Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (2022) s01e12 Episode Script

Life or Death

[dramatic music playing]
[Abigail] Accused!
In order for Arshes Nei
to break the spell,
she must rip out
Dark Schneider's heart from his body
while it's still warm
and dripping red with his blood.
Nei has the upper hand here.
[Yoko grunting]
They're two sides of the same coin,
and when identical forces meet,
the resulting collision can generate
a reaction of seismic levels.
That means the impact of the force
will repel them both back.
And the weaker won't survive.
[Yoko gasping]
Oh, I almost forgot I'll be right back.
No way. He could die out there.
[Sheila] Are you seriously going
to fight anyway?
Even though you know you could die?
No way a handsome guy could lose.
So you can trust me when I say
there's no way I'll die.
Yes, but I'm still scared.
It's just that I can't see you hurt.
I don't think I can do it anymore.
I can't just stand by and watch you break
your body for Meta-llicana's sake.
[both grunting]
My worst fears are manifesting.
Empress Nei is already near the castle!
She must have used the storm as cover.
Oh, great Raijinken reborn,
lend your power
so that the spell is carried out!
Dei-vu Mu-staiine!
[Sheila] I'm not saying this
as a princess, but as a woman.
I can't stand by and watch
as the man I love
goes off to meet his death.
And do nothing.
[Arshes] Oh, spirits of the earth and air,
I summon you with a task to complete,
to fulfill our ancient pact!
[Arshes cackling]
[Arshes] Die!
Die and be gone!
[grunting, groaning]
[ninja] Master Gara!
[ninjas] Master Gara!
No. There's no way.
She used the spell Megadeath!
[Gara straining]
I was completely sure
no one except Dark Schneider
was even capable of using that spell.
Could could it be?
[Dark Schneider groaning]
That was close! Way, way too close!
That had to be Megadeath.
Was this your doing, Arshes?
You shall die by my hand, Dark Schneider.
[Lars exclaiming]
[Arshes' breath shuddering]
[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
[knight] A great earthquake,
lightning and rain, and a big explosion.
[knight 2] It's exactly like
when the ninja fortress collapsed!
The rubble is filling up the moat.
The enemy is coming!
- Get ready!
- [knights] Sir!
[Sheila gasping]
Not the castle.
It can't be. It can't.
How how could this happen?
[Dark Schneider grunting]
[Dark Schneider]
The attack was so sudden, I only had time
to put up a small anti-magic barrier.
[grunting] I can't believe that she
actually knew how to use Megadeath.
I can understand why they call her
the Empress of Thunder.
[Sheila gasping]
[Dark Schneider] However, I have to ask.
Don't you think
you've gone too far this time?
Well? Answer me!
Stop it, Dark Schneider!
If you go, then you won't make it out.
- [Sheila crying]
- [Yoko gasping]
[Yoko] Will he be able
to fight her without holding back?
I mean, he raised her.
Maybe Lucien
really won't come back ever again.
What if he
Oh, I can't take it.
- [Yoko] Lu
- Hey, Yoko.
Could I borrow some money?
[ominous music playing]
Thank you.
I'll be sure to return it.
Looks like I won't be able
to avoid this fight.
She's made the first move.
I'll have to counter.
It's a griffin!
I've got no choice now.
Go and hide, both of you!
Dark Schneider!
[both gasping]
Hear me, Dark Schneider!
I promised I would come!
Your life is mine to take!
That's enough, Arshes.
Ungrateful, annoying brat!
You need to be seriously punished!
[Gara groaning]
[ninja] Master Gara?
I guess the battle's
finally getting started.
This is bad.
I thought the Raijinken got snapped
in two, but it's been restored!
The odds aren't looking good,
Dark Schneider.
Wa Quo!
[Gara gasping]
That's a high-mobility flying spell!
Raven! Here I come!
[ninja] He's he's flying!
A human flying?
[Arshes] I won't let you!
Phil, Joe, Elliot, and Allen,
bless me with the sacred emblem.
Grant me it's powers now.
The ancient rights passed down
from ages long ago.
What? What spell is she using now?
This spell comes from the High Ancients,
and is one not even you
would be familiar with.
Def Leppard's
Black Liquid Lightning Sphere!
Wha what is that?
[Arshes cackling]
That lightning absorbs
all magic energy nearby,
creating a bottomless pit
connected to an alternate dimension.
Now you won't be able
to use your magic to fight.
My magic's being drained!
I'll fall!
[Dark Schneider screaming]
[Dark Schneider grunting]
- Lucien!
- Dark Schneider!
[Gara] Nei!
Nei knows that if they use their magic
to fight, then they're both going to die.
That's why she's trying
to shift the battle to a sword fight!
[Dark Schneider straining]
[Gara] He's in trouble!
Nei's going to attack him
from above with the Raijinken!
She's got the upper hand!
Now that your magic has been sealed away,
you won't be able
to fight against the Raijinken!
[Dark Schneider grunting]
Guns N' Roses!
[Dark Schneider gasping]
What are you doing now?
I told you!
Your magic is of no use to you!
