Dark Schneider.
I love you.
They're locked in battle!
It's it's an even match!
No. It's not. Take a closer look.
The rocks
behind Nei are cracking!
Nei's getting pushed back!
Dark Schneider's spell
does seem to be overpowering her.
But the Helloween spell isn't meant
to be released for such a long time.
This will only last a few more seconds.
The magical force is building up!
It's going to blow Nei away!
put an end to this before this curse
transforms me into a toad.
It looks like she's crying.
The battle is about to be decided.
She's crying for him.
It doesn't matter that she's adopted,
it's wrong for a parent
and a child to fight to the death!
We have to stop this madness!
Gara, can't you do something?
It would be insane
to try and stop them now!
They're locked in a trance
while they're casting the spell!
There's nothing we can do!
Once a sorcerer casts a spell,
the energy has to go somewhere!
Once it's begun to release,
there's no way anyone can reverse it!
No way.
She won't last.
This is the Empress of Thunder's
last moment.
Once I die,
I beg you, please,
hold me one last time,
Dark Schneider.
What's that? I can hear a voice.
Who's this?
Are you Lucien Renlen?
Dark Schneider.
Can't you tell
she's suffering a pain worse than death?
Don't you see that Arshes is doing this
because she loves you so much.
Open you eyes.
And take a good look
at your precious daughter.
What did you say?
You see?
Nei doesn't want to die by the curse,
nor does she want to kill you.
She wishes to die
by the hand of the one she loves.
There's no way!
Abigail, that son of a bitch!
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Abigail did this!
You asshole! How could you?
What did you do to my sweet Arshes?
The Helloween spell
is disappearing.
There's no way.
I see. Transfer magic.
He sent
the Helloween spell somewhere else.
But why?
Why, Darsh.
Does it hurt, Arsh?
I will set you free from it.
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