Now, die!
Dragon Blast Demon Slash!
[Dark Schneider grunting]
[all] Dark Schneider!
[Dark Schneider straining]
[Dark Schneider coughing]
I'm unarmed. Things aren't looking good.
[Gara] Damn!
I wish I could do something to help him.
If only Dark Schneider had a weapon!
You were warned!
What's that?
[Gara grunting]
Huh? No. It can't be.
[intense music playing]
Hear me, bearer of the Raijinken.
I am Efreet,
the sole guardian of the Fire Sword,
and I will not allow you to lay hands
on my master without consequences!
This is unexpected.
Wait. Aren't you?
Did you forget
that you are the owner of the Fire Sword?
You are it's master.
In turn, it shall devote itself
to you and all that you ask of it.
After all, a sword's duty
is to protect and obey it's master.
If the legendary sword,
Raijinken, is your enemy,
then I, Efreet, shall transform
into the Fire Sword to fight for you!
[ninjas gasping]
[ninja] Look!
Efreet transformed into a sword!
[ninja gasping] It's
[ninjas] The Fire Sword!
Dammit! This complicates things.
[Dark Schneider grunting]
You need to be taught when to shut up.
For a demon, you're damned overbearing.
[Arshes] I won't miss this time.
[Arshes yelling]
Dragon Blast Demon Slash!
[Dark Schneider yelling
- [griffin screeching]
- [Arshes gasping]
[griffin screaming]
[ninja 2 gasping] He did it!
[ninja 3] Amazing!
He sliced the griffin in half
and sent it up in flames!
[ninja 4] What incredible power.
Damn you to hell, Dark Schneider!
[Dark Schneider chuckling, gasping]
[ninjas gasping]
[ninja] She destroyed
the platform he stood on!
[ninja 2] The Raijinken is so destructive!
[suspenseful music playing]
[Dark Schneider groaning]
[Arshes scoffing]
I never imagined that you'd actually
be able to get a hold of the Fire Sword.
I'm impressed, Dark Schneider.
Not just anyone could tame Efreet,
guardian of that sword.
However, within the Raijinken
resides Nue, the legendary Thunder Beast.
Watch as I show you how Efreet doesn't
stand a chance against him one-on-one.
[Dark Schneider scoffing]
Are you done bragging yet?
Come on and fight me.
Dark Schneider.
[Yoko] Lucien.
[Gara] I can't believe
that Nue, the Thunder Beast,
is the guardian of the Raijinken!
[ninja gasping] Look!
There's fire and lightning pouring
from the two swords.
[ninja 2] I can't believe it.
The Fire Sword and the Thunder Sword.
The two legendary magic swords
are facing off in battle!
[ninja 3] Master Gara! The Fire Sword
is just as powerful as the Raijinken.
Maybe even more than we know.
[ninja 4] Now that the griffin is gone,
it's finally an even match
between Dark Schneider and Nei!
- I'm not sure that's the case.
- [ninja 5] Huh?
Just because the two of them
are on equal footing,
doesn't mean they're equal.
Now that their magic has been sealed away,
Dark Schneider is at a disadvantage.
[ninja] But but why?
Is the Fire Sword weaker
than the Raijinken?
[Gara] No.
It's possible the Fire Sword possesses
even more strength than the Raijinken.
[ninja] Then, why?
[Gara] Dark Schneider's got
an incredible body
and tremendous physical strength.
But in the end, he's still a wizard.
But Arshes Nei is a swordsman trained
in the Hariken Style of Swordsmanship.
I'm not sure Dark Schneider can win.
[Arshes] Hmm.
[Gara] I hope he knows that too.
Both of their swords are so powerful,
neither one of them
will get a second chance.
The battle's going
to be won by the first strike.
This is momentous.
They're both going all-in.
[Yoko] My stomach is in knots.
I've got a bad feeling about this.
[Arshes exhaling slowly]
[Dark Schneider exhaling slowly]
[Arshes yelling]
Secret Haouken Thunder Claw Strike!
[Gara] This attack
will kill him! This is bad!
Now, die!
Watch out, Dark Schneider!
[Dark Schneider yelling, straining]
I win, Dark Schneider!
It's all over now.
[Dark Schneider] Arsh.
[Efreet] Dark Schneider.
[intense music playing]
You're cunning and reckless,
and both cruel and kind.
Oh, great master,
you are the only person
in the world who has ever defeated me.
You may have not realized it yet,
but the world needs your power
more than ever, right now!
- [Arshes] What?
- That's impossible! What are you doing?
[Efreet] The honor
of the God of Fire is at stake.
I cannot let myself lose to the Raijinken!
[Dark Schneider gasping]
[Efreet] Goodbye!
No! Stop, you fool!
[Efreet] Victory is yours!
But how could?
Efreet threw the Raijinken
into the ball of lightning.
[grunting] You stupid demon!
No! Who told you
to kill yourself like that?
- [Arshes grunting]
- This is ridiculous!
Have you forgotten
that we're still fighting?
- Here she comes!
- Lucien, no!
The old you
would never have made such a mistake.
[Dark Schneider grunting]
[Arshes] I win, Dark Schneider.
That's the end of you.
[Sheila shrieking]
- Dark
- Dark Schneider!
[Sheila gasping]
[Yoko] He'll be okay.
He's immortal, after all.
Right, Lucien?
[Dark Schneider groaning]
[Efreet] Victory is yours!
[Dark Schneider] Efreet.
[Arshes] Wait. What's this light?
[Arshes moaning]
[Arshes moaning]
[Dark Schneider straining]
[ninjas gasping]
[ninja] I I can't believe it!
Nei's knife-hand
through his skull should have killed him.
[ninja 2] Uh, is he immortal?
I get it.
That ball of lightning that was absorbing
all of Dark Schneider's
magic energy disappeared.
The defensive field
that protects Dark Schneider
must have somehow recovered!
[ninja] Well, maybe now Dark Schneider
will be able to fight fair and square
with the Empress of Thunder!
[Gara] Hmm.
Now that they're fighting with magic,
it's an even match.
However, the fight's going to end with
the complete obliteration of one of them.
Or maybe even both of them.
When swinging their swords,
either one of them
can stop their blades in mid-swing.
But if they fight with magic,
once they cast a spell,
they can never pull it back.
[groaning] Nei.
[breath shuddering] Impossible.
- Nei! I'll never forgive you!
- [Arshes gasping]
I never will!
You are my enemy
and not my family anymore!
I'm gonna kill you!
[Arshes gasping]
What do you mean by "family"? What a joke!
I never once
thought of you as a father figure.
Our time together was insignificant.
Oh, is that how it is?
[both] Wa Quo!
- [ninja] They started at the same time!
- [ninja 2] Look!
[both] Raven!
[both] O Demon Prince Tanimoore,
heed thy pact.
[both] Riot!
[ninjas gasping]
[Dark Schneider straining]
[Arshes straining]
[Gara] They're an even match!
Their thunder attacks are equal in power!
[ninjas grunting]
Impressive, Dark Schneider!
You're the first person in 15 years
whose thunder attack is as powerful
as I, the Empress of Thunder's!
We're an even match now, huh?
You've gotten better.
This is intense.
Now both of them have
to be extremely careful.
They now know that their thunder attacks
are equal in strength.
In the upcoming attack,
if one of them varies,
even slightly in speed or power,
they could be obliterated.
[Dark Schneider scoffing]
Brain, brain, dead.
What's this?
Dark Schneider started casting first?
[Dark Schneider]
Obey our covenant of blood.
Come forth from the land of Abbadon.
[ninja gasping] That spell, it's
[ninja 2] Exodus!
It's that fire spell
he used to subjugate Efreet!
[Gara] Dark Schneider.
Are you really going to kill Nei?
Think your special explosion flame attack
is going to beat me,
the Empress of Thunder?
You underestimate, Dark Schneider.
Well, I'll show you.
Brain, brain, dead!
Obey our covenant of blood.
Come forth from the land of Abbadon!
[Gara] Ugh. That's impossible!
Nei knows Exodus, too?
[Dark Schneider] Oh, flames of Gehenna
- [Gara] No!
- [Arshes] Be a fiery blast.
[Gara] If that spell clashes with itself
[both] And burn through all!
Stop it! You're gonna both end up dead!
[both] Exodus!
Dark Schneider!
- [Young Arshes] Darsh.
- [Yoko] Lucien!
[Young Arshes] Darsh.
Darsh. Darsh.
Darsh. I love you.
[Dark Schneider] Arsh.
Just die!
[both screaming]
[both gasping]
[Yoko] Lucien.
[Sheila exhaling]
[Gara] That idiot.
He gave in to his feelings
at the critical moment.
That one split-second of hesitation
made him lose focus on controlling
the enormous ball of heat generated
by that spell.
It caused an infinitesimal drop in
the speed and power of his Exodus spell.
Dark Schneider!
You had better not go dying
on me right now!
Master Gara's coming to save you
- [ninja] Stop, Master Gara!
- [ninja 2] Your wounds are too severe!
- [Gara growling]
- [ninja] Master Gara.
[Gara] Dark Schneider!
[dramatic music playing]
[Arshes] You're a fool.
How could you let your heart waver
in the midst of a life-or-death battle?
And they call you a legend?
How you've changed, Dark Schneider.
[Sheila sobbing]
[Sheila] Dark Schneider.
Princess Sheila.
Could that be it?
Meta-llicana is forever lost.
[Yoko] He'll be okay.
I'm sure he'll be okay.
I know because
because I let him borrow 500 yen!
Now, Lucien.
Make sure to pay this back, okay?
I taught him always to return money
whenever you borrow it.
I raise him well since he was a child.
Please, come back to us, Lucien.
[ending theme music playing]
[music fades]
[deep rumbling]
[Yoko gasping]
Wha what's that?
[Dark Schneider] Dark Schneider!
The ultimate handsome hero is back
with an immortal, made-of-steel,
big volcano, big eruption storm,
coming just for you.
Oh, yeah. We're gonna do it!
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